Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon

Aug 11, 2006 at 01:32 o\clock


what the hell is going on with this stupid page?

like hell!

Anyways, I'm SO STRESSED right now it's not even funny. Tomorrow, I have to go to the passport office to get my passport, then I am going to visit my coworker Cynthia on her last day of work where we used to work together and then I'm supposed to go out with Ray ( Di's sister's ex bf who became my friend, weirdly enough) before he goes to Banff to go skiing!

 omg, I was supposed to do drinks with Harshaw yesterday with Rachelle but that fell through because I had made other plans. Saturday ( the day after tomorrow) I am going to a beach party, after which i have to rush to Pat's open mic show somewhere downtown! Then on Sunday, I promised to go to a bar to drink my ass off :(

Monday and Tuesday i have to be in Kingston looking for a 3 bedroom apartment for me, migchels and tonia but on Tuesday I have to meet with my professor at 11 on Tuesday and Monday night, Julia wants to go clubbing with me because she hasn't had a friend there the entire summer!

Wednesday I come back and I'm making plans to meet up with Dan, who I ran into at the coffee shop and he told me to call him to make plans to catch up. Di also wants to come so I have to talk to them both to make plans to all get together. I also told my ex ex ex Eric that I'd catch up with him sometime THIS week but THAT'S not happening so it's going to have to be next week where I will have to tutor, take Renee out for dinner and buy Euros :( .. OMG MY HEAD IS SPINNING!

 Anyways, i'm going to go do some more research on the prof I'm working for.

On a lighter note, today I got picked up by a cute guy who was younger than me. How flattering to know I still look younger than 24 :P Still! I will follow through on my plan to remain single for atleast a year. ATLEAST!

 going to go eat now!

tchocky pocky


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