*Like It or Not...This Is Me*

May 30, 2006 at 21:00 o\clock

Come again?

Wow, what a weekend.  So Saturday we had our little get together...it was nice...except for the thunderstorms and hail.  Some of those idiots that came just sat out there till the hail came...sad!!!  It was a great time though.  We had tons of food and beer left over.  Hmmm...I may need to start drinking heavily!lol J/K

Then Sunday hubby and I went out and finished paiting  my mothers' house.  Hubby got on the ladder and did the 20 foot ceilings and I did the walls and my sister mowed the lawn(8 acres).  Then my mother gave me her cash card and I went and bought her a new chandeleir and a light for the side door where we took this ugly ass fan down.  It was put there by some old friends of ours and never should have been put there.  It was on an angled ceiling...so it shook hard evertime you turned it on...BAD place to have it!   So all in all it took us 3 weeks to get all of the painting done and now she waits for carpet.  *suggestion*   DON'T GO TO LOWES to get your carpet.  My mother is still waiting for her contractor they have to come and measure so we can order the carpet.  Then that will take two weeks to order in and then another two or so weeks for the installer to come and put it in!  Oh well.

The pool is up and running so if any of you are around here this summer...get your ass on over and take a dip...we have plenty to eat and drink...FUN TIMES!!!

Today I went to get a new battery for y watch and it didn't cost a thing...also had a link taken out...losing weight is good!!!  YEAH!!!  Hubby  had purchased a warrenty for battery replacement and cleanings and whatever I need.  Even if I lose a diamond they replace it!!! 

Called my mother to see if she needed anything and she wanted 'Mrs. Grass Chicken Noodle Soup'  , if anyone has heard of it!  So I bought that for her and an 8 piece chicked and made her eat two pieces.   Then I came home and now the nephew wants to go in the pool and the backyard.  Grrr....I have alot of housework to do.

Well I will let you all go.  I have been busy with my mother so if I don't update much...just email me and I will get ahold of ya...ahem...Miss Nergeeder(sorry I haven't been here much lately, but you understand with my mom, but I use her puter if I am out there so I keep up!!!)...lol.


Well I hope you all had a great weekend and have a better week!!!




May 27, 2006 at 01:57 o\clock

Holy Crap...

Wow...is it Friday already?  So here goes...Haven't been online for a few days as the damn cable company said our internet modem was freakin out.  Had to go get a new one and when that didn't work...grrr...anger.  But now just this past 15 minutes I got online.

Ok, hubby then decides like two days ago...We are having a party barbeque whatever kinda thing.  Not a problem...yeah right!  So I am working my ass off all week to clean perfectly spotless for the ones who are perfect(I only know a couple of the peeps that are comin'). 

Got the pool up only to discover...a hole about 2/3 the way up and also in the blow up part.  So I run all over to Menards and pool places trying to find a patch kit(I lost mine in the hall closet from hell).  Finally found one and came home and have to let 1/2 the water out to fix the hole!  I am so pissed off.  See, if hubby would have helped me put it away last year, it would have been put away nice.  That is how he is so whatever huh? 

Went grocery shopping andn bought a hundred bucks worth of food and another hundred on booze.  Damn...I really need to win the lottery!!  Speaking of which...I have to check my numbers out to see if I did...it is up to twenty million!

Miss Nergeeder---My walls will not be that colour...I am applying a coat of Venetian Plaster over it and that colour will barely show through!!  So don't freak on me yet!  How are you feeling?  Better I hope.  Oh, that old lady is gonna git it if I get ahold of her...but the knee still a hurtin'.  Thanks for asking! lol

Angel...I will be reading up on your bloggie here soon!  Been so busy and now the modem crap.  Have fun with your wonderful move...and remember to just throw it away if you don't use it everyday!!!  Saves on space!

Teri...hope your move is going well.  I think of you often and hope you will get though it in one peice!  Love Ya Muches...

Miss Shelly...I am so very proud of you for your acheivements.  You are one tough cookie and a smart one ot that!  I am very jealous of you for doing all you are doing acedemically(sp?).  Have fun and enjoy your time off...Miss You Much!!!!

Well that is that...for now anyways...hee hee.  Have a great weekend and remeber those who have died for us and our freedoms we have!!!



May 22, 2006 at 01:29 o\clock

So busy and so very sore...

Ughhh...I am so sore and tired right about now.  I thought it was going to be a nice relaxing weekend but...

My sister decides we need to get started on the painting.  We prime things with the first coat.  Ok, well now in some areas we needed 2 and 3 coats...grrr damn walls just soaked it up like mad.  Then we paint the one wall...2 coats in antique white.  Looks pretty damn good I must say.  I thought we would be painting today but sister decided we had to go look at carpeting...no good, have to wait at minimum 2 weeks.  We found what we liked and so we may just go with it.  They just don't want to be walking on hard floor for that long.  WTF, I said...I would wait that long for new carpeting if I had to...spoilied babies.   Oh, in case you were wondering, we are re-doing my mothers' livingroom for her.  I have to wait till hubby can go out there and get his ass up on the ladder to paint the catherdral ceilings, like I am going to get my fat ass up there...NOT!!!  All in all, it will  be worth it for my mother at least.  My knee is in so much pain I can barely walk.  But I do it for my mother.  Last night I came home and had a beer and crashed till 10AM this morning.  I was a bit tired!

She, my mother, took my sis and I out for Red Lobster.  I had rock lobster and steak(rare)...oh so good.  I want to raise lobsters now just so I have tons to eat-lol.  That was so nice of her.  She said it was for all our hard work this past weekend.  Uhhh...we have not even got half of it done.

My sister is leaving for Minneapolis tomorrow(for training) and I get the nephew till Wed or Thurs.  Grrr...I still have to go out to my moms and paint so he better be good or else whoop butt time! 

Just called my other sis-in-law to see if hubby left yet or not and they did and should be here soon.  As I was talking to her my other sis-in-law called and asked if I would go over to her place to pick my son up.  He went with them as we have no big cars and I needed a car for here.  Oh well, I thought I was going to relax a little bit.

When I was at Lowes' I picked up some paint for my kitchen...yes I have not finished that yet.  I bought candy corn orange...don't start freaking out till I tell ya.  That goes under the plaster and very little of it will show through so yeah...:P  It was on sale and I even got a $5 rebate on it!  YAY for saving money!!!

Well I have to leave to go get the son and so I will bore you all later with my wonderfully boring life... :o)




May 18, 2006 at 16:55 o\clock

Oh What a Night...

Oh what a night is quite right.  So as you know my sister and mother left yesterday morning for Mayo and her tests are today.  Which will all go well, I pray!!!

I have my nephew spending the night, but I decide that I will go out to my mothers' and clean her house, wash her clothes and bedding so it is all nice and clean when she arrives home.  I took my daughter to church school(last day-whoo hoo) and go out to my moms.  Did a load of laundry  and then had to go get my daughter.  Decided to go back out there  and finish up...yeah right.  My mom had so many piles(yes piles) of laundry it will take all day today to get it all done.  Anyways back to the real point of the story...my nephew goes and waters the plants outside and then proceeds to make a huge mud puddle and jump in it.  What a mess.  I had to get him in the tub and then clean up all the mud he trailed up the stairs, through the livingroom and everywhere else!  Thank GODDESS we had ripped out the carpeting.  So I left my moms around 9PM.  To make matters worse, he didn't go to bed till 11PM.  I was pulling my hair out by the end of the night! lol

So that has bored you to death, no?

Went to the post office and mailed out 3 pkgs to people who bought things from me on EBAY!  YAY...money!!!  But they all should be happy I mailed everything out!  Still waiting for a couple of money orders to come in then more pkgs to mail out!

Have any of you heard of Mealeuca?  I guess it is like AMWAY.  Well anyhoo...my sis-in-law sells it and I ordered some wrinkle serum.  Hope it works.  I also got some acne stuff for my son(no he isn't a pimple face, just a few ocassional breakouts) that is supposed to be like PROACTIVE.  We shall see.  I need the wrinkle serum as I have the elevens starting up and I cannot afford BOTOX right now!  Oh well she only charged me what it cost so that isn't too bad.  It would be triple the cost if I would have gone to someone else!

Hubby left for golfing before I got back, so I will see him later this afternoon!  My son has a all school golf tournament this morning.  He is happy because se gets to miss most of his classes. 

My son is leaving for Fargo tomorrow with the sis-in-law.  My nephew is graduating from High School and so yeah...Hubby and daughter are leaving Saturday morning since he has to work late tomorrow night.  Yeah, I get to be alone for a night at least.  Hmmm...the gun will be loaded  and under the bed in case someone tries to get all in the mood to rob me...lol huh Angel?

Well, this little tale must come to an end and I will need close...


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




May 16, 2006 at 00:43 o\clock

Greetings and Salutations!!

Hello all you crazy cats out there.  I know I haven't updated much, I have been busy! 

My mother is still not well but not getting worse.  She has been going into work at night so as not to deal with people and they being nosey!  Anyways...

Mothers' Day was ok and HAPPY belated MOTHERS' DAY to all you mothers' and I mean with pets as well...lol  I spent the day out at my mothers' ripping up the carpet and tearing down 35 year old gross wood paneling in her livingroom.  It was great that we did that and if we had known there were white and textured walls back there years ago, we would have done it!  But my sister and I are going to prime and paint the walls and early next week she will have new carpet put in.  We have to go find some first!  EEEKKKSS, that is a chore.  Oh, hubby had to come and help as the paneling was up way too high and she has cathedral ceilings.  No way was I going to go up high on a crickity old ladder.

I had my annual exam today and the doctor made me go in for another mammagram to see how things are and I will know more tomorrow!  As I was about to leave the parking lot I saw this lady walk by my car with a Garfeild tattoo on her neck and I said hey...that is my auntie!  So I had to get out and talk with her and my uncle for a bit.  My uncle was there getting some sun spots removed...again!  SUN=BAD!!!  She told me again if there were times that my sister and I couldn't go with my mother for her treatments that she would go.  Isn't she a sweetheart?  Love her!!

Went on a shopping spree this weekend.  I bought a new hose for the backyard...this past winter I left it out and it kinda blew up.  Bought a ton of flowers, hanging basket ones, even went to Hobby Lobby and bought a new double hanger thingy.   Bought a new nozzle thing for the hose and it has a bunch of different settings on it...I like the mist one!  Bought 2 Rob Zombie CD's, the movie Tristan and Isolde, a needle nose pliers(for pulling staples from the floor at my mothers') a new outfit for this summer and a tank top for summer.  There is alot more, but I am getting tired and bored with writing.

Well, there it is...an update for y'all!

Hope you are all doing well and I will catch up on your bloggies this week.



May 10, 2006 at 01:11 o\clock

Done with the world and all it has to offer...

Well, from the title you most likey guessed it is not good news.  My mother got her test results back and she has pancreatic cancer and it has matisisized(sp?) into her liver.  We will be leaving for Mayo hopefully the end of the week and have the other test done.  Then from there...treatment options.  I am not doing so well and feel as thought he world is spinning around me and I am numb.  They won't know how long until the test is done and looked at.  I did tell her that I have a liver if she needed it.  She just laughed...I was serious though!  You don't know how hard I prayed for it not to be cancer and if it was...that it should be me who got it.  Well, I have a secret I cannot tell now,Shelly is the only one who knows so far, but now I cannot tell anyone.  I am so numb right now. I mean really I am shaking and crying and can't quite get it together right now.  But I need to write it out as I have no one here to talk with.  This is going to be very hard as I had to go through this with my father-in-law.  It was the worst thing I have ever had to witness.  Cancer is the most horrible thing GOD has given us.  The doctor gave her morphine to take and some other pills.  As she was leaving my house she said...'I am going to spend my money damnit and get new carpet and furniture before I die...I want to see it all!!!'  I am glad she has some humor in all of this.  I am really disappointed in the doctor though.  His intern had to call and tell her as he was in emergency surgery.  He could have at least told her himself.  I have heard of a new cancer treatment facility in Grand Forks which I will have to look into.  I just don't see us being at Mayo for a month or longer, that is too far away from HOME.  I am trying to get ahold of my sister-in-law and get all the info of the doctors they had for my f-i-law.  It helps alot knowing what I do as it will prepare me for the long journey I have the next few weeks or months, hopefully years I have with her. 


Well I hope you are all well and in advance apologize if I am not on here for awhile as I will be busy with my mother and I thank you all for your kind words and prayers.  Goddess I am losing it...so thank you all and I will try to update when I have the time!



May 8, 2006 at 21:35 o\clock

Well not that great of news as we first had...

No, our news is still not too good with my mother.  She still has to go to Mayo and get that 'special test'  done.  So it is either going to happen this week or the end of the month.  The doctor said he is still pretty worried about the spot on her pancreas.  I am sick of these damn doctors telling us one thing one day then say another the next day.  I cannot take it!

My sons'  confirmation was ok.  Had a few people over and a few unexpected guests as well.  My auntie and uncle showed up from out of town and in their new little white corvette/convertible.  So jealous am I.  But they are retired now and are having fun.  We have a ton of leftover food and it sucks cause we can't eat it all and no one would take any.    My mom went to the service but home after as she was feeling rather ill and she even called in sick to work, took a pain pill and slept most of the afternoon.  Goddess, I feel for her.  She is the type of person who has a superior work ethic and missing it is such a hard thing for her.  I love her so much!

Got my tablecloth I bought from EBAY(made in Italy and linen too).  I used that for the canfirmation day.  Today I recieved the other one I bought on EBAY and it is gorgeous.  Sold another item on EBAY and have a few watchers on few other things.  I hope they sell as I will now need the cash for when I take my mom to Mayo.  My sis-in-law may be able to get us very cheap hotel suites there through her hubbys' work.  When they were down there with their dad they paid seventeen dollars for a two bedroom suite...I hope we can get that! lol

Well I am awaiting a call from my mother about another test she is having done today.  I am on the phone right now with my sister and she was asking if I had heard anything...nope, I said but I am going to try and call her!  So I better scadoodle and let you all get back to your wonderful lives.  Love you all and miss talking with you!



May 5, 2006 at 17:59 o\clock

Good News So Far!!!

Yes, it is good news.  They found out why my mom is in pain in her tummy and throwing up all the time.  She has a very bad bacterial infection in her stomach which is treatable with antibiotics...YAY  I know it sounds bad but compared to what it could have been I will take it.  So she is on heavy duty antibiotics for a couple of weeks and hopefully the biopsies of the other crap will be benign(sp?).  Whew that is a relief so far. 

So I have been busy cleaning and ordering cake and sandwiches...yes, I am lazy, but I have no time to run get buns and ham and make them along with all  the other crap I have to get done around here...NO DAMN TIME!!!  Made zuccini bars with marichino cherries in it and then I will make cream chees frosting on it.  Have to get nuts and mints and sour cream and this and that.  Won't get the cake till Saturday and the balloons too.  See I have so much to do.  Have to mow the yard.  Buy flowers and plant them for the flower boxes out front...it is a nightmare. 


Well I hope and trust you are all well...for those of you who left such wonderful comment...I thank you from the bottom of my heart and everywhere else...I feel warm and fuzzy inside!  Love you all very much!!



May 4, 2006 at 21:16 o\clock

Yep...life really sucks...ALL THE TIME...

So, as you have noticed, I have not updated much or commented much!  Well, we got bad news  Monday about the results of my mothers' tests(CT scan).  Not good.  They found cysts on her kidneys'  and liver.  On her pancreas they found a blob(fancy doc talk).  Tuesday she had her scope and colonoscopy.  With that they found polyps on her small and large intestine...sent them for biopsy.  And they biopsied all the other things they found.  Doc told her she may have to travel to Minnesota to Mayo Clinic for "special tests" .  So I have been pretty much crying since all this happened and not felt like doing everything or anything.

My son gets  confirmed this Sunday.  That means cleaning and food to make!  Ugghhh...  I ordered the cake today and went to 'The Rainbow Shop' and bought a Lutheran Prayer book and a pocket worry stone like thing.  I am also going to get a bible for him and a cover for it.  My house is a mess and so I will ask the kids to help out a little each day with that.

Sold two more things on EBAY...yaaaayyy!  MONEY!!!

Well I have to rest...too tired can't see...Hope you all are well and doing fine...I will try to update soon but not sure when, maybe if things calm down a bit!



ooopppss...forgot to add this...This guy is a disgusting pig ...

Brian Doyle, former press secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, makes a hand...Judge Sets Bond for Former DHS Press Aide
Thursday, May 4, 2006 2:43 PM EDT
The Associated Press

BARTOW, Fla. (AP) — A former Department of Homeland Security press aide accused of having sexually explicit conversations with someone he thought was a teenage girl posted bail Thursday and was released from jail.

Brian J. Doyle, 55, faces 23 felony charges, including 16 counts of sending pornographic movie clips to a minor.

He appeared in an orange jail uniform Thursday before state Circuit Judge J. Dale Durrance after being extradited Wednesday from Maryland, where he has been held without bond since his arrest April 4. His arraignment was set for May 23.

"This is a nightmare for anyone," Doyle's attorney, Barry H. Helfand, said outside court. "He was depressed when he left Maryland. He is just as depressed now. To say the least, he is very, very frightened about what is going to happen."

Doyle, who resigned from the department, allegedly provided his government-issued office phone and cell phone numbers, showed off his department ID and may have used his official computer in the communications with an undercover Polk County sheriff's detective who was posing as the 14-year-old girl.

"Very graphic descriptions were sent by Mr. Doyle to the 14-year old about what he wanted to do to her sexually," the detective, Sandy Scherer, told the judge during the hearing.

Scherer said that while posing as the girl, she talked to Doyle on the phone after he made initial contact with another detective on the Internet March 12. She said Doyle tried to arrange a meeting with the girl in Florida on a date when she wouldn't be menstruating.

Doyle did not speak in court except to answer "yes, sir" when the judge asked if he understood his rights. Helfand said he would get at least two mental health professionals to examine Doyle as part of his defense.

If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison, Helfand said.

Doyle posted 10 percent of the $230,000 bail Thursday, sheriff's spokeswoman Carrie Rodgers said. He planned to fly back to Maryland with his attorney later Thursday, she said