*Like It or Not...This Is Me*

Oct 31, 2005 at 18:39 o\clock

It's Halloween, It's Halloween...YAY!!!





Well, I hope you are all dressed up and all.  I will be mad if you aren't.  Well, not really but have fun!!!  I can't wait till tonight!  PARTY!!!  I do have to take my son to that Game Stop and get his damn game!  I don't mind, cuz afterwards...I get to go out!

Not much new here, I have been sanding more cupboards and stripping...ummm the cupboards that is! 

Have a great and spooky Halloween...



                               OK, I had some cute pics up but I took them down because the site that they were from just fudged up my puter and I ain't having it!  So yeah...lol

Oct 31, 2005 at 04:31 o\clock

I think my stitches are infected...

Ok, I have been spackling and paint stripping all weekend and I have so many more cupboards left to strip the paint off of yet!  As I said, I think I may have gotten my stitches infected with the work I have been doing here with the kitchen.  The wound area is really red and kinda oozy.  Oh well I lose a foot, I lose a foot.  Ok, ok I will put some bacitracin on it and soak well, wet my foot a little bit!  No worries out there please!

Found out I am taking my nephew overnight next friday.  My sister is going to Fargo for inventory of the store there.  I don't mind, but I was hoping to get the kitchen completely done.  I am going to be alone(well not Friday now), all weekend.  My kids are going with my sis-in-law to visit the other grandma(my m-i-l).  Hubby is going to and will go do the hunting thing with the bro-in-law.  Oh my...more deer meat!  YUKKY!!!

My son is very excited.  We got a phone call tonight from Game Stop saying he can come there tomorrow at 9 PM to get the new game he had on reserve.  Star Wars Battlefront 2.  Only the people who reserved it are able to get it early.  I guess on some web site they said George Lucas gave Game Stop the rights to sell it early to those who reserved it.  He has been saving up for this for a long time.  Lots of babysitting.  Ok twice he babysat to get the money.  Yeah, last Friday, like two days ago, he babysat the cousins and made forty bucks!  Lucky little punk! lol

Went shopping today and bought a really cool mortor and pestal.  It is so cool.  I have always wanted one too.  Bought some really neat yard decorations and set them up.  One is a 5 light set of skulls and the eyes are bugged out, they light up too!  NEAT!!  The other thing is a 4 foot tall skeleton and it is creepy.  I put that fake spider web crap on it.  Looks spooky here now!  My nephew will hate it and will scream but oh well.  He best get used to the best damn day of the year!  lol

Next Saturday, nope Sunday, is my nephews third birthday!  He is having SHREK as the theme.  Of course my sister spent $25 just on paper plates and napkins.  Why is everything so expensive?  She ordered a cake from the grocery store.  I hope it is the real frosting kind and not the whipped cream like crap.  Ewwwe, I shudder to think of having to taste that crappy frosting.  I bought him a Spiderman sweatsuit outfit and a shirt.  She said she is getting him a bike, so I will get him a helmet as well. 

OOOOOO, I just remembered I got some beef jerky today...hmmm wonder where it is...I need some now!

Hubby left to go do his stupid Fantasy Football crap.  I could care less and he isn't even close to winning so why does he do it?  He is a stupid man I guess.

Well this boring day must come to an end...enjoy the evening for tomorrow is HALLOWEEN and we all get to pretend to be  something different.


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




Oct 30, 2005 at 06:02 o\clock

I am not liking the new neighbors much right now...

Yep, I dislike the neighbors and they have only been there for a few days now!  So, they have a couple of dogs...a boxer and black lab maybe doberman mix...anyways, they left a few hours ago and left them outside...ummm it is freezing out for one thing.  But they are barking and barking.  Nevermind it is as cold as ever out.  Poor puppies.  I made my son go over there cuz the little doggie got out.  Nope not home.  So they bark-my dogs bark and it has been going on for 3 hours...I am pissed off.

The other thing that ticks me off is the other neighbor a couple of houses down is having a Halloween party-outside-LOUD and very stupid kids...there are about 35 kids over there.  I don't mind her having a party but damn...stay in the house or even the backyard.  No, they have to go up and down the street yelling and screaming.  I saw a couple of girls fighting at the park and it was so stupid!

Ok, I am done bitching.

Not much happened today.  I finally got the rest of the fabric for my curtains and all.  Went and bought more spackle for the wall.  I only need two more containers and I will be done.  Then I can finally begin the plaster/paint crap.  I will do that tomorrow!  It is almost midnight now and I really am exhausted. 

 Had to get mouse bait killer.  Hubby calls and says, "Why didn't you tell me we had more pets?", I am like WHAT!!!  I guess he found a mouse in the house.  Ok, we have four damn cats and not even one can catch it?  Sad, very sad.  lol  I put one behind the fridge and one in this little place where we used to keep the garbage can(oh...maouse bait things).  I have two more that are going to go downstairs, mainly cuz my son is a bit freaked out by mice. 

Decided to get some paint thinner for the kitchen cupboards, just to get a head start on them.  It takes about an hour for it to work so between spackling and that I shoud get everything done by next weekend...yay!!!  I think I am going to paint them a blue/green colour.

My daughter is spending the night at a friends house and my son has a friend spending the night here.  I am so not liking this anymore!  I just want to relax and not deal with life and all sometimes!

Miss "Mey"---Hope the party was a success and all the parents were envious of how well you did things!!!lol  Happy Birthday to Tom!!

Miss Shelly--I know you are busy but I really miss our talks!  I miss you!!!  Have a great Halloween if I don't talk with you before then!

I am getting very excited for Wednesday...my stitches get taken out and I will be able to wear shoes again.  I wear my sandals for now but my toes are getting cold!  I may just take them out myself.  I have done it before and even took my dogs staples out.  That was a mess but I did it.  I had to use a wire cutter and a pliers but hey it worked and she is fine!

Well better go, I am tired and the dogs...nope I won't say it cuz as soon as I do, it will...shhhh...ok bbye all...


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Oct 28, 2005 at 16:44 o\clock

Borrowed from Mey who borrowed from Shelly...


1. Nervous Habits?  talk ALOT
2. Are you double jointed?  Yep...shoulder and thumbs

3. Can you roll your tongue? for the right person...lol

4. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time?  Yes
5. Can you blow spit bubbles?  yes

6. Can you cross your eyes?  Yes
7. Tattoos?  Yes
8. Piercings and where?  Ears
9. Do you make your bed daily? why should I ...only when company is coming


10. Which shoe goes on first? left

11. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone?  Yes-the cats

12. On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet? $50-never know when you find a great deal or the kids need something for school

13. What jewelry do you wear 24/7? none


15. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Twirl

16. Have you ever eaten Spam? No-eewwwee
17. Favorite ice cream flavor? cappucino
18. How many cereals in your cabinet? 4

19. What's your favorite beverage? espresso and San Pellegrino mineral water

20. What's your favorite restaurant? Los Amigos-local mexican eatery(homemade)

21. Do you cook? Yes-who the hell else is going to?


22. How often do you brush your teeth?morning and evening

23. Hair drying method? blow and natural...depends on time I have

24. Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair? Of course...I do have grey to hide...oops my secret is out!


25. Do you swear? All the time, but trying to quit(damn sunday drivers)

26. Do you ever spit? Toothpaste


27. Animal?  Cat

28. Food? homemade salsa

29. Month? October

30. Day? Halloween

31. Cartoon? The Smurfs
32. Shoe Brand? tennis shoes---NIKE dress shoes---doesn't matter
33. Subject in school? European History

34. Color? periwinkle

35. Sport? Baseball and UND hockey

36. TV show? ROSEANNE
37. Thing to do in the spring? get the garden going

38. Thing to do in the summer? Swimming in my backyard pool

39. Thing to do in the fall? long walks on the river road

40. Thing to do in the winter?  make a snowman


41. The CD player?  Luciano Pavarotti and Barry Manilow(SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE)lol

42. Person you talk most on the phone with?  mom

43. Ever taken a cab? yes-only in New York

44. Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors?  Heavens' no---I know I am ugly

45. What color is your bedroom?  Maroon and gold and dark wood sleigh bed
46. Do you use an alarm clock?  YES, I have to get up earlier these days

47. Window seat or aisle? Window, I want to see everything

14. Favorite piece of clothing? my green LUCKY BRAND sweatshirt


48. What's your sleeping position? tummy

49. Even in hot weather do you use a blanket?  NO!!!

50. Do you snore?  Yep
51. Do you sleepwalk?  no
52. Do you talk in your sleep?  Don't know...can't hear myself

53. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?  no
54. How about with the light on? I have fleece blankets over the windows...NO LIGHT!!!

55. Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on? Nope, it must be dead quiet!


Pepsi ~ Coke :: DIET COKE

Sprite ~ Mountain Dew :: neither

Dr. Pepper ~ Root Beer::  root beer with ice cream

Water ~ Milk::  WATER
Beer ~ Wine ::
beer-allergic to wine

Orange Juice ~ Grape Juice:: orange JUICE
Butter ~ Margarine:: BUTTER

Hot Dog ~ Hamburger::   
Cupcakes ~ Muffins::    
Donuts ~ Bagels::   
BAGELS-with cream cheese
Ice Cream ~ Cake::   cake

Cookies ~ Chocolate::  CHOCOLATE
Dark Chocolate ~ Milk Chocolate :: MILK CHOCOLATE
Raspberries ~ Strawberries::  

Apples ~ Bananas::   
Cherries ~ Kiwis::   
Black ~ White::   BLACK
Guys ~ Girls::  GUYS
Moon ~ Sun :: MOON
Night ~ Day ::night

Light ~ Dark :: dark

Sea ~ Ocean :: OCEAN
Rap ~ Rock :: rock

N*SYNC ~ BSB:: BSB(ha ha MEY!!)
Sublime ~ Bob Marley:: sublime

Puddle of Mudd ~ Nirvana :: puddle of mud

ACDC ~ Sex Pistols::   Sex Pistols( I did live in NEW YORK )

Hugs ~ Kisses::   HUGS
America ~ Europe::   
Asia ~ Africa::   
Johnny Depp ~ Orlando Bloom::   
Orlando Bloom

Leo Dicaprio ~ Josh Hartnett::Josh Hartnett

Pamela Anderson ~ Angelina Jolie::  Anjolina Jolie

Jennifer Anniston ~ Demi More::  Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher ~ Justin Timberlake::  Justin Timberlake

Cows ~ Sheep::  Sheep

Soccer ~ Rugby::  SOCCER
Football ~ Hockey:: Hockey

Baseball ~ Basketball:: Baseball

Swimming ~ Golf :: SWIMMING
Hot ~ Cold:: HOT 
This ~ That :: THIS
Pen ~ Pencil::   

Short Hair ~ Long Hair::    
Tea ~ Coffee::  tea



Todays' entry is below this one...if you care to read it!!!

Oct 28, 2005 at 15:58 o\clock

Busy Day Today...

So, it is payday today.  I have to go to the bank and get cash.  Then off for a fun-filled morning of bill paying and shopping.  I need to go to Menards(like a HOME DEPOT) and get more spackle for the walls and by the end of the weekend, I should be done with the walls and be able to paint! 

Last night I went to the fabric store and bought the rest of the fabric I needed for the window treatments in the kitchen.  I am getting very excited to get this done.  My mother is going to sew me the curtains.  Saves a bundle.

My son informed me yesterday he left twenty four dollars in his jeans and if I happen to come across it in the wash to give it to him.  HELLO, my rules are...I find it, I keep it.   Well I did find it and I kept it...until this morning.  I wanted him to freak out and learn that if he can't be responsible for his things, he won't get them!  See he is saving up for a game that comes out tomorrow(STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2).   Am I a mean mom to make him worry about it?  NO!!!  lol

Went with my mother and sister last night to BEST BUY to get her new tv.  She bought a SHARP brand...I am not liking her choice.  I tried to talk her into the TOSHIBA.  It was much nicer.  Oh well, she bought the extended warrenty so hopefully she won't need it!  That store is great but being in there for more than 10 minutes is very bad.  It was loud and it echoes so badly!  Went home with a headache.  Hubby had to go over to her house and take it into the house for her, my sister and her weren't able to lift it up the stairs. 

Oh crap, I have to call my sister-in-law(ughh), to find out what time my son has to babysit.  He is excited because he should make enough money to pay for his game.  Yep, I make my kids buy their own damn video games.  I refuse to pay upwards of $60 for a game they play and beat in a weeks time anyway.  You can't re-sell them for much so...

Ooop, I think I have to go help my mom at the church she works at and do the bulletins for the Sunday service!  Best get going so I can call and find out!

Have a great day you all and a great weekend too...



Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




Oct 27, 2005 at 16:03 o\clock

No clever title for this entry...write your own...

Ok, there is really nothing to say today.  I am a boring person and I have no life...you all here are pretty much my life and I am so greatful! 

My sister told me today that next week she is taking a half day off.  Her and my nephew are going to the dentist.  This will be his first trip there.  He will freak out I am sure!

My mothers' television went out on her last night so she is going to our newly opened Best Buy to hopefully get one.  A big one I hope!  She has had that tv foever...actually I think since I graduated High School(almost 18 years ago).  Then I think it is time for a new one.  I think if we get any money back from income tax...we are getting a big screen HDTV  tv for ourselves.  Oh, I bet not...we will probably need to pay more accumulated bills.

My daughter went to babysit the spoiled nephews last night and yes, we missed church.  She babysat from about five thirty PM till ten PM and she made thirty dollars.  I was lucky if I got a dollar an hour when I babysat like 25 years ago...lol  She is going to buy a new outfit with the cash and her allowance.  Friday my son is babysitting them, but has to spend the night!  He will get more for that. They  had a fight between them as to who was going to babysit which night.  They know if it is the weekend babysitting...they get more.  So I put their names in a hat and picked.  I had to or it would be a hug fight and I wasn't in the mood for it!

I finally got the dishes done...it seemed like it took forever.  It was only two and a half days of dishes and for the most part we uses paper plates.

Hubby got home last night at about nine PM.  He brought me an Anniversary card.  I told him I didn't want anything for a gift.  I just hate that whole thing about having to give a gift for this occasion.  I mean, just the fact that we survived 14 years is gift enough, for the kids anyways...lol   I also hate Valentines day.  Ok, so you love someone...if you say it everyday, you should be happy and not have to buy a gift or a card or flowers or candy.  I guess I am gettingold huh?  I mean griping about this shit!  SORRY, I apologize!

I will go before I dig a deeper grave for myself!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




I forgot to tell you all my sister in Florida survived the hurricane-WHOO HOO-but they are pionerring it, as she says.  No water, electricity and they have all the food and water.  See they have a brain...they are prepared even before one strikes...DUH!!!  I think if you live in an area that is known for hurricanes or like here, blizzards, be prepared before hand.  I have all my supplies downstairs and ready to go.  I replace everything every 6 months so it isn't old or expired(food).  I never want to go through what they went through down south!  Anyways...just wanted to let some of ya know she is ok!  Thanks for listening...

Oct 26, 2005 at 19:11 o\clock


Yay, I got my first of two Home Depot gift cards today!  I know I won't be using them so it really doesn't matter.  It is the principle of it!

My son came home for lunch and so did his friend.  I made him leftover lasagne and a turkey and cheese sandwich!  I then go to lok out the back window and there are like 10 people there.  I am  let us just say...a bit pissed!  They were going into my shed and throwing things and being stupid boys showing off!  Yes, my son was there, but he knows the rules and I think it is a good time to gently  remind him that there are to be NO kids other than one and him allowed.  Oh well.

So my nephew is being a bit of a pain today and NOT wanting to take a long nap! 

OMG---it is my Anniversary today!  Doesn't matter to me anymore, since hubby won't be here anyways.  I am making myself a roast and baked potatoes and veggies and bread!  Not much, but hey it'll do.  Only one of the kids is going to be here as the other is going to babysit. 

Mey...funny story...ok yesterday you talked about a mouse at the nursery and I had a dream about a mouse on my leg about the same time you were writing that.  Anyway, I forgot to tell you that later on that day while in the backyard...I found half of a dead mouse.  Is that just weird?  I am glad you are getting the party crap done...it is very exhausting!  MOUSE shaped balloons huh?  lol

Oh, ok...about Wal-Mart... a couple of weeks ago two girls went missing here in the state.  I believe they were 13 and 12 years old.  They found them and the guys who did it.  They were illegal aliens hired by Wal-Mart who were working on the new Sams' Club.  Well, I think it is about time to ban Wal-Mart.  I mean HELLO...can't they check the citizenship of their employees?  NOT THAT HARD.  Anyone who can READ can do it.  Oh but then again it is the Governments' job to check for that right?  Ok...I am done...

I am drinking a perrier now and it is so good.  I prefer my favorite San Pelligrino, but I am out and so yeah...

Don't know if I told you all about an EBAY thing I just went through.  I bought several items from a person and they said they would give a discount on shipping with a multiple order...ok they gave me a $4 discount.  I get the package oh about 16 days later and what they charged me was nineteen dollars and seventy seven cents, it cost them three dollars and 10 cents to ship.  I emailed them back and said why so much for shipping...I also told them I was going to leave negative feedback(which they really couldn't use as they had a bit already) if I didn't hear from them.  Well asap I get an email and they are sending me a refund.  They actually asked if I wanted more paints.  If I wanted more paints...I would have bought more!  See...EBAY is going to hell, but I am addicted in a bad way!

I decorated the front porch for Halloween.  I don't like doing it early as there are too many High School kiddos that like to make off with things that don't belong to them!  Looks cool.  I also put up orange lights. 

SHELLY--- I am going to send some recipes to you  in the mail OK?  I just don't have the patience to write them out on the puter and have them lost...lol

Well better get going...have to eat lunch and do the dishes...I have neglected them for two days now!  EWWWE

Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Oct 25, 2005 at 15:06 o\clock

Greetings and Salutations all...

Definately a green in between day!  Well yesterday was nice...not having the nephew while I convalece, lol.  The stitches are doing ok, but it is painful to walk.  So I got some more of the pink tiles off yesterday and my daughter helped too.  I have just behind the fride and won't be able to move it myself , so I will wait until hubby gets home this afternoon. 

Our '14th' wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I will be alone with the kiddos.  Yep, I know...but he has this thing for work and is in meetings all day!  He is able to talk with the 'HIGHER UPS' and maybe get his foot further in the door!!!  Which would be very nice, then he won't have to be in the Union!  Ok, the union is great(most of the time), but they get mad if you oh, let us say, until you do like this meeting stuff hubby is doing!  He is already gettting yelled at by the steward.  Oh well, if it means he gets a better position, who the hell cares!

My dear Shelly---I miss you terribly, the talks, the funny shit, and everything else.  I will try and be on more.  It is just so nice to get to bed early. 

Miss Mey---I am applying for the Home Make-Over thing today!!!  If they came and fixed my house...you and Shelly are the first to be invited, along with many other blogging friends(if they want).Well I best get going as I have to take my daughter to school and it is cold out...I have to warm the car up for oh...about an hour...hee hee!!

Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Oct 24, 2005 at 15:39 o\clock


It is definately an orange day today! 

Well...last night my do-it-yourself home decorating caught up with me.  I was taking more of the ugly pink plastic tiles off in the kitchen and one was really stuck.  I started pounding it with the putty knife to try and get it off.  Ummm, it didn't work and I am now the proud owner of 4 stitches on the top of my foot!  The blood shot out and pretty far too...my daughter was like...Mom that is alot of blood.  I am glad hubby was home and he took me in!  So I was in the emergency room for two and a half hours.  Yes I  know, I should have been wearing shoes but well...I don't like to, lol

I don't have my nephew today either...he went to the emergency room yesterday afternoon as well.  He fell and hit his head on tv dinner trays and went into shock.  My mom was freaking out and so was my sister and yet she had to wait an hour before she saw a doctor.  Now with a head injury, especially on a small child, wouldn't they want to see them right away?  Oh maybe it wasn't life threatening enough!  Why the hell do they do that shit!?  So they saw the doc and were sent home.  He has a big, well not a goose egg, an ostrich egg bump on his head and a few scrapes.  I have not seen him but I talked to him last night...he kept saying boo boo...poor little guy!   So he is stayign home today with mommy!

I may tackle the rest of the pink tiles today but I don't know for sure as I can't wear a shoe and it gets pretty dusty when I scrape off the palster!  Maybe I should just take a nap!

Well enough of my boring life adventures in home decorating...

Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Oct 21, 2005 at 18:44 o\clock

The Week From Hell...

Well yes it is a blue kind of day...mainly because my life is so sucky right now.

Yesterday at my hubbys' work, the sheriff came and gave him garnishment papers.  Hello...we pain off that bill 3 weeks ago, so I don't know what theyare going to do.  I hate life right now!

I went to Home Depot to get another quart of paint to finish my daughters' bedroom.  Yeah...like I love that store now.  Oh, I decided to call the customer service line today(from the website) and told them my complaint and they are turning them in and guess what else...I am being sent another gift card...$50.  I really don't want to go back.  I only did yesterday because that is the only place that sells that brand of paint!!  You all should see my daughters room...it is, as she calls it, her mac-n-cheese room.  Yep the colour is exactly that!!  Now I just have to finish my kitchen...at the rate things are going it may not be till next year...lol  I decided to pull the 1950's pink(yes pink and in the kitchen no less) plastic tile off the lower half of the wall.  Ok, not a big deal, but the jerkass who installed it back in the 50's didn't know what the hell he was doing...they used this really hard glue crap(more scraping)  I had to go buy a huge ass container of spackle and do that lower half...I tell you this is becoming a nightmare...

Anyways...I went to the store this morning and bought dog food and toilet paper...I bought popcarn too. 

Not much going on today...I have my nephew and he'll be here till about 7PM tonight.  Then he is going to my moms.  My sister has inventory at work so she won't be home till around 2 AM.

My daughter has a birthday party to go to tomorrow...I have no idea as to what to get the girl...I guess cash, which is usually what I give ha ha ha...

Well best get going...I hear someone snoring so I assume this has bored them to a heavy sleep...lol


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




Oct 19, 2005 at 15:03 o\clock

I am MAD!!!

Yes it is a red day now!!!  I start painting my kitchen with the 'venetian plaster'  ok...I say to myself...this doesn't look right but kept going because maybe that is what it will look like after two coats of it...still not happy with the way it looked so I read the can and the directions on the paper and online...let us just say that HOME DEPOT is a total crock at hiring competent(?) people.  They didn't give me VENETIAN PLASTER...they gave me fricken SANDWASH!!!   So I call HOME DEPOT and they tell me just bring it in and we will exchange it for the venetian plaster...so tell me smartasses(referring to the dips at H D), how do I get this hard as a rock by now sand crap off my wall?  Their response...I guess you'll just have to scrape it off.   I get to H D and went off at them...they proceeded to give me my money back and a gift card(which they are mailing to me), and a topcoat for when I am done.  I guess my uncle will be getting a gift card for Christmas...lol  I thought to myself...KEEP GOING...lol  I get home and I have to scrape it down to the drywall...WTF...I am so pissed off right now!  It isn't my fault they can't understand ENGLISH!!!  They mixed it wrong...they should come and scrape it off and fix it!  So that is the reason for my early entry today...I have to get scraping.  At least it is only a half wall and not the whole kitchen...ughhh  Needless to say I will NOT be going back to HOME DEPOT!!!

Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...




Oct 18, 2005 at 21:34 o\clock


It is an orange day...mainly because I have orange paint all over me!  The same colour as this writing too.  hee hee

Well I have not been updating or commenting lately, I have been busy painting and decorating and shopping for wall things and pictures.  I thought I would only need one gallon of paint for my daughters' room.  Yeah, right!!!  I had to put three coats of paint over the walls to cover it good!  But it is done...now we have to redecorate her room.  I bought several things that will look great in there, but doubt she will like it.  I just want her room to look grown-up not childish and cluttered, you know?

Haven't gotten the information about the school yet...I have no idea as to why...they are only in the next town---7 miles away.  Oh well...maybe it is a sign that I am not supposed to do that yet.  I say too damn bad!!!

I MUST buy a lottery ticket, it is over three hundred million dollars...yeah I could use it...and yes Sapphire...I will still get you your pick-up or if you have changed your mind...I will get you whatever you need!!!  I still play the numbers and a few others now! lol  And Shelly---you know what we are going to do!

The 26th is my 15th wedding anniversary...hubby asked me what I wanted...I dare not tell him what I really want, but I said a dishwasher.  I know stupid, but I really want one bad!!!  When you have been married as long as that...material things like jewelry and flowers and candy is stupid.  Get something useful!!!  Not that I don't like jewelry, but I don't wear it...not even my wedding bands. 

Got my nails done on Friday...they look like hell because I have been painting but oh well.

Finally got my Aunties' birthday gift done...uhhh her birthday was in March...but I made it with these flowers that they had at Hobby Lobby and since I don't go there anymore...anyways...I did go there to see if they had anymore of the flowers I used for the thing I made her and well...they are dicontinued...so I had to take it apart and re-do it to a smaller size.  OK...you are probably wondering what I made...I take a styrofoam ball...cut the stems off the rose(fake one) and hot glue it to the ball until covered.  Then I add a silk tie ribbon and spray with rose essence.  Her bedroom is victorian so I hope it will work out ok. 

Does anybody out there know how good that Black and Decker MOUSE  sander thing is?  I am needing a sander but don't want a real big one...any suggestions would be great!!!  I need to sand my kitchen cuppboards(?).

Last night I sat outside for four hours just looking at the moon, among various other things...I got some really great pictures and will post them, if, I can finally do it!

Well, enough boring-ness...


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Oct 13, 2005 at 21:09 o\clock

Ok, I will tryand update...

This is a yellow day...mainly because the sun is finally out and shining.

There is not alot going on here.  My nephew is yelling at a 'BIG TRUCK' at the park that is currently demolishing a favorite ride there.  I have no idea as to why they are doing that...it works just fine.

Went to  a home store last night...MENARDS...and found the colour of paint for my kitchen walls.  I just need to find the fabric for my curtains now!  My daughter also wants her bedroom re-painted and she picked out a sunset like orange...it is very pretty!  She also picked out a very nice compliment colour.  I think she has some decorating blood in her!!!  lol  On EBAY I found a gorgeous vintage tablecloth from Italy to use.  Just a simple white one with embroidery on it.  I have a beautiful vase I bought a long time ago that will look great on it!  It came with napkins as well...ok I am very excited to get the kitchen done.

Tomorrow is PAYDAY...I get my nails done and the kids get to go shopping...for clothes anyways! 

My sis-in-law just called and wanted to know if one of the kiddos would like to babysit tonight.  They have an HBA meeting and it will last a long time.  They pay damn good too.  One night my son babysat for like 3 hours and he got 30 bucks.  I said...next time I get to babysit.  But knowing how those kids are(spoiled and rich), I don't think I will!  She mentioned to me that her cousin sells this stuff that is a liquid vitamin and it is supposedly great for arthritis sufferers.  Now I am not a person who is big on things that are not approved by the FDA but if it works yeah I may try it.  I have to see what is in it and all.  I am allergic to so many things these days...I want to be safe! 

I suppose I have bored you all to death by now...hey you I hear you snoring...I am done writing now...lol 


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Oct 11, 2005 at 20:33 o\clock

STOLEN FROM SHELLY...enjoy it...

1. underpanties(victorias secret if you must know!)
2. Grey Old Navy t-shirt(for now, I will change later for my appt.)

3. grey sweatpants(will change those later too)

4. Salmon coloured bra(victorias secret)

5. Burberry perfume


2. Damn bird

3. the wall
4. television
5. wall mirror

1. to win the lottery
2. time for me

3. a vacation(at least a month)
4. a new car(in the spring I do get a new car!)
5. live in Europe

1. This survey
2. waiting for the mailman
3. watching my nephew
4. watching  Wild Thornberries(nephew is actually)
5. Doin' the laundry

1. tried a couple of different drugs(like illegal ones and a LONG time ago)

2. got married too young(ok, so 21 isn't young anymore but I feel like I was)

3. never went to college(but am going to start in spring)

4. adopted too many pets(5 birds, 4 cats, 3 hamsters, two dogs)

5. started to remodel the bathroom like 12 years ago and haven't finished

1. sloppy joes(supper last night)

2. twizzlers(for breakfast)hello fat free)

3. Ramen Noodle cup-o-soup(lunch today)

4. nectarines(3)

5. pizza(lunch yesterday)

1. two loads of laundry
2. bid on 3 things on EBAY
3. Showered

4. Brushed teeth, twice

5. cleaned the bathroom(again)

1. the tv
2. my nephew playing his xylophone(headache)

3. the dryer drying the last load of clothes

4. an ambulance driving by

5. the birds chirping LOUDLY to each other

1. blue



4. brown


1. I feel a headache coming on

2. is it friday yet?
3. what am I going to wear to the physical therapist?

4. Shut up you stupid birds...

5. where the hell is the mailman



1.Miss Shelly(Miss You G.)

2. Miss Mey(so we can embarass our hubbys'...lol)

3.  The Queen of England(don't ask why...just do)

4.  the real me!

5. Ghandi(just cause that is what I hear people say all the time)


Thank you Shelly for this little survey thingy...it was fun!

Oct 11, 2005 at 02:32 o\clock

I am in a blue mmod today...

Listening to: Watching HOCUS POCUS on Disney Channel...

Well it is a blue day today.  As I said in my previous entry, I asked my sister to take some stuff back to Old Navy for me, well she DID NOT!!!  I was so mad at her.  But I kept my cool and just let it be.  I am going to send it to my aunt, she lives in Fargo and sh said she would do it.  I just want to get the cash back before the 90 days thing is up and it is soon.   I do so much for her and get treated like crap.  She is going to have a BIG wake-up call when I start school.  I sent away for information about it and when it starts.  Next course doesn't start until the spring.  I will definately be there, with bells on if need be!  lol

I am counting the days until Halloween, my favorite holiday ever!  I am going to be a faerie so I am still on the lookout fo a low cut(in the back) shirt so my wings will fit.  Whoooo Hoooo, I am very excited!

Yesterday I woke up at 8AM and by 8:30 I was cleaning the kitchen.  I cleaned for over 8 hours.  And it still looks a mess, but I did take the fan blades down and re-paint them, scrubbed the walls, the floor and threw alot of dishes away and other things I don't want or use.  I don't want to hear about how I threw them away either, I just don't want to save things for a rummage sale anymore!  And  now you have to make an appointment to take your stuff to the thrift store, I am not in the mood for that.  I cleaned the oven out and the microwave.  I hung a few pictures, which I have had for like 10 years, but never put up.  Ok, I am not a decorator and it takes me awhile to get it right.  We have lived in this house for 12 years and I have yet to decorate the livingroom.  I have 2 mirrors up and that is it.  Next weekend I am going to paint the kitchen.  I am thinking yellow, not a bright yellow, just something simple. My mother is making me some curtains, if I ever find the right fabric.  I found some nice fabric today but it is 15 dollars a yard and I need at least 30 yards!  I am thinking Italian...I continue the quest...

My daughter had her orthodontist appointment today and decided on orange and black...hmmm it looks a bit weird but it is festive for Halloween.  The doctor told me he may want to take them off and wait till all her teeth are out and I said sure but then he said we'll wait till next time and go from there. 

Tomorrow I begin physical therapy for my knee and hips.  I am very sure this isn't going to work.  UGHHH...

I shaved my doggie and it took 3 hours and I am not done yet...I need someone to hold her legs because she hates her legs touched.  DUMB DAMN DOG!

Well that was my weekend...boring but it is my life...and it sucks alot!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...






Oct 8, 2005 at 00:33 o\clock

Yep...I hate the cold!!!

It is a purple day today!!!  Nothing really exciting has happened here.  

 I have had the last two days off and now the weekend...it has been relaxing, but I am sooooo bored.  I have cleaned just about everything.  YAY!! 

My sister went to Fargo today to take a friend our for lunch.  I asked her to take something back to Old Navy for me(we don't have one here yet!) and she acted as if it was such a great deal!  Ok, I watch her kid Monday thru Friday, w/out pay mind you and for me to ask this simple little thing...I just don't get it.  I hope she did it though!  I have gotten her many things on trips to Fargo. 

Next friday I have an appointment for my nails...I am very excited...I haven't had nails on for three months now!  I miss them greatly, lol.

I have also been re-evaluating my life and made a few decisions for me, for once.  I am going to start school(cosmetology(?) school), that is hairdresser school.  I have wanted to do it for many years, actually when I was in High School I wanted to do it!  I am going to look into it on Monday and apply for some loans and whatnot!  I am learning Italian as well and one day hope to go to Italy.  Ok, I didn't watch the movie 'Under the Tuscan Sun' and want to do that.  In fact I have been wanting that as well for many years...I just watched that movie for the first time three days ago...BTW!!! 

I made fish for my daughter tonight for supper.  *gag*  I can't stand fish, but yet I love oysters(raw), lobster and even cocktail shrimp...so I don't get that.  It was her fish, if any of you remember from my previous blog, that she caught on the fishing trip with her friend.  She was the only one to catch one also.  Anyway...she ate it up yum yum(for her).

My son gets pizza and I don't feel like eating...things are just nuts here.

Cashed the refund check the electric company sent us...shhh don't tell my hubby.  What he doesn't know, won't hurt him!!!

My daughter has a friend coming over at 6pm tonight to sleep over.  At least I like her, she is good to Amanda and not a back stabbing assholes, like a few others who shall remain nameless!! 

I best get going, I am tired and my knee is hurting awful!!!


Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...



Oct 6, 2005 at 16:37 o\clock

Sorry for the absence...

Greetings all...sorry I have not updated, I have not been feeling well.  I finally went in to the doctor about my damn knee.  I have arthritis and in my hips as well.  I will  be taking COSAMIN DS (over the counter glucosamine thingy) to help with the pain and all...yeah sure.  It contains sulfate, of which I am allergic to, so I will have to ask the pharmacist if I can take it!  I will also begin physical therapy next tuesday. 

Also there are things going on here that are not good, but I will not get into that, it is just not good.

Hubby left early because he has to go to Game and Fish Department to get his deer hunting permit license thing.  I really don't want any deer meat in the freezer.  I don't eat it and neither does my daughter.  YUKKY!

Our KHOLS' finally opened on Sunday!  I  spent over a hundred dollars in fifteen minutes.  For myself I bought  a polar fleece COLUMBIA jacket and a candle.  My daughter got a pair of jeans, mascara and eyeliner.  The pets got these neat wipes.  They are like wet-naps and you just wipe your pet down if they are stinky and then they smell better.  Yesterday in the mail I recieved a ten dollar gift card for a minimum ten dollars purchase.  YEAH!!!  I found a nice pair of shoes that I had to leave behind on Sunday because I did not bring enough cash with.  TODAY I WILL GET THEM and use that gift card!

Yesterday it snowed.  I hate the cold.  There was no power at my daughters' school for like two hours.  She said if it was out for only another 1/2 hour, they would have sent everyone home.  Thank Goddess it came back on...because I wasn't home and I think the extra key was in the house.  See, my kids can't put anything back when they use things.  Oh well, they are kids...lol

The funace is acting up now.  I have to go down and re-light the pilot every hour or so.  I best have someone come and look at it!  Why us...it seems like we get ahead just a bit and then something happens...I really need to win the lottery!!!lol

Our electric company sent us a refund check, not much but it will get a tank of gas.  Of course they OVERCHARGED everyone, so we all get refunds. 

My nephew went with me yesterday to my appt and was so great!  He got colours and paper.  Oh, also a ton of stickers...it was so cute, he kept giving stickers to everyone when we got home.  I got a Bob the Builder one...YEAH!!!

I best get going, I don't have my nephew here today or tomorrow and I need to get caught up on housework and sleep.

Have a great day everyone!

Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...