*Like It or Not...This Is Me*

Apr 29, 2006 at 04:51 o\clock

Sorry to you all as usual for my sad pathetic everything...

Mood: Lonely and Alone...
Listening to: Shirley Ghostman(sp)

Jesus said "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the Church, and gave himself for it."   " So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself."  Ephesians 4 vs 24 and 28.
Well there it is for Miss supposed Christian who curses ALOT-BTW...lol  Just a little info for her...I know she won't ever see this but I don't have the time to start another blog I won't blog on!
So I know I have worried alot of you guys.  No need to...I have had my meds adjusted(antidepressants) and things are fine.  I am having a beer tonight as I so way need one.  I greatly apologize...I am not a very great person.
I did go to SAMS' CLUB today and spent alot of cash...but I do have groceries to last a month or more!  I just had to buy this 5lb bag of tootsie rolls...they are my most fave candy ever and FAT FREE!!!  When I got to the counter I handed the lady my card-which I have had for 5 years- and she said it was expired...ok so it is originally in my mothers name and I am family so I was added.  So I have this whole cart of food and said screw it...I paid for the new membership.  Damn it went up in price and all.  I was also shocked by the amount of some items.  The price was $5 more for one item I buy.  I suppose the high cost of gas has alot to do with it!  Oh well...
The my sister and I planned to barbeque and have a few beers...it rained and so we made pizza.  Always gets ruined!  I will no longer MAKE plans!  The nephew had speech therapy today and did nothing again so my sister will wait for that!  That is fine I think as he will talk when he wants to talk!
My daughter is off babysitting the evil nephews and my son is spending the night at a friends.  So once again, I am alone!
Miss Shelly---I wish you the best luck with that very wonderful Walk-a-thon!  You are so amazing and wonderful!
Hubby is working and so I won't see him till who knows when...I really am beginning to hate this not having him here. 
Bought new chair cushions for the swing in the backyard.  I really don't like them, but that is all they had that wasn't butt ugly.  Now I have to spray paint the chairs and table(plastic).  Last year I found this spray paint for plastic lawn furniture!  Bought green so it should be nice.
Went on EBAY And sold a few things...some sad beanie baby cards.  I made $20 for just 2 cards...not bad huh?  I have a few other TY items like Attic Treasures and Pillow Pals and cards.  I hope to get rid of them too.   I also bought a couple of things.  One is a tablecloth and 8 napkins made in italy...has the tags on it and everything...very cool.  The other is another Italian tablecloth that is soooooo cute!  Made in Italy.  C'mon...I have an Italian kitchen...I need Italian linens! hee hee
Miss Angel...I love your puppy and like I said she isn't ugly for a chi!  My sons friend has two and they are fugly ass freaks!  Teeth all crooked and falling out...stinky creepy things!  But I like yours!
The neighbor guy is home-I hear his pickup!  Loud ass diesel crap thing.
I have a rather shocking thing to say...I have not been to Hobby Lobby at all this week.  However I do have to go but will restrain myself...well till tomorrow maybe.
Must call my mother to see if she got the results of her CT...I am so way freaking out!  My blood pressure is way high. 
Nothing on the tv as usual so I am watching some Shirley Ghostman(?) show on BBC America.  I don't like it.  I was watching Little Britain.  Footballers' Wives is all reruns now so that is no good!  Oh, I just ordered season 1 of FBW's  from the BBC magazine I get once in awhile.  Had to order as they said it would be my last issue unless I ordered something. 
Sunday evening we have to go to the church for a Confirmation banquet dinner.  I can't believe my son is almost done with that.  Now we have two more years with my daughter.  I don't like going to the parent/student sessions...the pastor always asks questions to the parents and I don't know the bible stuff much anymore and I feel foolish!  I should huh, but don't and I feel bad about that.  I do go to worship with my kids, at least I can do that for them.  We used to have this intern pastor and when she gave the sermon...I got it.  Most other pastors make me wanna go to sleep!  Found out she was accepted as full time pastor at a little country church in Montana. 
Watched 'PRETTY IN PINK' today...man I love the 80's...NOT.   I used to love that show.  OMG...last weekend at the casino was...hold on to your butts...WARRANT...how 80's is that.  I missed that one...ahhhh bummer NOT!! lol  I did see they are having SHOWTIME boxing on at the casino and I would love to go but it is far away...that casino...and I feel not like driving.  I Love boxing...can't wait for the Del La Hoya fight coming up...I better find out when that is.
Since I have bored you all to death by now with this sucky ass entry as usual, I will let you go...besides I need another beer!

Apr 26, 2006 at 05:46 o\clock

Si I am a bit worried now...

Mood: Sore and tired
Listening to: the Big Big Tittie eat food...lol...huh Shelly?

Blue is the way I feel right about now!  My mom has gotten worse, she spent the last weekend throwing up and not eating!  She had her CT of the abdomen and pelvis today, but we won't know anything for a few days, how convenient.  She continues to lose weight and the skin is hanging off of her!  I am scared, and I have my own troubles to deal with.  My life is just sinking away...I am in a dream right now!  That is why I must ...never mind, it does not matter.  Am I the only one in this world that has the worst of everything?  I feel it is constantly one thing after another and I can't catch up.  I won't go into specifics, but it isn't good for me.  My depression is now at a very low point and I feel that everything I have left is just disappearing right in front of me.  I cannot take it anymore...I am past the point of getting a good scream in...it helps no more.  I write faithfully in my at home journal(w/actual writing) lol.  But it never ends.  I want to go away and never come back, but that will do NO good!  I can take all the advice from friends, but it doesn't help.  Don't get me wrong...I love my online friends, but there is no more hope in my heart to heal anymore.  It has really gotten that bad and now I AM tired of trying to please everyone and it getting nowhere.  I try to not say much on here and if you all knew exactly what I want to say you may be able to understand.  No, it isn't anything about my WONDERFUL online friends...it is me and the shit I deal with on a daily basis...the depression-my mothers' sickness-my sickness-the nephew-my kids...I could go on but there is no point to it.  I am sorry if any of you are mad at me for saying things...they are NOT directed at anyone here...please know I love you all and would miss you greatly if you weren't here.  Alot of the reason I am still 'here' is because of you guys!  Trust me, I would be long gone 6 feet under by now if I hadn't met you!  Well I am tired and need to take a pain killer...several as they don't work and aren't very strong ones!





Apr 23, 2006 at 01:09 o\clock

OMG...What a fight I tell you!!!

12-Rd. Heavyweight Title
Mannheim, Germany

HBO heads overseas for a heavyweight title showdown. In a rematch that appears like the completion of a trilogy, title-holder Chris Byrd (39-2-1, 20 KOs) from Las Vegas, NV takes on Ukrainian native Wladimir Klitschko (45-3, 40 KOs) in a scheduled 12-round heavyweight title fight.
Read More


Ok...I already watched it and the very sexy UkraineWladimir Klitschko kicked Byrds' ass!  It was awesome...Wladimir knocked him down in the 5th round and then in a later round knocked him down again and beat his face to a bloody pulp!  It was an awesome fight!!!  I just love the Klitschko brothers...so very sexy.  Just look at them above...HOT!!!Another boxer I love alot is the big beautiful  man Lennox Lewis...   http://www.lennoxlewis.com/lennox/   OMG he is gorgeous and I love him!lol  Ok I am being silly but I drool over these three guys the most!  Also helps they are good boxers too.    So there ya go if you want to read about my day read the next one down...


*grins to you all*

Apr 22, 2006 at 17:07 o\clock


Mood: LAZY
Listening to: Watching "SHE-DEVIL'

Shelly my G  has pics up and they are awesome!!!  I am so glad you had a great time and even though the weather didn't cooperate too well, at least there were things to  do.  I just hate going somewhere just for the outside stuff and the weather sucks and there isn't any fun inside stuff!  Ok, the ocean was feezing, but you were there and had fun right? 

Not much has happened since  last entry.  Had to take another pain pill for the knee this morning...I couldn't last night as I had had four beers...hey it was Friday and I so way needed it!lol

Yesterday I recieved my JFK first day cover of the stamp show.  I am going to have it framed and give it to my Auntie for Christmas.  Like I have said before, she is a nutball JFK freak!

I am sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking...what ever shall I do today?  I have a tone of leaves behind the shed to rake and then take to the dump site.  At least it is only a block away.

Hubby got up early this morning and went golfing...nvm he didn't take his son!  PRICK he is!(hubby)

My duaghter just got up and had a biscuit with jam....mmmm...that sounds kinda good!  I will make her a proper breakfast with sausage and eggs.  Hey I think I will try my BOCA sausage too!!!

So as I said I am on my third shawl, but have to get more yarn as I ran out!  Goddess please watch over me as I go to Hobby Lobby...hee hee  I need protection from all the oldies out there for fear of getting hit by one again at Hobby Lobby.  I am also going to attempt using a loom.  I remember them from elementary school we had to make a scarf.  It is a long one so maybe I can make an afghan...that would be so cool!

OMG...'SHE-DEVIL' is on...I so way have to watch it!  Last night I watched 'Shaun of the Dead'  I absolutely love that show!  Ab Fab was on as well so I watched that.  Went ouside about eleven PM and watched the stars...it for once was a clear night!  Then I was so rudely interupted by some stupid freaks at the park across the street.  High Schoolers that were being stupid is all!  So I went back in and had another beer.

My nephew went to speech therapy yesterday and was a little shit so they weren't able to evaluate him too well.  He is so stubborn!  But I do love him!  The docs put him on FLONASE for his allergies now.  He also has an ear infection and that damn cough he has had since xmas.  He has been on meds for so long they probably don't work andymore.  Even OTC doesn't work on the cough, it just knocks him out!  Hmmmm...that is a good thing but not! 

Well I am tired and need to take a shower and go out and rake and whatever huh?

Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




Apr 20, 2006 at 22:29 o\clock


So today is my mothers' appointment for her upper abdominal pain.  She had better call me asap when done as I want ot know what the hell is going on with her.  She has lost another 10 lbs with all the pain and she barely eats because of the pain.  Hmmm hard to say what is going on with her.  I sahll light a candle for her on this lovely day!

Yesterday I spent most of the day at my mothers' and decided to surprise her by cleaning up all the dishes.  I have no idea as to why they let them pile up for two or three weeks...it was gross, but it is done.  My mother doesn't have the time with two jobs and now with all this pain and all, but my sister can help out a bit more.  She always claims her son, my nephew, bugs her too much.  Ok, I will admit he did for me as well, but I told him to go play outside on the swing and colour a picture and he did.  She is just lazy.  I too will admit to letting the dishes go for at most a week one time(I had  just had surgery and of course the kids are lazy asses), but I did them when I was able to walk around a bit!  I could not let it ever get that bad.  EEEWWWW huh?  Oh well.  So when she arrived home she cried...she said it was a sweet thing to do.  I felt warm and fuzzy inside...lol 

Took my son to golf  yesterday and he called back just as I pulled in the driveway...come get us it is raining out...boo hoo...lol

So I took the kiddos to church school at 6PM and went out to my mothers' till it was time to go to church.  I decided to leave early and go to Hobby Lobby and get some yarn(I know so shut up already) and as I was walking it I saw this car come around the corner...figuring it would see me and stop I kept walking as I was in the walkway and cars are supposed to SLOW DOWN...ok, so this dumbass OLD lady hit me.  I hurt my hand smaking her car...I said...'ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY? and hit her hood and spun around hurt my knee and there it is.  I looked back and she kept looking at me like HUH?  So I was going to get her licence plate number but she kept going and the lady who was walking behind me tried to get it too but she just took off.  It was raining pretty good so it was difficult to see.  I missed going to church...well the first half hour anyway.  Now I am on pain killers again for my knee as it hurts so damn bad!  I think if you are over the age of 50(yes 50) you should be tested every year and starting at age 60 every six months, over 70...take the damn bus!  .  Damn old fuckers should just take the bus it is free for the oldies!

Good news is I won three free tickets with my lotto ticket...YAY.

I went out to my mothers today and the SEARS guy came and fixed the push mower.  Then hubby came out to bring my cell phone, I left it at home...how silly of me!  After that my sister called and told me to stay there as she was leaving work early , she is ill.  She and my mom both pulled up at the same time...one in the short driveway the other in the long driveway...crazy shit!  So I don't have nephew for the rest of the day!  Now if it were raining  and there was no golf today, I could take a nap, with the aid of a pain pill-hee hee.

Went to SUPER WAL-MART yesterday and bought the best French Baguette bread I have ever had.  Crunchy and soft...mmmm good!  They had BOCA burgers too and I love them.  Cheaper there than our grocery store!  I bought two pkgs and also some BOCA sausages-I have never tried them so I thought I would.

OMG-the neighbor lady is cleaning outside and has her car stereo up LOUD and she is listening to hippie pot smoking music...well she...nvm.  She tells me one night that her boyfriend...who is in jail btw...is getting out soon and is going to live with her...he 'was' a meth addict...sorry hunny...once an addict always and addict, and so now I am freaked out with my nephew being here all day with me and who knows what going on over there.  Why do they always find their way here to this neighborhood?  A few years ago the people who live behind us were busted with a million dollars worth of drugs and it was crazy!  There were police and sheriff dept all over the neighborhood.  I was freakinout!  At least he was put in prison!  I did see him out awhile ago so eeeekkks.  We could always smell pot when we were in the backyard too...I never let my kids go out alone! 

Well I have rambled onlong enough and I hurt so I will close this for now!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Apr 19, 2006 at 15:50 o\clock

Ok a bit of an explanation...

Mood: BAD!
Listening to: Watching "Lady and the Tramp'

Some of you want to know about this iamscruelty.com thing...it is about boycotting IAMS pet food as they test on animals really badly.  Take chunks of thigh muscle on dogs to test and so on and so forth.  Also they leave them in cages 24/7 and they go insane...just not a good thing!

Well after that what else is there?

Miss Mey---I tried that face thing and it wouldn't work...it kept telling me I had a firewall and I disabled it so whatever I guess.  It is rather cool though.

I wonder how Miss Shelly and Steve are a doing on their vacation?  I am still jealous!

Last week I bought a lotto ticket and won 2 free tickets.  I will go get them tomorrow as I had five draws on the ticket so tonight is the last draw.  YAY...I hope I win another hundred bucks at least or more would be better.

Had to buy a new cordless phone yesterday.  My daughter dropped the old one into the dogs water bowl and it freaked out so grrrrrr.  We did need a new one anyways, but I was hoping to save that cash for today because SUPER WAL-MART opened.  I heard they are having cases of soda for three dollars and so I had better get some!

Today is a busy day.  I have to go out to my moms to let the SEARS guy in to change the oil on her riding lawnmower.  Then church school and church tonight.  At least my mom is keeping the nephew all afternoon when she gets home---YAY for me!  Ooops I forgot I have to take my som to golf...he has to leave early for church and I hope they let him!

It rained pretty good here yesterday and we are supposed to be getting more...yay...NOT!!!  That just means water in the basement!

Oh OH OH ...that girl who was picking on  my daughter...she got suspended for fighting another girl.  Although it is in-school suspension(which to me is just detention and not fair), she is a cow!  She even lied and said the other girl was saying you are just a lazy indian(native american)...there were many witnesses to testify that she did not say that.  Of course the one girl is my daughters' friend.  I feel bad she got in trouble, but kinda glad she fought that cow and she will back off.  Also found out...if I haven't said this before...that another of my daughters' friends went up to the bitch and said why are you picking on her (my daughter), you are fat and ugly and he(her ex bf and now my daughters') doesn't want your sad ass.  That killed me, I laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself.  Anyways, she has been leaving my daughter alone, but now starting shit with her couple friends she has.

Ok, so there you have it, my sucky boring life and la di dah...


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...





Apr 18, 2006 at 21:24 o\clock

Well...there you go...


That is all I will say!!!  For now!

Apr 18, 2006 at 15:06 o\clock

Short but sweet...I think!

Well it is a raining dreary day and in some parts of the state today they are expecting 12 inches of snow.  HELLO...winter is over.

Not much has been going on.  I started making candles and it is fun, but I need more molds to pour in the wax.  Just for one tealight mold it is like four dollars...for ONE!!!  If I start now I may have enough done by xmas for everyone.  lol

I won 2 free tickets with the lottery so I hope I can win some cash rather than a ticket!  I need the cash more than the ticket!

My mothers' auntie passed away last week and the funeral is today.  I cannot go  because my nephew has a doctors appt. for his little heart and I have to watch him after.   My auntie and uncle are going to be there.  They are driving from Fargo.  It will be a LONG day for them.

Today is Spring Clean Up Fix Up week.  That means if you have big items to throw away you just haul them out to the curb and a big dumpster comes by and they pick it up.  I have nothing this year...big surprise.  Last year I had a washer/dryer, a bookcase and many bulk things that normal garbage workers won't pick up on normal pick up days!

Yesterday I did a ton of laundry...I just hate laundry.  I think mainly because it is in the basement and it is hard for me to go up and down the stairs a bagillion and a half times a day!  But I tread onward and upward.

Ahhhh Haaaa...Corky Romano is on...I love that show.  Just realized that Chris Penn is in it and now he is dead...crazy!

Ok, so I decided to watch that dumb ass show 'The Sureal Life' and I had no idea that one dude/chick was a Arquette and that he/she is a tranny and going to have the surgery to get the whoo haa removed...  Bizzare...

Got another shawl done this weekend...took me 3 days...I am getting good!  Miss Shelly...I need you to resend you address as it came back to...the package I sent you!

Well I am tired and it is cold in here!

Later peeps...



Apr 16, 2006 at 04:57 o\clock

Shelly was right...

Yep...Shelly you were right...I am so very G...lol


1. Pick up the nearest book from where you are, open to page 18 and write the fourth sentence from the top
From a ravaging flood comesrich soil in which new plants thrive.

By Scott Cunningham---WICCA-A Guide Fo The Solitary Practitioner

2. Stretch your left arm as much as you can.... what can you touch?
Big Big Tittie...lol huh Shelly?

3. What is the last thing you watched on television?
Currently watching The Ten Commandments w/ the Charleton Heston sexy back then guy!

4. Without checking, Guess what time it is:

5. Now check.  What time is it?

6. A part from your computer's noise, what other noise can you hear?
My daughter humming while knitting and the tv...

7. When did you go out last and what did you do?
Today and went to ... ummm...HOBBY LOBBY!

8. Before starting this questionnaire, what were you doing?

9. What are you wearing?
shorts and t-shirt

10. Did you dream last night?
That my sis-in-law was nice to me w/out being a suck up!

11. When's the last time you really laughed?
Today at my nephew...he laughed so hard and he farted...

12. What are on the walls of the room you are in right now?
Paint...lol  I am not a great decorator so leave it alone!

13. Have you see something strange today?
My reflection in the mirror...had really psyco hair and red cheeks...I broke out again from something

14. What do you think of this questionnaire?
Little silly, but I likes it.

15. What's the last film you've watched?
Fun With Dick and Jane

16. If you become a billionaire overnight, what would you spend your money on first?
fix my house, build a new one, get a new car, give money to my mom nad hubbys mom, donate to the church, travel to look for my new home in Italy!

17. Tell us something we don't know about you.
I cannot have any body part hanging off of the bed for fear of monsters grabbing me...seriously...I have a phobia so bad...even just laying there not trying to sleep.

18. If you could change one thing in the world, apart from politics, what woudl it be?
No racial anything...we are all the same no matter what you all think!

19. Do you like dancing?
No, too fat to dance...I'd look a fool!

20. George Bush:
Well most know my view on that freak of nature, but I dislike him ALOT!

21. If you had (had) a girl first, what would you have called her?
Well I have a daughter already, but we didn't name her what I wanted to...I wanted Emilee Elizabeth...Emilee was my great grandma and Elizabeth was hubbys' great g-ma!

22. If you had (had) a boy first, what would you have called him?
I did have a son first and we named him not what we were going to name him...but we wanted Theodore-

23. Have you thought of living in a foreign country?
Everyday Bush is in office, but even aside from that yes...in England or Italy!

24. What would you like God to say to you when you walk through the gates of Heaven?
Glad you are finally here...

25. Who do you think will copy and paste this questionnaire onto their blog? Name 4 people:

Well Shelly has already done it

Teri maybe if she hasn't done it already

Miss Mey, but on her other site

and definately Miss Angel!

Apr 14, 2006 at 06:25 o\clock

FULL MOON tonight and it isn't hubby...lol

As you can see there is a full moon out tonight and it is gorgeous...I love the moon...I am going outside soon to charge my things. 

I recieved my things I bought on EBAY...I bought Black Cat Oil and a couple of candles for a few different things I have planned...lol  Now I just am waiting for this faerie thingy and some JFK stamps(for my auntie).

Hubby is on the phone but I am not listening as he is rambling on about some guys car and all...like I give a shit about some freak and his car!

The kiddos are off of school till next week Tuesday and I hate this time.  Always...I'm bored.  Especially my son as he is grounded yet.  We got his midterms and he brought the F up to a C.  He better keep it up or he will be off the golf team!  My daughter is spending the night at her friends house...the one who has the horses...she LOVES going out there.

The nephew is spending the night so I don't have to get up too early in the morning.  However, my son has golf practise at 10 AM...but it is payday so I am happy.

Decided to get my hair straightened.  I am so sick of having to use a flat iron and frying my ends!  My sis-in-law is going to go to the hair place and get me a professional one(she was a hairdresser and still has her license for cometology so...)  she is going to show me how to do it and I hope I don't flub it up!  Haven't done that in a long time so yeah...  She also told me she is having surgery tomorrow.  A breast lift.   Hmmm...I am sure her over bearing hubby is the one who talked her into that...she isn't allowed to  get the mail cuz he HAS to see all of it.  I guess if she is ok with it whatever...but NOT ME!!!

Well there is not much more to this tale for now so I will leave you all in the glory of the full moon...Blessed Be...





Apr 13, 2006 at 04:51 o\clock

Ok...I really hate calls from the Government...

Yeah I have been getting calls from the State Government but not answering them...well today I did.  I found out that the car that kid was in---my sons friend---was going 114 miles per hour and the car he--my son--was in was going about 95 MPH...now I am really mad.  Anyway the officer who called me just wanted to make sure that my son had told me about what had really happened.  He did except that speeding ALOT shit.  I guess they may take the licences away of the two drivers until they are 18...I hope they do, that will learn em huh?

Nothing much happened today other than that.

The nephew was here all day and I started work on the backyard...alot of raking.  The nephew helped a little bit!

So I hope you are all ok and doing well...I may lie low for a spell as I have that bad depressed and not so feeling good way again.





Apr 12, 2006 at 20:31 o\clock

Another silly survey...

Getting to know you survey~ This is from Aly’s blog(which I stole from Miss Angel)……

A - Age: 36

B - Band listening to right now: Drowning Pool

C - Career: Mom, nanny,housekeeper...slave basically lol

D - Drink or smoke:Drink a little but smoke when I drink alot...

E - Easiest person/s to talk to: Shelly my G

F - Favorite song/s at the moment: HURT by Johnny Cash cuz it is how I feel most days...

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Bears of course and only the German ones not the wannabes'

J - Junk foods you like: Baked LAYS' and pretzels(the soft ones)

L - Longest car ride ever: 7 hours to Minneapolis when the speed limit was 55 and of course road construction and slowing down and speeding up and so on and so forth...

M - My favorite Sport/s: BOXING and Yankee Baseball

N - Number of relationships you've had: Not enough to mention or care about!

O - One wish you have: To have money and be able to do whatever whenever...

P - Phobias: Snakes and dying in pain

Q - Favorite Quote: Don't let the man get you down...DAMN the MAN!!!

R - Reason to smile: when talking to friends...

S- Song: BODIES...by Drowning Pool

T- Time you woke up: 6:45AM

U - Unknown fact about you: I cannot feel my breasts since reduction surgery...eeewww huh?

V - Vegetable/fruit you hate: Hate Canned Peas/Hate Tomatos

W - Worst habit: Eating when bored

X - X-rays you've had: Everything as I had a full body MRI  

Y- Yummy food/s: Steak~~~RARE and cheeseburgers from The Woodhouse...mmmmmmm good!

Z- Zodiac sign: VIRGO~~the virgin...lol

Apr 11, 2006 at 17:45 o\clock

All Hail the Golf Gods...

Yes...the golf season is upon us and I won't see my son or hubby much anymore.  Yesterday was the first day of Golf at the High School for my son.  He did fairly well considering he hadn't golfed for four months.  *poof*  there went forty dollars for that...lol  It keeps him away from the girls and the video games-hee hee

Not much going on here at the moment...it is rather quiet as my nephew is at school for at least another hour...ughhh then I have to get him.  Now that it  is nicer out he wants to be at the park ALL THE DAMN TIME...I really regret living next to a park...lol  I got the swing out in the backyard...not a kids swing a regular swing that two people can sit on and it has a canopy.  I need to get new cushions for it on Friday though.  Mine look a little rouch and have a hole in them. 

Had my appointment at the dermatologist and got a refill prescription for Differin Cream...I highly recommend it if you have large pores or white/blackheads.  I USED to and now they are completely gone and  my pores are nowhere to be found.  My son also was put on it and got a script for antibiotics for his acne.  It isn't bad acne, but I don't want him to feel uncomfortable or for it to get worse.  I didn't have any acne as a kid but now as an adult I get one or two pimples a year and it sucks as they are there forever...yukky poo!  She also told me to go online for this stuff called glytone wash and lotion for the body.  Found a great website for that.  It is for people who have those little white bumpies on the backs of the arms or some have them on their legs...anyway, it is not to cure it but to keep it calmed down...my daughter and son have them but not too bad, but again...I don't want them to feel uncomfortable with it.

When I was at the orthodontist yesterday(daughter...braces) the lady at the credit department told me to try Mary Kay-Time Wise for the acne.  She said one of the other ladies there swears by it...hmmm might just have to as the differin cream is $115 a tube.  EEEEKKKKK huh?  That is a bit expensive since both my son and I need to use it.

So there it is...my boring life...hey does anybody know if that show  "My So Called Life"  is out on video yet...may have to check EBAY...lol



Take Care Those Who DO and Those Who Don't...




Apr 10, 2006 at 14:47 o\clock

So what ...do you want a flippin' medal or what?

Well, my weekend was not too bad...got alot done...well housework as usual, but it looked good! 

Not much happened this past weekend.  Sunday we had to go shopping, well my daughter did.  She had to get a nintendo game that was on sale.  She ended up buying two of them, different of course, one is about  pets and you take care of them and the other one was a horse game.  She like them so yeah...she informed me she wanted that Nintendo DS game thingy with the Nintenddogs...so I bid on one on EBAY as they are sold out in the stores...grrrr.  I will more than likely pay alot more for it this way.  Oh well...a mothers' love huh?

My dughter had a friend stay over Saturday night and my son stayed over at a friends that night...it was loud here...two girls up squaking till 3 AM was not cool!  I finally yelled so loud I think I woke the dead!

I am buying a new litterbox on Friday.  The one that scoops the waste into the container and you never have to touch it again or clean it as often.  I hate having to do that every week if not more.  I got fed up with it becasue I am the only one who does it and also when the litter is 'full' and I don't get it changed RIGHT NOW, the dumbass cats pee on my laundry or anything laying on the floor!  NOT COOL!!! So yea...I have had it with the cats.

Today is going to be a fast abd busy day!  My son and I have Dermatologist appointments at 1:30 and 1:45 PM...have to rush and come back after to get my daughter out of school to take her to her Orthodontist appointment at 3 PM...it will be crazy...all the while still haveing to deal with the nephew.  I am taking a nap this morning and so is the nephew.

I just noticed two squirrels outside playing tag on the tree.  They are baby ones and are so tiny and cute.  I know this is bad, but I throw peanuts out for them.  We don't have too many around here so I don't feel bad about doing that.  I know with my auntie, they used to have grey squirrels but the red ones came in and drew them away.  I love the grey ones...they are nicer.  Oh well.

Well, I have bored you long enough and this has got to end...I will see you all later...

Miss Angel and Miss Shelly...the pkgs are going out TODAY...YAY huh?


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Apr 8, 2006 at 22:15 o\clock

Just another lazy Saturday for me...well...

Maybe not...I have housework to get done.  Got the livingroom cleaned up pretty good now for the bathroom and the kitchen.

My kiddos are fighting as usual...over the PS2, so I took it away totally and now they must find other modes of entertainment...lol

I really don't have alot to say for once...so I will let you all go and update again when I  have done more throughout the day...I lead a very boring life...hee hee


Later Gators...



Apr 7, 2006 at 20:48 o\clock

No Italian today...

Nope, I am not in Italy living my dream...yet!!!  But soon I hope...

Sorry if you could not understand the last entry, but it was fun typing it!

Basically, nothing has happened the last few days as I am doped up on pain meds and muscle relaxers and antibiotics.

Today I am supposed to go to my sister in laws house...she and her hubby aren't there...they went to Vegas AGAIN...  But my monster-in-law is there bratsitting the evil nephews.  She wants me to bring the kids over and visit a bit.  I really don't want to, but I will appease the lady.  Yeah I don't like her or any of hubbys' family.  They said a few aweful things about me in front of my daughter a couple of years ago and I cannot get past that. 

Made myself a cheese pizza for lunch.  It was ok I suppose.  I hate frozen pizza, but I put extra cheese and onions on it.

Hubby has to work this weekend, it is mandatory overtime.  I don't mind...then I can get things done around here without him being a butthole. 

Well...the day is nice and I need to go get started on the yard while it is nice.  I got the car washed and am also going to clean it out, actually I only have to vaccum...I hate a messy car.  I will armour all it and clean the inside windows and tah dah...clean car.


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




Я люблю вас всем... имейте большой день!!!

Apr 7, 2006 at 02:41 o\clock


(Happy Birthday Miss Angel...Love ya)
Odio questo vento.   Ha saltato il mio portello di automobile aperto ed allora lo ha sbattuto lo ha chiuso realmente duro... lascerà una contusione.
L'approvazione I sa che sto allentandosi sulla spedizione del roba dei everyones, ma sono stato ammalato ancora come sapete e prendendo i relaxers del muscolo, gli assassini di dolore e gli antibiotici.  Lo otterrò interamente spedito per posta presto così FREDDO!!!
Il mio figlio ha avuto oggi un appuntamento del medico per sport fisici. HA PASSATO... yay. Ho lasciato la stanza quando ha fatto il suo verificare commercio. Non penso che abbia desiderato il momma dentro là per quel... lol
È andato oggi all'ingresso di hobby e sorpresa di sorpresa... non ho comprato il filato. Ho comprato la candela che fa il roba con i profumi per aggiungere ad esso ed alla coloritura. Molto sono eccitato per lanciare quel nuovo progetto.
Sono sicuro la maggior parte di voi non posso capire questo ma ho trovato questo luogo freddo di traduzione ed ora determinata gente non può vedere che che cosa sono scrittura... io non abbia niente nascondersi ma qualunque. Posso aggiungere il collegamento per questo alla mia pagina ma non decidere ancora.
Bene, faccio la mia agganciare figlia nel complesso la cosa di lavoro a maglia. Sta facendo la sua prima sciarpa mentre scrivo questo. Lol di Uh OH... sta facendo una sciarpa per il suo amico che non la avvita sopra.
L'OH, ottiene questo... l'una ragazza che era amico delle mie figlie ed avvitato lei l'eccedenza ha detto che desidera ancora essere amici con la mia figlia. Ho detto alla mia figlia a che probabilmente orinasse fuori dell'una ragazza che improvvisamente è diventato amici con ed ha avuto bisogno di un amico... abbastanza sicuro, oggi lei scoprisse che l'altra ragazza ha desiderato batterla in su. È una parte triste di crap.  Così, ho detto alla mia figlia a che non la desiderassi essere amici con lei perché questa è la terza volta lei la ha avvitata eccessiva e lo ho avuto.
Bene, sto andando ora andare e leggere un libro e lavorare a maglia una punta. Arrivederci a voi... ti amo tutti.
Ciao coloro che fa e coloro che non...

Apr 5, 2006 at 21:52 o\clock

I like muscle relaxers...

Ok, so I am looped up right now on prescription meds...While it is nice, I freak out occasionally.  So I have vowed only to take them at night other than the antibiotics. 

Made the cutest little hat today for a doll or a baby...it has a squared off top and tassels on either side...soooooo cute!!!  Now the nephew wants me to make him a hat.  What a dollie pie!    I am so way getting into this knitting stuff.  Better than drugs and alcohol I should say!  No...I am not going to Hobby Lobby today...I have to save my money.

I have to save my cash this week because my son is joining the golf team at school again and this year it is fifty dollars, and I have to take him in to get a physical for it as the two year one is up!  That is not covered by insurance. 

Speaking of that medical crap...got the bill for my injections today...one hundred and eighty three dollars each...insurance did cover one hundred and  sixty of it...but still we have to pay the rest.  The total bill for just that visit was a thousand dollars.  I had x-rays and a couple of other things done so it all adds up!  I would rather pay the almost four hundred than the grand.

Finally got my AVON order paid for.  I kept forgetting it.  My new AVON lady is my nephews' teacher at school.  She never gives me a bill and then a month or so later I get it.  I told her I won't order anymore unless I get a bill when she gives me my  stuff.  There is one lady who has about three hundred dollars of bills but has never gotten a bill...HELLO...don't order if you don't get a bill or else it will be too much and ya can't pay for it...but I do blame the AVON lady...she needs to be on the ball a bit better...lol

So I will be getting my daughter soon from school and then after a couple of hours go to church.  I think LOST is a new episode so I will have to TIVO it!

My son was at the park yesterday with a couple of other neighborhood kids and they were digging a hole.  Their intentions were to bury one of them.  Then this fat MO FO came and yelled at them saying I  work for Parks and Rec and you are not to do this.  BLAH BLAH BLAH...  Why can't they, they asked and the guy said it would deter other patrons from the park...WTF?  There was no one there nor was there the entire time they were there.  So they had to fill the hole back in and the guy stayed there till they were done...WHAT A FREAK huh?  He sat there all smug and smoking a cigar...what a gaybob. 

Looks like the neighbors are getting the last of their stuff next door...man they were never there but maybe 7 days out of 6 months...FREAKS.  Oh well what can you do?

It is gorgeous out today...I turned the heater off and opened the windows.  I guess tomorrow we are getting rain and possibly snow.  I really wish this off and on again crap would be over and done with.  I would like it to be getting nice.  I do have a garden to till and eventually get the pool up.

Found out my sis in Florida is finally getting married like this month, then they are coming up this summer and are going to have a party.  I hope they come around the fourth of July as that is my daughters' b-day and all the family will be here.  I am going to ask her if she would like to have the party here and I would have the pool and I could set up a few things out back.  I will have a firepit by then...I hope.  I think it would be great and I could show off my kitchen...no it isn't done yet but I plan on getting going with that again next week.  I will have the plaster to get on and finish up the cupboards with the varnishing.  I won't get the floors done, but that is ok.

I started some seeds inside and they are growing so fast.  I better have nice weather in a couple of weeks as I do want to plant the garden.

Well this old lady if tuckered out and I have to go get the daughter now so later later...



Apr 5, 2006 at 02:43 o\clock

Yet again...SICK...

Mood: tired as hell
Listening to: watching 'My Blue Heaven'

Blue is how I feel...so blue is my colour.

Yep I went into the doctor tonight and I have a sinus infection.   So I am on pain killers and antibiotics...I am also on muscle relaxers for the crick in my neck from last Friday.  I hate this mess.  I can't afford this stuff anymore.  Well once we hit our four hundred dollar deductable for prescriptions is met.  Should not be too much longer at this rate...lol

So I took a nap with the nephew this afternoon.  I didn't get much sleep because of my neck hurting so bad. 

Stopped and got more yarn at Hobby Lobby, it was on sale so that is not so bad!  I made a hat for Miss Shellys' thingy and a baby hat for the NICU at the local hospital...that is the yarn I got today...I am going to make little hats for the newborns and donate them...yay for my being good huh? 

Well I am going to go get silly(muscle relaxers and pain killers)...



Apr 3, 2006 at 03:55 o\clock

Bad river...

 This is what is happening here in ND, not where I live but my Auntie and Uncle live there...my entry is below this one...


Sunday, April 2, 2006 3:48 PM EDT
The Associated Press

Listen to Audio

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — Volunteers filled and stacked sandbags Saturday to protect homes in North Dakota and Minnesota from the rising Red River and its tributaries, swollen by a combination of melting snow and heavy rain.

Mayor Bruce Furness said Fargo was preparing for a flood crest next week of 37 to 38 feet, well above the official flood stage of 18 feet. However, he has said that would threaten only about 30 homes — compared with about 130 flooded in 1997.

Along with the sandbagging, the mayor said Saturday there were signs the river's rise is slowing.

"We're feeling better today than we did yesterday," Furness said.

On the Minnesota side of the Red River valley, the Buffalo River went over its banks and the Rev. Brad Lewis had to use a canoe to get around his five-acre farmstead, about 15 miles south of Fargo near Sabin, Minn.

Authorities in Minnesota's Norman County closed highways on the west and south sides of the town of Ada because of flooding Saturday and residents of vulnerable homes were sandbagging, dispatcher Joel Andersen said.

The town of Hendrum, just over 20 miles north of Moorhead on the North Dakota line, was bracing for a record flood stage, expected to hit Tuesday.

"We've been having a couple of cooler nights, and that's helped things out quite a bit," Andersen said. "It could be a possibility that we get rid of this, but it could go the other way. Anything could happen."

The National Weather Service also predicted major flooding at Grand Forks, saying the Red River could rise to about 47 feet there by next Friday. Flood stage in Grand Forks is 28 feet, but residents are protected by a huge dike that was started after the 1997 disaster that flooded much of the city.

Heavy rain that fell in the region Thursday worsened the snow-melt flooding and closed at least 35 bridges and more than 25 county roads in Richland County, south of Fargo, said county engineer Tim Schulte.

He warned people not to drive around barriers. "Just because you think the road's there — it might not be," he said.

One woman died in a water-filled ditch in Grand Forks County, where she apparently fell while trying to walk home after her car stalled on a flooded road, authorities said.

The rain was part of a line of damaging thunderstorms that rolled across the Midwest. On Friday, the storms knocked out power to 4,000 customers in Michigan, and tornadoes touched down in Michigan, northwestern Ohio and in central Indiana, damaging homes and businesses, but causing no serious injuries.