Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon

Feb 26, 2006 at 05:11 o\clock


I think the lyrics to this song are insanely romantic

I need tips on how to focus and how to quit ebay

Thank you


You and your museum of lovers
The precious collection you've housed in your covers
My simpleness threatened by my own admission

 And the bags are much to heavy
 In my insecure condition
My pregnant mind is fat full with envy again

But I still love to wash in your old bathwater
Love to think that you couldn't love another
I cant help're my kind of man

Wanted and adored by attractive women
Bountiful selection at your discretion
I know I'm diving into my own destruction

So why do we choose the boys that are naughty
I don't fit in so why do you want me? (<-- ahh..this line is slightly creep-esque)

And I know I can't tame you...but I just keep trying

'Cause I love to wash in your old bathwater
Love to think that you couldn't love another
 On your list with all your other women

But I still love to wash in your old bathwater
You make me feel like I couldn't love another
 I can't help it.. your my kind of man

Why do the good girls always want the bad boys?

 And so I pacify problems with kisses and cuddles Diligently doubtful through all kinds of troubles Then I find myself choking on all my contradictions

'Cause I still love to wash in your old bathwater Love to think that you couldn't love another
Share a're my kind of man

I still love to wash in your old bathwater
 Make me feel like I couldn't love another
I can't help it... you're my kind of man

Hoo oo oo oo Do do dooo Dodo do do do dooo do do dooo No I can't help myself I can't help myself I still love to wash in your old bathwater

This is my naughty boy putting the moves on this redhead..

And this is the new shirt I got


Feb 25, 2006 at 06:19 o\clock

getting things done

So me and Mani decided that it's best if we don't talk at night because after he goes to bed, I don't feel like hauling ass to the library and doing stuff... I LOVE IT! i am actually working out.. ok.. it's a slow process.. my friends are freaks that sprint for an hour but after 10 mins on the elliptical, I was good to go. Not a huge work out freak I am.. I remember when mani took me jogging, I lasted 5 mins... then I needed orange gatorade before my lungs popped..

I'm badly out of shape! I was reading somewhere that even if you were skinny on the outside, you could be gaining visceral fat around your organs which makes you unhealthy... dammit! Why didn't they tell me this sooner? I would have given up my sedentary life sooner (hahah no... not really.. I have no will power)
BUT JUST THE ENERGY INCREASE and my mood has been so great since I've started working out ( day two but loving it already) I've decided to cycle ( i've decided to sculp my body, not lose weight so I'm aiming for a cuter tush)

Anyhoo, I think mani misses me at nights.. I miss him too but unfortunately, I can't function like that and I really need to think about myself.

What else what else.. contemplating what to do if I don't get into U of T. ( MAJOR DRAMA WITH THE APPLICATION.. but don't feel like getting into that)

I'm just going to have to concentrate on the 2 months of school I have left.. it's my last chance to show them what I got...

In other news, last night when I was working at the desk, my friend Loughlin surprised me and kept me company for a few hours! :D ( much to the dismay of my bf) .. but really he's harmless.. I saw pics of his gf ( she's so pretty! whoohoo Loughlin! you go boy) and I was really happy to see him.. some form of life! I hadn't seen anyone all day that day and was convinced I was the only living thing remaining in Kingston during reading week... STUPID KINGSTON I HATE YOU SO MUCH! ARGH!

What else, what else... oh yeah.. Mani was a bit upset that I still talk to this boy _______.. seriously, I used to think he was so nice, he used to call me and want to be friends and stuff but I saw his mean spirited side one day.. basically, I think he's a sweetheart to girls he'd like to make out with, but allegedly he threw a chair at this girl he found really annoying when she was bothering him... still I was so confused because he was so nice to me and we had been friends for awhile up til this point... Mani hates him and wishes we weren't friends.. I understand because Mani is such a nice guy and he would never even consider harming a hair on any girl.. he doesn't like me hanging around him... I hung out with him and another mutual friend this guy named ____ (they aren't firends anymore).. they were like the drug dealers of my school ( don't worry ppl, I don't snort things, dose things and the like) but they were really nice to me and at this point, I had broken up with my ex who hogged my friends and I was looking to others around me who fancied talking to me.

anyways! I kinda miss those jerks.. hahah
( much to mani's dismay)

ok what else? Talked to my siblings in TO.. baby sis (6 years younger..she's 18) got to eat lunch with her older sis who is still my little sis (by a year an a half) and my little sis' bf ( who i adore) and so I missed out on that... sigh.. little sis is insanely funny, so I missed out on all the bro ( who is my junior by 12 years) is growing up apparently ( much to my dismay) ... I wish I could be around for him.. he's the apple of my eye.. my number one guy.I can't imagine loving anything else more! They say I'll love my kids more but at this point it is very hard to imagine loving someone more. ... sigh.. i'm sorry I'm rambling.. I think I'm really homesick..  not to mention that mummy and daddy call me everyday to check up on me... THEY ARE SO GREAT! My mom is this really pretty lady ( she's tiny,shorter than me by about a foot, with a smaller waist than me after 4 kids!) and my father is this tall tough guy.. he looks like Clint Eastwood.. ppl don't believe he's asian.
Anyways! I feel so indebted to them.. I want to live the rest of my life taking care of them before myself and I really want to make them proud.. it's such a precarious time in my life.. all these uncertainties and fears.. I don't know when it will end but I suppose I will have to make the most of it.. argh

I had a crisis the other day and that was that my 20's is rapidly fading away.. in less than a month I will be turning 24...I have six years left to look back on when I'm 30 and say to myself, " those were fun times"... i was sad going through my picture collection when I was in veyr little of the pics of my friends partying.. SO I'VE DECIDED! I'm going to work diligently so that anytime my friends want to go to a club, bar, or coffee or sushi I'm going to GO! Not going to let my 20's slip by, no way.. I don't need another crisis.. I am already too young to already be having a quarter life crisis.. if I have to go through this again at 30, I don't know what I'll do!

Ok. this is getting too long.
I got my shirts in the mail, I'm going to go try them on!

PS... when I was 16, before Thom Yorke, there was Enrique... Ooh lala.. .. usually his type doesn't interest me but there is something about this latin boy mmmmmmm... although, now that I look at him again, strangely I keep thinking of my boy.. he has Mani's straight, pretty nose, long lashes and hot neck :)... I left something for jealous Mani too.. Shannon Elizabeth.. she's just as hot... apparently he noticed her in American Pie and thought she was " a nice girl".. well gee Enrique.. I guess all topless girls who don't speak proper english would constitute a nice girl! jebus... men

edit.. i changed the video to bailamos cuz it's sexier.. and this girl is staci flood.. enrique gets all the chicks

Feb 25, 2006 at 05:59 o\clock

For Jackie

Feb 23, 2006 at 06:06 o\clock

i've decided to focus on the positive

I have my dignity because I know myself and I know that I'm a good person so I won't let this consume my thoughts.. just go with the flow and whatever happens happens..

I've decided to focus on the positive and that is....


Speaking of clubbing.. I thought I'd get everyone of you in the mood to shake ur booty too... so I left Sean Paul.. I quite like dancing to this song.

OK! If you girls go out on a ladies night as well, I know you will all be with me in spirit! I got my purple suede stillettos today with teh bows.. maybe they'll see some LIFE!



Feb 22, 2006 at 16:49 o\clock


Mood: incompetent


To make a long story short I'll just post the email that I wrote to my boss today:

I have a few concerns about the Jean Royce desk. This email is going to sound like I am accusing someone and I cannot be 100% sure but I do have some immediate concerns.
I came into JR Monday morning to relieve Meaghan. She told me it was really quiet all day. I had counted the skim 3 times, and all three times I kept coming up with a different balance ( I think it was because I was very tired and still ill) .. I recall I came up with 60, 44 and 50. Because Meaghan's balance before me was 50, I decided to trust my last balance and didn't count it again. However, I only wrote this on the balance sheet because I was told it was better to fill in the sign in book towards the end of the shift when the other person comes in. When Phil came in to relieve me, I had forgotten to sign in and record the balance:( I'm really sorry about that but I figured I could sign in when I worked JR again on Wednesday. 
I also exchanged a 10 dollar bill for a 5 and five loonies because the Amey's driver who drove me there in the morning gave me back $4 too much change and I hadn't noticed so I called him back and wanted to make sure I had exact change to give him
( If you wish, you can verify this.. Amey's cab, cab 72)
I happen to also know it was cab 72 because he drove me home a long time ago from JR and I had requested a cab with Visa and he had no more papers left to do the transaction so he told me next time I called a cab to be sure to ask for cab 72 so I can pay him the full amount then( I even have the paper he wrote this on)
The reason I am telling you all of this is because, when I went in for my midnight shift today (Wednsday at Jean Royce), I noticed that Phillip had written 50 as the balance in the sign in book and then circled it and put a question mark beside it. Then on his balance sheet, he wrote that there was 44.25. I counted the till and saw that there was 44.25 today.
Here is where my fault comes to play. After counting three balances, I had assumed that the count I matched with Meaghan was correct and didn't verify it again the 4th time. So I do not know if this balance of 44.25 happened before my shift or after.
I do not like suggesting that anyone took that money so I was thinking you could check to see Justin's deposit. Perhaps he put too much back in and and Meaghan just happened to copy in Justin's balance from before?
Finally, if there are any concerns about my character, I want to assure you, that although I have been clumsy in the past, I am very very honest ( you can ask the Amey's man) and that if I weren't trustworthy and were to take from the skim, I wouldn't have bothered to exchange my 10$ for a 5 and 5 loonies ( you'll find in the balance sheets it goes from two 5 dollar bills to one 10 dollar bill and a 5 dollar bill), I would have just taken it.
Sorry Leeanne, for bothering you. I felt the need to clear this up because I saw that this sudden balance changed happened Monday evening. I hope this will help.
OK! So now I'm SO UPSET because I've screwed up in the past not showing up for work etc etc and it would REALLY suck if she thought i took the money BECAUSE I DIDN;T!!! OMG! I WOULD NEVER EVEN THINK TO STEAL MONEY!
i'm so upset! And Mani was just like, WELL IT'S your fault you should put money back in the till, why are you lazy, why are you so clumsy, if I was your boss I wouldn't believe you (ok, not exactly like that all at once and in those words)
And yes it's true that I was lazy, I didn't count the till because nobody at my work really does! they just record the balance from before. WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT GETS PENALIZED FOR NOT DOING HER JOB PROPERLY?
i know there is a lot of truth to what mani says. And I know that he's frustrated becuz he's worried for me and cares about me.. I have to smarten up. I have to do duties precisely. It's the little things like this that gets me messed up and I do realize this but FFS, I hate getting the third degree when I'm scared out of my head to be falsely accused and fired! I need this job to pay for my Radiohead purchaSES!
argh! I'm SO UPSET!
i do it to myself.

Feb 22, 2006 at 04:39 o\clock


phlegm phlegm..

This has made me acutely aware of how much more aware I should be about cystic fibrosis.. it's unbearbale.. I'm going to look into supporting to promote awareness and finding a cure for it.

Against the backdrop of the hot guys I've posted on this page of mine ( er.. ok so it's Mani and Thom) , it migiht be weird that a RH fan put the Pussycat dolls up but really, I have to tell you I have a girl crush on the lead singer! She's so gorgeous! I want to punch her really... Mani thinks she's the only pretty one too..I really hope the other dolls don't find my page.. I'd hate to make them feel less important than THE ONLY GIRL THAT SINGS.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to ask if anyone else caught on that they RIPPED off Ciara in their verse parts.. not the lyrics but it sounds awfully like My goodies.. no?

AnyWAYS.. Jackie, I didn't get your emails :s.. I wish I did.. still no word from the conman. I did however splurge and spend 140 on past Radiohead magazines that I must have... I'm sorry.. I couldn't help myself...

I need help!
Talk later!!!


Feb 21, 2006 at 10:22 o\clock

really? I hate Lenny Kravitz and I don't listen to Keith Urban..

Your Musical Tastes Match: Nicole Kidman

See her whole playlist here (iTunes required)

Feb 20, 2006 at 02:59 o\clock

being unreasonable and being loved

I was just thinking about how cute my bf is. We just got off the phone and he is SO TIRED since I kept him up well past his bedtime. I was giving him a bit of a tough time, just asking all sorts of annoying questions that boys fumble when answering and asking him to stay longer on the phone because I hated being alone etc etc. He's just so sweet. He was so tired and becoming so agitated with me but he just kept trying to keep me happy. I find a lot of comfort in that. I don't know why. I really really feel comfortable around mani to be impossible and still count on him loving me and it's just so cute. He's like the cutest puppy in the world!

I miss him so much :(

ok.. going to go hork up phlegm made from the remnants of my bronchitis, clean my nasty ass room and start doing something productive ffs.

PS. my COACH WALLET WAS A FAKE! I'm having to do all this ebay inquiries...also.. i've been bidding on all this Radiohead stuff like you wouldn't believe.. it's AWFUL. But I really want all these magazines that interviewed them and reviewed them in their early days... OMG I CAN'T WAIT!

Although, i'm starting to see that if I saved all this money I could have eventually saved enough to fly my bf up to see me.. so I'm going to take bits and pieces of my money OUT of the bank and into a shoebox so maybe I can fly my bf to see me instead of it having to come out of his pockets all the time :(


we played scrabble online with my friend Lisa and Treldon and he won because he knows french words too like
AERIE.. i mean seriously! how can we ever be confident enough to challenge him when he knows words like aerie!!!!

I love him, he's so smart :)
OK enough about me moaning about how lonely I am and how much I love my bf. pretty soon you will all be coughing up something too because of the mushiness...


PS.. what happened to Jackie-O? I miss her giggliness

Feb 19, 2006 at 01:18 o\clock

do not cry out and hit the alarm, you'll get the loneliest feeling..

That's a line from climbing up the walls.

You know, Radiohead's lyrics and songs are so beautiful but I hate it when my feelings.. no no.. current state of being resonates with it. I feel soooooooooooooooo sad. It's awful really. And the worst part is, I feel like no one knows how sad I am and I wish someone did so that I wouldn't feel so alone.. isn't that crazy? How you can be surrounded with so many people you care about and you still feel alone because you feel like no one knows what is going on inside your head? I don't know why that matters to me, to be understood as much as I crave to be understood.. it's the weirdest thing in the world. And not just someone who listens and is like uh huh uh huh I am here for you but are actually going through it themselves.. it's the worst most selfish thing I think that I think.

Only this time, I don't have a bunch of people surrounding me.. my bf is in Belgium, my best friends are in Toronto, the friends I have in Kingston either live with my ex or Julia who is always with her boyfriend. argh.

So anyways, I have bronchitis which is why I am not on the bus to go to Toronto right now. How ridiculous! I want to go home SO BADLY! And here I am, watching my housemates pack to go to the Dominican! I wish I could go somewhere warm but NOOOOOOOO I HAVE TO STUDY! And this UGLY STUPID F***ING TOWN is deserted.. it's like ghost town! I hate it. There are two guy friends of mine who are staying and calilng me up to do things only they've liked me before and Mani definitely doesn't want me hanging out with them.. even though he'll play the understanding bf card, I know he's turning red.  I don't blame him. I would hate it if girls who have wanted to make out with him in the past tried to tell him they'd come over with movies to make the sickness more bearable etc etc.
Anyhoo.. something about a grey town with wind and no people that makes me anxious.. it's like being in the northern tundras and all there is is.. well a snowy tundra and seals... or being in the woods all by yoruself... even though that's not happened.. it's an awful feeling

actually you might want to liken it to the feeling you get when you're stranded in the ocean and you can't see land in sight.. that HORRIBLE FEELING.. that is what I feel.. I NEVER USED TO FEEL LIKE THIS!! i dunno why.. i thnk it's that I'm away from my parents and my friends at home, stuck in the most boring place on earth ( I NEED 24 HOUR SKYSCRAPERS AND LIGHTS TO FEEL ALIVE :( ) AND I JUST AM SO MISERABLE!

SO WEIRD.. i remember in high school I was the happiest, nicest girl ever.. and then BAMM! UNI turned me into a cynical, bitching person. argh!

Anyhoo.. I'm going to play online scrabble with my best friend... ttyl

Feb 16, 2006 at 17:50 o\clock

Let down and hanging around

I'm sitting here bored out of my mind.. housemates have gone to Domincan, I am sick, I was in Emergency last night for 4 hours quarantined in the corner with my friend, I am hungry, I have nothing to do and the bf won't talk to me because it's not conducive to his schedule.

I  HATE THIS BULLSHIT TOWN! i want to go back home!!!

Feb 14, 2006 at 20:20 o\clock


So this morning, the door buzzes and guess what??
.. no.. Mani didN'T show up but it was the FED EX woman!!! YAY! i thought! My SHOES HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED!

The shoes came in such a funny box and I was wondering what the hell it was... maybe it was my shirts from Hong Kong... well actually I read the address and it was from Lemington Ontario... I think that's near London Ontario which is 5 hours in the OTHER direction of Toronto so basicaly 8 hours away from me.

I was kinda excited to see what it was.. and there it was... a dozen roses, 6 white and 6 red from my sweetie pie :).. the boy didn't know where to buy flowers in Canada so he just called up a random place and had to get Fed Ex to send it to me overnight! ( i know! that fed ex part got everybody.. just awwwwwwwwwwwww - ing)

I feel so bad :( the other day I was yelling at him for forgetting to send me chocolates to me by valentines.. I thought he totally was not intending to get me anything for valentines.. not even a card.. i totally misjudged him and I feel like such a heel... I called all my friends that I complained  to at like 8 in the mronign when the flowers came and told them what he did.. they were all like 'yay ... im going to bed now...'but later on they called me and were like, " girl, you know your boyfriend is the sweetest thing evar! don't complain about him to me anymore! you're dumb!" AND YES I AM!!!
SO MANI if you're reading this .. I'm so sorry for being a brat. you're the SWEETEST GUY IN THE WORLD!!!
Valentines day is already perfect.. not what I was dreading it to be :)

Feb 12, 2006 at 08:00 o\clock

He used to do surgery ...for girls in the 80's..but gravity always wins

Today I watched Star Wars with my housemates during dinner and I was thinking... princess Leia used to be pretty but she aged SO AWFULLY! SHE LOOKS LIKE HARRISON FORD'S GRAMMA! you know! the kind that wears too much make up around the eyes and smokes all the time.  ( I think I saw this nasty pic of her choking on her cigarette smoke.. omg.. what happened?)

Another lady who aged badly: Debbie Harry... i mean.. Blondie ffs.. do you remember her in the 80's ( when I wasn't even born yet)..??
ok ok.. it was around the time I was born actually...

she was one of the hottest women alive! (even without the rock/punk factor)

If you watch this video you'd NEVER guess she was that girl in the Rapture video. (.. sigh.. I really wanted to find a video for union city blues..and the call me video isn't working)

But even more amazed am I about the ladies in Hollywood that never seem to age! It's incredible!

Hands down Halle Berry and Sharon Stone are the most age-defying stars. It's unbelievable. I'm determined to get a hold of the creams they use. Although Halle is black and all my black friends and their mommas and their momma's momma's don't get their first wrinkle until they are 89. ( why couldn't I have been born black!?)

I was getting low on my anti-wrinkle cream but my other best friend Di works at the cosmetics section and she hooked me up with enough samples to make a whole jar ( which is only 80ml :s)
She also gave me all these eye make up removers :P I love having friends in high places :P

splashed out on ebay again! gorgeous vintage sweater ( never worn with tags, OBVIOUSLY!) and white leather bag from banana republic.. I kinda changed my mind about the bag but I hope I get the sweater.. it's hot.

Ok.. now I'm finished being superficial.. I'm going to go study now and nurse myself back to health.. the house party had like 9 shisha things and my throat is on fire from all that second hand smoke. I am SO SICK.

Valentines is coming up and I wish my bf was bringing me chocolates from Belgium.

Please excuse my random incoherent thoughts.. I drank too much coffee and my fingers can't stop moving.
goodnight all
PS. I would like to give a big hug to Mey. I think what she's doing for her kids is an incredible sacrifice and for that I think she deserves a great honour. ... but I have no medals.. only hugs.. I'll go steal one from Torino.

Feb 11, 2006 at 08:27 o\clock

i love gwen

shes among my top three favourite female vocalists

Feb 10, 2006 at 18:00 o\clock

I jumped into a river what did I see?... black-eyed angels swam with me....

tonight: house party with bri

tomorrow: work then clubbing with bri, rob and the crew

sunday: mad cramming for midterm on monday

I must be mad


Feb 9, 2006 at 03:53 o\clock

I'd tell all my friends but they'd never believe me.. they'd think that's I'd finally lost it completely

Me and Mani were having little disagreements ( ok to be fair I was really harsh and very mean) but I think the stress of long D was getting to us. We just miss each other very much.
He sent me a card ( It's our 1 year and 4 months today)

sorry.. it was so cute..
PS.. my nickname for him is puppy, in case you don't understand the card.

Thanks mani!!! it's so cute! I love the panda!!!
I love my bf to bits :)

Also, I wanted to share this .. it's probably not going to mean anything to you but I find it hilarious.

I was surfing for Radiohead related things and there is this one page of reviews on Radiohead 7 Television Commercials ( OBVIOUSLY i have had it for years now) but it's a compilation of their most notable videos from Pablo Honey to OK computer.. this one guy only gave them a 1 out of 5 but I'm not angry at him because he seems to be a true fan... read what he wrote

Let Down, April 29, 2004 Reviewer: M. D. Bryant (Seattle, WA) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)

Any serious or even semi-serious Radiohead listener knows that depression is a deep, complex, and many splendered thing. There is the relationship falling to parts around your feet depression of "Morning Bell", the suicidal depression of "Let down", there is the classic failure to fit in or live up to your own unattainable vision of personal perfection of "Creep" or the who the heck knows what is wrong with Thom this time but it is pretty black and incoherent depression of "Pyramid song".

 None of these beautiful depressions are available in these videos. If you are so foolish as to purchase these videos the depression you will likely experience will be nothing more impressive than the I just wasted money that I could have spent on some nice Bjork videos instead depression. Very similar to the feeling you might experience if you were to dispose of your money in some other artless way like dropping it into the office shredder. The only possible excuse for buying these videos is that you've already watched Meeting People is easy four hundred and fifty times and you simply must own everything that Radiohead has ever produced. Even so, I assert that a muddy brick on which you've written "I want to give birth to Thom's children" would look much better in your Radiohead shrine than this tripe. I'm serious: these videos push the envelope of modern boredom. Avoid them. Was this review helpful to you? YesNo YesNo (Report this) (Report this)

HAHAHAHAH.. he's totally describing me.. a Radiohead paraphernalia horder who has watched Meeting People Is Easy atleast four hundred and fifty times and have written " I want to give birth to Thom's children" at some point in my life... HAHAHAH.. this guy is funny.. I love his description of all those depressions too.. he's too funny.

Later for real!

PS.. je t'aime manu

Feb 9, 2006 at 03:26 o\clock

They're the ones who'll hate you when you think you've got the world all sussed out..

I worked my midnight shft this morning and then came home and had a LONG chat with mani, had a big lindt chcolate bar for breakfast ( MMMMMMMMMMM MY GOOOOOOOOOOSH SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD).. DON'T WORRY.. I also had a banana.

So I never got to sleep before my 1:30 class.. even though I was exhausted I promised my housemate that i'd start going to body sculpting classes with her once a week so I went to that at 3:30 but she never showed up so I skipped the class after half and hour! ( My buns are killing me) and I was walking funny.

I didn't feel like cooking so I stopped by at this restaurant that this young dude took over and his gramma was there with his baby cousins so they were just talking to me and giving me the tour while I awaited my wings and HUGE AS DINOSAUR RIBS with greasy fries ( nothing like fatty foods after a mild 30 min work out) .

AFTER i ate I ran to tutorials and had one and a half hours before my next class started so naturally,...

I went into the empty auditorium and slept in a seat by myself for an hour and a half before class started :D

Twas amusing sleeping in a big sea of empty seats... but I was desperate. So I'm a bit ok.. but you should have seen me walking to class.. half asleep, walking wobbly, bloated with grease.. it couldn't have been a pretty sight...

 Happy news! My period is subsiding and I feel much better.. actually, working out DID relieve some of my stress.. i should listen to the super buff workout freak bf more often. And I feel stronger too! Even though I could probably fit my arms into my bfs forearms like 5 times.

Anyhoo! I'm home now and ate the rest of my wings and fries and I have to get cracking on midterm studying. Actually.. I missed my bf online tonight and I'm sad :( but I had to sleep in the auditorium before I started to hallucinate or something. He's super. He'll understand.

MEY! I'm sorry about that valentines entry... actually, I was thinking about you when I wrote it.. it's ok we can both have sucky valentines together.. you can be my valentine and I'll be yours! Let's do transcontinental sushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I'm going to see if the new Naruto episode is available for downloading ( ninja anime is so cute) and get to work... ugh.. grease makes me bloaty.

goodnight! tchocky


Feb 8, 2006 at 15:40 o\clock

stupid cupid

I am curious what everyone's plans are for valentines day.
what is everyone doing?
My bf isn't going to be here :(

Feb 7, 2006 at 21:25 o\clock


I'm fucking getting sick of this shit that's going on in Europe.

How backwards does a nation have to be when their fucking newspapers hold a contest to mock the fucking Holocaust because some Danish cartoonist drew a compromising picture of a prophet? I'm sorry, when did the jews conspire to hire a dane to draw this picture?

Feb 7, 2006 at 05:04 o\clock

all your insides fall to pieces.. you just sit there wishing you could still make love


aaaaaaaaah! I feel totally shit for no reason and i'm SO UPSET AND ANGRY AND I HAVEN'T A CLUE WHY!

my poor bf was talking to me on msn and I was like

i hate you

and he thought i was joking but I just kept saying
I hate you!!! you're annoying me right now!
even though he wasn't doing anything! I think I just wanted to fuck off and sleep. I called him the next morning to apologize but he just keeps laughing at me for being so weird when I PMS. so we shared a laugh and he made me feel a bit better.

I feel like the slightest thing will piss me off.  Like today, I daydreamt that I hadn't been able to get through on the phonelines to get Radiohead tix for the summer!!! they usually sell out in 14 mins. and I remember feeling so sad and wanting to cry.

And in class, I felt like I was tripping on acid.. the prof was just so lucid and the screen was like getting so clear with everything surrounding it blurry.. maybe I need new prescriptions for my glasses/contacts. I dunno.. but I feel crazy.... i think i might be drinking a bit too much caffeine lately too//.. I'm eating and I should be bloated but I keep losing weight because of the stress and even my 26s are getting big for me which is NOT good because my prettiest jeans are 27s.

It's weird, I'm not being psycho,.. I think I'm stressed.. I have this feeling of impending doom.. I don't know what it is but when it happens I really suspect that I'll be depressed... I hope no one dies..
ok now I'm being morbid and am scaring myself.

Went to shoppers and A&p with Julia just now and bought lots of soft drinks and chocolate to make me feel better. We also got freshly squeenzed pear juice, just cuz our tastebuds are spoiled like that.

She was wearing her scarf again... 40 bunny tails! that's a lot of rabbits for a scarf. I don't like bunnies though, I think they're like rodents.. except the ones on the Telus Mobility commercials.. OMG THEY ARE CUTE  
I have nothing to say.. I'm sorry I subjected everyone to this.
I really hope I get my shoes in the mail soon, it'll make me feel better

Feb 6, 2006 at 01:52 o\clock


yeah so what I'm preachy.. atleast I don't look the other way.
Kinda hard to ignore when there are faces to it eh?

i hate having to walk off campus to buy gatorade while everyone chooses to buy coke monopolized products at my school and my school welcoming this and not listening to students' request to let Pepsi into our school...

Fine then
Turn the other way