Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon

Aug 5, 2006 at 07:53 o\clock


Earlier, I sat and websurfed while I was waiting for my mudpack on my face to dry. Afterwards, I couldn't even smile. My friend Nunes ( Jeff) fell into hysterics at the thought. So could you imagine how I hysterical I looked upon discovering the wonders of YouTube? There are things on there that would have taken me a decade to find from other sources... I thought I had an impressive collection of radiohead video/video clips.. do you knwo what the fuck I found? I found the video for High and Dry... UK VERSION! (that's like trying to find a picture of Rachel Owen, only I did once and I felt really bad for that.. it was honestly accidently on an Italian fan website)

Omg.. I can see why they don't go showing that UK version around anymore (I'm actually embarassed for Radiohead) and why it's virtually impossible to find ( actually.. it WAS possible to find.. virtually :P)

ok that was geek humour.

Anyhoo.. now with all these wonderful treasures at my fingertips, I'm crippled because I cannot download these treasures INTO my computer. Meaning should YouTube ever shut down, i would not to able to access anything. I've been trying for hours to figure out how to download these magnificent findings but to no avail. I asked my friend Nunes if it was possible.. but that I dreaded the answer so don't tell me... wait no no i'm ready tell me! and then you know what? the answer was " I don't think so"

fucking crush my heart nunes!

So if ANYONE is capable of downloading files from YouTube onto ur harddrive.. PLEASE msg me... I'll buy you ice cream.


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