Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon

May 28, 2006 at 01:32 o\clock


Yesterday, Jobo had this great urge to go shopping...
NO WAY FOR ME.. I say to myself... cuz you know i'm broke, unemployed and in debt because of a concert.

We get to the mall and after 6 hours, jobo leaves with one pair of sandals.. and me? I bought a fall jacket from Zara, a chiffon top from Mango and a clutch purse from Aldo... am I crazy?

No it gets crazier,.. tomorrow I'm going to Detroit with Dianne until Tuesday to do some REAL shopping... I'M SO STUPID!

the rest of the night was really fun. Amish called me from the airport like he promised before he left for Europe :( Oh well.. atleast I have other friends in TO. Trelly met us at the station and then we went to the LCBO to buy some sangria and beer, then we went to the supermarket to buy pizza and chips and then we went to Jobo's and watched a movie while we ate and then we karaoked until 2. It was a karaoke face off.. me and trelly against jobo and li... trelly was weak at first but if you think you've seen a man REALLY sing "i'm so excited" you haven't seen Trelly....

I would be like "I'M SO EXCITED"
me: and I just can't hide it
Treldon: nono no no noooooooo

that was one of the highlights of the evening.

Today I took lil bro to watch OVER THE HEDGE.. I've decided that Disney sucks now (that stupid lion movie was exactly like madagascar and worse if you can believe it) but OVER THE HEDGE WAS FANTASTIC! i love hammy! and the little baby porcupines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I talked to Mani online and he played a bunch of Radiohead songs that he's been practicing! He's quite good! Then his cute little brother's joined ( his family breeds heartbreakers! They are soooo cute! )

Dreamworks it is!
Disney needs to stop concentrating on graphics and go back to 2 dimensional characters and develop the story line and the characters. Dummies.

Alright, we're going out for dinner as a family tonight cuz it's my uncle's birthday! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

be good while I'm away in Detroit!

May 25, 2006 at 22:24 o\clock


Well I finally got a hold of Mani.. we talked for like 4 hours.. poor Mani's
phone bill. I'm really glad that we got to talk, I didn't get to in awhile. I think he thought I didn't care to talk to him because I have been so busy lately ( although he's been much busier than me with rugby and the like) but we still care about each other a lot and hopefull will get to talk more frequently. There are a lot of things stressing out Mani these days.. I hope he'll be ok.

Anyways, I gotta help my baby bro with some homework !
See ya

May 25, 2006 at 09:05 o\clock

shit shit my stomach hurts sooo bad!

Tonight I went to Milestone with Amish, Lisa and Jobo. It was the first time Amish and Jobo met tonight.. Amish thought she was really cool, I hope she felt the same about Amish. Lisa and Amish have somehow become the greatest friends behind my back.. hmph! hahah...Anyways, it was the first time  ( and only time! grr)  I got to see him this summer and after tomorrow he leaves for Europe to catch up with our other friends. I'm so jealous! I wish I got to backpack around Europe!. I hope they have a lot of fun.  Hopefully I'll be in Paris soon, I need to get a hold of Mani, and see if he made the changes in our arrangements to stay in Paris.. if that guy ever mails or calls me back.

Anyways.. I was going to go eat with them but I was too impatient so I bought a coffee and a boston cream donut while waiting to eat.. and then I got this shrimp and mussel thing with a bellini there but they didn't remove the coriander even though I asked. And for fear the chef would spit in my food I just sucked it up and ate it and now my stomach is hating me for it.. the mussels were soggy, not chewy at all and the coriander.. ech! It's like the only spice I hate.

I got my official acceptance letter.. yay! Now I'm looking for all these funds to help me fund my way through graduate school. I have a lot of incentive to keep an A average.. I'll be eligible for a lot of awards that would bring about a lot of cash.

I'm really excited actually, I have no idea what my program will be like :D I really want to excel.

Right now, I know Amish is a little bit anxious, he got all these conditional MBA acceptances from these schools but he thinks he failed the only course that he needs to be accepted.. I really really hope he doesn't fail.. I know he's really scared right now.. I know how it feels to be so anxious and doubtful.. I hope he'll be alright.. I'll pray. I'm also anxious about Mani.. I don't know what he is going to do next year. If he is accepted to Canada, I wonder if he'll accept .. he had told me to tell my brother that he wouldn't be coming to canada.. I really don't want our break up to affect him.. although I really don't think he's that stupid to throw away an opportunity to go to school in Canada. I have no idea why he hasn't atleast emailed me back yet about the paris reservations but maybe he hasn't had time to change our reservations. We'll see. But I'm really impatient and I want to know what is happening about Paris.

On Friday I'm seeing Jobo, Trelly and Lisa again.. yay! I hope we get drunk.. but not new years drunk.. they know what I'm talking about..

and then next week, I'm going to dinner with rosa downtown.. we have to catch up!

STILL on the job prowl.. argh..all this hunt for money is making me nauseous.. or maybe that's just my donut, bellini and coriander talking.. ugh.. i'm never mixing that shit again!

I hope something turns up for me soon... hope all is well

May 24, 2006 at 16:01 o\clock

Soca night adventures

I told Lisa I'd write about soca night and here is what I have to say about it:

In the early hours of the night, Lisa and I were getting dressed. She said it's not even casual.. "ppl wear track suit!" " ppl wear HUGE clunker runners" " ppl don't even brush their hair.. all you do it mosh around and get dirty and sweaty"
ugh.. ALREADY unappealing to me.. the ultimate germaphobe.

WE GET THERE.. AND cops are swarming all over the place.. " what's going on Li?" I was so scared.. I thought something happened.. and she responds " it's a black jam.. where there is a black jam there will be a sea of cops" It's so awful but it was true. The night was so young and everyone came to have fun but there were cops everywhere.. i had never experienced that before..

cut to the scene when we are standing in line.. most of them are guys so far and then the first signs of girls show up... ALL OF WHOM ARE WEARING HIGH ASS LEATHER HEELS, JEWELRY, MINI SKIRT, BELTS AND PERMED HAIR.. like shit!
I looked literally like I was in pjs.. not only that, but I thought that this place was going to be so dressed down, I opted to wear full bottom underwear instead of a thong because.. at a place like this who is going to care that you can see my underwear line!? right!?! WRONG!


shh. it's ok tchock.. she says... we make fun of these ppl who come in pumps and then are limping away at the end of the night holding their shoes.. and she giggles to herself.. so here I am, giggling along, thinking, yah.. more girls like us will show up soon.. stupid girls...

BUT OH NO! LEMME TELL YOU WE WERE BEING LAUGHED AT BECAUSE EVERY GIRL THERE WAS DRESSED TO IMPRESS! AAAAAAAAAH! Lisa spotTED ONE GIRL who is dressed "down" in runner but she was wearing way cute cargo pants.. pants taht I held up to lisa and asked if I should wear and she said " no wear that tattered pajama bottom you brought instead" ( ok not quite like that but you get the point).

Ok so here we are inside, standing there.. I feel like a very awkward, underdressed hobo. Lisa decides that we need to drink.. I DECIDE AS WELL!.
Then after sitting cuz for the first 4 hours of the soca jam everyone stands aroudn like it's a high school gym dance, we venture to the front of the stage where the live performances will take place. I only know one artist that will be on that night.. Destra. So I'm looking forward to it.
As we are standing there, Lisa thinks that she's going to teach me this move

the song goes like this:
"cent (stick ur ass to the right) 5 cent ( stick ur ass out the back) 10 cent ( stick ur ass out the left) dolla (pelvic thrust!) ..cent, 5 cent, 10 cent dolla.. cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, dolla... cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, dolla.... DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! DOLLA! .. entire room of pelvic thrusting, nicely dressed ppl. I nearly fainted.

OK! So we are standing there.. and everyone at the front of the stage.. are these gorgeous girls all dressed up.. some in just bikini tops, once girl tghat looked like beyonce and there I am.. frazzled pony tail, confused look on my face.. AND THE RADIO SHOW WAS HOSTING THIS EVENT so video cameras were all up in my face! I tried to hide behind everyone.. but the cameras were all around the artist and the ppl at the front ( that's me and lisa) and I couldn't avoid it..

 I pictured all these ppl at home watching, laughing at the only asian girl in a sea of black and indian ppl looking confused and furiously scrubbing her arms down with her towel whenever someone sweaty touched her. At one point someone threw water in the air ( or atleast Lisa assures me it was water) and it lands on my neck and I'm about to have a freak out because I thought someone's sweat dripped all over me... I looked as though I would cry and Lisa said.. don't worry it's water)  OH! everyone carries a towel.. but not for practical reasons like for removing the sweat of other ppl.. no.. they like to dance with it and whip it and twirl it in the air.. I GOT WHIPPED IN THE FACE BY ABOUT 50 TOWELS THAT NIGHT! Not only that but this girl came and spilled BEER ALL OVER MY UNDERWEAR-LINE-SHOWING ASS! stupid cow!

although.. Lisa got a big sweaty elbow in her mouth.. YUCK! hahahhaha u shoulda seen her face after.. so disgusted!

At about 1am the first act comes on. The first act was this cute guy, I don't know his name, but then he picks a girl from the audience to do this dance move with him. What they do is, put their respective right leg between the other persons leg.. and then at the sound of the beat proceed to bang into each others pelvises as hard as they can... there is a certain rhythm to it, BANG..1..2.. BANG..1..2..BANG 1..2.. then suddenly BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!... then suddenly! he lifts her legs up over his elbows and shes in the air and he proceeds to bang really fast! WHAT KIND OF SHOW IS THIS!? I think I was the only person who blushed... oh man I've never been to a club like THIS before..

Destra comes on.. she put Janet Jacksons cleavage to shame. Her entire performance I was so worried for her that her girls would fall out..

Finally the act that Lisa came to see comes on. His name is Maximus... o m g... before.. the crowd was relatively mild.. well.. in comparison to what would be happening next.. this dude with huge eyeballs comes on stage and the entire crowd lose their minds and this entire club becomes a big sweaty mosh pit.. my feet did not touch the ground, I was falling all over the place, I felt like elephants were trampling on my feet, Lisa did her best to hold me and keep me away from the hooligans but mind you, she was a hooligan herself.. I was crying out for help but no one can hear me because this music is SO LOUD!

after about 8 songs his set was done, and lisa and I decide to call it a night.. which was very wise because I could not walk.. despite having worn astronaut shoes, my toes were BUSTED. I hobbled all the way over to coat check and then to my car.

I was so happy lisa had fun. I felt like she was so preoccupied by showing me how to have fun that she didn't really have fun but she did! so I was happy. i'm finally pulling out of the club when lisa is like " wait! wait! there is a cop with flashing lights behind you"

i pull over and I'm like, can I help you officer?
This blond lady cop tells me that there was a shooting outside the club the night before and that they're doing random checks ... (yeah because Lisa and I LOOK LIKE SUCH  GANGSTERS!) she takes my ID and lisa's ID, goes back to her car, checks our background and then returns them to us.. have a good night ladies... THANK GOD! I'm pretty sure she saw that I had no insurance cuz my dad cut it while I was away at school, but I think she felt sorry for me and that if my evening ended with a big ass ticket, I'd probably faint.

So! We chilled at Lisa's for a bit and I drove home at about 5:30 am..

7 hours
50 towels to the face
26 ppl's sweat wiped off my arms
3 elbows to the head
6 broken toes
2 drinks
2 busted ear drums
1 wet ass
1 inappropriate touching
1 time getting pulled over
and 50 bucks later.....

I had fun :)

May 22, 2006 at 01:40 o\clock

hey peops

AND I DID WELL! whahoo!
sorry I have to make this so brief...
yesterday night I went out with my friends Di and her bf Chris and Livie and her bf who is also my friend Randy.. I haven't seen Livie and Randy in FOREVER ( literally) .. i have more to say, just can't right now. Dan and Rob Bruno were supposed to come but bailed last minute.
Also, I slept over at Di's.. we chowed down Mcdonald's at night after we came back from wine ( i got drunk.. as per usual thanks to my best friend Wine) and then we went to bed at 4. Then, I got home by 8am. Then...
my mom is home that means dinner time! then I have to go to church and then after church I'm going to SIN AT THE SOCA JAM! I know it's odd.. I know i'm going to be the odd asian girl at a predominantly black jam.. but i'm going to experience this and make my girl Lisa happy! she's SUCH A SUPER FRIEND! and she's been begging me to come to these things for like ever!
ok fooood!
talk later!

May 20, 2006 at 13:00 o\clock

Test Day

I shouldn't be nervous but I really am!
Had dreams of not being able to write essay :s
gotta jet soon

May 19, 2006 at 15:45 o\clock

Got sucked in by an informercial again...

Today .. this morning! First thing I did!.. was peel orange skin off the pulp for my brother's lunch.
THEN! i turn on the tv and guess what? I buy this anti-aging cream developed by Dr. Jean-Louis Sebaugh that Cindy uses.. I was thinking.. how DOES she still look the same as she did 10 years ago. Then he goes.. we use the enzyme SOD.. I KNOW WHAT THAT IS! Super oxide dismutase.. we learned it in school.. it's an anti-oxidant.. and then! he proceeds to show me the difference btw two melons.. one with the enzyme and one without.. the one with is still fresh after 12 days.. the one without is rotting and black! And they are patented melons!
So guess what!
I succumbed!.. and I even got them to add the neck cream~! ARGH... what is wrong with me!
We;ll see if it works.. although.. I don't have any lines yet.. but you can NEVER START TOO EARLY! Actually.. I'm thinking of having my mom test it out for me for a month.. no she's not my guinea pig! but she's got more lines than me! So if I visibly see difference I think I'll stick with it.. although... my mom looks WAY young for her age too :( sigh.. she's going to kill me.

Alright.. so I'm just saying... don't be suckered.. unless I feel differently.. in fact.. wait a month for my testimonials.. then I'll either refer you to it or trek down to paris to kick this Sebaugh's ass!

yah youth maintenance!

EDIT: and by cindy, I meant Cindy Crawford.. i know.. I think i'm on a first name basis with the celebs..:P

May 18, 2006 at 23:38 o\clock


So today, by Australia's time, is this girl Mel Guiyab's birthday. She's a really nice girl that used to go to my high school. Anyways, I thought I should wish her happy bday cuz she's on my msn right? but then I felt really guilty :( because aimee was a really good friend of mine in high school, closer than mel was, and I forgot her bday by two days :( So then, I wrote Happy Birthdya Mel!!! and then underneath I wrote, Happy Belated Aimee.. ifyou ever come online) (cuz she's never online.. maybe I was blocked?)

And then she msgs me " Thanks .. I miss you :("

Despite myself, I felt really happy that she missed me and quite sad that we lost touch :(. But when I went to msg her, she was offline!

I was positive she was angry at me.. I'm not sure what happened :s

Anyways, I have to get my brother some McDonalds and do the dishes before my mom comes home.

Peace out sistas


and brothas.. haha.. i slay myself

May 17, 2006 at 19:28 o\clock


I'm so sad :( My sister is actually gone!

My little sister, wendy and I were all crying everywhere like waterworks at the airport. Three of her gfs slept over ( my house was a zoo with the number of ppl stopping by for the 10th time to say bye) and we stayed up all night.. well me and erica wrote letters to wendy and the girls ( her friends suzi, vincci and katherine) just knocked out by 4am. Wendy was doing some last min packing, last minute kissing my sleeping baby bro and last minute writing Andrew a letter and crying. :( Awww poor wendy. She was in hysterics when my dad called at the airport.. She's all alone. Her bf was crying at the airport too.. he's so upset.. it's kinda funny seeing a grown boy cry but it was really sad. REAAAAAAALLY sad... we had to line up with her bags 3 times because of some complications but it's ok.. it was funny cuz it was me, mom, erica and then wendy, the bf, and three of her freinds just walking around everywhere together.. even to the behind the scenes place because  of complications..

aww so at the gate.. i thought I would be ok.. and then I hugged my sister and WATER JUST SHOT OUT OF ME LIKE A BUSTED SPRINKLER! omg.. I couldn't stop crying. I hope she's going to be ok. I know she's going to have so much fun. My sister erica and I compiled a pile of family pictures ( she was doing such last minute packing she didn't even think to pack any! very unlike her!) and hid our letters in the middle of her luggage for her to open when she gets there.. I knwo she's going to bawl her eyes out. Whatta crybaby.

anyways, I have lots to do today. We'll talk later!



May 16, 2006 at 16:09 o\clock

good morning to you

hardcore studying today is all that is up!

This mornign mani sent me pictures of the tickets to Rock en Seine! he got them in the mail today!
i need to start bringing in the cash flow to pay him for my ticket!

My sister is leaving tomorrow morning. :(
Her bf was here last night ( andrew he is such a cutie! i love him and wish my sister will marry him someday!)

He was so sad and was hugging all of us as if it were the last time he'd ever see us ( my sister is such a heartbreaker huh?)

They decided they would break up for a year while wendy was in korea ( I feel like it was more my sister's idea .. i think he mentioned trying long distance at one point)
But now he's in agreement and believes they have a better chance of getting back together and it working out than trying long distance and having it fizzle out... so you see.. in order to SAVE the relationship, they had to END it? get it?

I totally do.

Yesterday I was talking to my friend Jobo, she suggested I msg Aimee. I kinda really want to but I often get rebuffed and don't really see the point anymore. I kinda feel bad for Aimee. It's as if she'd rather let go of the friendship but then has to deal with it because of mutual friends. I dunno. I feel somewhat apprehensive.. I don't want to force a friendship on someone who, to me, clearly doesn't really want to invest the energy. She's happy when she's on good terms with a select few and it's kinda not as fun when u feel like ur work.

In any case, I think I should msg her this summer and ask how she's been.

AUGH. These GREs are the bane of my existence.. it's too close in terms of studying yet so far away in terms of being able to be freeee and go out! ugh.. studying.

As a single girl, I've decided to give up the game for a lil while. Dating I suppose is ok but relationships will have to relaaaax. No relationships.. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't have one during the time of my Masters ( 2 years!) I know! I want to focus on school...well atleast the first year..

BUUUUT. In the wake of this decision, I've decided that it's my mission to play cupid to some of my friends. There is a problem.. I have way more eligible girlfriends than I do guyfriends.
In fact, all of my single gfs are eligible, beautiful, smart, funny, kind. To match this up to an adequate boy is more than just a challenge.. it almost seems to be an impossibility! I went through the list of my gfs who HAVE bfs and realized that the only bf who I think is good enough for my gf is Wendy's current bf but soon to be ex-bf. I wonder, am I just biased and will I always think my gfs are too good for their men?

And! why is there such a short supply of adequate men out there? I mean.. I'm not even asking for them to exceed expectation.. but they don't even MEET expectation? AND IF I SHOULD EVER FIND MEN who meet expectation, chances are my gfs simply won't be attracted to them!

Maybe I should just turn in my bow and arrow right now...

No, I'm on a mission. I'm going to try my best to get my two friends in particular, Lisa and Jobo, out on the town to meet boys. They are way overdue for hot boys teeming with cash... hehe. .joking. A NICE boy would be a start for one. dammit. THEY ARE REALLY PRETTY! AND SMART! I think boys are intimidated. Well for sure by Jobo because you don't know whether she's giving you an exotic hawaiin-far-away face or the bitch-face-i'm-too-good-for-you face. Kinda like...posh spice.. only she's not exoticy looking.
And Lisa.. HER DAMN STANDARDS ARE TOO DAMN LOW. I think it stems from how badly her father treats her mom.. he's a real asshole and I hate him. But more often than not, girls kinda fall into their mother's roles.. I'm deseperately trying to fight mine off.. I don't want to devote my entire life to my husband and children like my mother ( AND I MEAN ENTIRE! like hobbies include driving matty to soccer and other stuff). I guess that's why I have commitment aversion.

I guess I'm rambling. AH.. it's good to be back though.. I love seeing my Toronto friends again ( well I have yet to really hang out) but yes.. effort.. this summer it's all about friendships and effort.

Talk later

May 15, 2006 at 21:51 o\clock

I'm a bum

I was with Di until 5 am last er.. this morning.. we went shopping for makeup with my sister and then we just chilled and gabbed on for hours.

GUESS WHAT! she has the PHOOOOOOOOOOOOONE! She has my pink razr and she got it jeweled with purple, pink and white rhinestones and a sparkly Coach Cell phone jewelry thingy.

I don't think I'll BEDAZZLE my phone but it was cute nonetheless.. whatta princess that one is! She drove up in her new car which is standard so she has to drive with this stick.. SHE IS A FRICKIN MANIAC.. I thought we would die for sure.
It was nice chilling with her again :) I love Di! :)

She had a falling out with our "friend" Aimee, who is actually very mean to Di and recently has been saying shit about me to my other friends.

I'm kinda upset with Aimee, I thought we just had an amicable growing apart but she likes to spread crap and be upset about how I don't contact her when I'm in town ( so many times she's been up to kingston to visit her former housemates without contacting me) and her SISTER got MARRIED and she has a NEW BF and she NEVER TOLD ME THESE THINGS EITHER! And worse! she says these things to LISA! LISA IS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS! what is she thinking?

If we ever did speak on msn it was always me messaging her, her telling me she'd msg me back and then never msging me back!

I hate this make-myself-look-like-a-victim thing. It would have been cool if we were cool with each other and didn't nitpick about who stopped being friends with who. She didn't seem to care all the years we were growing apart in uni but then to exclusively care when the topic is brought up to our mutual friends and feel the need to put the blame on someone.. well, I think it's a bit ridiculous and juvenile. And I also think it's juvenile how Dianne's coworkers have to tell her that two girls were giving her extremely bad looks and only for Di to turn around and realize it's Aimee and her older sister. That's just so rude. This falling out happened 5 years ago and Di is so over it.

Anyways, I really have to get down to the knitty gritty and study my ass off.. I can't wait until it's done

Then I'm going to call all the following ppl I promised to call

Jobo (her name is Joanna.. i've referred to her as Jobo in the past and I feel dumb.. that's not her real name i forgot to mention that)
Harshaw ( Geoff)

... eep I hope I'm not missing anyone...

talk later!!!

May 15, 2006 at 04:32 o\clock

Good evening peops

I have to make this a quick one, my friend Di is going to be picking me up any second now.

Firstly.. to all the mommies out there


My sisters and I got our mom a spa package.. hour long massage, 40 min pedicure and 30 min manicure..! whoohoo! and we got our grammy one too

What else... eeeeeeerm... we had a bbq today ( have u ever had Korean bbq?) There really is nothing like it.

Despite my efforts, my studying is STILL not going .. ARGH!

I seriusly miss my friends and I can't wait to party every night after my GREs are done! I'm going to go to every single outing I possibly can! I am totally overdue! It is part of my summer resolution:

a) start exercising.. dr says I'm hyperglycemic so that I should exercise to prevent the diabetes from becomign type I

b) keep in touch wiht old friends.. I am so bad at this, usually I receive calls and go where the wind blows but I've realized that ur blessed with a fewppl in ur lives whoare with u thick and thin.. and since adolescence! I need to show these ppl how much I appreciate and love them.. So I made a list of ppl who I need to call atleast everyday.. I'm thinking about getting an email emailed tomyself daily to remind me.. I've got a horrible memory..

c) Need to find a freaking job.. how will I pay for the phone plan and Paris???

Things with mani and I seem to be going much smoothly than I had anticipated. I'm quite happy with this. For once there is no drama in my life and I'm single and young and I need to focus on my aspirations and goals and needs. I am definitely goign through my quarter life crisis and I want to make up for all those times I stayed in to study rather than go out and party. So this year I've made a promise to be better about time management and the like. I want to feel carefree like I did in high school without being irresponsible. It's a really exciting feeling :)

erp.. my friend Rosa just signed online. I have to jet. I hope everyone is good!



May 13, 2006 at 22:18 o\clock


So the quantitative section of the GRE's is so fricking easy I can't even make it past the first chapter out of boredom!!!

adding fractions?
argh.. it's brutal.. and I have no motivation to study the rest of the sections because it's not relevant but my mom still wants me to ROCK IT.

So she's given me incentive..


How gorgeous !? SO GORGEOUS!
mom'll get me a uber chic razr thin cell
that beign said, I now have motivation to study!
ta ta!


May 12, 2006 at 01:50 o\clock

It's raining outside

I feel completely miserable. Stupid rain..

 Ever have one event just change the way you view something forever? And the worst part is.. even if you didn't want to view it that way, it'll forever just BE there because you know better?

It's funny how in the blink of an eye, everything changes permanently. In the blink of an eye.

I better get dressed for my sister's party. I hope everyone is good


May 11, 2006 at 16:07 o\clock

my seastar is so freakin popular

So tonight is like the 3rd farewell party thrown for my sister.. I'M SO SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

I got to invite some of my friends who adore wendy.. so Lisa will be coming obviously since she's like the 4th girl member of our family ( unofficially) and Dianne and her bf Chris will also come hopefully although I gave Di late notice but I want to see her!!! and then Patrick is also coming, I'm going to have to pick him up at Finch Station and then pick Lisa up from work at Toyota and then drive as fast as I can to the restaurant.. there were like 80 ppl invited..

I can't believe she's going! I'm so sad!

On a lighter note!
Last night, me and Mani booked the hostel, booked the plane flight.. it's allllllllllll goooooooooood in da hooooooooooood you know what I'm saying?


Mey, I would have totally taken u up on the french lessons but lucky for my French is Mani's first language so it's ALLLLLLLLL GOOOOOOOOOOD.
I'm bringing face paint.. blue white and red.. for the french flag on my one cheek and the cdn flag for my other cheek. That way, ppl will no better than to converse with me en francais unless they want to hear quebecois hurled back at them. Also, it will also let them know that I am a crazy who flew all the way down from Canada to catch a glimpse of Radiohead on this tour so they best not mess and they best get outta my way cuz I mean business!

My friend Pat advised me to go to Hummingbird Centre on the days of the concert and get tickets from a scalper cuz on that day they just want to get rid of it so they sell it at price or lower.. silly boy... does he not know the seriousness of this cult of Radiohead fandom? I'm FRICKING FLYING to france to see them... and they are going for over $600 on ebay.. he's absolutely nuts...

but I'll still go :s

I'm also checking on ticket master everyday
just incase they release a new batch of concert tickets before the show.. they often do..
If that is the case, I can't tell my parents about it becaus ethey will think i'm insane to fly to france for the same show. So I will take measures to conceal my perma-smile from them after the show.. I'll put a bag over my head and squeal beneath it.. they'll just think I'm drunk.

i'm sooooooooooooooooo exciiiiiiiiiiiited!

Things with me and Mani are good. We still get to talk alot to each other but it won't be that way for long, I got a job kinda and he will be flying to england for a job in july. But, I'm glad this is amicable thus far and maybe we'll rekindle something in France. We're already talking like we will but 4 months is a long time.

AAAAAAAH! I have a funny story to tell but that will be for laterz!


May 8, 2006 at 14:55 o\clock

well how is ur summer then?

Sooo in my excitement, I forgot to mention one major thing .. Mani and I have broken up for now. We will both be extremely busy in the summer and although he wanted us to stay as a couple during the summer and still not put in the time to make this a palpable relationship, I was not happy with the thought of having a bf that I didn't speak to or get an email from atleast once a day. So it's concluded that we will break up and see what happens in September and if along the way we meet other ppl, well then it can't be helped. I know it has mani a bit worried but if that happens then it's just reinforcement that we weren't supposed to be together anyways. But we still remain good friends and HE GOT TICKETS TO THE FESTIVAL IN PARIS so I will be going with him( i'll pay for my own tickets though)

It's sad because we care a lot for each other but I think this is the best thing. I was starting to resent him because, I've never had a long d bf before and quite frankly, I'm a bit of  a princess and long D just isn't for me. I was starting to voice that and then it got pretty harsh and Mani thinks that that would have ended our relationship for good if we kept going. I think he thinks there is a chance that it will get better by September.

So we'll see. I care about Mani a lot but you never know! over the summer we might meet and date other ppl! He told me he didn't want to hear about it if I did and that he just can't wait until Aug when I go see him in Paris. Then he told me that he wouldn't date anyone but I don't think he should be so final. In fact, I encourage him going out. Then he'll see i'm better :P joking.

bUT ALL is well.. I really couldn't afford them.. I'm jsut crazy like that. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Yesterday at church, I ran into this boy Jeff Biskup who used to go to my high school. He's two years younger than me and we had our lockers beside each other and he used to be the BIGGEST brat to me! he used to put moldy things in my locker and do VERY embarassing things! What a pest that kid was! but we became friends. I lost contact with him over the years ( last 3 years I think) but he waited for me outside the church and HE'S GROWN UP SO MUCH! i can't bleieve that was the little brat who used to make my locker stink! I was also friends with his sister and his older brother and I used to visit their house a lot. I'm sad that I lost touch. We're going to do coffee and I'm going to have to go over and see their family again. They are so cute. Anyways this kid is a genius and he got into veterinary school after only 2 years of undergrad ( that's UNHEARD OF). Even after 3 years, medicine is very rare to get into. I am really proud of him. He made a comment that i was going to be at Queen's forever :( I probably am! ARGH.. I refuse to do my PhD or MD there!.

anyways, i have to go job hunting, unpack my stuff and party with a ton of friends I have been missing for so long! OH AND STUDY!

I hope everyone is good! I missed u guys!



edit: When I was in grade 11, I met an old grandpa at the big public library and he went on and on about Paris. He told me I'd finally fall in love in Paris.. and now I know he's right because RADIOHEAD will be there.... the love my my fricking life!!!!! argh! i'm toooooooooo excited!

May 7, 2006 at 00:42 o\clock

SORRY.. but also today is the greatest day of my life!

OK in my defense, I wrote out this HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE entry but it crashed on me and I stood up and swore profanities at my computer and stormed off... Since then I have been everywhere, I went back to Kingston to retrieve the remnants of my clothing from the first move, met my prof, saw Julia for lunch, I've been over at my gramma's and grammpas.. just so that they know I love them, and I've been spending tons of time with my siblings.. my sister Wendy is going to teach English in Korea ( and got a placement at a REALLY swanky, EXTREMELY rich area in Korea.. she'll be charging 100 dollars/hour for her services outside the agency.. AWESOME! )
I didn't manage to get tickets to the Radiohead concert in Toronto today.. I have been checking ticketmaster everyday for five months and then I saw this option of them sending me an email when tickets were on sale.. GUESS WHAT?! they never mailed.. so I didn't start trying until 20 mins into the game.,.. obviously since they usually sell out by 14 mins I didn't get tickets... but i kept trying... for 2 more hours afterwards. ( i know.. i'm PERSISTENT)
i know what ur thinking.. you think i'm depressed, you think I'm eating chocolate by the gallons.. you think I'm contemplating leaping off my roof after flushing my head in the toilet a thousand times over... in what otherwise might be true.. I'm happy to tell you that I will be doing none of that.. DO YOU KNOW WHY?

you know what.. i will probably be sporadically screaming mid-conversation at that thought for the rest of the summer.. but it's great.. life is GREAT! Me and Mani plan to go down 2 days earlier to Paris from Belgium and spend a day going to the Eiffel tower, the Louvre... YOU NAME IT! but the best part will be the 2 day festival!!!
i'm so excited.. I can't even believe I had the patience to explain to you all that above before I got to the punchline! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!

ok.. i can't stop smiling and it's hurting my face.. I better go ice it..
I hope everyone else is well
(and morrisey and a bunch of other bands I don't care too much about! )