Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon

Aug 8, 2006 at 05:10 o\clock


I can't believe how busy I've been this past week, and moreover, I can't believe how little recollection I have of the events of the past week either.

I wanted to write, just in case I forget, that while the rest of the fam was out camping, my little sister and I had a fun day together. After church we went to Dominion to buy foods we wanted to eat. We bought a bag of cherries, tomatoe and basil and parsley and italian bread ( we should have gotten the french bread in retrospect) for the bruschetta she was making for dinner. er.. I forgot what else we got but we came home and made a fruit salad too.

We also stole the remainder of the wine left over from Christmas I believe ( I can't believe I didn't find it sooner) but it wasn't enough to get us even remotely buzzed or relaxed. In defiance of our parents, we exclaimed, " **** the dishes! let it rot in the sink until tomorrow in all of our procrastinating glory!" We stayed up til 5 watching Waterboy and various other shows that were on at the mo. Needless to say, we were awoken by the sound of the thunderous neanderthal entrance of my father and half-dazed, we rushed downstairs to do the dishes in our PJ's and crazy bed hair.

It's so nice spending time with the baby sis with the parents gone. I am really missing my other baby sis in Korea. We spoke to her over webcam and on the phone and she seemed really excited but when we mentioned how much Matty had grown and how much his confidence had grown too, she burst into tears exclaiming, " MATTY GREW UP SO MUCH!"

Then she wiped all of her tears away with her little sleeve.. she's so cute.

In any case, I've been contemplating whether or not I should maintain this page on Blogigo :(. I love Blogigo and everyone I met on here but as of late, I've been finding myself more and more doodling and writing in my diaries at home and I find a kind of freedom there that I don't really find on here anymore. I don't really know who reads my entries. The ppl who do read them, I'm completely comfortable but at times, I feel held back, in case this person reads or that person reads, not that I'd be necessarily talking about them.. it's just.. well.. I can't really explain it. As well there has been a kind of internal drama that has been occuring regarding blogs that has me really pissed, basically dealing with a psycho that doesn't have her facts straight but instead of engaging in a war of words, ( which clearly, I would win anyways) I've wanted to just fuck off this page atleast to another page where she won't read my entries anymore. I can't stand the idea that by expressing my feelings and ideas and dramas on this page, I would be making myself vulnerable to her ridiculousness.

Ok.. my baby sister wants me to do something fun.... she's funny :P hahahaha she wants me to excitedly flip the pages of the new IKEA catalogue that came in.. man their stuff is so cheap!

ok ... I'm still debating, but I thought I should mention it.


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  1. shellbug773 wrote at Aug 8, 2006 at 07:18 o\clock:Hey darlin,

    First of all, I\'d hate to have to go redneck on someones ass for messing with my lil tchocky. That would completely suck for them. Psychotic or not, Im much meaner. Secondly, I have a website in mind, if you still wanted to blog, that you can block ips and password protect specific entries if you want. Infact, I have two different websites that have this option. =) Lastly, I would miss you terribly. Not really sure what I\'d do without being able to read and make sure you\'re ok, no one is hurting you, and you\'re having fun. I just want you to know that there\'s options, but I\'ve been in your shoes. Im sure you remember when alla that happened with me. Let me know if you want the websites, I\'ll give em to you. =)




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