Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I write a new entry?

To be able to write a new entry, you will require a user account at blogigo and you need to be logged in and have created at least one weblog.

Select the weblog, to which you want to add an entry. Choose the menu item "Write entry". You now see the editor that is used for writing weblog entries.

Here you can insert the title and the text of your entry. If you want to you can also format the text by using the buttons (bold, italics, font colour) as well as add smileys, links or pictures. If you want your entry to have a date different from the current date and time, you can choose it from the drop down menues below the editor. Please notice that entries with a date in the future will not be visible before this date. There are also two optional text fields for your current mood and the music you're currently listening to.

To complete your entry, click on the "Publish" button.

You can use the "Preview" button before publishing the entry to see a preview of your entry in the design of your weblog. The preview will open in a popup window.