*Like It or Not...This Is Me*

Mar 30, 2006 at 15:31 o\clock

YAY...happy dance...

Yep, it is a happy dance sort of day...My G is back here blogging...I have missed her greatly...and she better stay unless some weirdos are freaky deaky again...YAY  Also TERI is here ... she is awesome!!!

So not much has happened since last entry.  Oh I bought that necklace at    pyramidcollection.com  I love that place...I get the magazine.  They have cool faerie pictures and clothes and weird stuff and yeah...I LOVE IT!!!

I may take a nap today as I do not have tt get the nephew until 11AM.  I think my daughter and her friend are walking to school...that would be nice cuz my daughter took a shower this morning instead of last night and she uses ALL the hot water.  Whick means I can't take a shower for an hour and the hot water heater kicks in and warms a bit of water for me!  That makes me so mad.  We have to get a new hot water heater and I want the biggest one they have! hee hee

My son got his video game but can't play it...he was sad, but too bad.  I also told him if he does not get his grades up by the end of school, he will NOT be taking drivers ed.  I am pretty sure that will get him to work on his studies a bit harder.  All his friends are getting their licences. 

I cannot believe that yesterday it was 60 degrees outside.  Today it is supposed to rain and be nice, so I will have to get out back and see what the yard looks like.  Better get some manure for the garden and a new saw to cut the rest of the tree down.  Last fall I cut down the overgrown trees down and left them there, ok I am bad.  But not I think I am going to keep all the branches and use them in the firepit I am going ot buy, then I don't have to go buy wood.  I also have to call and get an estimate for the tree up front to get cut down.  It is an eyesore and in the driveway practically.  I suppose that will be around five hundred bucks...it is a big tree!

So I have let the dogs out and in again, had a cup o joe and now updated...it is time to go and greet the world and tell it to PISS OFF...lol


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




Mar 30, 2006 at 00:09 o\clock

Hope this works...


Here is a pic of the necklace I bought...pretty huh?


Cosmic Amethyst Pentacle Pendant

Mar 29, 2006 at 06:58 o\clock


So, what can I say today...not much new with the whole bully bitch from hell thing.  They have sign up for next year and I hope they know that my daughter will NOT be attending the school.  I think though I will have her finish out the year here ya know?  I don't know...feedback people...PLEASE!

Thanks Miss Teri, Miss Nergeeder and T-CHOCKY...I appreciate your kind words...it means alot to me and I am just going insane right about now!

I did have a trip planned for the weekend but that got farked up as usual. 

Oh, about like 19(holy crap that long) years ago I lived in New York and worked as a nanny.  I met a few people and still write and telephone a couple of them to this day even though I have not seen them since.  Well this one guy who I did go out on a few dates with but nothing serious, called me out of the blue and I didn't answer the phone...hubby was home so yeah.  Anyways, he always thought there was more to the relationship and all but not to me.  He is a great guy, but I think he thinks we could be together yet.  So I listened to my messages and he said he would just email me.  I haven't recieved an email as of yet, but who knows what is going on.  I know his father has been very ill so I am hoping he hasn't passed away or something like that!  He has surprised us by showing up once a few summers ago and has said he will again on his way out ot Neveada...his friend lives out there, but hubby gets so mad, which I suppose he has a right to.   I told him there never was and never will be anything between us other than friends.  Oh well...what can ya do?

I am almost done with my shawl like I have been saying.  I keep running out of the mohair and now the store is out.  The pattern called for one skein of microspun and two mohair skeins...I have used 5 mohair and just started the third microspun skein.  I am not doing anything wrong, trust me I have gone over it with a fine tooth comb, so I have no idea.  I shall try and post a pic of it when done!  Miss Shelly...if you read this, I have started yours.  It is oatmeal colour...very gorgeous!

Cleaned the doggy doo doo in the front yard...I was so bad, I just dumped it into the garbage can for the garbage men to take...eeewwww, but they wear gloves and I put other garbage on top of it to hide it a bit.  I know sick, but it is funny sometimes to see their faces and the crap they find...lol

Bought King Kong today, have to watch it this weekend and see how it is.  I have no time on the weekdays to watch anything other than what is on tv.

Well it is eleven pm and I am tired and all so c'ya




Mar 27, 2006 at 23:54 o\clock

The World Has Gone To Hell and Yet I Am Still Here!

Ok, So as most of you know my daughter is getting threatened at school because some bitch ass girls are not liking her.  I am going to the police station tomorrow and filing a restraining order against the  one.  She threatened with a knife and now I have had it.  I am also pulling my daughter out of school and she is living with my mother in the other town and going to a different school.  I am tired of dealing with this stupid ass school doing NOTHING about this and so I will file a complaint against the school as well.   They try and tell me that they will talk with the parents well it ain't a working so I AM DONE!!!

Well we had more bad news about the nephew...his heart murmer is not good and now he has an infection and on major meds because of it.  He will go in again in three weeks for another checkup of his little heart.  Poor little bugger!

My son is also grounded as he recieved an F on his report card in ENGLISH...I am just so tired anymore...I cannot do it, I need a break from everyone and everything...

Knitting has helped me out alot...taking my mind off of a few things and so I have my shawl almost done...Miss Angels scarves almost done, plus her surprise...lol...and have started another one...a shawl that is.

Paid the water bill today and mailed off my money order for the yarn I ordered on EBAY.  I am so bad!  But like I said it is my new therapy!

I better get going...the kids ar home and now the nephew is wanting cereal.

Miss Nergeeder...thanks for the info on Cree Summer...I admit I used to watch the teenie bopper high school show she was in and I only liked her character! lol


Later and hope you all are well...


Mar 23, 2006 at 03:38 o\clock

My lord...what next...

Ok, found out a few things and I am not going into them as of yet. 

Nothing major happened today.  Went to church school-well my daughter did.  My son stayed home as he isn't feeling so good today.  Decided not to go to church.  We will on Sunday since they are having a benefit for some friends of ours and then after we will go to church services.

Went to Wal-Mart and bought 'The Used' cd.  I have to get some soil and plant my Italian Cypress tree I bought on EBAY.  Shit...I have to check on something on EBAY...ok...I won it...I got some Italian mohair yarn...very pretty stuff.  I am also bidding on this other yarn from Italy, it is called Poodle Yarn.  Looks like poodle hair(the curly part of it).

Ok...I am going as I am thinking about things and it is getting me depressed...





Mar 21, 2006 at 05:49 o\clock

I am a winner...

YAY, I won one hundred dollars with my lottery ticket.  Not the most I have ever won, but I WON.  My daughter was freaking out cuz I was jumping up and down freaking out, but it has been a long time since I won anything with the lottery!!!  YAY for me huh?

Well the day did start out kinda crappy...my mother has been having pain in her tummy and lost a bit of weight so she had a doc appt today.  She was given a lot of meds to take and told if it gets worse to go to the emergency room.  She could not get in to the GI doc till the end of April so yeah...  This is exactly how hubbys' dad started out too and the dumbass docs let his cancer go for months before they got their shit together.  I am only praying very greatly for this to not be what it could and maybe just an ulcer or something silly and easily fixable!  So yeah we are on pins and needles for awhile anyways!

I finished my daughters' scarf today and started my nephews'.  He is so excited for it, he thought he was going to be able to take it home today.  If I get on it tonight I could be finished by tomorrow when I pick him up from school.  He is too damn cute!  I am addicted badly to this now! lol

Miss Angel, I will definately make you one, but what colour of blue would thou like?  I also have to find your addy as I have such a mess in the desk right now I can't find a thing...I just start shoving things in till it explodes lol...

Well I am not much in the mood for more talking/writing so I will go and pray for me mother and let you all get back to it!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...






Mar 19, 2006 at 04:52 o\clock

Sitting here alone on a Saturday night...what else is new?

I thought this would be a good colour to write with as it is the colour of my face right about now!  I broke out from something so I have taken sudaphed all day...it has not helped.  I think it was the anti-inflammitory they injected into my knee yesterday.  Who knows.  Yep I got them injected and the pain...for the most part gone.  The damn needle was the size of a toothpick...it hurt!!!

My kids are spending the night at their friends house and hubby went out.  I would have gone but my face is swollen and red...I am NOT going out in public looking like this! lol

So I bought some solar lamps for the backyard today, if it ever gets nice out to put them up!  At the moment it is snowing again!  Found the firepit I want but it is four hundred buckeroos, but it does come with a bench and two chairs.  Very nice!

Finally started knitting and got my first scarf done just a few minutes ago.  It is purple and has fringes...not bad for a first try and all...lol  If anyone would like one, just send me your addy and the colour you would like!  I was really bad yesterday and spent fifty dollars on different yarns...oh well, I have to practice!

I guess that is really all there is to say right now so I will leave you to your thoughs and have a great rest of the weekend...



Mar 16, 2006 at 14:44 o\clock

Not a proper update, but maybe later today after things settle...

Mood: RUSHED...
Listening to: Nick Jr(nephew is here)

Hi all...Just a quick hi and that is about it!  Have to take the nephew to school today as he slept over and all.  Then pick him up and then hopefully a nap!

I am still here and also at Bravenet:  winter_weather   in case you all want to know!

*grins*  to you all...



Mar 13, 2006 at 23:35 o\clock

So this is love...la la la la...

Ok, I am watching Lady and the Tramp...my most favorite ever Disney movie other than The Fox and the Hound. 

Well the weekend was ok.  Hubby and I were kidless on Saturday night so we decided to go to Red Lobster before the crowds started showing up.  We waited half and hour in the bar before we got a table.  Time enough for a beer or two...  I decided that since I hadn't eaten all day that I was going to have the LIVE MAINE LOBSTER and a sirloin steak.  Hubby had rock lobster and steak and grilled shrimp and shrimp cocktail and mozzerella sticks and extra shrimp on his side salad.  He ate it all and a piece of vanilla bean cheesecake!  I ate most of my steak and all of the lobster.  It had been way too long since we were kidless and he didn't have to work so we decided to go out.  After supper we went home and crashed from our huge ass meal.  It was good but expensive...who cares right?

My son babysat the evil nephews on Saturday and made forty bucks and so Sunday I had to take him to get a new video game at Best Buy.  He bought some boxing game round three.  Says it is pretty good so whatever.  Then he bought Saving Private Ryan at Wal-Mart, I don't care for that movie so he watched it after I went to bed.

Hubby voluteered to work on Sunday night at eleven PM to three AM and he was tired this morning!  It is double time pay so that is one good thing about it!

So I am watching my nephew today and hopefully not tomorrow.  We have a funeral to go to in T.L.  My mothers' Aunti passed away.  So sad.  I remember when I would stay with my grandparents I would go over there and play cards with her and her hubby when he was alive.  Wow...so hard to belive she is now gone!  I will miss her alot.

Bought some lime for the front yard where the doggies have pottied ALOT and that took care of the peepee smell ASAP.  I am going to have to buy more for over the summer!  I cannot wait till summer and be able to put the pool up!  I am going to buy new lawn furniture and a fountain as well.  It is about time I get my yard going.  I have lived here 12 years now and haven't done a thing. 

I also planted...well started seeds to plant in the garden when it is nicer out!  I have started sweet basil, italian flat leaf parsley and rosemary!  I will uy mint plants and cilantro plants later on in the spring.

My sister called and said she has a dentist appointment on Thursday and if the nephew could spend the night.  Her appt. is at seven AM.  Ok I don't mind but who is going to watch him on Friday when I have my appt?  No one as usual!

I suppose I am finished here with writing about my boring sad life for the moment...

Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Mar 11, 2006 at 00:49 o\clock

Well...I know not what I do!

So I was a bit down in that last entry, but I know I will get over it!  I just get in a funk and freak so forgive me alright? 

Today is Friday and now I am starting my heavy drinking for the weekend...I won't have my kiddos around so I feel it necessary to do so.  I have not done that in quite some time so I think it is a well deserved drunkeness.

I took a slight nap today with my nephew...didn't help much as I am still tired as all get up!

Bought some more clotted cream from my fave website:  igourmet.com     Also got some panchetta (a type of Italian bacon sort of)  I wish I could afford the proscuitto, but that will have to come another day.  I decided I didn't need the balsamic vinegar I said I was going to get so yeah.  I also ordered Italian flatbread and more honey and Italian almond cookies...to have with my espresso!  I even ordered some German pickles...from Germany!!!  I was sent an email by this place and today only as a cutomer appreciation it is free shipping...that saves about twenty dollars so yeah I am ordering! lol

I need to go get lime for the front yard where the doggies have been going potty...it stinks so bad!  I did clean it all up but it still peeeuuu!!

I am home alone right now as my son went home with my sister to babysit the nephew and my daughter is at her friends house.  Hubby is at work till eleven.    I hate this being alone all the time shit!

Miss Mey...thank you for the comment...I know you are there, but I get in a funk as you well know and well I feel sorry for myself and it sucks...it is depression...I get to go on Zoloft again, but fear I will need something stronger!  If the fucker lays another hand on you I will sell my soul to Satan to be able to fly to you and kick his ass!  I may be petite, but I can fight with the best of them!!!

Miss Shelly...thank you for being there last night!  I feel much better today about things.  I needed to sort of vent.  I have a hard time letting my feeling go and so it will get better I hope!

Miss Teri...I know you are here or there or you know.  like I said to Shelly and Mey...I just get in a funk.  I am sorry for not visiting your blog properly, but that will change!  I miss you and hope you are well!!!!

Sorry  to everyone for being a shit lately...my health is not good, but it should get better in time...I hope.

I thank you all for visiting and will blog here and at bravenet as well.


Take it easy all you crazy cats...




Mar 10, 2006 at 04:32 o\clock

Well, what next...

I guess it has been a few days since the last update.   I just have no energy to do a thing!  Some of you know why.  Those who don't well...that is ok. 

My son as you all know turned 15 last week and now as of this past Monday...he is a 'permitted' driver.  Now we just have to teach the little shit to drive. lol  I am at the stage where I shall begin to worry about losing my baby!  It is a mothering thing you all!!  He had a party today at a friends house all day!  He had fun and now another friend is spending the night!  When do they outgrow this spending the night thing?  Oh well!

My daughter is spending the night at her friends house and then she has a b-day party to go to tomorrow and another on Saturday! 

My son was asked if he would babysit the 'spoiled' nephews on Saturday and so he is.  I think he is spending the night at my mom and sisters as well to babysit the nephew Friday night!  He should make a haul!

Hubby is at work right now and he was given a talking to by the Union Steward.  Apparently there is some shit going around that he wants to eliminate jobs and all.  Which is BULLSHIT.  If it weren't for him one of the lines they added would NOT be there.  He started that and so yeah...   They just can't stand it when a person works and shows initiative.  Three fourths of the assholes that work there are LAZY assholes.  The union...is stupid and now they are going to STRIKE in the fall and well there ya go.  What about those who need their jobs?  Does the union provide money for the people who strike?  NO WAY!  So they just better get their shit together!  Oh well...at least hubby can go work at the meat shop till the strike is over!

I was watching a great show on BBC America...'Little Britain'  man that is hilarious.  I don't care for Monty Python or Benny Hill, but this is hilarious!  I nearly pissed myself from laughing so hard!

I put the new door handles on the doors the other day...all by myself.  *grin*  I did break a nail though!  Oh the trials of my life.   That fucker hasn't given the key back either.  Don't matter as we now have new locks!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  I really need to start reading  books(all kinds) again...ferociously like I used to do!   I am missing out on the world by secluding myself indoors.  That is the way I am...the less contact with people, the better.  The world is becoming a horrible place to be.  Don't ask where that is coming from...just that people are so very irritating and they are very ignorant!

The SOPRANOS is beginning again here this weekend and I am there.  I love that show.  I have been watching all the re-runs and catching up before it starts.  SO EXCITED!!!

Was out and about shopping on Tuesday and ran into a friend of mine from many years ago.  She is living back here until August and then she is back to Germany.  Her husband is deployed right now and she didn't want to be there alone and so she is living with her parents till then.  She was the only honest friend I ever had!  No lies no bullshit...she was great!  She has two girls now and she looks great.  Man I hope she gives me a call or pops over.

The nephew slept over last night and I slept on the air mattress.  He fell asleep on the couch and if you move him...he is up all night.  So I just used the air mattress and hubby took the bed.  I slept in till eight thirty AM.  That was awesome!  I have not done that for a very long time.

Next Friday I go to the doctor to have him look at my knees again.  It is getting worse.  I can go down the stairs just fine, but when I need to come back up...I have to crawl.  It hurts so bad.  I just know they will tell me...sorry nothing we can do now.  I can't get sortisone shots cuz they said I have to be fourty years old.  Damn, I feel like an eighty year old!  I had better get pain killers outta this one! lol

Well I have rambled long enough and I need a beer. 

Hope you all are well and leave me a damn comment already so I know you are alive!

I feel so all alone right now as I think I am the only one here and no one cares...just a thought I am having and who the hell cares...I doubt I will blog anymore as I ... forget it it does not matter anymore...have a great life everyone hope you make the best of it...I am done...






Mar 5, 2006 at 07:54 o\clock

Always sad...

Hello to you all!  I am sitting here at twelve twenty AM and am all alone!!  To make matters worse...my sons friend found out where we hide the extra key to the house and well, the fucker took it(sorry for the language), SO , ok yeah we could ask for it back, but how many copies has he made???    I texted hubby at the bar and told him so tomorrow we are going to go to the store and get new lockes.  I really hate that kid and he is such a loser.  He really isn't a good friend of my sons. 

So Friday we went to SPACE ALIENS and had a supper for my son.  He had two friends come with and my daughter stayed home.  My sister and nephew came.  The one friend I told you all about dropped off her son and then decided to stay after I said I was buying.  See what I mean about her!  Oh well...she is a ...NVM!!!  So  it wasn't too bad a bill at the end(one hundred and one  dollars).  I got a steak as it was so good the last time I went there and I even had two tall beers.  YIKES!!  It was damn good though!!    The guys had fun and so did the nephew!  Then the boys came over and had a sleepover.  They played MONOPOLY all night...literally! 

I watched a awesome show on BBC AMERICA...it was called 'CONVICTION' ...I am really loving that channel...don't even get me started on 'FOOTBALLERS' WIVES'   I totally love that show now!  It is on on Sunday, so I am anxiously awaiting that!


My daughter is staying at her friends house tonight and my son is at his friends for the night.  Where are my friends whose homes I could stay the night at?  Hubby is "playing darts"   at the bar.  I watched Scream 3  and The Ring Two...not good shows to watch alone and having to worry about freaks trying to get into my house.  lol  I do have a knife by me and the shotguns but...    Yes I am actually scared!

I have spent the last two hours trying to download Norton Internet Security into the laptop and it took forever.  Finally had to manually do the LIVEUPDATE thing!  Always something!

Recieved my rebate check from SEARS for the installation of the dishwasher!  YAY...a whole thirty five bucks...but it is a tank of gas and a few groceries(not much).

Went to PETSMART today and bought my little pomeranian a new leather collar with spikes on it...she is a tough little thing but scared as shit! lol   Also bought some new toys for the birds...yes for big big tittie, Shelly! lol   and my sons bird downstairs in his room!  Bought cat food too.  Yeah it was cheaper at TARGET, but I didn't feel like going there it was way down south of town and I was way north!  WTF...I did end up going down south to the mall...jeez I am an airhead.  I had to take my daught to HOT TOPIC and she bought a tank top with a faerie on it and I bought her a t-shirt with Grrr from INVADER ZIM on it.  She is on a kick with this INVADER ZIM.  She had just bought a stuffed GRRR(sp).

My son bought a video game called  'BLACK'  at Best Buy and when we went to the mall he bought some dragon game and put the new game KINGDOM HEARTS on reserve.  Hey it is his birthday money and I refuse to buy him any sixty dollar games that he will pass in like two weeks!

This past week was a new ballgame going on...my daughter had her first visit from Aunt Flo.  That damn lady better treat her better than she did me...lol 

Well I suppose I better get a moving as hubby will be home soon and I need to pretend I am asleep as I don't want to deal with it.  I hate the smell of ciggies and booze.  No he doesn't smoke, but when you go to the bar you come home smelling like one.  That is one reason I guess I don't like going out much!

Take Care EvERYONE!!




Mar 3, 2006 at 06:20 o\clock

So here I sit...






15 TODAY!!!




So here I sit ... the mother of a fifteen year old son...man do I feel old.  Not much happened today.     I went and bought balloons and made a huge sign to put in the window...he was mad cuz he didn't want his friend s to see.  But it is a tradition whether he likes it or not...lol   I love him greatly so he better just deal!  He wanted to go to SUBWAY for supper so we went there, since we are going out tomorrow with a few of his friends and my sister and nephew.  We should have a fun time.  The one friend of his that is coming is also fifteen today.  Yep it is my one old friends kid.  Man we used to be best friends up until a year and a half ago.  Oh well.  I talked with her for an hour tonight and it wa s weird, but just like old times where she tries to out-do me on everything.  I HATE THAT!!!  So we gave him his one hundred dollars and he is going shopping tomorrow.  My mom, sister and daughter gave him a Best Buy gift card.    He was mad at me cause I made him clean his room tonight adn that he will be getting a haircut tomorrow as well.  lol

My Sephora stuff came in but they delivered it to my sisters house because her name was on the credit card.  o tomorrow I will get to try it all.  I already have used the  L'Occitane but the other things I have not.

A special THANK YOU to Miss Mey for the great new banner.  I had to have her do it for me as I am very illiterate with things like that! lol

I recieved my cafeteria trays I ordered on EBAY today as well.  Can't wait to use them over the fourth of July.         

Right now I am sitting in bed typing this  and watching a funny show...it is called GUNG HO.  It has Steven Keaton in it.  So funny.  Also a very old show.

Of course hubby has to work till 3 AM and it sucks but at least he called to wish the son a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.                        

Well I best get going as I really am tired and there isn't anything to say!

Take it easy and Don't Let The Man Get You Down---DAMN THE MAN!!!



Mar 1, 2006 at 21:24 o\clock

Sure if you say so...

Well, today has been very tiring for me and I am wanting to go to bed right about now!  Haven't been sleeping too well lately as I had bad news about some tests I had done and I haven't told anyone but Shelly and Mey!  I am just not ready yet ya know! 

So, is anyone elses' computers acting all freaky?  Mine won't load whole pages on EBAY and so I can't tell if I won anything or not!  Happened with a few other sites too and yesterday on here it said I was FORBIDDEN by my ISP  to access this site.  Well if you say so, but why am I on here now...???

I am going to make homemade pizza today for supper!  I bought a fresh mozzerella ball and basil and roma tomatos.  I am even going to make my own dough!  I did buy parmesean cheese, but it isn't the good kind and NO way do I buy the green can shit!  That is NOT good at all!  I suppose that is what some people like because there isn't any choice at the market!  That is why I buy it from   igourmet.com    now!  Miss Mey---did you ever go to the website and see what they have!?  I love it so much.  It gives people like me, who don't have access to that fun stuff, a chance to get it!

Hubby just left for work...thank GODDESS!   The kiddos are in school.

PetSmart sent me a $5 gift card with a $10 purchase...hmmm I am sure I could find something there!lol

Apparently we are going to get a 'WINTER STORM' this weekend.  Sure would be nice since we hardly got any snow all winter.  When we did, it melted right away!  I wonder if that has anything to do with the 'GREENHOUSE EFFECT'  my guess is YES!!!!  DUH!!!  Bush---get off your 'high' horse and do something about it!!!  It has been VERY mild the last six or seven winters.  The last really good one we had was back in '96 or '97.  It covered our cars and we literally had to dig ourselves out of the house!  Man I miss that! lol  I know I complain about the cold but that is very different than the snow!

Tomorrow is my sons' fifteenth birthday.  Man am I getting old!  He wants to go out for supper at Space Aliens with a friend and play some games!  Kind of like a Chucky Cheese but not gay!  They have an arcade, a bar and serve barbeque and fire cooked pizza.  The best thing they have there is these things called alien fingers.  Baseically it is a onion they cut(not all the way through though) bread it and deep fat fry it.  SO DAMN GOOD!!!  I am sure it is called many other things like 'blooming onion' at other places.

Friday I get my nails done.  That will be nice as I had one break off.  It bled too...

Well I am going to go now as it is snowing out and I have to go start the car and get my daughter from school.

Take it easy all you crazy cats!!