His life

Aug 4, 2007 at 18:06 o\clock

Just have a lighter view...

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First of all I wanted to say, Dont discuss what is more worse just believe.

- And thanks to Buttercup2 whom inspired me to write this down for you all to read!...

When you meet new people, people you have never seen before. People that you see for the first time at work, public, a sports club, or when you are going out.

You will get to know them better as time goes by. And you come to see that person in another light. At first sight you dont know them so well, but when you get to know them, you will come to see that they are carrying a bag with them too. A bag filled with Happiness, Love, Pain, Sorrow, Big happenings, etc.

When you are young you will be suprised and have never thought such things behind that person.

At first you think well, okay....

But after you do things more often with that person you will get a fight because one of the person has done something wrong to you. But that is just a consequention of the things that, that person has gone through. And you will ask why have you done that? And that other person will say, That is what Ive known that is the only thing I know how to do. What people are going through will stay with them their whole life and those things will form a person too.

- When i was a little younger I had an relationship with a teacher. I really wanted it, and he also. But we were to blind to see that adventually the truth was going to bubble above the water. And it did, When people got to know what happend, you see all your friends let you fall down, people you really saw as friends. After that you are standing all on your own. When you have a class you have to hide because when you walk beside a person on a school they will call you names 24/7 at school, public, a sports club, when you are going out. You just know you are never save, people are everywhere. And what the logic thing to do is hide. Hide and sit in your house because that is the only place they cant come. At least that is what you think. All you believe in is gone in one moment, your love, Your trust in people, The people you thought you could count on. But after a year of silence, you come to realise that is not the way to solve it. And then you have 2 options to choose. Stand up and dig yourself out of the hole you got yourself in, and yes I say ''Where you got yourself in'' you know why ? because of digging yourself underneath the pain and sorrow more doesnt solve anything except making the hole larger. Ofcourse everything that people do has a cause. And sometimes it is your fault and sometimes it is a part. And the other option is, let all the people fuck you up even more to just fill the hole with sand and stamp on it for a last time. To let themselves see, Im am something !?!?!.

Well, that was not an option for me, even after 2 years more sorrow I have felt in my whole life and with more details I cant even write on 5 pieces of paper. I just stepped out of the hole and you know what ? It wasnt even as tough as I had thought. The ladder was standing there ALL the time, 1 millimeter beside me in the hole. But I just didnt wanted to see it. I didnt believed in it. Didn't believe in myself.

Ofcourse pain and sorrow will get more less as time goes by, ofcourse it will stay there. But I just looked at the bright side of it. I had learned not to hide and confront problems you have not only with yourself but with other people too. And I have learned a great deal of it. I knew you cant just put your whole life on the table and let other people read it, not to trust people that easily because I always trusted people like that **snap**. I came to realise that nobody is perfect and everyone is carrying a bag with their own problems and with that bag they are formed.

And altough I know im still young, and I have my whole life still in front of me. I know that other things will fall on the road and I just have to confront them and just try as hard as possible to become a better person out of it. For my friends I will do everything and I always say **I Forgive but wont Forget** and if they screw me up really hard they get a second chance but after the second chance I will close the book. And maybe this is a little right to the point.

But that is how MY bag has formed me !


R. Kelly, The world's greatest.

**And if anyone asks who you are.

Just stand up tall look him in the face and say, Im that star up in the sky, Im that mountain peak up high.

I am a giant
I am an eagle
Oh, Im a lion
down in the jungle



Jul 30, 2007 at 23:41 o\clock

His life

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Everyone in this world, every person, every type of skin, Tall or Small, Fat or Thin, are wearing a pair of glasses. You have them on 24/7. Maybe you dont even realise its there. As soon as you wake up you are wearing them again. 

Ofcourse, the word *glasses* is a symbolism. But if you give it a second thought it is true. The glasses are standing for your vision on the world. You can say you have an objective look on the world, and that you are very openminded. But that isn't entirely true.

The place you grow up, the parents that you have, the people you hang out with, can all influence your glasses. Their glasses better said are mixing with the glasses you are wearing.

The opinions from your friends, family, you can make them your own too. But only if you want them too. Maybe you have figured this thing all out before. But sometimes people should remind a thing like this more often. It can broaden your view.

That is the reason why I am talking about ''His Life'' Im forced to wear them every day even when I dont want to. But I think if you dont wear your glasses, does that mean that you have no thought at all ? That has to mean you dont exist. That is the same thing like saying she is a good person if every being on this world would be like her, that would make the world a better place. Still that would get boring.

And I know we have to live with our glasses on and the best advice I can give is see your glasses like a second person this may sound a little schizofrenique. But still, its the best way I can handle this ''thing''. If we know why we have opinions and how we have formed them, and know everytime I say something bad or good about someone that I know that it is because of the way my glasses were mixed. And everytime we apoligize to a person we step next to our glasses and we go for the truth.

If you want to have an objective vision of certain subjects, you have to see the glasses like another person that is poisining your brain and let all your preconceptions go. Dont feel good or bad about a person just go for the truth and that is the only thing that matters dont let feelings get envolved. Like sorrow and happiness.

                The only thing you CaN, *See is the truth just ''OpEn'' your !eyes!.

And drop the glasses baby! 


- Silvia Parker