Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon

Sep 12, 2006 at 07:54 o\clock

new address

i've moved kids!

 easy peasy

hope to see you there!


Sep 6, 2006 at 22:51 o\clock



long time I KNOW! I think I'll be leaving this blog and making a new one on Myspace soon. I'm back at school and I have a bajillion things to share but i don't have internet and I'm at the lib right now and will not be able to resume my Paris experience but the gist of things is


I was hysterical but have since calmed down and I will tell you all about it later

Paris by the way is the most beautiful place I've ever been to. I'm so in love with Paris, I went to the top of the Eiffel, the L'arc Triomphe, the cruise along the Seine river, the Louvre, the ferris wheel (and kissed on it)

 Mani and I remain broken up but we had an unforgettable time together in Paris and I still adore him to bits. However next year we will be 13 hours apart and it's just not feasible.

 Again long stories I hope to cover in my new blog. I'm not sure I'll post it up here, I would tell you to mail me for my address but I don't want to give out my email either. I mgiht set up a temporary one but then again so could the lot of you who I don'twant reading my blog so.... er..... we'll see

 Thx for taking the time to read about my life!


yours truly,


Aug 20, 2006 at 01:46 o\clock


Listening to: OK Computer


These past two weeks, I've been so busy, going to Kingston, getting an apt, meeting up with friends.. DRINKING EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! and I'm going to give my liver a bit of a break before I go to Paris, where I will not be able to resist the wine.

 I have so many funny stories to share but that will have to wait.. I'm sooo busy.

Meeting with Prof went well.. SHE'S NOT SCARY! whew.

I'm sooooo stressed, still in the midst of packing but the OKC that's playing won't give my blood pressure and heart a rest... I'M SO HAPPY...


I feel really shitty, was moody to Mani today who is going through all kinds of lengths so that I can go to this concert, I'll have to make it up to him by being extra sweet and thoughtful on the trip.


I'm sooo happy and euphoric I'm DIZZY and can't stand up straight :)

I know u all are happy for me

 Watch for me at the front of the mainstage on when Radiohead are on. I'll be the one uncontrollably smiling!




going to see my future husband perform 

Aug 15, 2006 at 06:38 o\clock



i'm streeeeeeeessed. Holy shit, I have a plethora of drama to tell all you about ( I haven't left this site.. yet) BUT I DON'T EVEN HAVE TIME, I JUST GOT IN FROM SUSHI and now I have to pack and wake up at like 6am to meet Migchels who is leaving Sarnia at 4am to pick me up so that we can be in Kingston at a decent hour.


I thought I would have time to sort my thoughts on this and calm down but this is proving to be too time consuming. Sorry!






Aug 11, 2006 at 01:32 o\clock


what the hell is going on with this stupid page?

like hell!

Anyways, I'm SO STRESSED right now it's not even funny. Tomorrow, I have to go to the passport office to get my passport, then I am going to visit my coworker Cynthia on her last day of work where we used to work together and then I'm supposed to go out with Ray ( Di's sister's ex bf who became my friend, weirdly enough) before he goes to Banff to go skiing!

 omg, I was supposed to do drinks with Harshaw yesterday with Rachelle but that fell through because I had made other plans. Saturday ( the day after tomorrow) I am going to a beach party, after which i have to rush to Pat's open mic show somewhere downtown! Then on Sunday, I promised to go to a bar to drink my ass off :(

Monday and Tuesday i have to be in Kingston looking for a 3 bedroom apartment for me, migchels and tonia but on Tuesday I have to meet with my professor at 11 on Tuesday and Monday night, Julia wants to go clubbing with me because she hasn't had a friend there the entire summer!

Wednesday I come back and I'm making plans to meet up with Dan, who I ran into at the coffee shop and he told me to call him to make plans to catch up. Di also wants to come so I have to talk to them both to make plans to all get together. I also told my ex ex ex Eric that I'd catch up with him sometime THIS week but THAT'S not happening so it's going to have to be next week where I will have to tutor, take Renee out for dinner and buy Euros :( .. OMG MY HEAD IS SPINNING!

 Anyways, i'm going to go do some more research on the prof I'm working for.

On a lighter note, today I got picked up by a cute guy who was younger than me. How flattering to know I still look younger than 24 :P Still! I will follow through on my plan to remain single for atleast a year. ATLEAST!

 going to go eat now!

tchocky pocky


Aug 8, 2006 at 05:10 o\clock


I can't believe how busy I've been this past week, and moreover, I can't believe how little recollection I have of the events of the past week either.

I wanted to write, just in case I forget, that while the rest of the fam was out camping, my little sister and I had a fun day together. After church we went to Dominion to buy foods we wanted to eat. We bought a bag of cherries, tomatoe and basil and parsley and italian bread ( we should have gotten the french bread in retrospect) for the bruschetta she was making for dinner. er.. I forgot what else we got but we came home and made a fruit salad too.

We also stole the remainder of the wine left over from Christmas I believe ( I can't believe I didn't find it sooner) but it wasn't enough to get us even remotely buzzed or relaxed. In defiance of our parents, we exclaimed, " **** the dishes! let it rot in the sink until tomorrow in all of our procrastinating glory!" We stayed up til 5 watching Waterboy and various other shows that were on at the mo. Needless to say, we were awoken by the sound of the thunderous neanderthal entrance of my father and half-dazed, we rushed downstairs to do the dishes in our PJ's and crazy bed hair.

It's so nice spending time with the baby sis with the parents gone. I am really missing my other baby sis in Korea. We spoke to her over webcam and on the phone and she seemed really excited but when we mentioned how much Matty had grown and how much his confidence had grown too, she burst into tears exclaiming, " MATTY GREW UP SO MUCH!"

Then she wiped all of her tears away with her little sleeve.. she's so cute.

In any case, I've been contemplating whether or not I should maintain this page on Blogigo :(. I love Blogigo and everyone I met on here but as of late, I've been finding myself more and more doodling and writing in my diaries at home and I find a kind of freedom there that I don't really find on here anymore. I don't really know who reads my entries. The ppl who do read them, I'm completely comfortable but at times, I feel held back, in case this person reads or that person reads, not that I'd be necessarily talking about them.. it's just.. well.. I can't really explain it. As well there has been a kind of internal drama that has been occuring regarding blogs that has me really pissed, basically dealing with a psycho that doesn't have her facts straight but instead of engaging in a war of words, ( which clearly, I would win anyways) I've wanted to just fuck off this page atleast to another page where she won't read my entries anymore. I can't stand the idea that by expressing my feelings and ideas and dramas on this page, I would be making myself vulnerable to her ridiculousness.

Ok.. my baby sister wants me to do something fun.... she's funny :P hahahaha she wants me to excitedly flip the pages of the new IKEA catalogue that came in.. man their stuff is so cheap!

ok ... I'm still debating, but I thought I should mention it.


Aug 5, 2006 at 07:53 o\clock


Earlier, I sat and websurfed while I was waiting for my mudpack on my face to dry. Afterwards, I couldn't even smile. My friend Nunes ( Jeff) fell into hysterics at the thought. So could you imagine how I hysterical I looked upon discovering the wonders of YouTube? There are things on there that would have taken me a decade to find from other sources... I thought I had an impressive collection of radiohead video/video clips.. do you knwo what the fuck I found? I found the video for High and Dry... UK VERSION! (that's like trying to find a picture of Rachel Owen, only I did once and I felt really bad for that.. it was honestly accidently on an Italian fan website)

Omg.. I can see why they don't go showing that UK version around anymore (I'm actually embarassed for Radiohead) and why it's virtually impossible to find ( actually.. it WAS possible to find.. virtually :P)

ok that was geek humour.

Anyhoo.. now with all these wonderful treasures at my fingertips, I'm crippled because I cannot download these treasures INTO my computer. Meaning should YouTube ever shut down, i would not to able to access anything. I've been trying for hours to figure out how to download these magnificent findings but to no avail. I asked my friend Nunes if it was possible.. but that I dreaded the answer so don't tell me... wait no no i'm ready tell me! and then you know what? the answer was " I don't think so"

fucking crush my heart nunes!

So if ANYONE is capable of downloading files from YouTube onto ur harddrive.. PLEASE msg me... I'll buy you ice cream.


Aug 5, 2006 at 00:13 o\clock

Something borrowed from Chomsky

St. Augustine tells a story of a pirate captured by Alexander the Great, who asked him, " How dare you molest the sea."

"How dare you molest the whole world?" the pirate replied: " Because I do it with a little ship only, I am called a thief; you, doing it with a great navy, are called an Emperor."

Aug 4, 2006 at 03:57 o\clock

pet peeve list

I've decided to do Shell's hill billy challenge and list my pet peeve for every letter of the alphabet

A- Autumn ( it's a seasonal mood disorder thing)

B- Bono

C- Coca Cola (and all associated products)

D- David Letterman

E- Emo

F- Fees

G- gum on tables

H- Hezbollah

I- Israel

J- Jihads

K- Kingston

L- Littering

M- Muse fans

N- narcissists

O- Ontario outside of Toronto

P- Procrastinating ( ironic, I know)

Q- Quiznos commercials

R- Rolling Stones Magazine.. officially the worst music mag ever.

S- skipping CDs

T- Tea instead of coffee

U- unmotivated ppl

V- vanity (guilty of it, but I still don't like it)

W- wind in my face ( I hate fans and rolled down  car windows

X- ..??... oh.. I hate Vin Diesel movies

Y- yodeling

Z- zoos

Aug 3, 2006 at 04:30 o\clock

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck stupid stupid stupid!@

There are times when I'm convinced that my parents are neanderthals and that I'll never be able to reason with them because they are just SO FUCKING STUPID!

Example, I had a massive row with my parents infront of my grandma just now. Lemme break it down. Heat is skyrocketing in Toronto, we had a record high last night and there were reports that all these seniors were taken to hospitals becuase of the weather. Being concerned, I drove all the way over to my grandparents apartment to DRAG them back to our house which has AC. I asked them to stay one more night tonight just to be safe but they are so damn stubborn my grandfather slipped away when no one was looking. As upset as I was, I agreed to take my grandmother and drop her all the way home but my father, being the callous, inconsiderate neanderthal that he is, said, " why not drop her at the bus stop like she suggested?"

This is not the first time he's done shit like this. Almost everytime I offer to drive my grandfather home, infront of my grandfather he'll ask me, " can't he just take the bus home? I need you to do something for me"... like fuck!

So tonight I finally cracked and I yelled back, " Dad you're so inconsiderate! If (my sister) had a husband and she wanted to drive you home late at night and he suggested you take the bus infront of you, would you like it?"

I guess that reality was too much for him since he started screaming all kinds of names at me.. see.. that's how eloquent he is. He can't articulate that he's upset that I've made my point and that he has no case, so that's the shit I put up with. Enters the mother, who of course sides with my father because when has she ever sided with me over my father, even when it comes to the well-being of her own parents!

So then of course a screaming match ensues.. and then enters my grandmother and at this very opportune time my mother decides to yell " EVERYTIME YOU COME HOME IT'S LIKE THIS! YOU ALWAYS START THIS!"

Of course my siblings and I are well aware that my parents started this shit but we can't have my grandmother know that her own daughter is sticking up for the man who wanted to put her on a bus at night in the fucking lightening, pouring rain! I just got so exasperated because she was making it seem like I was screaming because I was upset at my grandparents decision to leave when I had already offered to drive her home and the real reason I was fighting with my parents was in my grandparents defense! That is what angers me the most. To hell with my parents, they are so fucking dense, I don't care what the fuck they think about me anyways. If I cared about extremely stupid ppl who are incapable of arguing anything remotely close to sane, then I'd be a fucking basketcase, if I'm not one already.

At one point my mom accused me of being upset just because I didn't get my way and not because I genuinely cared about my grandparents! FUCK HER! She's the one that wouldn't get the extra blankets out for them to sleep on because she didn't want to wash them all. I never ever complain, in fact I'm always the one to suggest driving them home and such. I can't fucking stand my mother. When I see her face, I want to fall into hysterics and hope that the possibility of me finally losing it will shield me from comprehending the words out of her mouth.

Also, she was trying to argue for my father and I was like, " I offered to drive gramma home,it's your stupid monkey-like husband who started this shit with me telling me to drop her off at a bus station in this weather" and she's like " your father didn't know it was raining " ( it was like fucking lightening thunder) " and he asked after, was it raining?"


My mother is such a disappointment. When I see her, I see a weak woman bound by her idiot husband and everything I hate about the sexist culture of mine is just put on as a show for us by our parents. FUCK THAT SHIT! I'M NEVER EVER EVER GETTING MARRIED! AND IF I EVER DO I HOPE HE ASKS MY FATHER TO TAKE A FUCKING BUS HOME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING NIGHT AMIDST ALL OF THE THUNDER AND LIGHTENING! FUCKER!