*Like It or Not...This Is Me*

Jan 30, 2006 at 17:21 o\clock

Consider it almost done...

I too plan on leaving here, don't worry I will be here too...the prepend stuff is not good and it would be a miracle if this goes through!,  but am going to update here and there(BRAVENET).  Shelly has an account set up for me there,  but I am way too sick to even write this.  Yes, I got sick again.  Fever, chills, aches and pains.  My nose is about to burst it hurts soooo bad.  That is why I haven't been on for a few days.  At least my nephew is sick too and staying home, but I can't sleep...my nose hurts too much when I breathe.

I am watching 'The Craft'  and I like it, however that is not at all...nvm I won't say anything!  lol  but if they are going for reality...it isn't there.

I am going to go now and will update when I feel better.



Jan 27, 2006 at 05:28 o\clock

Yeah...BUSH can stick it up his ass...

Ok, I am getting tired more and more everyday having to listen to that shit fucker...sorry for the language, but I have sat around on here long enough.  He is such a liar and a two faced prick.  No I do not want to hurt him, but it would be nice if he fell down a well and they couldn't get him out!  Ok, I bet the M-I-B are coming to my house.  Who cares...well I guess I do...FREEDOM...OF...SPEECH!!! 

Sorry for that...I was watching his speech and is is well...yeah...I don't need to tell you all.

Had a bizzare dream today...at first we were on top of a hill made out of sand and there were bottomless pits then someone said that Gwynneth Paltrow had fallen down one and no one could get her so she died, then I had seen a ride on, battery operated kids car(like a jeep or hummer) and tried to get it our from being buried under the sand but I stopped because I saw Gwynneth Paltrows' hand sticking out and the the freakiest part of all...ok like hubby and I were in our 'new' home and we were in the hallway, he had a Fat Albert suit on and we were having sex...please someone interpret that dream for me cuz I am a freaking out!

So today was a bit frustrating!  Tried to take a nap again and it didn't work.  Phone ringing off the hook and nephew whining ALOT!  I managed to to get the Christmas tree downstairs and put away...now I have the decorations and other crap left.  I told you it would take a long time to get it all put away! 

Shelly...tests came back and it was inconclusive so I have to go in again and have bloodwork.  I also get to have another mammogram...they aren't that bad people...they have come a LONG way the last few years...YAY for the boobies!!!  I have my echo next Thursday.  That is cause I was taking fen/phen many many years ago and it kinda wasn't a good thing!  I got a great settlement outta that one!  Still have another big one(check) coming, but I have to wait my turn as others who are in worse shape than me get the money first(they have way more probs than me so I am thankful for that).

Made brownies today...they were good...and I did it homemade too, I don't like box made ones. 

I bid on a pin on EBAY today...my highest bid I put in is fifty smackeroos...Tarina Tarantino, Hello Kitty pin.  So cute and would look cute on a purse I bought.  I guess she is the biggest thing right now(Terentino).  I didn't know that till I did a google search on her!

Sad day for my daughter...her poor little parakeet Mac, passed away.  I now have a dead parakeet packed in paper towels and MANY ziplock baggies in my freezer until spring.  Then we will bury it out at my mothers' home.  We have many pets buried out there.  Poor little thing.  My daughter is just heartbroken.  Even my little nephew was crying.  We had him about 5 years.  He had a great life and is now in a better place!

Our new Pet Smart opened up.  I went there and bought some hamster cage cleaner.  I love that store, except the fact that people can bring their pets.  It was frustrating having to dodge them at every turn.  It is a bit pricey ther, but alot of the things I would get aren't.  YAY...so excited!  Next opening up in a store called 'The Dollar Tree'  I guess everything is, can you guess?  A DOLLAR!!!  I love dollar stores. 

Well this is getting too long, I guess I have ALOT to say today!


Take care you cheeky monkeys!





Jan 25, 2006 at 22:12 o\clock

Yeah...I know so get over it already...

So I have changed the name of my blog *again*.  You don't like it deal with it whiner.  LOL  I am only joking.   I just needed a change and the way things are going here---ERROR---PREPEND---I may just leave...I have another blog, but only for in case I leave this one...I don't update in it and only just wrote an entry in it the other day!  Oh well right?

MAN,  last night sucked.  I didn't sleep well at all---kept having horrible dreams about people who work with hubby.  NO---NOT sex dreams.  But all in all I got maybe an hour of sleep.  Tried to get the nephew to take a nap and everytime I was about to doze off...AUNIE(that is how he says auntie), potty...AUNNIE--warm milk...etc etc etc...   What can I do though?

Tonight is church and we have to go early again.  My son has field trips to other churches and such!  It is interesting I guess to see how things are run by Catholic religion and Methodist and some others...cool deal huh?

My sons' friend was over last weekend and put a disc in the drive and it got stuck.  I tried everything to get it out and just today I finally got it out.  I couldn't get the front cover off and so hubby finally did it today!  I hate this computer shit!  Better off without it!  I am anyways!

Well I am bored writing this and I am sure you are bored reading this so I will go now and leave you to yourself. 


Have a great day and sorry to be so boring today!!!






Jan 23, 2006 at 21:15 o\clock

A little pissed off right about now!!!

Ok yes I am mad as hell now.  Hubby got his paycheck last friday and all.  Well today he gets his direct deposit thingy that says what was taken out and whatnot.  So they owe him five hundred dollars(for the last 4 weeks he was told it would be on his next paycheck)  still wasn't on there.  So today he has to go to the office, for the fourth time, to get it straightened out.  They didn't have any problems taking out the two hundred they overpaid him.  Damn assholes.  They went to this new pay thing and it is so screwed up now.  One guy got child support taken out of his paycheck and he doesn't even have kids.  Go figure huh?  They best get their shit together or the union will step into it and cause a few more problems. 

So my Sunday was laid back and loose.  I spent the day in the bedroom watching tv and doing laundry.  Hubby watched football and my kids were busy occupying themselves with tv and sledding at the park across the street.

My sis-in-law came over(to bring my daughter home from babysitting) and stayed for a spell.  Hated that part of it!  I don't like her much after the shit she said to hubby about me and in front of my daughter.  Shelly knows about that one!

Speaking of Shelly---I MISS YOU but I know how to get ahold of you and all!  Poor little bugger, I pray for her and her family everyday to resolve their issues going on.   I won't get into it as it isn't my right to tell.  So happy I was able to catch you online last night.  I so way miss our late night chats!

Miss Mey---Hope things get better for you real soon!  It is hard and I DO know how you feel!  Take Care of YOU first and foremost and the kiddos!  Love ya!

Angel---how did you hurt yourself...you are a crazy cat...I bet you were trying some fandangled new sex move and it didn't work out huh?  I AM JOKING...LOL  Hope your little foot gets better soon...MISS YOU TOOO!!!!

Nergeeder---Feel better soon.  I will visit you soon(well your blog anyways...lol  Have a great day!!!

So the nephew is here and being quite the pain, he did however take a nap this morning and so did I.  Felt so good to sleep a little.  Haven't slept well for a few days...I will get to that at a later time.  I go to the doctor tomorrow for bloodwork and next week for an echocardiogram.  Shelly, I should hopefully be fine and thank you for your support!

My sister actually gave me money today for groceries and gas.  For the nephew of course!  He needs food and snacks and I need gas to got to the next town to pick him up from school twice a week. 

I better call my mother-in-law, have to thank her AGAIN for the towels she gave me for xmas(that is what I wanted and what I got).  I just like to make sure people know I appreciate what they gave me!  I don't want people going...I spent such and such amount and never got a thank you.  So I make it a point to say it a few times and mail thank you cards.  I am that way...love to send cards...lol right Shelly.  I know you can't comment on here as you don't have a blog anymore, but I know you read and catch up!

Well it is about time to get going and I have to go to the post office and see if the Amber Alert Stamp came out yet or when it does.  Yes I collect stamps, but not obsessively.  Only a select few!  I have the James Dean ones and Audrey Hepburn ones and some disney ones.  See, not obsessive at all.

Take Care you cheeky monkey butts!




Jan 22, 2006 at 20:09 o\clock


Ok, so the banquet was last night and it well...SUCKED ass all the way to hell and back.  We sat by our friends...who aren't all worried where their next drink is coming from.  They had a buffet with veggies, prime rib, potatoes, macaroni salad, lettuce salad and every dessert you can think of!  It was for the most part good, except that we had to carry three damn plates back to the table.  We were enjoying our meal and several beers(social hour before we ate!).  Then the prizes were given out.  Hubby was pre-drawn to win a prize...he recieved a bath towel with the company logo on it.  Cool right...no cheap and sad!  There were some people who didn't show so they put all the names back in and hubby won another one.  YAY for us huh?  He didn't win the plasma tv, but that is ok as plasma sucks!  Then the partying began.  The dumbass guy we call BONER(don't ask why), was so drunk he fell down and he mouthed off to a hgher up.  His 'girlfriend' asked hubby to take care of him.  I was like this guy is 24 and can take care of himself.  So sad that guy is!  So most of the evening I was left alone at the table picking my ass(sarcasm).  The DJ they had sucked...they played country songs...I don't like country music.  So we were home by 11:30 PM and that was that!!!


Better go...



Jan 19, 2006 at 23:10 o\clock






Jan 19, 2006 at 23:07 o\clock

Wow...that is all I will say!

Ok, so I know I haven't been on here much and I am sorry, but I do miss you all.  I just am in a funk again and it is hard to get out of it this time! 

I am still sick and need to go to the doctor again.  The antibiotics did not work...well there goes a hundred and twenty four dollars for nothing!

Miss Mey---I feel your pain in a BIG way and you know why...we talked for a bit about it yesterday and just so you know...I AM HERE for you!!!

SHELLY---Glad you are in a happy mood.  I wish things could work out for you and your brother though!  It isn't good, but maybe someday!  Miss you much!

Finally recieved one of the Louis Vuittons' I had bought!  It is a Mussette Tango, if anyone wants to go to:  eluxury.com  and check it out!  It is cute and all, but I am not sure I will use it too often!

The kiddos started the new semester yesterday and my son told me he gets to learn snorkeling  and scuba.  I am jealous majorly!!!

Last night was church and all so it was a late night for us.  I had an hour to kill so I walked around Hobby Lobby and bought this neat KENNEDY bust made out of plaster.  It is for my auntie for Christmas next year.  She is a freak-in a good sense of the word- with KENNEDY memorabilia.

So tomorrow is payday...yay.  I will get my nails done, haven't had them done for a month now and I lost four of them.  Sad, sad, sad...   I have to pay the electric bill...it is almost three hundred dollars(that is one month BTW).

 Saturday is the banquet for hubbys' work.  I am NOT looking forward to it.  I told him I am not kissing anyones ass(or putting on a happy loving family face) for props!  His one friend has this wife(LOL) and she is not liked at all by his family and she asked if I was coming and wants to hang out!  I don't know about that as she has snubbed me in the past and I am ALWAYS nice until you PISS me off.  I like that about me.  Piss me off...f**k off.   Oh well, I am going to try and be nice for a little bit I suppose...until I have a few drinks in me...hee hee

My daughter is going to babysit Saturday night for the sis-in-law.  She said she needs the money badly!  Hmmm...what for?

Oh I almost forgot...I did get rid of the two cockateils I said I was going to.  I put an ad online with the paper(it is free) and in two hours I had set up an appointment for this guy to come look at them the next day.  He came the day after that and took them both.  I did tell him however, that if for some reason he or the other person could not take care of them any longer...I would take them back.  I just don't like the idea of them going from house to house and never knowing what is what!  Knock on wood that doesn't happen.  Now if I could only get rid of the 3 hamsters and another bird and two cats and maybe one dog...things will be great.

I suppose I better go, my nephew is beckoning for me to play a game and read a book.


Take Care You Crazy Kitties!





Jan 17, 2006 at 16:23 o\clock

Greetings and Salutations to you all that care...

Not much to say today, just a HELLO and talk with you later...not feeling so hot(migraine is back).

Have a great day everyone!  :o)



Jan 16, 2006 at 21:17 o\clock

Ok, prepend error has got to go!

Yep, I am not liking the prepend shit anymore.  I will however stick to here, it is my 'home away from home'  if you will! lol

My migraine has departed for the moment!  The day is not yet over!

My nephew spent the night last night.  Was nice...he slept from eight thirty PM till eleven thirty AM the next day!  I let him, cause he needs it!  He has been a nightmare since waking though!  Oh well, time out for him I guess!

Of course the kiddos didn't have school today as it is Martin Luther King Day and all.  They slept till noon.  Lazy buggers they are!


Well I am tired and not ready to blab alot of my shit yet, gotta run...will write more later...




Jan 15, 2006 at 04:23 o\clock

Still have a migraine but I thought better check in...

I feel like a blue mood today.  Mainly because it will help with the migraine...it is a calming colour.

So for four days now I have had a migraine and it isn't getting better.  Hubby is working major mandatory overtime so I can't get to the doctor anytime soon!  If my son would hurry up and get his permit already, I would have a driver!  So I take the hydrocodone(which does NOT help), and go to bed!

Not much is going on here.  I won the Louis Vuitton on EBAY so I am excited for that.  My other one should come tomorrow(that I bought from Louis Vuitton the store).  YAY, I am excited. 

I actually went to the grocery store today and bought more water.  I have stopped drinking diet coke(OMG---call the police huh?) and haven't had any for a week now...could that be the reason for the migraines...a withdrawal symptom perhaps?  See I drink or should I say drank, at least 8-10 cans per day...bad huh?  I best call the doctor and see.  Although I am still not feeling any better with this sinus thing.  The antibiotics have not done a thing! 

My son went to GAMESTOP and bought a video game, I actually had to buy it because it is a mature game and he is not yet 17.  Thank GODDESS, that would make me old!  He will be 15 in March though.

My daughter is spending the night at a friends house and maybe tomorrow as they haven't got school on Monday!  Martin Luther Day!  My son was to have that day as a make-up day for the time the pipes froze at the school and burst, but since he is acing his classes he doesn't have to take the 9 weeks tests.  YAY for him!

So, I am watching UNDERWORLD and ready for bed as soon as this is over and I am done on this damn blog.

Anybody else getting that ERROR shit again?  I tell you this place is going to hell and I am leaving if it gets as bad as it did!  Well maybe not, but I should.

Take care you Cheeky Monkeys!



Jan 10, 2006 at 23:53 o\clock

Ok, I am writing...

Mood: Tired-Sick-Not in the mood
Listening to: 'A Christmas Story'

Angel and your mindless chatter---That is too funny about the underbungers.  Also I was just writing a letter to Fruit of the Loom.  I bought new unders last friday and washed them on delicate and all like it says.  Well I put a new pair on and then later in the day I had to go potty and noticed they were coming apart at the seam.  Nice huh?  So I had to write them a nice letter about their quality control and all.

Ok, so back to this lovely day.  I am feeling very not good.  Have to go back to the doctor as I am not getting better with this sinus thingy.  Made myself a triple espresso, yes, triple.  It doesn't make me freak out and jittery so why not.

My nephew was back at school and so I had to go get him at eleven thirty this morning.  He at this moment is being a total pill.  I just keep telling myself...forty-five minutes...

I was naughty today...I went to EBAY and bid on a Louis Vuitton.  They offer a layaway plan so that is nice.  Hubby won't even have to know about that one! lol  It is a mini pochette...like the pochette I have but a smaller version.  YAY, I hope I win it, if not oh well, I have two NEW ones coming!  Shhh that is another thing hubby doesn't know about, well the one, but not the other.  My money my choice how frivolous(sp?) I want to spend it!

Sunday hubby went to get the car as I said and I really don't like driving manual transmission.  He figured out what was wrong with the stereo and so now I have a radio and a cd player.  I put in Disturbed ASAP!!!  My sister bought ZOMBIE and so I am going to burn it and put that in there!!!  In a month I am getting a newer car with a AUTOMATIC transmission.  We found a great little Mitsubishi(sp?) at the dealer downtown, but by the time we get the cash, I  am sure it will be gone. :o(

Hubby and his friend took my other car to the car dumping place and we got seventy five dollars for it.  We took out the battery and the new computer we put in it last year.  Not bad huh? 

I had the phone disconnected and am going to have it through our cable company.  Huge savings.  Like over forty dollars savings.  However, we still have three damn cell phones.  I hate this money , money, money...  The kids have a cell phone for just in case and they only use it if they go out and about and I can get in touch with them or they, me.  I have one cuz I need it and hubby has one cuz he thinks he is cool...big surprise for him...he isn't! lol

The nephew is watching 'A Christmas Story' again.  He comes here and wants to watch it everyday.  Crazy kid!

My son just scared the CRAP outta me.  I had some of those party popper things(from the 4th of July) and he did one...man I freaked.  My heart is still going 90 miles and hour!

Decided to get rid of two of the cockatiels.  They need to have more attention and we just don't have the time.  They can whistle the Mexican Hat Dance song and say Here Kitty Kitty and a few other things.  So cute.  I just don't have the time anymore to work with them,so it must be done!  One is named Oscar(like the show I love w/ Sly Stallone in it) and the other Yankee(cuz we are Yankee fans). 

Well, I am tired and I have 25 minutes left of watching the nephew, so I better get going.

Take it easy you crazy cats...





Jan 9, 2006 at 04:44 o\clock

Does it ever go away?

I still feel like crap.  I know it takes a few days and all to feel better when starting antibiotics, but my mom started hers on Friday and is feeling 100% better and I still feel like $#!+.  Oh well what the hell can I do anyways?

Went shopping today and bought a new Tommy Hilfiger sweater for like seventy percent off, a new bra at Victorias' Secret, some lip balm at Bath and Body and a few necessities for the week.

Hubby and his friend went to get the car today.  Then he decided that he owed this guy(which is right) a few beers and so he hasn't been home all day.  Men are frickin' assholes and they will never get it!  Mey, lets move far away and get some sugar daddies! lol

Ok, so I was going to take the kids out for supper after hubby left adn I can't get that damn car in reverse.  I know how to drive a stickshift, but this car ain't right!  By the end of next month we WILL have a new car, not the spring!

So now I sit here writing this and watching ROSEANNE, my favorite show BTW...

I have to go now, I am tired and this sinus infection is killing me.  Good thing I have the pain killers!


Later Gators...


Jan 7, 2006 at 02:30 o\clock

This is turning out to be a long damn day...from hell...

Ok, I agreed to let the nephew sleep over tonight.  I am already tuckered out and it is only 7 pm here!  I decided to let him come shopping with my daughter and I...BIG MISTAKE!  He wanted to touch everything and try to knock it over.  Then he threw a fit and I left the store and the cart full of stuff.  I ain't putting up with that attitude. 

Anyways...we got McDonalds(gag) and went home.  I had a churro from Taco Johns'...mmmmmm good and greasy-lol

Went to Kohls and bought a new outfit for the QCI banquet in two weeks.  My sister had gotten me a gift card for there for Christmas.  Just a new pair of Khakis and a brown sweater with a faux fur collar on it.  SOOOO cute!  I have new shoes I bought like a year ago and haven't worn! 

My sister is coming over later with the air pump thingy so I can blow up the air mattress bed.  Yeah I have the old kind you either use your lungs-and die- or get a plug in pumping thing. 

Didn't have my nail appointment today, she called and is very sick.  So now my nails will look aweful for a few more days.  Oh well, just so long as she gets better and can do my nails!  She is the best.

My mom came over to pick the nephew and I up around eleven thirty this morning and we went back to the church to help with the bulletins(sp?).  Then we went out for lunch and I took her home.  She is letting me use her car till tomorrow as she said she won't need it anyway.  She is sooo sick like me with her sinusitis!  Poor mother!

Well, I am out of things to say that are somewhat interesting so I will go and let you all be for the evening.

Take it easy peasy lemon squeezys'...





Jan 6, 2006 at 16:10 o\clock

Well...isn't that the Shits...

So sad that some good friends feel they have to leave because of others.  That is all I will say.

Not much has happened the last couple of days.  I lead a rather boring life.  The nephew is here and sick again...coughing all over everyone.  My mother went into the doctor last night and has a sinus infection as well.  Get better mother!

Today is payday and I get my nails done YAY for me.  It has only been two weeks, but they look horrible. 

In two weeks is the QCI banquet for hubbys' work.  I so do NOT look forward to that.  I hate kissing peoples asses and pretending to not know what I know about alot of them.  Like one guy is with this girl and they have a baby, he goes and spends all jis money on booze and partying.  He is a sad M.F.  Oh well what can you do?

I am going now my mother called and is sick so I don't know what I am doing!



Jan 4, 2006 at 03:36 o\clock

Well back to the grind...lol

I guess it is back to the grind for me...I know not a real job babysitting my nephew, but it keeps me from spiraling into that deep place I used to go not so long ago, if anyone can remember that.

I got the tree from the livingroom to the kitchen.  Now the hard part...getting it to the basement.lol

Ok, there is this girl at my daughters' school, her name is Tapany(strange name but oh well), anyway, she nudges my daughter in a hostile way and a couple of other girls as well.  So this other parent of another girl and I got together and she went to the pricipal and mentioned something to him about the situation.  Apparently this girl has no friends(cuz she is mean) and is jealous of my daughter and this other girls' relationship(been friends for seven years).   I told my daughter if she ever hits you I give you permission to hit her back only if you feel you can take her on.  My daughter said NO PROBLEM!  I don't normally condone this sort of behavior, but it has gone on almost everyday since November.  I have had it.  The other parent and I also said we will file restraining orders against her if it continues.  No child should feel unsafe at school.  Am I wrong for being like this.  I just don't like bullying, especially MY kid!

Still don't have a car.  I guess this Sunday we are going to go get it.  My mother said that we could use her car if we wanted to.  I think hubby is going with a friend.  Yeah probably to the bar! lol  It really sucks to not have a car.  I think the rod finally blew on it and I can't get it started.  That is ok, we are getting the other one Sunday(I pray).

I am so glad hubby is back at work.  ok I love the guy, but get outta my house.  He was crabby the whole time and it pissed me off.  He did work two days he was spozed to be off, that helped.  Last night he was off at seven thirty(they ran out of parts).  He normally works until eleven PM.  The day before last, there was a spill in the plant and it was all closed off and it wasn't hazzardous-WHEW-

Big Big Tittie(my quaker parrot-Snaps) is taking a bath and it is so damn funny.  To see this big bird stepping into a little water bowl trying to get wet I almost peed my pants just laughing!

Oh yukky- I forgot to clean the cat litter boxes out today...I will have to tomorrow..oh well!

I guess I better get going, I have a movie to finish watching(The Incredibles).


Later you crazy monkeys!






Jan 3, 2006 at 02:01 o\clock


Miss me?  Spoze not as I am easy to forget!  Well I was bored and feeling better today so I thought I better check in and say hello to you all.

As I said Christmas was ok.  I did get alot of things.  I forgot to mention I recieved a Cherry Louis Vuitton from a friend of mine.  It is a LV Speedy 30, with cherries all over it.  It is a real one to but a used one and in excellent shape.  She found it at a consignment shop and knew I would love it.  I love her for it!  I also got a fake LV cherry from another friend of mine, and it is gorgeous.  Thanks Deb for that!

After Christmas the packages started coming again.  I recieved from my aunt and uncle a 3 cup stove top espresso maker(I wanted that sooooo bad!!!), a book about Italian kitchens and also hubby and I got this really cool wine bottle holder(will look great in my kitchen). 

As I had mentioned before, I bought a Louis Vuitton bag and sent it back as it was too big for my taste.  I decided to get a  Speedy 30(just plain brown with LV monogrammed on it.  I should get it soon if it isn't back ordered.  That will make a total of 3 real and one fake, YAY for me.  I am very spoiled I know, but it isn't my fault.  Hubby did it the day we were married.  I don't ask for these gifts, I just get.

Not much has happened here.  My mom had the day off so she took the nephew all day...I feel her pain-lol. 

Our New Years was ok.  Son decided to babysit his cousins...he stayed overnight and made fifty bucks.  My daughter had a friend stay over and at midnight we all had champagne(I actually didn't break out) and the girls had sparkling cider.  It was fun!  I had bought last year on clearance a package that had party blowers, hats,  leis' , confetti and noise maker things.  The girl who stayed over was freaking out cuz they don't do that kind of fun stuff at their house. 

Took the tree down today, but it probably won't make it to the basement till next week.  It is such a mess down there, I have to get boxes and re-arrange things a bit!

So there it is.  Nothing major I guess...

ANGEL and your mindless chatter...I found the coolest gun the other day at the Scheels Sports Center.  I am definately getting that for myself next year for Christmas.  It is fourteen hundred smackers and I love it!  I will put a picture up as soon as I can to show you and tell me what you think!  I am putting it on lay-away this friday!

Well I am watching OSCAR...so damn funny.  It has Sly Stallone in it and a few other big names.  Watch it if you can everybody. 

I will go now and hope you all had a great holiday season and this year is better.  I am still going to win that damn lottery if it kills me.  I guess it helps if you buy a ticket(haven't bought one for a couple months now!).  Miss talking with you all and miss you very much!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...