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Gold Bangles

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Bangles are tarditional Indian Jewelry  accessories. Gold Bangles look like Gold Bracelets , only they are much more thinner. Bangles are worn in pairs or sets ranging from two to twelve bangles.

Bangles are traditionally  most associated with weddings, but today bangles are widely available in most international fashion stores.Bangles orignate as far back as the 6th century BC in India. Originally made from glass, bangles are now available in a variety of materials, textures, colours and price range.Traditions reagrding  the choice of material and style depends on the region  in India.Some are stricter than others.

Gold Bracelets and Gold , white gold , even diamond bangles are more commonly used for wedding wheres the less expensive more colourful plastic bangles would be used for religious holidays.

Another tradition involving bangles is at birth, when Indian babies have their naming ceremony then the childis given an black plastic bangle to protect them from evil spirits. This is a similar tradition as the silver spoon ,most Indian babies get a gold bangle to mark their naming ceremony.

Bangles  have grown in popularity over the years.Production of Bangles remains tob e predominantly in India but you can find hundreds of differnt stlyes and matrials even wires, plastic and wood bangles in stores worldwide.

Although bangles are mostly worn by woman, some metal bangles like the kara are worn by Sikh men for religious symbolism. White gold bangles seem very popular these days but are also very expensive due to this popularity.One way to afford new jewelry is to sell your old and broken gold bracelets to postal gold .


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Enjoy skydiving? Why not try your hand at Dumpster Diving?

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What would you think if you saw someone on the street or round the back of a supermarket rooting through a skip or a dustbin?  Like me I’m sure you would probably think it was a homeless person looking for food but they may in fact be part of the “freeganism ” movement.  Welcome to the world of “Dumpster Diving”.

“Freegans” (word derived from “free” and “vegan”) are anti-consumerists who seek to make a protest against food waste by making use of food or other items found in bins behind supermarkets or shops.  According to statistics around 17 million tonnes of food waste is deposited in landfills each year by the food industry in the UK, a large proportion of which is still edible.  “Freegans” come from all walks of life from students and those struggling to make ends meet, to the middle-classes and those on high incomes.  The movement started off in America but it seems it is starting to take off in Europe.  A lot of the food taken from supermarket bins includes things such as packaged sandwiches, which have just reached their sell-by date.  Many “Freegans” claim that they have never been ill or got food poisoning as a result of eating food taken from these bins.  Some have even struck gold in finding DVD players or TVs which they have either kept for themselves or sold on to make some extra cash.  Some Freegans have even gone one step further by giving up their full-time jobs in order to spend more time scavenging.  One Freegan, who has made such a sacrifice, said "I had to sell my gold jewellery at one point to pay the electricity bill because my wage from my part-time wouldn't cover it".  She continued stating "it was only a bracelet, gold is at a high price at the moment anyway so I got good deal.  It was worth it as long as I can carry on living the Freegan way". 

“Dumpster divers” are not only saving money, they are also removing waste that would otherwise damage the environment by being dumped in landfill sites.  Furthermore, in the current economic climate, where cutting down costs is more important than ever, it would seem that “freegans” have the right idea.