The Destroyer Babe

Sep 5, 2005 at 22:56 o\clock

fuckeeeeed me~~~~~~~~~~~~

by: icbee

Mood: fucking cheersful!
Listening to: yellowcards! ony one

 it has been fucking long time I had no typing any shit here!!!!..........what the heck.............

Fucked me, I still got that many worshiper .........!!!!!!!!!......., but I do really fucking happy to knew at all............

you are, guys drove me loousy............!!!!!!!!and sappy as hell now.........hiks,,hiks!!!!!!!!!

for the crissake, you guys could check out another fucking blog of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!, THE DESTROYER BABE

Mar 27, 2005 at 16:21 o\clock


by: icbee

Mood: horny

Hello,,babe,,! kisses n licks n deep hugs,,for you..if you miss me just close your eye and imagine that im laying next to you then you can start to masturbate!!

Feb 18, 2005 at 15:25 o\clock

Hello Bryan..where are you now?

by: icbee

Mood: I won't tell you huh! none your business!
Listening to: and watching to The Snatch"f**king pikeys!

Yee...ha..!! wanna rock n roll babe..!!do any creatures here,knows what is Byran Adams sign? or maybe Mr.Adams willing to tell me?! ok,put side the question until the end of mylife,I went to mui wo..lantau island.. the big budha ..clear rite? on yesterday,my off day,Im on holiday! what the hell..every normal worker was working on weekday.Im about holiday..huh!no comment,this's company rules,holiday on weekday and hollly end on weekend so? no comment..!it's okay,I had fun anyways,swimming to lantau island,Im kidding!Im get on Ferry!! jump up to motorbike and ride over the island ,the beach,the temple and the big budha !I mean somebody gimme ride!I can't ride,even bicycle,no chance! I had lots of merlot n shirav,had good food,good music,good movie,good time with the rite one! a human!hehheee..yup!he's a human,a good chatter!the rite male human!good guy!the story was end! sequel! don't ask!err..I remember..there lot of wild buffalos n cows n the shit!hihiiiii...every moment for those creatures are eat n shit n talk!


Feb 16, 2005 at 14:10 o\clock


by: icbee

Mood: too high..can't calm down na!
Listening to: Bryan Adams@ summer of 69

Hey gemini..Your smile's way sexier than any pair of tight pants, and your well-considered thoughts are way sexier than other people's lame lines. Work your assets to their full advantage now.I do really no doubt coz Im a geminian and I'd really have sunshine smile..LOL!got that entire every day in mail box! and if anyone who is don't think so..about my smile !better leave my page..go away and Bryan Adams also a geminian and his voice really blow me up and down and up and down and up,up,up like a push up bra! too high can't get  down and his voice was really so uum sexy......keekekeke don't believe eh? just find out by yourself and tell me the true! Bryan is a geminian or not..

Feb 15, 2005 at 19:02 o\clock

I wanna.....

by: icbee

Mood: fucking bad.........

I wanna....pinch your nipple babe..wanna kick off my boot and slap your face with.......wanna bite your toes..wanna suck your ....uuumm better..nothing..okei..suck your dick! no big deal na...I admit,I love too..! ahhhahhahaa...what? Im not little girl and Im grew up enough to suck that what? don't tell me you don't like it eh? honest Im used enjoy..add some chocolate cream..well so yummy,with mint chew icy cool..champage?beer?hot coffe?hot chocolate?! hello... guys! have you try it? no? uuh..ask me then if any doubt there.......if you wanna yoo zaaaa...and then yee haa....don't be silly just ask! worries,my fds had tried and no accident..everything cool!! sorry Im just got much of deppression..just kidding,btw if really curious you..i don't mind to teach you lesson!buy me dinner!


Feb 14, 2005 at 17:20 o\clock

my valentine

by: icbee

Mood: nippy + no pretty cock = frigidity of me
Listening to: I'll make love to U>boyz2men

wanna..close my eye..make a wish..that my valentine here..but what the fuck...he/she doesn't show up..until today..the valentine day..I felt a bit up set....gonna reward myself with  a "didlo"...hahahhahaa..kidding boo in fact I was scared off  the size of those stuffs..seem quite big..iiihhh..

be honest there guys asked to have some fun to nite...aha"F-U-N= F-U-C-K...and i have no interest at all..coz Im too old to have kinda fun..shhh..afraid I have to bring my cat to auntie will visit me in middle month..gain few lbs of body weigh drove my libido higher than Im lost my appetite either libido..though no sex in age's good to maintance my engine..happy valentine anyways..lick my..nipple? qiqiiiii..kidding boo..

Feb 11, 2005 at 13:34 o\clock


by: icbee

Mood: ........................

"KUNG HEI FAT CHOY" happy cock year" so far monkey year gone and cock are coming up......HKG ppl still alive after though the enonomic still same as same,it's seems won't rise up again and the enonomist still kept like a communist honest I DON'T KNOW what Im going to typing here,my brain doen't work well lately it was clogged by some shit eventually so evrything here just full of days was suck this month I had no dating,no sex,no hang out,no exercise,no arguement,running out of until drop this month........



Jan 31, 2005 at 22:16 o\clock


by: icbee

Mood: nasty,dirty,bitchy,,,wanna bark out n slap my boss yeah..!
Listening to: Im horny,horny,horny, yeah,,im horny,horny,horny

dear bitch, Im so sorry my dear I was absent from you recently,my days run to dog and I dont wan't being dog woman so tried my best to survive..once!, hey dear have you hear about "dog in the manger?" na I just found out my boss he really somebody,eewhh!, he make me sick and i used to call his names "SHARK, he always pretending to like an iron..I don't know what going on with his brain..and it's not my business!! I am hard working and pleaseant enough to get appreciate from boss but not from the Shark..he used to dogged to me legs really sucks! be honest he has nice at times in case once he locked to something freak problems and gonna ask for some solution..though may be he has own mission to force me down to listen to him,try to get my attention, wanna shock me around his dictator manner...wanna pissed me off..uh! well Im gonna tell you my dear "shark" Im really damnable bitch so you better off or I'll shit in your room very you hear eh? you better built yourself respect and I'll try my best to give you respectful..don't ever try to scare me off my dear Shark..I won't only bark out..and what you think PIRANHA vs SHARK? sound fun rite?..uum..should be great news isn't?....besides that dog shark..I was good either hang out with the GFs, company "Poky' yuslosavia guy browse around HK city, done my task as well as my other boss request..not that 'shark" and had couple beer this week..I'd had glass of Stela Artois on lunch crazy..!!1 glass beer every day to help your body to prevent catch up to Flu...and Arnold Swaxxzweger..said that " life too short to enjoy all the cheap beer..isn't? I got these msg from Inside out Bar..I though there no fake about the msg...getting fat again afterwards..I'd workout once had my beer in evening....nothing special happened then..Im not colapse in the treadmill..hahhahhaaa cheers..hugs n kisses

Jan 24, 2005 at 14:38 o\clock

I am such a damn busy bitch? uh!

by: icbee

dear dude, here we go na, I was blame by many of friends { net friends and earth friends } few of them are u/stood  what Im busy for every days but many of them are asking why difficult to get my attention. they dont even believe that Im really busy.." auch man! we need some money for live..! how come you blame me like "Im such damn busy bitch..!by the way here some picture of myself and friends of mine may be solve your problem..don't going to insane bcoz too missing me na!

Jan 23, 2005 at 12:20 o\clock

I have to go to hell eventually

by: icbee

just remind you that I will not in love with you for...age! however I had good time with you and really love you as well before..anyway I'll try to visit you at times,,bye my address once you miss me just drop to me.....bye dude .I'll remember you,,hey you should keep on your mind Im a extreme complicated may be I'll break all this words and heading back to your toes..eewwh..! start to beg to you as a damn begger ...damn begger ..eewhhh!..and asking na!opsss money boo... Im a Destroyer !Im your Babe..coming up to Destroy your life..SCreepy? puufff...!

above shit entire for my,! I still love that dude but there's no idea for this moment...Im not a devilish at once huh!, I have right to choice and off from you once ..I'll always love you and I'll keeping  shocking  youCIOA LA>.........