*Like It or Not...This Is Me*

Nov 30, 2005 at 17:49 o\clock

Snow snow everywhere, but not enough to matter...

Well, it is snowing, the nice giant flakes I love, but sporadically, unfortunately.   Oh well, I cannot control the weather...yet!

The day has been pretty quiet.  I was given a Krumkake iron from my mom and was told I had to make some for Christmas nibbles.  So I though I better have a go at it and try.  Well I burned three of my fingers...with instant blisters on all!  Burned a few and undercooked a few.  Some turned out pretty good and of course I had to eat one or two, well maybe like 6.  They are good, but a pain and I am thankful she only wants the once a year.  But I tried and after a couple dozen, think I have it!

My nephew spilled my cold coffee all over the coffee table...haa haa was that a funny, no?  I was so mad.  But didn't yell at him.  It was my fault leaving it there and I know better by now!

The kiddos have church tonight.  I am not liking the church anymore.  My kids always say they never learn anything other than how to play games.  My daughter says they play hi ho cherry o and that burns me.  Half the time the teacher isn't there and they are free to do whatever.  I am just getting them done with confirmation and then they can do what they want!  I have to have them in church because it makes the relatives happy you know!  Our church has gone to the drums and electric bass guitar crap.  That is not how I like it to be.  To me that is bible beating yahooing and it isn't for me.  I like it the old way where we sang hymns and the sermon was actually about something.  The church has gone to hell!  I guess I was raised at a different time.

Enough religion for the day.  I wouldn't want it to sound like I was trying to FORCE it on anyone! 

Well, hubby has awakened from the land of the dead and I better close this...

Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



I forgot to mention my new banner made by Mey...she is an awesome person!!!  THANKS MEY!!!

Nov 29, 2005 at 14:29 o\clock

Greetings and Salutations...

Well today it has snowed.  I dislike the cold, but love the snow, why is that like that?  Oh well.

I have taken on yet another kitchen project.  I was watching that show 'Designer Finals' and they were taking off that horrible 'popcorn' ceiling crap...you know the texture crap.  Anyway, I thought how easy, I saw how they did it, and it is easy, but the sanding is a bit rough.  Having to hold the sander upsidedown and all.  But for the most part it is easy!  I accomplished about 1/90th of it. lol

The nephew is at pre-school this morning until 11 AM so I get a bit of a break.  

It is soooo cold outside this morning.  I saw that we are expecting smow Wednesday and Friday.  I am glad I plugged my car in.  We are unlucky and don't have a garage!  When I win the lottery, when I win the lottery!

I had written an entry last night, but *poof* it went to cyber space and disappeared.  Ok, I thought maybe Blogigo had taken care of a few things. 

Went to Hobby Lobby last night and bought some net like ribbon for the tree.  Also some more...balls...no pun intended now ok.  Even got another flower and a small purple bos for my little tree for the kitchen. 

Ok, I am way to into Christmas this year.  I do think it is due to the fact, as I have mentioned before, that my sis and nephew won't be here(they are going to Florida to see my other sis), my aunt and uncle and cousinds aren't coming(cousin is on call at the hospital), and hubbys' family waon't be around either!  It will be the four of us and my mother!  So relaxing!   I can taste the prime rib already!

Well, I need to take a shower and get ready to get the kiddos off to school and I have to take the dog in to the hair dressers' for a trim!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...

Nov 28, 2005 at 22:13 o\clock

Blah blah blah to you MONDAY!

It is another blah monday.  It snowed last night, but nothing sticky, just blowing around.

Had my nail appointment today and that will most likely be the highlight of my day! 

Had to go pay electric so they would dn'yt shut us off.  Ok, sorry I am a week late, but you weren't open last Thursday or Friday, dumbass electric company!  At least they got paid and we shall have heat for a month again...lol No things aren't that bad, but damn, they shouldn't complain if they are closed and people can't get there!  There is a drop off box at the grocery store down the street, but they don't come and get it for a week anyways!

I do have to give my nephew a bath.  He is grungy looking and his nails are horrid.  I will have to clip them too!  I can't stand people with dirty nails.  I am a germaphobe(?).  I always put antibacterial gel on before and after everything I do and make others do it too.  Creeps me out(germs)!

Hubby didn't find out yet as to whether he got the job.  Too much going on after Thanksgiving and they need to catch up on a few things!  He thinks he may know by Christmas.  That is crazy to make them wait that long for an answer.

Well I am off to retrieve my daughter from school and hope you all are doing well adn all...


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Nov 27, 2005 at 01:56 o\clock

The weekend is almost over...where did it go?

Hey now...where did this weekend go?  I mean, I have time off from watching my nephew and then I have to sand and paint strip more of the cupboards.  It never ends.  It would end if hubby would quit telling me ideas as to what to do with the cupboards.  I had the doors all taken care of and now he said lets(meaning me) do the 'whole' cupboard.  Calgon take me away!

Went shopping yesterday at about 9 AM and bought a new purse and sweater(for ME), daughter got a few(4) pairs of pants.  Got hubby new pj bottoms(for xmas from the pets).  Ok, I am silly, but I get everyone something from our pets, so just leave me be.  Isn't giving better than recieving(for most things anyway)...lol  I bought us a new 15 piece kitchen knife set and it has the block to put them in as well.  It is Chicago Cutlery(not the best but...) it was only $15, regular price is $50, so it was worth it, I suppose.  I really am NOT a fan of Chicago Cutlery but whatever, they work for now!  Bought the most beautiful tree, at HOME DEPOT(go figure huh).  It is a balsim fir and so pretty.  When I get it decorated I will take and post a picture!  Went to Hobby Lobby and bought my cousin a piggy bank telephone booth thingy like the ones in London.  Red and oh so cute.  I wish we had them here.  Bought a few more flowers and some Christmas items for the house and a candle. 


For the Thaksgiving Day, we went to my mothers and had a great meal.  Turkey was a let down, but then again it was a Butterball.  All in all it was a great meal, my mother out did herself again!

Now I sit here watching a marathon of Absolutely Fabulous.  I Absolutely(lol) love that show.  I did buy one of the dvds', but need at least three more!  My favorite episode is when they went on holiday in France and Bubble forgot to take care of  something and she and Saffron ended up coming to France and ...well you have to watch it!

Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...





Nov 25, 2005 at 14:21 o\clock


Weeee...shopping day today.  I am going shopping, however I am not a retard and going at 5 AM.  Obviously, it is 7:06 AM here now!  I am going out and about at 9AM.  Have my list and ready to go!

My Thaksgiving was ok, not as adventurous as my sisters' in Florida though!  Wednesday morning her fiances' mom called them and said that their house was on the news and there was a 'murder'.  They live in a duplex and the other side of it there lived a couple.  The gal was preggers and her boyfriend shot her and then killed  himself .  She survived! YAY!  But how sad huh?  My sister said that they were so lucky they weren't home.  She was VERY thankful she had just gotten a job and her fiance and baby were gone that morning as well.  Who knows what that crazy guy could have done!   The weirder(?) thing is is that they used to live on that side too.  My sisters' fiances' brother is the owner of the place.  She just emailed me and said that the police need to watch CSI and learn a few things.  Cuz they left the doors open and they weren't there, they don't work on holidays.  Now you would think a real CSI would know what the hell to do!  At least leave an officer there to watch over things!  She(sister) said they can see in the house and there was a pool of blood and it was gross.  Oh well.  She also said the news media is about retarded as hell as well.  They didn't get the address right and so many other mistakes it isn't even funny!  Goes to show ya huh?

Here is the link to the article...at least one of them:


It is in the Miami Herald also today or yesterday...can't remember which day.

COFFEE...I need coffee.  So I will let you all go and I am going to make some!

Take Care Those Who DO and Those Who Don't...



Nov 23, 2005 at 23:31 o\clock

Is it Friday yet?

Is it Friday yet?  I am so wanting it to be the day after Thanksgiving.  I am NOT getting up at four AM to get the good deals.  That is WAY too early for me and I have to watch my nephew at 7:30 AM anyways. 

I will go about 10 AM.  Hopefully the freaks will have got their crap and left the mall by then.  I really hate people who get bossy and have a fit if you get something before them and try to fight ya for it!  That happened last year to me.  I found a cute purse(reg $75 sale for $29) and it was the last one, I got it before someone else did and they said...hey I saw that first.  I was like yeah maybe but I got it first.  She was getting pissy and I just walked away with the purse.  I could hear her complaining about it as I was leaving.  The funny thing about it was that I put it back, but somewhere else.  That is funny.  I had decided I really didn't need it so I just put it in another area and behind some things, mainly so she wouldn't get it.  I am evil but hey...deal with it!

I am getting a couple of gifts, if they are left by the time I get there, but if not, it is ok and I won't have a fit!

I want to get a tree as well.  There is a lot that has Ponderosa Pine trees for sale and they are pricey, but I don't care.  I have a fake one, but am in the mood for a real one this year.  Up until two years ago, I had always gotten a real tree.  Then when I saw this fake one, I had to have it.  I miss the smell of fresh pine trees, so this year it will be a real one!

Ok, I didn't think I would get excited over Christmas this year, but I really can't wait!  I think it has alot to do with the fact that some of my family can't make it and we won't have to be around hubbys' family.  It will be a nice quiet relaxing evening.

Miss Mey---thank you for the great ideas.  I am so way going to do brushetta.  I make that all the time.  The brie, we don't get anything good here, but I found a great website that sells imported(from Italy) foods and will get it there and the goat cheese.  I also found a recipe that you take chestnuts, brown sugar, and butter and get that caramelized and pour it over the brie and dip your crackers or whatever.  I am drooling right about now!  If you have anymore great ideas...let me know!  I just get so sick of the same old same old!

I will be going to my mothers' for the Thanksgiving dinner.  She is making everything.  I asked her what she would like me to bring, make or whatever and she said nothing but ourselves!  So that will be nice. 

Well, if I don't get on tomorrow, everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




Nov 22, 2005 at 15:54 o\clock

So this is how it is then...

Well, not much has happened in the last few days to make  me HAVE to write an entry.  I am bored right now and trying to figure out my Christmas menu.  We have ordered our prime rib and I have many different cookies and appetizers on the brain!  I want prime rib NOW DAMNIT!  Anybody out there have some good recipes that are new and different?  I am sick of the traditional cookies we have.  I found an excellent recipe for tomato/basil palmiers.  It is made with puffed pastry and oooh so good!

Bought more paint  stripper, cuz now we are taking ALL paint on the cupboards, off.  We decided to put just a clear acrylic over the bare wood.  I had started staining and didn't like the outcome, so I sanded it all off and left it!  Can it get worse?  Yep, I found the hole where our little mouse has been sneaking in and out of.  So I put poison in the hole and at the suggestion of Shelly, I also put brillo pads in to block the hole.  I sure hope it works.  Damn lazy ass cats can't take care of it.

My nephew is at pre-school today and it is nice and quiet!  At least until noonish!

Got another $10 gift card from KOHLS' last week and went and bought all new dish towels for the kitchen.  They were on sale for two dollars and ninety nine cents a pair and with the gift card I got, I ended up paying onlytwo dollars and eight cents for the 4 pkgs. I bought.  Not bad huh?  Normally they are five dollars a pair.  I get excited about a good deal, obviously!

I recieved my cypress tree seeds and am going to plant them today or tomorrow!  They will be so gorgeous when they GROW!

Went on evil EBAY and got a set of espresso cups, and a glass and copper pitcher.  Cannot wait for them!  They are so way going to fit into my new kitchen!  I also bought a majolica(?) italian christmas ornament.  I am going to permanently keep up in the kitchen.  Bid on, but haven't won,YET, a Russian Orthodox picture of Tzar Nicholas, it is very pretty, that is for my Auntie for Christmas.  She is into monks too, not the sicko way if you are thinking that(perves), so I may get her a statue for the garden.    I am still looking for a ring for my daughter, but haven't found any(not on EBAY...that would be weird to buy jewels on EBAY).  I have to see and feel before buying.

Haven't heard about the foremans' job yet, but we are still praying!

My friend in CA is sending me some sun-dried tomatos packed in oil and some not in oil.  I am so excited.  I have called around here and no one has them.  Not even the HEALTH FOOD STORE, if you can believe that!  I found some great web sites that do and have requested  many catalogs, but my friend can get them cheaper and fresher.  I want the roma tomatoes.  They are the best!  I also found a site that had truffles(not the chocolates).  They get pricey, but they are so way worth it.  If you have the cash try them!  I did see one on EBAY for nine dollars and ninety nine cents.  It is imported from Italy, but don't know the freshness of it.  I almost was considering it, but I have bought alot of things the last week or so. ooops...

Well, I have to get a few things done before I go get the nephew. 


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




Nov 17, 2005 at 16:08 o\clock


Well, it has snowed again...not much mind you just enough to slip and slide a bit!  It is scarey.  I trust myself, but not other drivers...especially High Schoolers...

Not much happened yesterday.  Went to Hobby Lobby-AGAIN-I know, I know...addiction is a hard thing to get ahold of, but at least it isn't drugs or booze...lol  Bought some more of those little flowers I bought the other day!  Actually, I bought ALL of them(it was only 3).

The nephew is at pre-school today and I will have to go get him at 11AM.  That is why I have time for an early morning entry.

My sister calls me last night and asks if I would watch the nephew till 8 PM or so and of course I did, I just don't want her to rely on my mother too much as she does anyways!  She and some co-workers went to RED LOBSTER for the all-you-can-eat-shrimp.  So after I took the kiddos to church school, my mother and I went out for supper at the best damn truck stop...or so I thought!  The people behind us had ordered a brownie dessert and they found metal shards in it.  Their meal was free.  Then we were done with our meal and my sister calls and came and got my mother and nephew.  That was nice, I was late getting the kiddos at church!  They didn't mind too much and had just went on to church services.

I was going to go to Barnes and Noble and pick up a book, but forgot to do that, so I spoze I will do it today!

Now, I am sitting here watching...Attack of the 50 Foot Woman...yep, I am sad.  It has Daryl Hannah and the reject Baldwin brother in it.  Oh well.

It won't be much longer until we found out if hubby got the position or not.  I am praying to EVERY GOD and GODDESS there is and any there isn't.  It would be a great financial move.

We are planning a family movie day this weekend.  Yep the whole family is going to go see the new Harry Pothead...I mean Potter movie.  Should be great, to do something as a family for once.  Hubby is actually off this weekend(well, Sunday anyway).

I best get going, have lots to do before I get my nephew!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Nov 16, 2005 at 20:47 o\clock

What, am I a leper...?

Well, I had started an entry but thought people would not like it so I erased it and started a new one.  Yep, it was a sad and depressing entry but it is the way I feel right about now.  Last time  I wrote like that I had such aweful things said to me and ended up erasing it, so that is what I did this time but before posting it!

So, here I sit watching some dumbass show on NBC...PASSIONS.  It has to be about the saddest thing I have ever watched if my life.  There is nothing else on and I finished my book today.  It was so intriging I read it in two days!

Hubby will be leaving for work soon and then the kiddos will be coming home from school.  We have church tonight and then home.  YAY!!!  I want to get the bedroom cleaned out completely this weekend sometime.  Hubby promises to help with the kitchen...I have heard that one before!

I am planning on getting my daughter a ring for Xmas but haven't any idea as to what to get her.  Her b-day is in July, but the rings around here are either cheesy(created) rubies or expensive real ones.  I don't know!  I found a really nice one in this catalog: www.pyramidcollection.com    I just love that catalog.  Anywhoo...

The sun is shining, it is 5 billion degrees BELOW zero out and I am stuck here.

Bought a lottery ticket.  Haven't bought one since it went to over 2 hundred million.  Whoo hoo...I need to win this really badly so I can just get outta here forever and away from everyone!  It is up to 31 million buck a roos.

Made myself some coffe this morning.  It wasn't espresso that is for sure.  Goddess, I miss a good cup-o-espresso.  Thought I was going to say Joe huh???  Ok, acting weird...leave now before it gets worse!

I ordered a cookbook online today with really old Italian recipes in it and cannot wait to get it.  Real authentic food, not pasta and sause from a can.  OOO, I think I will go to the store and get some tomatos and make myself some sauce and freeze it!  Yep, I am...

So I will leave you all for now...





Nov 15, 2005 at 21:45 o\clock

I shall attempt to write an entry...

Well, there is nothing fun about today!  Went and picked up the nephew from pre-school.  Decided I just had to have that show Madagaskar(sp?) and Stealth.  I also picked up a new Spongebob Squarepants hat for my nephew.  It matched his coat perfectly!  Hubby made me get him peanut butter M&Ms'.  Yukky...I don't care at all for peanut butter.

Got an email from one of my sons' teachers.   Just a progress report...a good one at least!

I decided to stop by the pawn shop to see what they had...I found a great ring, but the price for what it was...uh uh...no way!

I did put a ring on lay-away at a jewelry shop.  It is a 1 carat princess cut sloitare and then graduating smaller ones on either side of the ring.  I figure I don't wear my wedding ring(I have  to have it sized too often) so I will get this one!  I don't like having my wedding ring sized up and down as to the weight gains or losses.  It is getting a bit thin and anymore might ruin it!  So it sits in the lock box thing at the bank!  I have an Alexandrite ring too.  I had it appraised and the value was like eight thousand, I paid nine hundred.  It is a very rare stone from Russia.  I guess I bought it at the right time.  They are hard to come by too and when you find a good color one...you pay!  Here is a link to a site about the stone if anyone is interested...  


Well that is about it for the day.  I do have to go to Hobby Lobby again this week.  I bought flowers yesterday and love them so I want a few more! 

I must get the kitchen cleaned so I can stain some more.  Little steps is what I keep telling myself!


Take Care Those Who  Do and Those Who Don't...



Nov 14, 2005 at 21:25 o\clock

Dreary day outside!




Yep it is SLEEPYHAZELEYES' BIRTHDAY TODAY...please visit her  and wish her a good one!

Not much happening today.  It is raining then snowing and then raining again!  I truely hate it like this.  Then you have the high schoolers who just got their licences over the summer and don't know how to drive in the snow/ice and thus, there are accidents.  I really loathe living by the high school(1/2 a block away).

Oh...the Monkees are on..Cheer up Sleepy Jean....ok...flashback! Sorry-lol

Went to HOBBY LOBBY and got some fabric and fake buns for the kitchen.  I bought a bin thing and am going to fill it up with fake lemons and buns and apples and such!  Looks cool and the fake stuff is on sale this week.  YAY!!!  I also bought some flowers and a box.

Hubby went to the butcher shop to help cut beef as part of his penance...lol

My mom called yesterday evening and said her doggie was accidently let out by the nephew and she has been gone all night and so I decided I would go out to her house this morning after the kids went to school and watch for her and maybe find her.  The around noon I decided to take the nephew out for McDonalds(GAG!!), she called and said the damn dog was in puppy jail.  So now when she gets off work she has to go to the police station pay a fee and then the humane society(that is where they take em when they catch them) and pay another fee.  That dog is so damn stupid I swear in breeding is definately there!  Hee Hee

Other than that I have no plans...I would take a nap but it is too late in the day for me to do that.  I'd be up all night.

So I will let you all go and have a great day!!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...





For those of you who are not aware, North Dakota and southwestern Montana
>>got hit with their first blizzard of the season a couple of weeks ago)
>>This text is from county emergency manager out in the western part of
>>Dakota state after the storm.
>>Up here in the Northern Plains we just recovered from a Historic event
>>may I even say a "Weather Event" of "Biblical Proportions" --- with a
>>historic blizzard of up to 24" inches of snow and winds to 50 MPH that
>>broke trees in half, stranded hundreds of motorists in lethal snow banks,
>>closed all roads, isolated scores of communities and cut power to 10's of
>>George Bush did not come....
>>FEMA staged nothing....
>>No one howled for the government...
>>No one even uttered an expletive on TV...
>>Nobody demanded $2,000 debit cards.....
>>No one asked for a FEMA Trailer House....
>>No news anchors moved in.
>>We just melted snow for water, sent out caravans to pluck people out of
>>snow engulfed cars, fired up wood stoves, broke out coal oil lanterns or
>>Aladdin lamps and put on an extra layer of clothes.
>>Even though a Category "5" blizzard of this scale has never fallen this
>>early...we know it can happen and how to deal with it ourselves.
>>Everybody is fine.

Nov 13, 2005 at 16:55 o\clock

Suck Butt weekend so far...

Ok, I have to choose this colour, since when I went to pick a colour, it said ERROR...PREPEND BULLSHIT...try again!  So there ya go...PURPLE is what you get!

It rained and then snowed yesterday afternoon.  I am so not ready for the snow!  At least I don't really need to go anywhere.

Hubby and I went to MENARDS(HOME DEPOT type place, but better) and we picked out some really pretty stain for the cupboards.  It is called GREEN TEA.  It is so pretty!  Anyway...I had to stand in line and wait for 5 billion people to be helped in front of me by one person who was as dumb as mud!   Yes, I am finally done sanding and paint stripping, it is a miracle.

Michele-I am not going to use it for anything yet, but I have plans.  I know all about it, so I will be careful!  Nothing bad mind you, just a spell or two!  hee hee

I slept really bad last night, and my back hurts and my head and my nose(I think I have another sinus infection).  Basically I feel like I have a hang-over, but didn't drink a drop of alcohol.UGHH

The kiddos are sleeping and hubby went to the butcher shop to get the deer processed.  Yep the jerks are letting him do the processing himself.  He doesn't trust them to do it!  Oh yeah, there is a catch!  He has to go in on Monday and help cut up a few beef for them and also set up shelves before Xmas!  Oh well he doesn't have to pay for the processing.  Just the pork and beef to mix with the deer.  He said it is going to be like 150 lbs of meat total for us!  YUKKY POO!!  More deer meat!

I am sitting here watching ROSEANNE, there is nothing else on and it appears there is a mini marathon on.  I love that show!

Well I better get going because I have to get the kitchen cleaned and dusted(since I am done sanding), then start staining!

Have a great happy rest of the weekend!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




Nov 11, 2005 at 17:16 o\clock

Boring day today!

Orange is how I feel today!  Not quite sunny but yet not blue!  Ok, I have just entered the weird zone.

Nothing really planned today.  Have to pay the cable bill or they shut us off.  That would be bad...no internet!

Nephew is here, he did not sleep over and so I had to get up early!  Well I slept a half hour longer than usual, didn't have to get the kids up for school!

Went on EBAY and bought some 'deadly nightshade' plants aka belladonna.  I have always wanted that plant.  I also bought some Italian cypress tree seeds.  I bought those for my mother.  I plan on growing them here in pots until they are a couple of  years old and then plant them out at her house.  She needs trees.  The belladonna is for me though!  I am watching a few other items, depends on how high they get up to before I bid.  I always wait till the last minute to buy, so I can outbid at last min. and win!

Hubby is in the shower right now and then we are off to the mall.  I need to get laundry soap and basic crap like that.  I also have to go get that damn gift card from GAMESTOP!

Well I best get going as hubby is done so ciao...


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Nov 10, 2005 at 22:04 o\clock

WOW...what a surprise...

Ok...it was such a surprise going to the bank today and finding out they deposited hubbys' paycheck early.  I suppose since tomorrow is Veterans' Day!!!  I great appreciate any of you who are Veterans and did your job!  THANK YOU!!!

For any of you who want to know...on the sidebar is a picture of yours truly...I am not ready to reveal the real me yet...at least till I get a better picture!

Ok, so now I get to speed off later and go pay some bills and have money left over for...you guessed it...ME!!!  I need some undies and a bra.  Watch out Victorias' Secret...here I come.

My nephew had his first day of pre-school and he loved it.  I kind of snuck in and caught him(he didn't see me) and he interacts so well.  Hmm...it is only the first day so we shall see.  He made these adorable little...well they are Clifford the Big Red Dog ears, for himself and they are too cute!!!  Ok enough, I am acting as though he is MY kid.  Some days I swear he is!  He is spending the night tonight because my kids are off tomorrow and I don't feel like getting up too early, so I have him sleep over.

I shaved my dogs butt and trimmed her down a bit.  She gets dingleberries if the hair is too long.  Ok, more info than needed.

I need one more small can of paint stripper for the last 4 cupboards and I will be done stripping. YAY

Yesterday my nephew and I were in the backyard.  I noticed this car drive by and it was hubbys' old NISSAN 280Z.  Anyways...the guy backs up and proceeds to drive into the neighbors driveway.  He sees I am in the backyard on the swing and yells...Wanna sell your car?...I was like uhhh...NO...it is hubbys car and then he drives away!  Weirdo freak.  My hubby has a newer 280Z and the guy wants it.  I will post a picture of it later!  I have to take a pic of it tomorrow(he is at work now).

Ok, I am randomly saying weird crap now.  Don't mind me...I lost it years ago and still can't find it!  W/E right?  Just ignore this whole post and all will be fine...

Miss Shelly-I was so excited to talk with you today...it has been way too long.  I know you are busy, so I will let it go for now-lol  I wish you luck tomorrow and hit will all work out great.  You are a wonderful caring person and will be fine, I KNOW IT!!!

MEY-it is BULLSHIT...B.S.  lol  I was really happy to talk with you  for the first time today!  Get that microphne thingy and I will get a new one too and we can talk!  I do have web-cam! 

That goes for anyone here.  If you have msn messenger/yahoo messenger/AIM...let me know what you want to use and we can chat!

I best get going so I can get to the bank and all...


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




Nov 9, 2005 at 21:29 o\clock

Keep your fingers crossed...

Yep, hubby applied for a foremans position at work.  His interview was today and it went REALLY well he said!  I sure hope he gets it.  Won't know for a couple of weeks yet but we are praying badly.  It means more time home and more money!  We all need that!

Not much has happened today.  I sanded two more cupboards.  Only 5 billion to go!  lol

Miss Sapphire- I thank you for the code...it works great!!!  I really appreciate it.  I think my blood pressure is whacko and I need to be on meds now.  It was such a weird feeling I swear I was going to pass out!  Thank you for the concern...

Miss MEY- I can't believe you are talking to Karen.  Just don't fall for the bullshit!

Teri- Thank you for being there!

Shelly- I miss you...where the heck are you?  Did you move to blogger?

Thie kiddos have church tonight so I will be gone till eight or so!

Oh fun times...I am teaching my daughter tarot.  I love doing it and she wanted to know how so I am trying to teach her!  I bought her a palm reading book too.  That I haven't done yet, maybe when she learns that, she can teach me! lol

My daughter went horseback riding last night and had a blast.  She loves horses.  She says that she wants 3 horses if we win the lottery!  I just want a nice new car and a bigger house...in Italy!

The nephew starts daycare tomorrow.  I am so excited for him.  To be around other kiddos his age is going to be so fun for him. 

So hubby gets this magazine in the mail.  It is called INTERNATIONAL MALE.  He likes the thong undies in it for himself...nevermind the clothes are so very much for a gay person.  There is this picture of a guy in short , slit up the sides shorts and it is so creepy looking.   Ok, I am not a gay basher...in fact I am all for it and some days wish I were, but if I ever saw a guy around here wearing that, I would definately piss my pants from laughing so hard!  I will try and get a picture up of it if I ever figure it out!  Ok, I did it in the sidebar thing...LOOK...isn't it silly?

Also newly added to the sidebar is a picture of my little house...all together...AHHHH

Whoo hoo...I just got a ten dollar gift card in the mail from Kohls, with at minimun ten dollar purchase...Is this my week or what?  I best not say more about it or the bad will come now!  I also got a magazine I bought for my aunt for Christmas(EBAY)...it is with KENNYDY on the cover.  She is big time into J.F.K., in fact she has an entire room filled with KENNDY memorabilia. 


Ok, I am done for now...



Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




I took the picture of the freak in the shorts down now...sorry!

Nov 8, 2005 at 20:54 o\clock


I am really sick of the ERROR crap now.   Not much going on here.  Hubby left for the mall to go spend his one hundred and twelve dollar gift cert.  I told him to go to the video store and pick up my Agatha Christie murder mystery 3-pak I ordered about a month ago and have not yet picked up!  I...hang on...ok, I had to call hubby and have him pick up the gift card at the GAME STOP place...he said NO...the asshole freak.

Got the kids' report cards in the mail...hmm...looks like my son won't be playing video games until they are improved, and my daughter made honor roll!!! 

I have a question:  Why are there so many damn flies flying around?  Ok, I didn't have one in the house all summer and now it is like a swarm...what is up with that?  I kill four or five and there are 50 more just waiting!  UHHHGHHH...

I went to the store last night...ok I will confess...Hobby Lobby.  I know I said I would never go there again but I love that store, I just won't go to the paint department anymore!  I bought some great white linen fabric with blue and white thin strips of yarn like stuff running through it.  I had to, it was on clearance for four dollars a yard.  I only needed one and a half yards.  It is for new curtains in the bathroom.  I just have blinds in there and I think they are tacky(blinds that is).  I also bought some thread for the kitchen curtains...so my mom can finally start sewing them up for me.  Although I won't be done for a month now!  

It is a dreary day out.  The sun is hiding now and ... well there ya go. 

I feel weird right now, like I am about to pass out...better go...




Nov 7, 2005 at 21:45 o\clock


Well, I am bored, but I do have sanding to do yet.  Hubby worked from 11pm last night till 7 Am this morning.  I couldn't get any sanding done this morning because he was sleeping.  Let sleeping dogs lie...ok nevermind, that saying just popped into my head.  *blonde moment*

So I found out today that my nephew is starting daycare this thursday.  He will go on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11AM.  I know not much time but it helps me out alot!  My sister says she will give me gas money to go get him at 11 AM.  I have heard that one before, but as long as my nephew is getting interaction with other 3 and 4 year olds.  He really needs that at this stage of life. 

Great news...that Software Etc. place called this morning and said they are giving me a $25 gift card for their idiotness(I know not a word, but it fits ).  They were told that they couldn't sell the dvd of Star Wars until the 1st of Nov. and assumed it meant the game as well.  DUMBASSES!!!  But they took care of it and my son is getting that gift card for Xmas...maybe, I might get myself something!

Hubby and the brother-in-law got their deer.  On Tuesday he is going to go to the butcher shop where he used to work and see if they will let him do the deer processing himself.  I hope they do because I won't have it done here. 

Many wonder why I dislike meat so bad...well when you have a hubby that worked at a butcher shop and came home smelling like blood and gross meaty crap, it kind of turns you off of meat all together. 

My headache is back and it is a killer.  Definately going to the doc. for a shot!

Hubby told me today that he won a one hundred and twelve dollar gift certificate to the mall for the work he did on this project at work.  Yay...I want the new Willy Wonka movie. 

Ok, I am not moving to a new blog site, but I am really sick of PREPEND shit already!  I will give it a couple more weeks.  I would just miss everyone here soooo much, you are all my great friends!

Well before I get too mushy, I better get going, hubby left for work and I can start sanding again!!!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Nov 6, 2005 at 19:52 o\clock

This is getting long and boring...

Ok, I am sick of stripping and sanding cupboards.  I have like 8 left and am almost out of the paint stripper that I bought yesterday.  I guess it will be another month before I get done...lol

My weekend was boring since the above mentioned is all I did.  Today is my nephews' 3rd BIRTHDAY...




So other than that, that is all I have going today, well maybe get the rest of the cupboards done...if I have the energy to do it!

Hubby called an hour ago and said they were on their way.  He has to go to work at 11PM-7AM today.  The reason you ask...there was an accident with three or four guys that he works with.  They were driving home and the guy driving fell asleep at the wheel and they crashed and died.  So sad, they had a total of 12 kids between them.  I feel really bad for the families.  I guess there was another car of workers behind them and they were trying to call them and say that they were swerving(?), but it was too late.   So the rest of the guys on the line have to make up for their being gone.

Well I better go, sister just called and said she needs me there early to help so I will see you all laters...


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Nov 5, 2005 at 20:23 o\clock

Boring old weekend for me!

Ok, I thought I was going to sleep at my mothers' last night, but did not.  My reason you ask?  Well she is a HEAVY smoker.  I was all cozy on the blow up bed in the livingroom and my nephew on his bed beside me.  I started to fall asleep and then the smell of ciggies came up from the basement.  I could not take it and told her I was going home...cuz I didn't want to leave the dogs un-kenneled and find wee wee and poo poo all over when I got home.  Well that was true too, but the smell of stale ciggies gags me.  I love my mother but damn...I can't stand ciggie smell.

So today I have been busy sanding  and stripping.  Have about 12 more cupboards to do.  I bought some more sandpaper and Halloween crap last night, but forgot the paint stripping stuff.  So I will head to the store later for more! 

I am watching SHE-DEVIL now.  It has Roseanne Barr(or whatever the her last name is now) in it.  It is a stupid as hell show but there is nothing else on that peaks my interest!

Oh dear, I forgot I have to get birdie food too.  Always going and never stopping.  AHHHHH!!!!!!

I got home last night and went to check on my daughters' hamsters food and water.  I found one had escaped.  I looked all over for the bugger and finally found her.  She was down off the counter and in the closet.  I HATE HAMSTERS!!!  They are too crafty and sneaky. 

Did I mention that we have mice?  I have to call an exterminator on Monday now.  I did buy d-con mouse killer, but don't think I want funky smells coming from the walls and I can't get rid of it!  Goddess...always something isn't it!?

I bought a new purse...a Cabas Piano...LOUIS VUITTON.  Yep I spent a small fortune, but I have saved up for quite some time and finally got it!  I won't actually recieve it till Monday probably.  I don't know how quickly they deliver!  That is the only thing I want, as far as material goods is considered.  So I DO NOT want to hear how stupid a purchase it is.  I am sure there are things I would consider stupid that you have bought too.  At least this will last forever!  It is  a Louis Vuitton after all!!

Well I best get back to sanding and stripping...so much to do and so little time...well maybe there is lots of time, but whatever!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Nov 4, 2005 at 18:17 o\clock

Deer Season had begun...well at noon anyways...

Yep, one more hour here and the season of death will be upon us.  Ok, I know that hunting is a good thing as it keeps over-population down, but why does it have to be so gross?  I don't enjoy seeing deer carcasses hanging out of trucks.  At least cover the poor deer up and give some respect for the dead.  I know I sound silly but hey, when I die, I don't want my head hanging out the back of a truck, do you think the deer do?

I have to go to the hardware store today and get some more stripper and sandpaper.  I have 12 out of 30 cupboards done and I ran out of the stuff.  This is getting bad.  Now hubby wants me to sand the entire cupboards down and stain it.  I just wanted the doors done.  He can help me next weekend then. 

My sister called and asked if I wanted some farm fresh chickens.  This lady comes in and sells fresh 'killed' chickens that are special fed without chemicals and all.  They are pretty good, but I don't like the way they have to kill the poor little things.  I did get 3 though, because my family likes chicken.  I used to get them a few years back so that is how I know they aren't bad tasting.  Better than the grocery store!

The nephew is staying the night tonight.  My mom wants me to come over to her place and sleep, cuz she will be alone too, my sister and nephew live with her.  I don't know if I want to, being as I have the cupboards to get done!  We will see though.  Also I don't like smelling like an ashtray when I go there.  Yep, she is a heavy smoker,  for over 40 years!  Damn ciggie companies...making ciggies.

I guess my sis-in-law is coming around 2:30 to get my daughter.  She is going to Minot too. 

Hubby just called and said they went tracking today and there are alot of deer running around out there so he may be back early.  I hope so, then he can help with the sanding and stripping!

I better get going, I haven't showered yet and it is almost noon, that is sad huh?


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...