Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon

Sep 28, 2005 at 08:50 o\clock

Everything is fine

Sorry! I know I haven't posted and I took down the other entry. I took it down because I think I hurt Mani's feelings and that really wasn't my intention. However, thx for the lengthy comment Shell, it really made me feel much much better at the mo

I'm swamped with midterms and whatnot so i'll be a bit but don't fret! I think of my blogbuddies always!

Hope ur all doing fine



Sep 23, 2005 at 05:18 o\clock

Jackie's question

She wanted to know whether Mani was a real cowboy or a wannabe cowboys because there are many wannabe cowboys where she lives and she's tired of them...


No he's not a real cowboy, he's also a wannabe.. he's belgian, he's grown up on fine wine and escargot I'm afraid.. still.. he's rugged... hmm.. example.. He rides bikes.. like MotorX bikes, and is a star rugby player ( although I haven't actually seen him play myself, everyone around him constantly raves about him), and the Junior dream team for a professional soccer club in Europe ( I think it was in France?) tried to sign him but he broke his spine doing a motorcycle trick to show off for his gf at the time.... so maybe not rugged just stupid? stupid but still cute :)

ok for real i'm ouuuuuuut



Sep 23, 2005 at 02:15 o\clock

Apology in Advance

TOOOOOOOO much is going to be happening in the next week so I am going to apologize for not blogging next week as much as I'd like to. It's homecoming!!! Means Queen's alumni are coming back for boozing and football! My friends and I are going to start the day off with pancake keggers ( BEER FOR BREAKFAST.. HOW GLORIOUS!) and then head over to the football game ( maybe).. there are always those streakers though.. I really care not to see it although the thought is funny. THEN we go out!!! Who knows where! I gotta break out the clubbing gear,.. a gold mesh slinky shirt with a diagonal strip of spread gold sequins with beads in the mesh in the straps shall be my attire... just don't know which jeans to wear with it and whether or not I will be wearing heels! I realllly wish Mani could be here for homecoming. He'd have so much fun and get to hang out with my friends that left Kingston.

AAAAAAAnyhoo.. I have to start planning Bri's dinner party..she's leaving for France this year to party it up wiht her friend for a year... yargh! I got tihs massive card for everyone to sign but so far not ONE signature! I got her this large wooden beaded necklace with matching earrings, I hope she likes it!

See you all! Wish u were all coming to my homecoming!



B&B = Beer and Breakfast :D

Anyhooooooooo must

Sep 21, 2005 at 03:11 o\clock

too much work!

But I got an adorable family pic of Mani today that I wanted to post up and an even cuter graduation pic of him that is too big to fit on this page so you'll have to do with the cowboy ! I had to cut his fam out cuz I don't think he'd like the idea of me posting up his little sister and his brothers.

ISN'T HE SO CUTE!~?!?!!?!?!?
He told me he missed me so much today he had panic attacks because he couldn't reach me. Isn't that awful? Why must we feel adored and empowered when inducing panic attacks in loved ones? I have no idea.... it's all ego man!



Sep 20, 2005 at 06:32 o\clock

quickly to answer shell

Also - what are you in school for? Do you have much schooling left? Do you plan to move when you graduate to be with Mani or is he going to move to be with you? Just some questions I was wondering about as I was reading this.

I'm studying science in school, I have a year of this and then hopefully I'll get accepted into a med school or continue with grad school. I don't plan on moving and if Mani doesn't move to be with me then I guess it won't work out between us. Things are up in the air. I don't really know what is going to happen tht far into the future. Mani might really like what he does in Belgium in which case I would never ask him to come here for me.  I have my own ambitions I have to follow and won't compromise that although I adore him to bits. So far, we're really happy that we have each other and I suppose we'll deal with those issues when time comes.

yes and while I'm at it, long D sucks! :(:(:(:(
Shell, I wish you lived in Canada so that I could ask for a hug :(


Sep 20, 2005 at 05:02 o\clock

thx shell!

Ok.. i'm going to have to put the banner up when I have more time cuz i think it's going to take me many hours... i'll just get mani to coach me next time we talk.

Thanks for the peptalk shell.. ur right.. i have to balance my time
I have so much to do still! argh!
Ok brief entry

1) miss mani, family, friends
1) struggling with managing time
3) so many things due, so little time left
4) need money

will speak more of tough time and give u all headaches later


Sep 19, 2005 at 04:43 o\clock

Seriously bummed

Well, I'm more bummed over the fact that Mani is gone than I thought I would be. For goodness sake I thought I'd be jumping right into my works by now. I hope Mani still has that job offered to him on the table. He was offered a job as a translator for a business in Belgium but declined so that he could come spend time with me and they said if it was still available by the time he got back they would let him know. I'd hate to think he missed that opportunity by coming here.

I don't like feeling sad. This totally sucks. I have this one friend Dustin t and as soon as Mani left, he msged me " Ok he's gone. You have to come out". But I felt like... man! Dustin! can't you be more sensitive?? I'm in the grieving process here! It really sucks to be away from your bf. He goes to bed while you're not finished ur day. All my remaining friends in Kingston live with my ex bf except Julia who happens to be on the opposite end of campus and whose bf hogs her all the time and dammit, I'm just stressed!

I just wish that Mani lived here and had a job HERE. I know that's so selfish but this JUST SUCKS! I won't see him on our one year, or Christmas, OR New Years! I really hope that Luc doesn't come down to Toronto for New Years because I want to have a girls night out with Julia and other people. But he probably will because it's New Years and who would Julia make out with at midnight?

I wish I were in Toronto. The big city where all my friends reside. I'd be bubble-teaing with Lisa regularly, going downtown to shop with Julia or Maria and driving Di around her jobs and eating late night WEndy's at her place. Sigh.. I miss the city. Stupid ugly Kingston.

School is stressing me out! How does one cope with the stress? How does one concentrate? Shell you have to teach me tips on how you have all this time to read EVERY SINGLE BLOG ON BLOGIGO and reply and write epic entries AND get 80% and above on all ur courses AND be the best granddaughter AND have a serious relationship AND go work out! PLEASE!!!!! TELL ME!!!

This is a shitty entry, I'm sorry.. I'm just venting I suppose.

OK how about some fun news! Yesterday my housemates Katlyn and Arwen when out on the town with 5 other friends. I had plans that night so I couldn't go but before I went, I plucked their eyebrows and did they're make up! OMG! I SWEAR! They looked like something on Vogue! They all said they coudln't recognize themselves and they just flattered me with all kinds of compliments about my erm...artistry!. They were kinda shocked to learn that I had dabbled in aesthetics since the age of 12. But I can honestly say I've changed many lives with my talents! Serious! Self esteems went through the roof ( some more extreme and annoying and cocky than others) and in that case I think to myself, " my god I created a monster" but most times it's quite rewarding and I think to myself, " I turned them into beautiful goddesses!!!!!" and I give myself a lil pat on the back :)

I always go home to do Erica's prom make up, WEndy's, my friends, make up for debutante balls etc etc. It's soooo much fun!!!

Yeah so that cheered me up TOTALLY. :D
Yeah so this week is going to be a lil hectic for me...and it sucks cuz when I talk to Mani, I can never tear myself away. This is the first time SINCE I WAS LIKE 13 that I felt so sad over a STUPID BOY! ech! THIS SUCKS!

Anyhoo, I better get going!
Talk laterz!



Sep 18, 2005 at 00:14 o\clock



ISN'T THAT SO NEAT!!!!! and I love it to bits!!!

This is for Jackie and other girls who love shoes

aren't they gorgeous? :D

thanks for the advice and nice words shell :D I always love your comments :)
I am trying to get the google msger but the problem is how do we swap addresses without sharing it on the world wide web?

I am a paranoid android.. note the minimal facial exposure in the above pics. :P
ok.. i'll put a pic of me and care together

like every proud mommy showing off her baby

i apolgize for my atrocious outfit, disheveled hair and lack of make up

Hope you all enjoyed the pics!

Sep 17, 2005 at 07:58 o\clock

wow i suck

ok sorry sorry.. it's just school is really crazy ALREADY!

ok Jackie, I'll just explain my shoes and then for sure i will have them posted by the end of this week.. they are strings of white and black, inch high stillettos' that tie in knots at cute places and just decorate my feet.. really funky and pretty too... i LOVE THEM.

they hurt but I try to repeat my sister's mantra: fashion over comfort... i think she stole that from Carrie on SATC


I'M SO SAD! Thanks Mey for trying to make me feel better. I've kinda become used to my bf being around... so I think i'm just going to have to be sad for a while until I get used to being without him again. :(

My dad came up today, brought my mother's marvelous sushi... I had 30 pieces because i skipped lunch so that I could eat it all when dad came at 3pm

He left though shortly afterwards.. I'm so lucky.. my mom spent alll day and night in the kitchen to make me precooked porkchops and Korean bbq and bought fruits and my dad drove for 6 hours to bring it all to me. I know people call me spoiled and a princess for it but I think I'm just really blessed with loving parents and I will strive to be like them too.

So my mom is still on my case about not eating ginseng anymore ( you know, death in the form of powder?) so my circulation sucks again and i'm having bouts of heat-loss trauma... but my mom brought me the super duvet.... HUUUUUUUUGE FLUFFY HEAVEN ON EARTH! I wish mani was here to be able to sleep in that.. its like sleeping on clouds! You can't see the person underneath. I think we all need to appreciate the little details that make sleeping so wonderful.... Puffy pillows, big ass duvets, giant carebear teddy bf buys you and greater-than-400 thread count. My best friend Lisa has this obsession with linen. Good quality linen though expensive is priceless and could affect the quality of your sleep.. and you really can't put a price on good sleep...

I've just had an epiphany and that is, I am an shopping, sleeping, food whore. that sucks

I talked to my friend Di the other day. She has this friend ... let's call her Linda for now. She is this girl who dates losers ... drug dealers that can give her that " right-here-right-now satisfaction" you name it, sex, expensive haute couture fashion and a ride in a pimp-mobile, dig?

ok so this girl has a bf who buys things with his dirty money yet she's always sponging rides off dianne. She doesn't offer to pay for gas or parking and di doesn't even get to drink at the clubs she drives this chick to. I want to tell her off. What girl accepts all these expensive presents but doesn't want to lose face in asking her man for cabfare.. you know what kind of girl pulls that shit? a pigeon-head, that's who. That's right, Linda.. you in your Dior pumps yet you can't afford a bus pass, I'm talking to you! Stop sponging off my friend!

My dad is going to Korea in a few weeks to go to my cousin's wedding. He's much older than me. I'm kinda sad i don't get to go.. my family history on my dad's side is a bit sad and complicated..that is for another day.

Alright! well I will talk to you all soon!



Sep 15, 2005 at 12:29 o\clock

flown away

Well, he's gone now. Now I can do some homework. It's 6:30 in the morning, I just got back from this centre at my uni where the bus comes directly in to pick students up and go straight to Pearson airport. ... and


I'M SO FRICKING SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mani's bday was the 14th and even though we went out and celebrated with my friend Julia and her bf Luc, Mani thought the day was the 15th after we came home and had a mini heart attack because he thought he missed his flight... after that I became really paranoid and tried to convince him to take the 1am bus to be at the station like 14 hours in advance but he relaxed and we headed out at about 5:20 am today.

It was really really fun. I'm reallllly going to miss him. We both agreed not to leave our family during Christmas and also we TOTALLY overspent our budget these past few weeks that quite frankly we can't afford it. I think I am going to visit him in Belgium in Feb. I need to scrape up some extra cash somewhere.

well I want to keep writing... but it's really earlystill in the morning and I have to catch some zzzzzs before class... i TOTALLY FORGOT i said I'd post my shoes up.. I'll get to it this afternoon promise!

missed you all!


Sep 9, 2005 at 13:11 o\clock


So I'm a student right? and I have this desk clerking job for the residences at my school and the place is crawling with underaged, prepubescent, drunk off one cooler bottle 17 year olds with no ID and no place to go anyways. Not only that, but I have a midnight shift. I always sleep during these shifts, I absolutely cannot stay up. It's so brutal!

Mani and I watched 10 episodes back to back of the Family Guy to try and keep us awake but even THAT didn't work!

Ok... so I just added up allllll my bills and I spent 668 bucks on clothes and shoes this week. THAT SUCKS! holy crap... it's like I just unleashed myself. Ok... no more shopping until.... until for a very long time!!! omg.. it's like I'm my out of control sister or something.. i'm usually not that bad. This is what happens when you finally cave and accept money from you're desperate mom with unremitting mom syndrome after you've been making money on your own for a few months. argh. I'm so disappointed with myself.

Jackie, ( or was it shell?) I will definitely take a pic of my new shoes when I get home and post it for you to see :D It looks better on even though I have boat-sized feet.

I think somewhere along the line my growth got stunted... 5"7 is definitely not tall enough for my big ass feet and my spidery long fingers. Damn.

I guess I'm just rambling. My poor Mani is sleeping on the couches at Vic Hall. I have so many things to do today after I'm done this shift that it's mind boggling.

You know, I have really high hopes for this year. I know this sounds so cheesy, but I feel like I'm finally understanding the meaning of busting your ass and being responsible for what happens to you. In other words, I hope I'm mature this year. :P It took me awhile to get it you see. I only hope God sees it that way too.

WEll, clearly I'm incoherent and not in my right head.... I am in desperate need of sleep... midnight to morning shifts should be illegal.



Sep 7, 2005 at 02:14 o\clock



I'VE NEVER BEEN SO STRESSED OUT IN MY LIFE! Mani is still here! He's leaving in a few days so I'm really getting bummed..ok wait, truthfully it hasn't it me yet but it will so I thought I'd give you the update beforehand so you'd know how i WOULD feel...


how've you all been? I'm sure you're all great, I have to catch up on all your lives too. This summer, I wrote the dreaded MCATs which is why I had to leave for a bit. I rocked the science parts ( i hope I did, I feel that I did) but VERBAL WHICH IS F***ING G***DAMN READING COMPREHENSION WAS SO HARD?!?!?!?!? WHY!?!?!? IT SHOULD BE EASY!!!!!!!!!

it don't matter, I don't want to discuss it. My mom treated me to a whole tub of frozen yogurt after so i'm happy :)

Mom's are the best aren't they? My littlest sister moved into her condo/res suite style this past Sunday.. she's the last girl to go. I'm sorry I couldn't have seen her leave. My other sister who is only a year and a half younger got to go.. she's got this tough persona, this exterior as a very catty girl, fasionista socialite you know the type? she BAWLED and hugged my baby sister and she was like, " i can't leave her here!" .... very surreal... but also devastatingly entertaining dawling.

Apparently she's already a hit and many boys are already asking about her... grrrr... i'm going to pay her a visit and give some boys the eye.... you know, I've also seriously considered installing a system that will apply mild electric shocks to the unwelcome foes whenever they approach her door.. whaddya think? it worked on rats, it should work on the wolves as well.

Anyways, so I'm talking to my mom right? and I'm telling her how homesick I was first year and how I cried and suddenly she started BAWLING !!!! i was so shocked... i kept saying, " mom.. i'm sorry.. don't cry.. she's going to be ok..." and mani was beside me shaking his head in disapproval like, " how can you make your mother cry !?"

it was awful.... i feel so bad.. but you know i thought about it from my mom's perspective and I think it's a really big betrayal! You sacrifice and live for your offspring and one day they pack up and venture into the unknown not even looking back! ( she mentioned erica was so excited she didn't look back.. i think it hurt my mom)

Man, when I have kids I'm going to whip their asses good.. they better appreciate! :P

Today, I bought the sexiest stilettoes I've seen in a REALLY long time!!! i'm soooo excited :D They were onsale for half from 145 ... so 72.50.. i know that's not much of a deal but they are so delicious.. I couldn't walk away. SO TODAY I'M HAVING A FANTASTIC DAY!!!

Although at one store I tried on these capris and I couldn't squish my ass into it! I tried to squish each ass cheek individually into it but that tactic didn't work either! To my dismay, the pants didn't fit but it's ok. I still fit into most of my other jeans at home. i just gotta lie on the bed and suck in my tummy for two of them.

Alright! So I gotta get going but I wanted to say i'm really sorry for not keepign you guys updated ( for those of you who follow me and my very own personal lurker who still opts to remain anonymous)

Talk soon1

Tchock got-some-junk-in-the-trunk

edit: ok I feel so foolish rambling on about my shoes... I'm praying for Hurricane Katrina victims... it's truly a devastating event and I hope everyone down in the southern states will recover soon :(

Sep 1, 2005 at 07:44 o\clock

hi peops!!!

i know i know.. i've been so bad.. I went back to the city to visit the ol fam and mani came down again so it's been reeeeeeeeeal fricking hectic.. all this stress has my immune systme totally busted.. I think I have strep throat so I have to go ask the doctor tomorrow what's wrong. wow. I know i have so much to talk about but its's 1:30 and I think i'm bothering mani with all the clacking as he's trying to sleep... I will write more tomorrow but I wanted to say that I missed your comments and I thought about my blogigo friends as Ifrantically tried to organize my life!
will write tomorrow!