*Like It or Not...This Is Me*

Feb 27, 2006 at 20:17 o\clock

I hate the in-laws...

*GGGRRRR*  I really dislike the in-laws!  So we get a call yesterday at about 6pm and it is hubbys' sister saying we could meet them all at Buffalo Wild Wings for supper if we wanted cuz hubbys' mom and other sister were in town---looking at condos for their mom.  Ok, why didn't they call hubby up and invite him to come look too?  BECAUSE THEY ARE CUNTS!!!  Ok, I hate that word but they are seriously a bunch of selfish fucked up wannabes' .  I hate that they leave him out of everything but sure know how to make it so we owe money to them!  Things like hundred twenty dollar boquets of flowers for various peoples funerals etc...   Anyways...back to the bitch session: so the first thing his one sister says to him is...did you pay mom for the car?  Ok, so no we hadn't so today he is going over to his sisters' to pay her.  We always were going to but she was never down and we don't like sending that amount of money in the mail!  W wanted to give it in person!  So...that better make them flippin' happy or else I will let em know! 

So now for happy time stuff! lol

Miss Mey...that igourmet.com has such cool stuff!  From all over the world too, so I am going to get some English things too that  have not yet tried.  I want to try that clotted cream...is that good?  I also AM GOING TO ORDER that english pudding and brandy sauce!  That sounds so good!  Let me know if you get anything!

So, not alot has happened since the last entry.  Herbergers' called and said they finally got my face lotion in.  I love this stuff called SENSATION TOTALE by LANCOME'  it is the best stuff and works too! 

My daughter babysat the spoiled nephews on Saturday night and she made sixty bucks!  Damn...

Oh...I thought our SAMS' CLUB was openeing up today, but it is for employees and their families only and the real opening is in APRIL!  I am sad...here I was all excited to go there and get some SAN PELLIGRINO, but no....lol

My nephew has been asleep for  four hours now.  Why is it when he sleeps that long I never get to?  My son came home and I took him to McDonalds' for lunch...*gag*  I hate that place!  If you would like to know why...watch that show 'SUPER SIZE ME'  yeah you would think twice before you eat there again or any fast-food place for that matter!  That is why it is salads and SUBWAY for me only!

Even though it is a ways away...I am excited to take the hunter safety classes.  I hope to learn some good things and all!

Well, I haven't anything else to say for now so I will let you all get back to your lives.



Feb 26, 2006 at 05:05 o\clock

Saturday night and home alone...again

Ok, so I have no friends or a life so I will update my weekend so far...

Nothing has happened...wow that was quick huh?  Nope...got lots to say!

Well, hubby was called into work which was nice...I don't like him home so much, it means I have to see him...lol

My daughter is babysitting the spoiled rotten nephews...but she likes the cashola!

My son is here but watching Resident Evil...for the fifth time this week!  What a nut huh?  He also wanted you all to know he beat Resident Evil IV for ps2.

I got a couple loads of laundry done...only fifty more to go.

Tooled around on my new laptop, I need to get more memory for that sucker. 

My good friend Deborah in California emailed me.  Was great to hear from her.  She is the one who was my neighbor but moved back to CA with her hubby and is now divorcing him...that is a GOOD thing.  But the house next door she didn't sell so she rents it out!  I hope she moves back here.  I miss her as I have no friends here!

Ok,  I am feeling very sad and depressed and yes...it is the naughty kind.  Has been a long time since I talked about or thought about "that" thing!  I need a drink or something.

Oh, I did buy at http://www.igourmet.com , some Italian parmigiano reggiano cheese(2 pounds of it), some Italian ricotta cheese,  Italian     buffalo milk mozzerella cheese,  Italian honey and some really good Italian olive oil.  Now I have to wait till Monday to pay for it...money order you know!  Notice it has an Italian theme.  Yep...if I could afford the one hundred and eighty-nine dollar leg of proscuitto ham I would get that as well.  My next purchase from them will be this awesome balsamic vinegar that is tweny five years old and I think it is  one hundred and forty nine dollars a bottle, but you don't use it everyday or very much of it so it will last a LONG time...years perhaps!  We don't have any specialty shops around here for that kind of stuff so I get it where I can and this place accepts money orders so yeah...

I made a huge ginormous beef roast today with the idea my family would be here...hmmm...hubby went to work, daughter babysitting and son at a friends house...waste, but will make great barbeque sandwiches for tomorrow lunch!  I even went and bought a cake with real icing...not the dairy whipped shit either!  All that stuff came about after I put it in the roaster.  Oh well!

My sister and I went out for supper yesterday and of course the nephew was with.  She paid too...SHOCKER!  Some time ago she had given us her old computer(before we bought a new one) and so now I gave it back to her for the nephew.  That kid knows how to use the computer just from watching us and he is three years old.  It amazes me how they learn!  So we went to Best Buy to get a few games for him and I bought a wireless optical mouse for the laptop as I don't like using the touch pad...it confuses me-lol.

On the twenty-first my sister let me use her credit card and I bought a few things at SEPHORA.com...another great online place for upscale items.  I bought L'Occitane hand cream http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P39674&categoryId=C11831 (the best kind money can buy-I would swim in it if I could it is awesome stuff!), JOHNATHAN product---DIRT---  http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P104714&categoryId=C12030  is supposed to give you the look of next day hair...we shall see if it is worth the price and I bought this OJON hair set http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P111008&categoryId=5787 , can't wait to try that!

So I have done some shopping, but hey why not, I so way deserve it as does any woman!

Well I better get going as this has gone on long enough!


Take Care all you crazy cats!





Feb 24, 2006 at 14:21 o\clock






Just wanted you all to know it was her birthday today and if you get a chance...visit her and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!!!  Even though she is younger than I, I hope she has a great birthday...those younins' I tell you ...lol  Just joking...you are great and I hope you have a great Birthday and do get a little somethin' somethin'  lol...

So there really hasn't been much going on here...I bought some Italian coffe on EBAY and some from actual Italy(ok, that made no sense) on  a website of Italian food and stuff!!  It should be coming soon I hope.  Recieved hubbys' new golf bag he wanted from EBAY yesterday!  It was a two hundred dollar bag and he got it for less than forty and it is brand new with the tags on it and all!  The new laptop is awesome!!!  Such a great investment on my behalf and it is MINE!!!  Not the kiddos or hubbys to use!  I do have to get a new web cam for it though!

I am so glad the weekend is here, I am plum tuckered out!  Just today and the nephew is gone, at least till Monday.

My daughter has her first Junior High dance tonight and she is going with a freind of hers and they are meeting their 'boyfriends' there I guess.  Oh dear Goddess...am I getting old!   She should have fun though!

Oh my I see Miss Mey is online, won't bug her though as I am sure she is busy! :o(  I miss her and everyone that left here!  Even Miss Angel is gone for good I fear...and I mean like not going to blog...and I got a new gun to show off to her! Oh well I shall cry and cry until my eyes are swollen shut and then cry some more!

Woke up this morning to fresh fallen snow.  I think this last couple of weeks we have had more snow than the entire winter season.  I don't mind really.

Oh...Miss Mey just talked with me online and I am HAPPY!  She is going through a rough time right now and I wish I could give her a big hug and a shoulder to cry on or vent on at least!

Well since the nephew will be here soon...I shall close this and get ready...




Feb 21, 2006 at 15:53 o\clock

Ok...don't buy wine on EBAY in the middle of winter...

Yep...I bought wine on EBAY and it is tasty, but it was having to be opened ASAP and drank!  It froze on the way to me and the corks were half out so I had to open and drink two of the three bottles I bought!  Hubby helped and one can be in the fridge till we drink it...I have one of those bottle toppers that keeps the air out and all.  Sucks cuz I was going to send one to Shelly and Steve.  Nope not now!   GRRRR

T-CHOCKY---get my emails about what to do with bad EBAY sellers...I sent two for ya!  Let me know what I can do for you and all!  DAMN THE MAN!!!

Ok---for all of you with cell phones...call 1-888- 382-1222   

(this may be only for ND but if you go to your government page and look up the DO NOT CALL thing you should find the number)and get your number on the DO NOT CALL list.  In four days they will release all cell phone numbers to telemarketers and they can call you and you get charged!!!  Just a little heads up for ya!

I am so glad there is school again this fine snowy morning!  This weekend was just dragging on and on and on!  There was nothing to do...I am tired of shopping...OMG...did I just say that?  Well there is more to life than that so yeah..

I have officially used the dishwasher twice!  So nice and the kiddos have been rinsing and loading and then unloading.  SHOCKER!!!  Buying that was the best thing I could have done.  The kitchen was clean all weekend and still today!

So now I am just sitting here and watching a craft show that I am NOT interested in and writing this and washing about 20 loads of clothes!  Hey...I think I need another washer and dryer set...get more laundry done!!!

My daughter and I went to PETSMART and we bought a new cage for one of her hamsters...it is rather cool and came with a new wheel and toys and bowls...it only cost $22.  Not bad shopping.  The hamster needed it though!  I have one more I have to buy for and then we are done with new cages!  It is just cause the cages we had were kind of crappy and the one was in a fish tank with a mesh metal cover(which is great if you have a hamster that likes to chew through the cage).  Anyways...

Since you are all bored and sleeping while reading this I will close this portion of the boringness(?don't ask?)




Feb 20, 2006 at 15:43 o\clock

YAY...an update from ME!!

Mood: A bit tired, but feeling good!
Listening to: My nephew play w/his HOT WHEELS...

Well, I am finally feeling better or at least good enough to actually sit and write an entry.  I best not get a ERROR thingy or I will be so *grrrr*

So I finally, after 12 years, got a dishwasher...I am so excited and all.  Hubby and I went to SEARS to buy a 56" big screen tv and they were out of the one we wanted so we bought a dishwasher instead!  Yes Miss NERGEEDER--just like the ROSEANNE episode...whick happens to be my favorite show-btw!!

Ok, I sold one of my Louis Vuittons on EBAY---it was too big for my taste--- and I made fifty dollars more than I paid for it.  So...I bought a laptop computer and a wireless router,  I can use it in the bedroom when the kids are on the regular one!  Also the router is for my son to hook up his puter to the internet in his room.  Hubby doesn't know that one...he will though, but not quite yet! lol

Hubby and I went shopping last Saturday and he actually bought me a new spring jacket and a shirt...he said I needed some new things.  Hey now...what is on his agenda? lol  Better not be sex!!! lol 

Oh Oh Oh ...I also put a new gun on lay-by!  Went to SHEELS and found the gun I wanted(not the fourteen hundred dollar one though) and put it on lay-by!  It is a RUGER 9 MM.  So sharp.  NO I DO NOT KILL ANIMALS...maybe a hubby...lol THAT IS A JOKE SO ANYONE OUT THERE READING THAT IT IS A JOKE!!!  But really I don't kill any animals.

Hubby also put a new set of golf clubs on lay-by there.  Hey my gun was cheaper by about three hundred bucks!  My son is excited tough as he gets hubbys old ones, which aren't all that old(two years old).  So now they are waiting for the course to open up!

My nephew spent the night last night so I wouldn't have to get up early today.  Kids had no school today or last Friday either.  Was nice to sleep in! 

My nose is still a bit sore and I know I don't have sinus infection but the docs keep saying I do.  I go in for a ct this week for my nasal cavity and hopefully they will see something that can be fixed or whatever...I just don't know anymore.  All I know is that my nose hurts and the painkillers are great, but I can't live on them forever.

I have yet to make an entry at BRAVENET, I actually do not know how to but ANGEL told me how to, now I just have to do it!  I think they may have gotten their shit together here so I may just stay here for now as I can't leave Miss Nergeeder.  Hee hee!

Well I have rambled enough for now and I hope you all are having a great day and wekk and life!!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




Feb 15, 2006 at 05:22 o\clock

What a day for a daydream...



I know it is just another day for some people...myself included, but I was being nice and I truely wish all you all a happy one..ok?!

Gotta go get to bed...hubby is at work and I am here alone...well with the kiddos, but they are in bed now.




Feb 10, 2006 at 22:10 o\clock

YES...I am still here...just sick is all...

I know the lack of updates is bad, but have a great excuse...I AM STILL SICK.  I will try to update later on and so sorry to all who care, for not visiting you all...just rundown feeling and stuffy and shakey!  I miss you ALL!!!


Take Care All You Crazy Katz...



Feb 6, 2006 at 04:05 o\clock

Trying this one last time...

Ok, so I tried to write an entry earlier and *poof*  it disappeared...so I am attempting to try this again!

The weekend was lazy.  Hubby and I went to The Dollar Tree and I found a few items for Valentines Day for the kiddos and my nephew.  Bought a few kitchen items too, they were only a dollar!

You know what?  I don't feel like writing anymore...I will write tomorrow...


Later gatorz...



Feb 1, 2006 at 05:45 o\clock

Me? Leave? NEVER...

Mood: Sick and tired of being sick
Listening to: The Cosby Show an Nick @ Night

Miss NERGEEDER---I would never leave you.  I like you and not in a weird stalker, sex way, your words of wisdom and kindness are GREATLY appreciated.  It looks as if they may actually get their $#!% straightened out on here anyways.

I am soo sick right now and to top it all off I think I may have strep throat too.  As I said to Miss Angel...they may as well hook me up to an iv 24/7.  I am going to the doctor tomorrow to see what they can do now.  Last time was a prescript ion for one hundred and twenty four dollars and it didn't work.

Time for nigh nigh land and all...I HOPE!!!


Take Care all...miss you all who left and all still here!