*Like It or Not...This Is Me*

Dec 27, 2005 at 16:29 o\clock

Hello to you all...I have missed you!!!

Hello to you all.  It has been a while since I've written in this silly blog thingy.  I have been very ill and I think I may end up in the hospital.  I think it is the flu.

First off:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mother...her Birthday was yesterday!!!!  Love you mommy...even though I do need to say it more! lol

Christmas was great, other than me being sick and having to do everything.  My daughter got me cookware(I needed very desperately!!!), my son got me a George Foreman Grill(I wanted desperately!!!), and hubby got me a diamond bracelet(which I have been nagging him about for years).  My mother gave all of us movie passes, gift cards and cash.  My mother in law got me towels and wash cloths and hand towels, I asked for them because I needed them badly!  My sister in law and her family got me this bath towel thing that velcros' and is like a dress type thingy and had my initials embroidered on it(hubby got that too).  It is cool.  Other sis in law got me a christmas scene pillow(???).  My sister got me a cool picture that says 'BLACK CAT BAR' on it.  Will look awesome in my kitchen!  She also got me a gift card to Kohls' and a jar with vegetables in it(not for human consumption though-just decoration!), and a santa picture.  I will be getting more stuff from other family, but they didn't get it all mailed out in time for xmas, which is fine as I didn't either!  Oh well, better late than never!

Had Christmas Eve here with my mother, we had prime rib, baked potatoes and all the other tummy filling things.  Then we had Christmas Day here with my mom.  Being sick, I didn't get to enjoy it too much...no tastebuds working.  We have way too much leftover food.  I may take it to the homeless shelter.  I have things that we never ate or opened, so I hope they take them!  Christmas Day evening we went to hubbys' sisters' house and had a beer or two and just hung out.  I hate it there and tried to stay away from them as much as possible.  I was a wall flower, as they say!

So that was my weekend, and now I am tired.  My sister comes back tomorrow evening and I suppose I will have to go get her and the nephew.  I called her yesterday and she said my nephew was being a total demon and pushing my neice down the stairs, slammed the bedroom door on her head(which she now has a big goose egg on her forehead), and just plain being naughty!  Oh well.

My daughter got an I-POD, uhhh, we have no idea as to how to do that thing, so I may have to go buy I-POD for DUMMIES book so we can figure it out!  I tried to get the I-POD SHUFFLE, they  were sold out everywhere(I went to 12 places trying to find one) and ended up getting her the 30 GB one and that is ALL she got, from us anyways!  My son got her these BLING things to put on it.  Hmmm...don't know about that one, but oh well. 

My son got video games and movies and cds' from us.  I hate this, the older the kids are, the more expensive things get. 

 I plan on starting my shopping for next Christmas next week.  Gotta get a head start on this shit!  I hate this running around the day before and not finding what they want!  See this year I had everyone else but the kiddos done. 

Well I am tired, gonna go take some sudaphed(sp?) Severe Cold crap and go to bed.  Don't know when I will be back as I am soo sick right now, I just wanna go to bed till spring.

Take Care all and MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS (cuz I couldn't get on right away that day)

MISS MEY---Happy belated Anniversary...hope the sushi was excellent!



Dec 22, 2005 at 13:18 o\clock

Tired as all get up!

Man am I tired.  I had to get up at 4 AM and take my sister and nephew to the airport for their long journey to FLORIDA...my other sister who lives there said it is in the 80's.  I am jealous.  The weatherman here said we should be in the mid 40's on Saturday though...so much for a white Christmas!  I guess a brown Christmas is what we shall have then!

Not much going on today.  I have a nail appointment at 11 AM and then I will come home and take a nap.  I am way tired.

SHELLY---got your card a couple days ago...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!  I feel special...hee hee.  No, really I do!  Glad you recieved yours too!

I suppose I will go, I have nothing to say, can you believe that one?


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...





Dec 21, 2005 at 18:04 o\clock

Yep it is!!!

Yes, Christmas is approaching rather quickly and I am starting to lose it now!  Well, it is just because I have to sleep over at my moms tonight and take my sister to the airport at 5:30 AM.  Then I have to come home and take my daughter to school and then off to my nail appointment. 

My son informs me that he and his girlfriend(and so it begins) are exchanging  gifts.  The max is $20, which I think is silly, but that is just me.  Oh well...

I have about four gifts to get that I hadn't intended on getting, but was informed that these people were coming over Friday to drop off some for us.  Godddess, what the hell do I get for someone who will not appreciate it anyway.  Hmmm I have an idea, maybe make a donation in their name, that would piss em off! 

My nephews' program was this morning, he of course like the rest of the boys, just sat there pouty faced.  We kept telling him to sing and he would shoosh us with his hand and say no!  What can ya do?  It was a cute program though.

My car is for shit now.  It is about to throw a rod and so we are getting a car next week...yay happy for me, although it is my deceased father-in-laws car.  Kinda creepy but it is a car till spring.  That is when I will get a new car!  My sister said I could use her car till we go get the other one.  She's going to be in Florida anyway.  Aweful nice of her huh?  She kinda got sappy last night and was, I don't know what we would do without you...freaked me out just a bit!  Wasn't like her.  She also said my nephew bought me a special auntie gift.  I feel loved...lol

Well I am tired and am going to take a nap...later gators...



Dec 20, 2005 at 17:51 o\clock

Soooo Tired...

I sure am tired this morning.  Last night well more like this morning at around 3:30 AM the street cleaning people decided they had to scrape the ice off the road and not go by our house 1 or 2 times, but 7 or 8 times.  Well, when I looked out when it was daylight, it didn't look any different.   There is still ice and snow on the street.  Oh well, I am tired. 

Can't take a nap though because I have to pick up the nephew at 11AM and then I have a few errands to run, I get to get my curtains YAY!

My son  had a great time at his German Club Christmas party last night.  He got a bag of candy!  He loves that class.  That is good, as nowadays you need a foreign language class to get into college, I think?  I may be wrong, but at least it won't hurt!

Took the deceased tree down last night and  put the fake one up.  I just couldn't stand looking at the dead tree.  I took the pruner out and hacked it all down.  All I Have left is the trunk and it is sad!  I still smell pine scent, but the tree is gone!  I am so mad.  I have heard this from other people who bought a tree at Home Depot  as well.  It was fine till a few days ago and then it just went downhill from there!  :o(

Today my daughter and I are making the cookie cutouts and decorating them!  I am also making the gingerbread ones and the best ever popcorn balls.  If you want the recipe...email and I will send it to you!  I still have the Chex Mix to make, but I will make that Chrismas day or it will be gone.  I love Chex Mix.  I might make Reeses' Peanut Butter Bars, but I won't eat any, I hate pb. 

Something is wrong with my MSN messenger, it won't let me sign in, so if I am not on, forgive me, those who care anyways!

Finally got my Louis Vuitton I ordered, it was on backorder.  I am returning it, it is too big for me.  I am getting a different one though, so don't worry about that! lol

Well I better go, it is time to get the nephew and then run errands!

Take Care you funky butt lovin people!  I love you all!!!





Dec 19, 2005 at 19:26 o\clock

Happy Dance for me...

Yep, can you believe it, I am happy today.  That is because I have got about 30% of the cupboards done, well the acrylic part anyway.  I have a ton of cupboards, that is why it is taking so long!  Even started putting them back up.

I still am sick.  Last night I took thera-flu.  That shit knocks you out bad.  But I got sleep! 

Hubby may have to work Christmas Eve.  Don't know if I mentioned that yet.  If they don't get the work done this week, they will be mandatory for Saturday.  That just pisses me off.  What can I do? 

Nephew is taking a nap finally.  I was going to but I thought I best get on here and write an entry, comment and then get to the cupboards!

ANGEL and YOUR MINDLESS CHATTER(LOL)---Glad you got the card, did I send you two?  I swear, I am losing my mind and I did write one out to you and thought I mailed it cuz I couldn't find it, but didn't know for sure so I thought I had better send another one.  I have lost it!!!(my mind that is!)

My tree isn't taking in water anymore, thus it has started to wilt.  I hope it makes it to Christmas.  I am sad.  But if you don't get a tree early around here, you don't get one.  Definately putting up the fake one next year!

Friday I have so much baking and shopping and wrapping to do.  That is ok, I always do that and I work better under pressure anyways! But I don't have my nephew here, so that is a Godsend.  I am going to miss him.  :0(

I have gone on long enough and am tired of writing...bbye




Dec 17, 2005 at 04:22 o\clock

Great day...

It was sort of a great day.  I finally got the walls primed and ready to go for the plaster painting stuff.  I am so excited!

I had to quit early though, I feel like crap.  I don't know quite yet if this is a cold or what!  My sinuss' are about to burst and my head hurts.  I suppose I have a wonderful sinus infection again. 

My nephew was here and he was such a good boy.  He helped me clean the kitchen and put things away for me.  LOVE him to death!  I know I wish I didn't have him all the time but I am going to miss him when he and my sister go to Florida!

I was just watching Dateline and they had a show about online predators.  It was sick and some of these guys were doctors, Rabbis', and special ed teachers.  How fucking sick is that.  See that is why you have to be careful what you do with your kids.  My kids go on chat sites, but I always have it so it saves what they are saying even if they have the thing turned off on the preferances.  Shhhh don't tell them.  Oh hell they know, it is just to keep freaks away!   Oh well there is only so much you can do and I will die trying to protect my babies!

Hubby got his turkey from work.  YAY a fucking turkey, they could give out like big screen tvs'...lol  They do that at this banquet thing sometime after the first of the year!  Hubby didn't win anything last year so I hope it will be a BIG year this time around!

Found out that hubby might have to work till 11pm on Christmas eve and it is mandatory.  If you don't show up, they mark it against you and if you get three of them, you are fired.  I hope he doesn't have to, but yet I do.  Go figure!

The lady who is doing my curtains, she got them done.  They are at my moms, so I spoze I best get there tomorrow and see how she did.  My mom said they look great!  She also said they wouldn't be done till tuesday.  YAY my curtains are done...I am happy!

Tomorrow I plan on starting the acrylic varnishing stuff for the cupboards.  It is all finally looking like a kitchen again.  My hard work is really going to pay off.  I am gloating...aren't I? 

MISS MEY---I hope all is going well with you and 'THE MAN'  BE STRONG!!!

ANGEL and your MINDLESS CHATTER---I love Empire Records and if you go on MSN messenger...by my name it says...Don't let the man get you down...DAMN the man.  Seriously it does...roflmao

Well I best close this, take  an otc and get to bed...long day tomorrow!


Champange wishes and caviar dreams to you all...




Dec 16, 2005 at 16:08 o\clock


Here are the rest of the questions that didn't come up below...kind of out of order but oh well...



55. HAVE U EVER STOLEN MONEY?  I borrowed money and then returned it before it was noticed (is that stealing, since I didn't ask?)

56. CAN YOU SNOWBOARD?  Yes, but suck at it

57. DO YOU LIKE CAMPING? Yes, but it has been so long


59. DOYOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC?  Of course and faeries too

60. ARE DOGS A MAN'S BEST FRIEND?For men yeah(close relative) but for me, cats are better

61. YOU BELIEVE IN DIVORCE?  Most definately!!!

62. CAN YOU DO THE MOONWALK?  No, and you can't make me

63. DO YOU MAKE A LOT OF MISTAKES? Uhhh yeah, otherwise I would be GOD!!!

64. IS IT COLD OUTSIDE TODAY?  Yes and it sucks

65. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE?  Last night I had pizza rolls

66. DO YOU WEAR NAIL POLISH? DUH...I get my nails done every two weeks

67. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KISSED?  Yes, but don't like that whole tongue in the mouth crap...gross

68. WHAT'S THE MOST ANNOYING TV COMMERCIAL? That Ronald McDonlad one where he is dancing...I HATE CLOWNS

69. DO YOU SHOP AT AMERICAN EAGLE? Nope, not my style


Dec 16, 2005 at 04:32 o\clock

Thanks for the survey Shelly...


I borrowed this from Shelly!!!  Although I noticed I am missing the rest...when I go to edit...they are there, but when I select publish, they don't show up and I can't copy and paste so  there ya go...



70 things...

1. DO YOU SNORE? All the time, but I will deny it

 2. ARE YOU A LOVER OR A FIGHTER?  Definately a fighter


4. AS A KID, WERE YOU A LEGO MANIAC?  Here is where my age comes out...I played with tinker toys

5. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF "REALITY" TV? I love The Osbournes and maybe the first two seasons of The Real World, but that is it...all the same shit


7. WERE YOU A CUTE BABY?  Of course, my mom tells me so

8. IS THE SINGLE LIFE FOR YOU?  Although married, but I would prefer to be single


10. DO YOU SING IN THE SHOWER? Sure and I suck(see I don't delude myself and then go on American Idol)

11. HAVE YOU EVER BUNGEE JUMPED?  Nope, but can't wait to!

12. ANY SECRET TALENTS? Ok, this is kinda gross but you know how muscley(?) guys can flex their titters...I can too

13. WHAT'S YOUR IDEAL VACATION SPOT?  Definately Italy, with friends and family around me


15. CAN YOU SWIM?  Yep

16. HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE "DONNIE DARKO"?  Yes I have(is that bad?)

17. DO YOU GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE OZONE?   Really alot and you all should be too!!!


19. CAN YOU SING THE ALPHABET BACKWARDS? Sing...no, but say it backwards definately!

20. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ON AN AIRPLanE?  Yes I have at least 15 times

21. ARE YOU AN ONLY CHILD?  No I have 2 younger sisters

22. DO YOU PREFER ELECTRIC OR MANUAL PENCIL SHARPENER? manual...gets the job done right

23. WHAT'S YOUR STAND ON HUNTING? Hate how it is done, but understand the population control aspect of it!

24. IS MARRIAGE IN YOUR FUTURE?  I already am married and it sucks some days! lol

25. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING?  Yes, is it pretty ok I think...at least one can read it!

26. WHAT ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO? sulfa(found in antibiotics and wine and other liquory things that are good)!

27. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAID, "I LOVE YOU"? couple of hours ago to my kiddos

 28. IS ELVIS STILL ALIVE?  I sure hope not...get over it people

29. DO YOU CRY AT WEDDINGS?  sometimes, if it is a family member

30. HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR EGGS?  in a Denver omelette

31. ARE BLONDES DUMB?  I think most pretend to be for the attention

32. WHERE DOES THE OTHER SOCK END UP?  Well, in my house it is my pomeranian who steals them(and dirty underwear) and hides them under the bed

33. WHAT TIME IS IT?  9:04 PM

34. DO YOU HAVE A NICKNAME?  No, but I bet my loving(sarcasm) in-laws have a few for me!

35. IS MCDONALD'S DISGUSTING?  Only the meat by-products...I usually get a salad


37.DO YOU PREFER BATHS OR SHOWERS?  to relax, a bath...in a hurry, a shower(most often the case)

38. IS SANTA CLAUS REAL?  Of course, he brings me presents every year

39. DO YOU LIKE TO HAVE YOUR NECK KISSED?  That is where my sweet spot is...oh yeah!!!

40. ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?  Sometimes, only after a scarey show!

41. WHAT ARE YOU ADDICTED TO?  The Sims, SpongeBob Collapse(at nick.com), Diet Coke, San Pelligrino mineral water


43. CAN YOU CRACK YOUR NECK?  No, but I can my fingers

44. HAVE YOU EVER RIDDEN IN AN AMBULANCE?  Nope and hope I never have to!



 47. ARE YOU A HEAVY SLEEPER?  I wish I could be

48. WHAT COLOR ARE YOUR EYES?  Hazel with a few purple flecks



51. WHOSE IS BETTER? Those in Heaven

52. ARE YOU PSYCHIC? I do dream what happens

53. HAVE YOU READ "CATCHER IN THE RYE"?  Yes and I liked it

54. DO YOU PLAY ANY INSTRUMENTS? piano, but not in years...


Dec 15, 2005 at 21:42 o\clock

Poor little bugger...

Well my nephew isn't here today, he had his echocariogram today.  We found out he has a hole in his heart and when he is 5 he will have a procedure(doctors' term) to fix it!  Also he has 2 valves rather than 3(don't know exactly what my sister was saying, but that is what I heard.  She was a bit distraught you know!  I am praying so much for his little heart to heal well.  Thus...poor little bugger.

Made my peppermint bark...mmmm it is good.  All great chefs MUST taste everything they make. lol  It is amazing how easy and inexpensive it is.  All I did was buy a 20 ounce package of almond bark and 2 pkgs canycanes(peppermint).  Melt the almond bark and crush the candy leaving some chunks and saving  some for the top.  Ok...when the bark is melted, mix in the crushed candy canes, pour onto a cookie sheet with either wax  or parchment paper and spread it out to about a quarter inch thick, sprinkle remaining candycanes on the top and throw in the fridge till firm and then break it up or cut it up.  EASY as 1, 2, 3.  I was price checking and for a pound of peppermint bark in our area is about nine to ten dollars.  I made 20 ounces for three dollars.  YAY for me!

Last night was the church school program.  Why is it they never have their shit together?  They were walking in and out like they were lost.  My kids weren't in it, it was only the 3 year olds through sixth grade kids(mine are seventh and ninth graders.  However, my wonderful son voluteered to help(part of his confirmation requirements) and he helped the kiddo in the wheelchair and he also did  reading.  He is so wonderful but still a spoiled brat! hee hee

SHELLY---No...Big Big Tittie isn't leaving us...just an extra cage laying around taking up space I don't have! 

So I bought this fabric softener I like...Downey Simple Pleasures Lavender/Vanilla, went to use it yesterday and it was all coagullated(?sp?).  That was so very gross.  I took it back and I guess alot of people were bringing them back because they were frozen on the way to the store.  That was so gross.

It snowed last night...enough for me to have to go out and shovel before I left.  I hate winter.  Didn't pay to shovel though, the wind blew it all back to where it was!  I hate winter.  Ok, I really don't but I hate shoveling!

Paid the water bill today.  I forgot to do that last week and they already put a note on our door for a disconnect.  Hello, a week late and you are shutting us off.  At least they let us know that we were late.  I completely spaced it out.

Been a busy night and morning, I had to keep going to the basement and relight the pilot.  I thought the jerk-ass guy had fixed it.  At least there is a 90 day warranty on his work.  He is usually pretty awesome, but whatever. 

Finally got my espresso cups and copper/glass pitcher I had bought on EBAY.  They are so nice.  I am going to display them when my kitchen is done.  YAY!

Well I wrote enough andyou all are sleeping so TAKE CARE...







Dec 14, 2005 at 19:40 o\clock

Greetings and Salutations to you all...

Greeting and whatever...I already said it...

This will be a hopefully quick entry.  I have gotten my curtains press and pinned and ready for sewing.  My mom is sick now and isn't going to do them so  she has a friend at the church she works at who will sew the seams up for me as long as they were pressed and pinned.  Damn, I am not a seamstress.  Took me 7 hours to do 12 panels total.  That is a valance and a half curtain(don't know the tech term) for each window.  NEVER AGAIN!!!  I will spend the money and buy pre-made ones!

Nephew is here and won't take a nap.  I hate having to watch him and be sick at the same time.  He won't be here tomorrow, he has his echocardiogram.  Poor little bugger!

Found out that next week I get to stay at my moms' on Wednesday.  I have to get up at 4AM to take my sister to the airport and then her and the nephew are off to Florida.  I wish I could go, it would be nice to see my other sister whom I haven't seen in 3 years!  Sucks to have no extra money!

The pilot light has gone out on the furnace three times today already and it is pissing me off.  Got the electric bill yesterday.  A whopping two hundred thirty eight bukaroos, well looks like we will have to be poor for awhile...lol

I put a bird cage for sale on the local internet newspaper site(free of course), and I already recieved a call and they are coming to look at it on Saturday!!!  YAY, one more piece of JUNK I can get rid of!

Well this is way longer than anticipated, so I will let you all go...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  HAPPY HANNUKAH!!!    HAPPY KWANZAA!!!   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!  HAPPY WHATEVER I MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN!!!



Dec 13, 2005 at 02:15 o\clock


Well, it has been another day from the great beyond.  Been cleaning all weekend.  I got down on my knees and scrubbed the bathroom floor, re-caulked the tub and area around it, wrapped more gifts and made more cookie dough and froze it.

My sister-in-law called and said she was having Christmas at her house.  Ok, now we made plans like 2 months ago and she calls a week and a half before Christmas...I DON'T THINK SO!!  To make her happy I said maybe we can work something out and visit before church!  yet another...I DON'T THINK SO!!  Why do people do that to a person!?

My mom just called and said my sister-in-law just invited her to their house for Christmas eve and day.  How fucking tacky of her to do that, when I already told her the story!  Sorry for the language, but damn...whatever.

Went to Kohls today and bought myself a sweater for Christmas church.  I needed something to wear for goodness sake!  Got it home and it was way tooooo big.  Of course me thinking I am still a size 3x(which I am not anymore)bought it in a 3x.  So I will see if they have it in a large.  Yes, I have lost weight, and I look pretty ok...but still have a few to lose.  It is hard, especially with kids and hubby who like to snack on junk food all day!lol 

I am colouring my hair tonight.  I have alot of grey hairs that need to be hiding!  Didn't make any supper for the kids and myself...I said it is fend for yourself night.

Ok, I know I am very stupid and sad...I am watching 'A Christmas Story' AGAIN!!!  I just love it though!  How can you not love it?  He had yellow eyes...so help me, he had yellow eyes...

Miss Mey---glad to hear the concert was a blast!  I am way jealous!

Shelly---I see you are on and as soon as I am done writing this I will talk with you if you aren't busy!

Well, I guess I have bored you enough...besides I have a movie to watch!


Take Care you crazy cats...




Dec 11, 2005 at 19:00 o\clock

Ok Shelly...I will try the 40 thing thing...

1.  I LOVE MY MOM first and foremost(she is a lifesaver)

2.  I love my husband, but I  am not in love with my husband(he is good to me though)

3. I have too much to do and no time to do it

4. I want to put three of my pets to sleep, just cuz I hate them

5. I LOVE Halloween

6. I hate Christmas(it isn't like it used to be...all about the money nowadays)

7. I hate living paycheck to paycheck

8. I love my online friends(since I have so few here around me)

9. I can be  a strong woman(when I want and need to be)

10. I am losing my hair(stress related I think and maybe some genetics)

11. I need to lose 35 lbs!

12. I wish I would have gone back to NY before I met my hubby

13. I know my sister hates me, why I don't know

14. I am starting school in the spring(I hope)

15.  My kids are spoiled rotten

16.  I love my family(even if they don't love me)

17.  I don't let people push me around

18.  I hate being ignored by people

19.  I hate and despise liars...my #1 pet peeve

20.  I love to do things for others way before doing things for myself

21. I feel guilty when I buy myself things(usually end up taking it back)

22. I am sick right now

23. I truly do wish I had never been born

24. I love doing craft projects

25. I love shopping(stress relief)

26. I speak my mind(though better not too much on here for fear of reprocussion(?)

27. I am afraid of dying in a tornado or fire

28. I talk alot and should learn to SHUT UP!!!

29. I love my children

30. I am glad we aren't poor(sometimes I feel like we are with all the medical bills)

31. I don't like my in-laws(some of you know why)

32. I have a controlable temper

33.  I hate the town I live in

34.  I hate the state I live in

35.  I will leave this country if I win the lottery

36. I can be 'evil mean' if provoked

37. I am lonely most of the time

38.  I go to church every week(unless sick)

39. I donate to the fake santa ringing the little bell at every store(someday I may need that help-you never know!)

40.  I have more to say, but will not put you through the torturous angonizing pain of that


There you go a bit more information than I would have hoped but you know me a bit better now and yes Shelly, it was hard, but I do have more...lol




Dec 10, 2005 at 18:10 o\clock

Is it Christmas yet?

Ok, I wish it were Christmas today!  I am getting so excited.  I went to PIER 1 yesterday and bought linen napkins, placemats, name card holders, candles, boxes and some air spay stuff...all for the xmas eve dinner!  Also went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bunch of holiday picks and am going to make a centerpiece.  So very excited.  Also found out hubbys' bonus like thing will be on the next paycheck...two days before xmas...YAY...extra money for me-lol

So I hope you all are getting in the mood for whatever holiday you celebrate(being pc now). 

I got my nails done yesterday and they look nice.  I still have to polish them  Yeah I know she usually paints them, but my nephew was with and sometimes they are a bit wet and getting him in the carseat won't work unless I ruin the polish...I know you all could care less but hey DEAL WITH IT!!

Getting ready to head out for more shopping.  I ran out of picks for the centerpiece and so I get to go to Hobby Lobby again.  I have to get  groceries as well and nibbles for later, I don't feel like making supper so I will get some cheese and crackers.  Possibly some summer sausage and roast beef!

Hey did you all notice(well those who have a weather pixie), that they have a Christmas tree in the pic?  Not very PC huh....lol lol ROFLMAO

Well all you crazy monkies take care and SMILE...I love ya!!!



Dec 8, 2005 at 19:27 o\clock

Don't care no more...

I will just leave it at that and yeah...

Nephew came today, but still sick.  He just has a cold, but there was some other bad news from the doctor yesterday.  They checked his heart and his murmer(that they said was gone) has come back and with a vengeance.  So next week he will have to have an EKG and an echocardiogram.  Poor kiddo. 

Pissed me off last night, my sister did!  She calls and said she would be bringing the nephew today.  I was so sick...tummy hurt and head and throat(ok I am sick), so she says I ain't bringing my child over to get that all again and hung up on me.  I was like shocked and pissed off cuz apparently, I can't get sick.  I told her to bring him anyway, it doesn't bother me one bit, but she chose that route.  So, my mother calls this morning and said she(my sister) wanted  to know if it was ok to bring him over.  DUH...I said so last night.  Some people and their tempers.  I can get that way to, but I don't hang up on people.  Well, maybe the hubby, but he is a guy and stupid...lol

Hubby is going to put the new battery in on Sunday, as that might(he still may have to work) be the only day off this week.  They really push them at work with the "HOLIDAYS' and all.  See I didn't say Christmas...wouldn't want to offend anyone!  I could care less if I do.  I am a Christian and celebrate the birth of CHRIST!  I don't go forcing my religion on anyone and don't want  it from others.  I see other religious things as well and don't feel I am being forced by any of them and it DOESN'T OFFEND ME!  I would really like to know who is complaining about the HOLIDAY/CHRISTMAS/HANNUKAH/KWANZA season, celebrations etc...

Just so you know, Christmas isn't the only religious holiday we celebrate in this family!

ENOUGH about ignorant people and selfish people. 

Hope everyones week is going great!  I am not going to Fargo tomorrow, oh well, didn't feel like driving 5 hours total anyways!

Take Care you crazy squirrels...



Dec 7, 2005 at 21:27 o\clock

Yeah well...BITE ME already...

So, as you can tell I am a bit in a mood, by choice mind you!  I have not been feeling like much of a people person lately and have been playing it cool.  I get sick of the same treatment from some people(not hubby, so don't be goin' there) and no one here).

Quiet day again.  Nephew stayed home and my sister finally got him to the doctor today...haven't heard yet what is is(they are still there).  If it were me, I would have had that kid in the doctors' office Monday!  But that is the over-protective mommy in me.

I made two batches of cookie cut out dough and got it wrapped up and in the freezer, so I won't have to feel rushed a few days before Christmas.  I won't have the nephew here, but it still seems to get too busy! 

My sister brought the plug in charger over and after the first two hours of charging...it didn't work, and so I let it go 2 and a half more and whoo hoo...it started and so today I was able to take my daughter to school and NOT rely on friends!

Had to re-install my webcam, for some reason it was uninstalled, at least portions of it. 

The last week I have been watering the tree and have noticed how the water has gone down alot everyday and thus refilling it.  Well I now know why!  Those damn cats are drinking the water and the dog(one of them anyways).  Oh well, I just fill it up again and again...

Ok, bought four books of stamps and need to get more.  I had alot of xmas cards to write out and all!  Still have more to do because I think of more people to send to and so I have done over a hundred now!  UGH...but I love it!

My mother and I may got to Fargo for the day this Friday!  Yay, I need to get some gifts and go to Sams Club...ooooo evil Wal Mart...   But anyways I plan on going to Gordmans and B.B.B.

Well I best get me  and my MOOD going...




Dec 7, 2005 at 05:39 o\clock

It is 10:30 PM and I am tired...

And so way needing a beer, so I am on my second one...hee hee.  I will be drunk after this one for sure!  I am a light weight yeah yeah yeah...lol

Well the car didn't start today, so my mom came over and  we tried to jump start it...no such luck, so she suggested my sister come over later and bring the plug in charger thingy ma bob.  I charged it for two hours and nope didn't start.  I left it on for 2 and a half more hours and wa la...it started, so my daughter and I went for a drive, just to get the charge up a little bit ya know.

So after a long stupid day, I decided to have a beer.  I got my second Christmas card today in the mail.  I feel so special...not!  If anyone out there would like to give me their address, I would be more than happy to send you a card.  I love to send cards.  I even gave one to the dogs groomer and the garbageman and the mail carrier.  I have the spirit in me...lol 

Talked to my auntie today and she sounded frantic in her email.  She just didn't know if she was to send the gifts or what.  I told her just send them, as we don't know for sure if we are going up there for the day(Christmas). 

I won a bracelet on EBAY today and am very excited to get it!  Actually it is for my auntie.  It is a vintage plastic and metal bracelet with the picture of Mary in the center 'stone'. 

I finally, for the first time, watched that show...'The Office'...OMG it was so damn funny. I laughed, I cried, it was a damn funny show!  Ok, I didn't really cry but whatever. 

Nip/Tuck---I missed it.  I had to watch another show I had hide reminded.  :o(

My sister is getting me a new car battery tomorrow.  It sure is nice to have someone close work in an auto parts store type thingy.  Great savings on it and all parts we get!

Well I see you there in the back, has fallen asleep from boredom so, I will close this chapter for the day!!!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




He looked like a tick about to burst...

Dec 6, 2005 at 15:10 o\clock

Holy Crap It Is COLD!!!

It is pretty cold out there this morning.  I hope the P.O.S. car starts.  If it doesn't, that is ok.  My daughters' friend offered to give her a ride so she doesn't have to walk.  I really hate not having a garage. 

ilovetchocky...you asked why my hubby doesn't help with the kitchen...well, most of the time he is working and the rest of the time he is sleeping.  I really want to do it my way and when he does help, he sucks at it(not the way I want it done), he is a guy afterall! lol  So it isn't like he doesn't want to help, I just don't want him to.  He has helped with a few things that I couldn't do and so yeah, there is your answer. :o)

My sister called again this morning and said the nephew won't be here.  Is this the start to another bad day?  Goddess I hope not. 

My son will be running up to the school in a moment to find out if there is any today.  The report on the news didn't sound so hopeful.  I would love to know when they are going to make these days up!

Hubby is working 12s' this week which will be a nice paycheck in a couple of weeks.  12s' are 12 hour days btw...He has been so damn tired.  Oh well, it is a better job than he had before!  At the butcher shop he was working almost 80-90 hours a week, yep I said a week.  When they processed deer, he was the only one other than a few butthead high schoolers(who didn't know their right from left) helped out!  So yeah, he doesn't mind the 12s'!! lol

Anyways, it is getting to be that time and I must go, I know you are all just disappointed, but you will survive, I just know it...hell you survived this entry didn't you?  lol

Have  a great day everyone that matters and if you don't matter...well, have a 'special' day!


Dec 6, 2005 at 01:21 o\clock

It's Official...

I hate this life I was given...the day  started out great.  My nephew didn't come today(he was sick), my son didn't have school(pipes froze and basement flooded)the schools not mine...),then the day from hell...

I couldn't get the car started so my poor daughter had to walk to school(-15 out this morn).  So I go get her from school this afternoon and then the car didn't wanna go after I picked her up.  I assumed it was outta gas and had to walk home, get the gas can, and then walk to the gas station and then to the car...I did all that and the bitch didn't start.  Ok, battery dead.  Thank Goddess a kind old man gave me a jump.  So I get home and of course my daughter had to go to the grocery store.  I sat in the parking lot for 25 minutes and she comes out with one thing.  Next we get home I start supper...we are having eggs,sausage and toast.  I decide to plump up the sun dried tomotos and warm them in the microwave.  Silly me, I forgot to check them as I was busy with supper and they burned.  Well, only like 5 of them outta 12.  So I am now watching the best Christmas show ever...'A Christmas Story'...I double dog dare you-to watch it.  I had to buy it on DVD last year...I just love it!!!  lol

I am going to go to bed after this movie and just die.  I hate this day and hope tomorrow will be a bit better.


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Dec 5, 2005 at 03:24 o\clock

Awesome weekend for me...

This was a great weekend.  I did some more of the ceiling in the kitchen, only have about 3/4 left...lol. 

Today my nephew was finally baptized.  I guess my sister was embarrassed  to be a single mom having her kid baptized and all.  Hubby and I are the Godparents.  I was so glad she finally got it done.  I cried, I laughed...it was nice.  The only thing I didn't like was getting up at 5:30 AM to be there by 8 AM.  He was freaking out when hubby had to hold him and he 'got wet' as nephew said.  So cute!!!

My mom took us all out for breakfast this morning after church and it was ok.  I had a Denver omelette(?).

Hubby has left for the evening and went to go play Tiger Woods '06 with a buddy of his!  I won't see him till tomorrow!  I really am NOT all that upset.  I can get a few things done without interuption!

Finally got the garland and lights on the railing on the front porch.  It looks great!  I would love to put up yard decorations, but I live too close to the High School and I am afraid that some rogue butthead may steal one or two of them!

Finished wrapping the gifts I have bought so far.  Friday will come sooner than I think and I will have a ton more to wrap.  It is payday that day so I have lots to get and all!  I am still trying to find decent chestnuts, but haven't.  I found and bought some at a local market and they were rotted inside...GROSS.  I will be taking them ack and the rotted ones as well.  The price of them was outrageous.

Well I best get going...have a few things to do and the midnight hour is fast approaching...

Take it easy all you silly monkey butts...lol



Dec 3, 2005 at 14:55 o\clock


YAY...it finally snowed...I am so happy, but it is light and fluffy, can't make a snowman yet.

Not much going on this morning.  Hubby is sleeping but has to get up at 9AM and go to work.  He had to work till 3AM again last night.  My son had a friend spend the night and I am sure they were up until 5AM or so playing PS2.  My daughter spent the night at a friends house.  It was kind of quiet here.  I actually was in bed by 10:30. 

So I sit here drinking my coffe wondering what to type.  Oh, I will work on the kitchen as soon as everybody is up.  I certainly wouldn't want to wake anyone up...hell yeah I would...they do it to me and don't think twice!

Yesterday my computer freaked out and would say ERROR and automatically shut off.  I found the problem after like a bagillion things I tried...I, not anyone else, fixed it.  Had to readjust some settings, ran a virus scan(nothing w/that), and a few other things...I am good, considering I am computer illiterate.

One of the pics on the sidebar is yesterday while I was driving(yeah I know dirving and taking pics...) and is of the snow we got.  Isn't it pretty?  Well maybe not.  Ok, I am really rambling about stupid crap so I best get going and have more COFFEE...maybe I will take a nap then!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...