*Like It or Not...This Is Me*

Jul 17, 2006 at 19:22 o\clock

Crap, another hot day...

Looks as though we are in for another scorcher.  Yesterday was 104 degrees and it was most miserable. 

Haven't got much to do today.  Have to meet with the person helping my mother with her diabetes checks and learn how to use the new meter as the one I have is a couple of years old now and out-dated.  My mom can't do it as her eyesight is really bad now.  But they think she will be able to come home this Friday! YAY  The PT people want to come out and check out her house to see if it is ok for her to manuver through.  She won't be downstairs like we thought and that is ok.  She would like to be in her own bed and all!

So I will let you all go and I have to get ready for this meeting...


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Jul 16, 2006 at 19:05 o\clock

Another hot day in ND...

Yep, it looks as though it will be another hot day here.  Yesterday it soared to a hundred and four.  Global warming sucks.  May have to move to Canada to get snow for winter. lol

Miss Shelly is back from her trip and I know she had a lot of fun...will have to check her updates to find out more.  WELCOME HOME SHELLY...I missed you much!

Sorry for the graphic sidebar thingy Miss Michele...It serves a point to someone who just doesn't get it...I AM NOT REFERRING TO YOU!!!ok, just a certain guy who has an opinion about everything that doesn't matter!

Spent any free time I had yesterday trying to work on MYSPACE.com place.  So very confusing.  I try to get things on my sidebar but it won't go.  I don't know!  I shall prevail oneday.

In two weeks is hubbys' Company picnic at the park/zoo/amusement park.  We decided to take the nephew with but my sister would not come with.  Oh well.  I don't know about the zoo part as I think that zoos are evil.  Ok, I will not get into that one without being mean, so leave me alone and let me have my opinions about that one!  I really don't want to go but I better and play the ever-loving wife and mother. BLAH BLAH BLAH...

I did not go to see my mother as I had way too much cleaning to do.  I am very proud of myself, I only have a billion loads of clothes to do  but everything else is done.  YAY  Oh crap, I forgot I have to deal with the pool too.  I hurt my back loading and unloading the sand from the car.  A thousand pounds total...50 lbs per bag x 10 bags= 500 load and 500 unload...grrr  So last night I took two muscle relaxers and a HOT bath.  Still hurts like crazy so I may have to go to the chiropractor...again!

Hubby went golfing this morning so he can get some practice in for the big tournament he has coming up in a few weeks.  He really hasn't golfed all that much...what a waste of eight hundred dollars on a pass.  Oh well, he will feel the pinch when I get a new handbag!  Yep, I found a Dooney and Burke one I want.  So cute, it is a bucket style bag and very cute!

Well, I am tired-yeah I know it is only noon here, but I didn't sleep well.

Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...





Jul 15, 2006 at 17:55 o\clock

I have added to my sidebar and I know how!

So, I added a few things to my sidebar and did it all by myself.  I am proud I must say!

Not much new here.  I am hoping the neighbors come home today as I am so very tired of going over there and watering their stuff.  It is so hot out and I hate the hot!lol  Well at least I am getting paid and the money will go to the new tattoo I am getting!  YAY!!!  It should only cost about seventy-five buckeroos,  but it will be on the lower part of my back and that should hurt pretty good.  EEEKKKSSS!!!  At least it is all black and not too big and will go fast...

Today I think my sister and I are going to buy a new tv for my mother when she comes home.  We have to set up her new bedroom in the basement as she cannot handle stairs too well now.  She is doing so amazing you guys!  I am so proud of her.  We have some pretty strong women in our family!

Started a MYSPACE thingy and am trying to figure out the codes and all for that.  If you want my name...ask and you shall recieve, but I think I have it set to ... nvm...spaced out!

Well gotta go and shower and get the kids breakfast...



Jul 13, 2006 at 23:38 o\clock

Shellys' Hillbilly thingy...

I challenge you to think of everyday objects you use, are around you, or you see that begin with each letter of the alphabet. If it is something you can only see or is around you, feel free to explain! It can be interesting!You can't use an object more than once by calling it a different name. The more creative you get, the more interesting it will be! Good luck! Can not be things you can't see...like 'air'... has to be things you can touch!

A - ant crawling on window

B - bandaid on my knee

C - candle
D - doorknob

E - egg

F - feather
G - Garage(neighbors)

H - handi-wipe for sticky hands
I - ice-in my glass of water

J - Jackie-me...I can touch me and see me in a mirror(not being sick you perves...

K - kibble for the dogs

L - lamp on puter desk
M - mail I have yet to open

N -nephew

O - oil in lamp on end table

P - paper in the printer

Q - quacker factory(brand) shirt I bought on qvc
R - rubber snake the nephew got at the zoo

S - Snaps-my bird

T - twine on desk to tie down the trunk of car with too much crap in it

U - underwear I have to fold and put away

V - Velcro [on nephews shoes]
W - water in glass vase

X - Xylophone-my nephews that he bangs on all day and drives me cukoo

Y - yellow flowers I bought for my mom and have to take to her

Z - zoo sticker that says ZOO on it


Man that was hard...hope I got it ok and not offend anyone...lol  Well all is well here in the land of WTF now!





Jul 9, 2006 at 04:19 o\clock

Really bad news here...

Mood: Tired and confused
Listening to: Where the Down Boys Go...ok, it is on tv on the 80's music...sad but it was on when I got home, my son loves 80's music!

So yeah, we had bad news.   My sister calls me last night about 7 or so and says my  mom fell down the stairs.  Dear lord what next.  Come to find out that she fell outside and was out there from 11:30 AM till 7 PM.  It was over 100 degrees out and we had a big storm go through.  She has a broken hip and wrist!  They had to do surgery this afternoon on her hip and put a plate and pins in it.  Her wrist was just a few pins and will be fine.  All went well and the doc said she has great strong bones.  What a great thing huh?  It really doesn't bother me that she fell, it's just knowing that she was out there all damn day...oh my I am starting to cry again.  So I was hyperventilating all the way to the hosp and ended up taking an ativan(sp?). 

Tomorrow that doc is coming in at 8 AM to talk with us about home health care and all the rehab she will need. 

Her benefit breakfasts are tomorrow at the two churches and I really don't think I will be going as we have alot to deal with right now!  I am not grown up for this.  It is so hard to see my mother lying there helpless and needing us to do it all.  I don't know how I will survive this without losing my mind, really!

So this is just the wonderful begining to my weekend.  My son went to the local pool and went swimming...some kids stole his cell phone...yay huh?  Gets better trust me.  Next thing he is being questioned by this guy who said my son was seen taking money out of his wallet and stole it.  Ok, it was in his back pocket the whole time so how the hell could he have stolen it.  He came down to my house and told me about it all and I said hey my son was crying and totally denying it.  When he cries in denial I know he is truthful.   So I had to call the phone company and cancel his cell service and get this...that ass of a guy came and asked me to call the phone company so he could comfirm that I cancelled it.  What a fucker huh?  Sorry for the language but damn it really pisses me off that kind of shit!

Well better go...bought the Season 3 of ROSEANNE today so I am going to take a pill or ten and go to bed...



Jul 6, 2006 at 21:10 o\clock

Crazy week for me...

THANK YOU MISS MEY for the excellent new banner to match my cool backround!  Thank you for also putting it up for me!  I LOVE IT!!!

Wow, this week has sure been crazy.  So my auntie and cousin came down last weekend to visit.  I think my mother really enjoyed seeing her sister and all.  She really needed that and badly.  She did pretty good though, even took us all out for Red Lobster...I had steak(rare) and lobster...so very good!  Then I found out my sister is a, lets just say she is a bitch.  My cousin told me that she told her, I always call her(my sis) at work and talk about nothing and that she has to hold the conversation up...ok, that is so not true.  I call her back if I missed her call and trust me I can hold a flippin' conversation!  Never had that problem in my life!  What a cow huh?  She gets like that around people and tries to belittle me.  Good thing my cousin knows better and loves me, she thinks of me as her best friend. 

Anyhow...they left monday morning and we all cried.  After that I had to get my arse booking and clean the house for company on Tuesday.  It was my daughters' 13th Birthday.  I know me, have a 13 year old...I also have a 15 year old son!  EEEKKKKSSSS!lol  My lovely sister-in-law called  and said they would be late as the other sis-in-law and bro-in-law were heading out.  Why the Flip didn't they come over if anything just to say hello...five minutes of their precious time is just tooo much I guess!!  Pricks...the whole family...even my hubby!lol  So they came(the ones who live here) and I put my best kiss ass face on as best I could. 

Some other good friends of ours came over and we had a blast!  By the end of the night M. and I had had a water fight.  He tried to pull me into the pool and so I said you want to go there...and I got the hose and turned it on and sprayed him with cold ass water.  Hubby got out of the way and so did M's wife.  It was then over and a truece was drawn.  It was a great time.  My other used to be best friend and her now hubby came over as well.  Her son and my son were born on the same day and all.  I asked if she and C were married yet and she was like yeah, in May.  So I said why wasn't I invited and she said they just went to the justice of the peace and did it and so no one was.  Whatever!

We did not do fireworks as there was still a ban so we went to bed early and that was that. 

Today I took my mother to her second chemo treatment and she went home and went to bed.  Poor thing...I love her lots!

I am for the third time I am draining the pool.  It is about to fall over and collapse.  I just can't find a decent place in the backyard for  it and I keep killing grass everytime I move it.  Oh well.

Hubby was to be off all this week but they need people to come in who were trained to use a respirator and he is.  So he gets paid for the hours he would have missed this week cause they shut the whole plant down.  YAY we will have cash next payday!  He also is supposed to be on vacation but decided to work...triple time pay!

Too much rambling so I will go...talk later!!!