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Jun 29, 2005 at 20:49 o\clock

June 28 2:50

Mood: bored
Listening to: my sis watching kim possible



Jun 27, 2005 at 20:18 o\clock

June 27 2:20

Mood: cant wait for our softball game!
Listening to: some song on 97.7

hey everyone....

well i had volleyball early this moring at 8:30 and then i got home and ate and then i went outside a played a little bit of basketball  then slip~n~slide for a while and now i am inside waiting for 5:00 to leave for our softball game vs. manchester!!! we need to win..

that's all folks!


Jun 19, 2005 at 02:34 o\clock

June 18 8:30

Mood: i dunno
Listening to: nothing


well i haven't been on here forever! lol.. volleyball camp is over it was really fun and i think that our team is gonna be pretty good this year... well today i went to my sis's game in manchester then we went to maysville to eat and go to kroger and we just now got home and that is about it!

buh bye

Jun 13, 2005 at 03:35 o\clock

june 12 9:30 pm

Mood: BoReD tO dEaTh
Listening to: the ac and myself typing

hey hey hey!

well today was boring and ashley and i didnt go to the mall- but we are going to get our butts beat by someone (she is on probation for beating the heck out of other people...) thanks to mia lol... if you wanna know just ask. well last night i saw mr. and mrs. smith--talk about confusing! lol.. and i saw monster in law--it was really good and the guy was really hot! lol..well when i left ashley's house i came home and laid out for like a half and hour and then i watched head of state--i LOVE that movie! well that is about all i have done today... i probably wont have any time to get on here tomorrow so here is what i probably will be doing then....

tomorrow: well i gotta get up early since my mom has to be at volleyball camp early.. camp starts at 8 i think8 or 9 i dunno and then we have lunch and then we go back to camp... then is the jr. high camp and i might be staying for that too... then i have softball practice at the high school at 7 i think and that wont be over til around 9:30.. then i gotta go home take a shower and might get on here might not then i gotta go to sleep and do the same thing over again tuesday..

gotta go take a shower--see ya!

Jun 11, 2005 at 23:22 o\clock

June 11 5:10

Mood: happy-i wanna go to the mall w/ashley tomorrow~!
Listening to: loser( anna's thingy on aol mesenger)

hey everyone!

first off i gotta say rest in peace mr. morgan(and his kid)- :( even though i wasn't here in the 4th grade

oakie doakie-today went by fast it is already after 5! lol.. i just got home from my sister's softball game in winchester.. they played the she-devils and they lost.. i tell ya what i was about to KILL this girl on christina's team! she is soooooo stupid!! i swear i was about to smack her right in her face and she would've sat on me cus she is like 1000000000000 lbs but ohhh well.. lol.. well during her game i kept book and talked to ct(cierra taylor) -ej wasnt there:(  that is about all i have done today! lol.. i might be spending the night with ashley tonight then going shopping  tomorrow! lol.. i sure do hope so! lol..

i cant wait for volleyball camp moday!! well i gotta go talk to anna and ashley and mia on the net!


Jun 10, 2005 at 22:14 o\clock

June 10 4:10

Mood: bored
Listening to: tv

hey everybody!

well after our softball game against manchester(we lost) nessa nelly and mia spent the night over at my house then yesterday around 2 mia and nelly left then around 3ish we took nessa home. then we had a softball game against peebles 1. the first time i  batted i got a single-it could've been a double but i ran slow. the second time i did get a double then the third time i got a single then the last time i got walked and scored the game winning run! lol.. i didnt go to either basketball or volleyball open gym-ohh well...

today i have done nothing really i mowed the front yard and that is about it! lol...

that's all i got to say--sign the guestbook!

Jun 6, 2005 at 19:45 o\clock

June 6- 1:30

Mood: it is really hot outside!
Listening to: that noice when youre talking to someone on yahoo

hey everybody!

today:i woke up and went to the dentist-franklin. i saw sara and anna there and i saw emily mccarty there too. then we went to mickie d's and i got a #6(egg and bacon on a bagel or bagle w/e) after that i came home and was outside with my dog(skunkface's) puppies- they're soooo cute! when i got inside i watched the price i right then i went back outside with skunkface and my mom's dog(jr.'s) puppies.now i am inside on here and i am talking to mia niccole.

well tonight i have volleyball from 5:30 until 7 and i have softball from 6 until 8. so i can only go to volleyball for a half an hour then to softball. my mom got the job as the varsity coach so that makes judy our coach-JOY(not). i think that our team will be REALLY good this year since people WILL be cut and not everyone will play in every game! :)

see ya!

Jun 5, 2005 at 18:40 o\clock

june 5 12:35

Mood: tired
Listening to: air conditioner


yesterday: well yesterday i went to my sister's softball game at 1 then at 3 me and ct left for our game which was at north adams... well we lost that one then after that i went over to my parents friends house(kristi and chip mueller) then we left there and went to kelsey's house for this huge cook out thingy.. we were on the net for a while then drew came over and we went swimming for about 2 hours i think then we went back downstairs on the net then i left...i went to cheeks and vicky house which is right by kristi and chips house and spent the night there

today:well i woke up at cheeks and vicky's house then i went over to kristi and chip's house to pick up chiristina then we went home and now i am here being bored cus NOBODY is on yahoo.

well that's all i got to say--sign the guestbook!

Jun 1, 2005 at 22:00 o\clock

i got this off of christian's page

Mood: can't wait for softball
Listening to: whatever my sister is watching on tv.

type your name with your................


Eyes closed::: elizabeth






Wrist::: reopl;zsaqhbn reyh


Big Toe:::elizxabeth


Ear::: 3dw67fdxc R44


Forehead::: 4576SD3654654OIKL




Shoulder::: jk,mnjkl,mn l;,./ ,.  ghbvnm


Elbow::: elizab edgtfh


Heel of Your Foot:::43l;oisazsazhbnrtyuh


Turned around in Your Chair::: elizabeth


                             Computer Mouse:::.  Elizabeth

May 31, 2005 at 18:03 o\clock

May 31 12:00 pm

Mood: bored..excited for softball game!!
Listening to: what a girl wants on tv


well today so far has been boring.... when i got up i ate some french toast then i watched first kid and talked to ashley and anna and tosha rae on the phone. then i started to watch what a girl wants but then i got on here. i played foul words (it's a game at www.primarygames.com) then i got on this webpage.....

i have a softball game today at 6 at old cincinnati. and now my mom said that ashley,mia, and nessa have to wait for another day to spend the night and she wont tell me why.... hmmm..

well that is all i have to write...see ya!

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May 30, 2005 at 23:17 o\clock

i havent wrote on here forever! may 30 5:05

Mood: bored
Listening to: music

hello people  (persons lol..)

i haven't been on here FOREVER lol.. well here is how my day went

first i watched the ellen degeneres(sp) show then price is right then i ate a BLT it was good!! after that i started to clean my room and then my grandparents came over.. my papaw brought his 4-wheeler and we drove to coon hollow to look at this cabin he might be buying and to get there you have to go on my road-white oak for about a 1/2 mile then turn onto coon hollow then turn down this dirt road and well it was muddy so you know how that goes and after we got there there is a SUPER steep hill i mean it is straight up and well my dad tryed to ride my 4-wheeler up it and well he broke it! lol... then jeremey bennington and this other guy were there because there is a HUGE rope swing and they were swinging on it and then jeremy said ya know that there is a drive way to get up to the cabin and omg there was! lol.. it was pretty fun*e lol.. then we looked around there for a while and then we went back home. after that i finished cleaning my room and then i ate again then i got on here and now i am talking to mia and koter...

tomorrow we have a softball game against the other west union team we should win-if we dont i will cry! lol.. really i will then after that mia and some other persons are gonna spend the night maybe nessa and casey and ashley but i gotta ask first! lol..

i am telling you what---our softball team is LOADED!! we have nessa as the pitcher and mia 1st base and ashley c. 2nd me at shortstop and beathany f. or kristi beasley at 3rd and sam frost and cearra(sp)taylor and some other people in the out field and leslie shumaker catching so we have 3 sophmores and 4 freshmen on our team and the other west union team only has 8th 7th 8th and 5th graders!! haha like i said we are loaded! lol..

well that is all i am gonna write i gotta get off of here and call mia aka socks! lol..

see ya

May 20, 2005 at 00:42 o\clock

May 19 6:30

Mood: happy
Listening to: myself type

hey people

today was awesome...1st period we talked about storms and that is about all then 2nd period we organized our fourth nine weeks folders and started on this worksheet. then 3rd period was boring like always we learned  ( and ) and ' and " then fourth we walked a mile for this stupid million mile thingy ej ran 2.25 miles-she's a beast! lol.. then 5th period i did nothing like always and since aaron left early we didnt call any chinese people then at lunch we had pizza-we got the 5-5-5 deal lol... then 6th period we worked in partners which was cool i was with neilzzy and we sat by ashley and mia then 7th and 8th period we wrote an essay thingy about i noticed that as a student... it was boring then one the bus ride i got soaked cus the roof was leaking then when i got home my neighbors came over (matt and aaron) and we played knock out and after they left i taught my sister how to slide for softball in the mud and i was doing it head first and got mud all over me! lol.. and i was also soaking wet cus it was still raining the whole time i was out there then it was time for dinner and my mom made me spray off with the hose!!! lol.. well our softball game was cancelled which sucked but at the same time it was a good thing because i have more time to shrink my shirt! lol.. it is HUGE!! lol.. well now i am talking to angela that is about it! lol..

see ya!

May 17, 2005 at 22:46 o\clock


Mood: cant wait for pratice!
Listening to: the tv--spongebob

hey everybody!

well today was an ok day...... fist period was awesome cus we did nothing at all! then second period was good cus i got my worksheet done and now i dont have anything to do tomorrow!! yes! then third period was well annoying like always it was keybording and we learned %%% and ----- then fourth period we had to run a mile a(i didnt really run too much of it though!) but it was fun*e when i smaked braylon boling's butt! lol..haha then fifth was great!!! i went to mr cades room and he wasnt in there so me and ariel and aaron and angela and katie and lisa called these chinesse people well aaron did but it was soooooooooooooo fun*e they said that they were going to call the cops! lol.. at lunch we ordered a pizza and ashley c. that pig at some of it and she wasnt suposed to cus when she ordered pizza she didnt give us any---ohh well! lol..then during math we did these stupid problems and yea...then durnig collins i did nothing because i was done with my test! it sucked that we didnt have volleyball-- well atleast there is softball...

gotta go to practice now

May 16, 2005 at 23:38 o\clock

monday 5:20

Mood: ummmm is laughing a mood?!??
Listening to: the tv-something about car incherince(sp) so you can quit your job at walmart i dunno what it is???

hey yall...

today was a very very funny day expecially(sp) in gym! lol.. well first period harper wasnt there and we had a sub and all of the computers were taken so i didnt get to do that stupid weather thingy so i am doing it now... second period i had bihl which was easy today we just did some worksheet which i dont really get the first side but ohhh well! lol.. then third period was keyboarding(joy) lol.. we did the dollar sign$$ and the slash thingy/// it was pretty boring like always fourth period was the best though--right mia! lol.. haha omg it was sooooooo funny see there was this 7th grader playing basketball on the far side basket and me,mia,cornhole, sam, and lacy were playing volleyball while the other ppl were doing the sit and reach thing and well mia told me to spike it at her so i did and well.... it went over her head and smacked that 7th grader right in the face!! omg her glasses flew off and i said opps mad bad i'm sorry and fell to the ground laughing well mia was already on the ground cracking up and i think that we sat there for like 10 minutes just laughing! lol... it was REALLY funny ask mia or sam or anyone who was there. then fifth period i did my math homework in harpers since i hate collins enrichment then lunch was funny also.. we talked about a certian someone who would bang her dad for a puppy and that thinks that her cousin is hott (and brother) if you wanna know who it is just ask! lol.. then at sixth/seventh i redid that stupid math test which i didnt even do bad on in the first place but ohh well then in seventh/eighth we did that stupid test and i finally got done which is good cuz now i dont have to do anything tomorrow!! when i got home i was soooo hungry because for lunch i had icecream and that's it! yea our luch today sucked! lol.. well i just now relilized(sp) that i am typing A LOT so i am gonna stop now and talk to anna on aol and whoever else on yahoo... i need help on that thing in science!!!!

see yall:)>-

May 15, 2005 at 19:31 o\clock

my day so far...

Mood: happy i guess
Listening to: i'll be missing you by p.diddy

hello everybody!

well it is 1:23 right now and i just got done eating some cheese sticks lol.. last night i watched SNL it was sooo funny will ferell(cant spell) hosted it was pretty funny but i feel asleep during it-darn! haha well this morning i had breakfast which was bacon and eggs-yum! then i watched what a girl wants while my mom and sister were outside playing with the baby horse.. after that i had to clean and boring stuff like that.joy! lol.. then i sat around doing nothing really and then i ate cheese sticks and now i am on here and listing to music! lol..my allergies are really bothering me-it sucks! lol.. well see ya!

May 15, 2005 at 19:11 o\clock

shout outs

Mood: don't have a particular mood
Listening to: candy shop, jesus walks,1 2 step, just a friend

Angela- hey hey sista you are my favorite janitor friend!!!WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO CLEAN OUR BUG INFESTED SCHOOL! oh yea that is us 100% lol... we have great memories-enrichment,keybording(ewwwy i hate that class) lunch and owens hahaha--i cannot believe you stole my old seat @lunch!! dat was sooo mine lol.. dats okey dokey though i still luv ya!! ihope that we can have more merories and make our dreams come true by job shadowing a janitor! yea right..lylas lylaj(love ya like a janitor)haha that pic is for you HAHAH

Ariel- wow!! i cannot stand two people on this earth-Kayla and rebecca-dude i dont even know rebecca! lol... you are like my favorite neighbor!! but you neighbors are like freaky! lol... me and you have some interesting memories-hazel's last year when we moved away from kayla she was sooo mad--ohh well!! you make me mad when you are all loud and hyper on the phone then at shcool your blah yulp you sure are!lol.. lylas

Jennifer-hey sexy do you member when i farted in the locker room-OMG that was the BIGGEST fart ever lol.... haha me and you are like freakin idiots-gosh i love it when you steal ashwipes gum lol.. she never knew-until now lol...cant wait for bball!! more farts are on the way!!i cannot belive i said the pledge wrong all my life! good gravy good luck w/tyler--there will be none of that!lylas

Ashley C.- hey chu chu lol... we never got to 100 passes in volleyball-that sucked! lol... i will miss you in bball next year now who is gonna get all of the tecnicals(sp)??-mia lol...that was fun*e lol... yulppers me and you have lots n lots of retarted memories--DUKE(christina's hores)-- hahaha that was the fun*est thing ever lylas

Ashley F.- right now my wenis and your wenis are sort of seperated but wait until friday it will all go away i hope HOLD UP NOW! i wrote that last sentance on wendsday it is friday and things are not better!!lol... we have the fun*est notes ever written!member the first one i wrote ya!?!? lol... good times good times *member when you blew katie's eye crap everywhere-ppl looked at us like we ws crazy!!lywf(love your wenis forever)

Petey-queer queer queer queer queer queer queer that was sooo fun*e! i member when i used to sit by ya at lunch-then angela took my seat! lol.. j/k i know where you live i do!! you better write us back you sexy beast form your sexy mamas!welps lylab

Zane- you gasey mo fo! lol..it is the truth! you have the loudest farts and burps ever!lol.. you dad is like the coolest reff(not the best, the coolest) j/p haha you are pretty fun*e and you drink some NASTY crap at lunch ewwwy hey sexy llama- write me back lylab

Kyle- you dont talk enough so i have no memories with you wait i have one---in gym when we played bball and i blocked ur shot and you said "i didnt know that lepercons could jump" thanks for that!lol..

Katie- hey hey you used to be my best friend-then i meet the real you lol... j/k but you did used to be my best friend lol... we had some good times together but i dont member them sry! haha lylas

Mia-socks!!ARE YOU QUEER? NO I'M NOT QUEER! you kno you said that! lol.. we happy birthday! dont burn your pig in a blanket! omg we are like sistas! relle-we got saved together! yulp sure did haha relle though i mean like we have sooo many memories!! haha allo(sp) plant member when you dropped your earing in the toliet?!!?!that was sooooo fun*e lol... gosh we have sooo many memeries--i still cannot believe you almost burnt down anna's house lol...!! we are like the best phrase maker uppers!lol.. like--HAPPY BIRTHDAY and
BANGS! omigosh! there are sooo many! BRAID MY HAIR!!  you are such a mexican and dont even call me chinese or yung shu or something lol.. i am sooo glad that you finally got singned up for softball and that we won our frist game! 25-9~ heck yes! lylas pedro!

Anna- marie is the best middle name are you happy now!!???!!hey hey banana we have had some great times over the last two years lol..like when i fell in ur bushes! HAHAH opps HRHRHR lol.. that was the dumbest thing i can remember doing (give me five minutes and then something wrose will happen) it is always fun to hang out with you! like in blantons our house was the best only cuz it glowed on the dark! hrhr i did only if you shine (is that splet right?) a flash light on it first! lol.. we also had some good times in collins class aka hippi which i cannot stand( i just farted) hrhr do you still have that email that i sent you it was sooo long! relle it was those noices on there were crackin me up no i am dead serious they did! i CANNOT belive that my grandpop caught a ball at the yankees game! i am soo jealous-anna and et AKA misty may and keri walsh yea right in my dreams! lol.. yulp omigosh i cannot belive you ate almost all of my funions(however you spell it) i chased you around the island in my kitchen! lol.. that was some good times i like-e the word fetch! haha opps hrhr i just tryed to see if i saved that email but i didnt mail it to me and i will put it on here! okkk lol.. welps lylas

Nesser Wesser- oh my nessa you are my sexy mama! lol.. we have some good times in softball like we should've beat freakin peebles! dats ok we will this year we also had some good times in bball with phil! haha yulp sure did and we also had some good time in volleyball with phil agian! geesh lol.. atleast he doesnt coach us ne more or softball i would die! Member the good times we had at EJ's at giovanni's hahaha we were sooooooooo loud! all those ppl in there were thanking the lord when we left heck i would too if i was them! haha GO JOHN KERRY ALL THE WAY EVEN IF BUSH WON DATS OK WE STILL LOVE HIM! atleast i have one person (besides Chaz) that liks kerry!"lord no!" lol.. lylas  HOME RUN SISTAS!!

Sam-thanks for taking our trash everyday! haha

Sam Frost- sam sam sam i still DONT see what you see or saw in devin! yea lol.. ne ways i cannot wait for softball to start! it is gonna be a blast! lol.. when ur a freshman our volleyball team is gonna rock cuz me and u will be on the same team!! i love it when you ride the bus lol.. good times you and whitney kill me! lol.. hope we'll have some more memories lylas HOME RUN SISTAS!

EJ- like i always say elizabeth is the BEST first name! it is gosh ej ur lije my sister we always hung out at mary and christina's softball games! now hopefully we will for sammi and christina's games!! thanks for inviting me to ur bday party it was sooo fun ridding in the truck with you, sam,sammi,mary,nessa,ur dad (the 3rd sam), christen,ur mommy,karissa,and hmmm is that all? i think it is but still all of us in a 5 seat truck! haha good times good times then when we were at giovanni's lol.. that was even better  it sucks that we arent on the same softball team but atleast i can see you at mary sam and christina's games! and at gym lol..lylas

Nanner-hey hey. you are sooo fun*e you and carly acting like ur in love with phil! well atleast that is what i thought you to were doing!lol.. we dont have ne meories! lol..still luv ya lylas oh yea ur shoes areon my feet right now how sexy they are ne time you think you might want them back call me at 587-5478 and i will give you directions to my clostet!

Carly-hey hey sexy lol.. how much you charge?? we have no meroeies either ohh well lylas

KAUFFANATER-hey hey i just saw you like a few hours ago at the pee wee games! haha yulp sure did i just love ur nickname! knauffanater! that is awesome did i think of that? i dont member tell knauffanater jr. that i said hey! lol.. i wish janna wasnt on rex's team! lol.. we could like be coaches lol! me and you have good meories! like in volleyball and bball and softball i wish you were on my softball team i am gonna miss ya!lol.. i hope that we beat you guys! luv you knauffy never change ur last name even if you do you will always be knauffanater to me lylas

sara or sarah w/e- hey! that is all i got to say

Karissa-hey hey i dunno if i spelt ur name right sry if i didnt man thatsucks that you cannot play softball it is sooo sad i will miss you bunches out there!ne ways we do have memoriel like when i "stool" tabby's dollar!lol.. that is soo not true LOL...i spelt stool wrong i think! ohh well i cannot wait till ur in 9th grade so we can be on the same bball team!lylas

Cece-hey you loser! hahaha you are relle good at volleyball and bball! like yea ne ways-i saw you dancing on the stage today-YOU FOOL! j/k gish cece ur soo sexy! lol.. j/p we might have some memories but i dont member them right now! haha sry lylas

Tabby-crippeled(i cannot spell to save my life)ne ways sry bout the dollar i "took from you" LOL..

nelly-hey sis! me and you are becoming great friends.. softball is the best with vanialla! haha.. if you keep working then you WILL play infield! lol.. i hope that you go the that basketball camp in indiana this summer! i hope that i go too! lol.. it would be soooo much fun! you should play volleyball you are pretty good at it! lol.. i hope that we keep winning our softball games lol. like we did against peebles 25-9 ! that was awesome! lylas!!

chel-c h.-hey idiot lol.. lylas thanks for all the great times in bball!

Christian-hey hey hey omg i just member something-tape it to ya handz! that was soo funny lol.. well we sure do have soe memories like at anna's halloween party you had my fro all night! that was too funny! lol.. i cant wait for volleyball to start--open gym is only like 3 days away! setters rule! lol.. caleb and tyler are soo funny and it is even funnier when you join in! lol..i still cant remeber what was in that song about mexico that you made up in the locker room--something about the sky is blue and the water is nasty? i dunno see ya around! lylas

brittany r.-hey hey hey you kill me in mr.bihl's class you ALWAYS get caught with gum! lol...

casey- boy-o-boy lol.. me and you have lots of memories having to do with friday nights and bath robes and mia watching in the closet! lol.. but we also have some other memories like last night at the alley lol..tosha bout killed me when we were watching mia from behind a truck! lol.. and omg you boyfriend's friend was his name micheal?? he was funny too his butt was nasty! lol.. i cant belived he mooned miranda! lol..omg i hope that me and you and jd have all of our classed together cus we went trough alot to get them alike! lol.. cant wait for v-ball! lylas

tosha rae-pastor for life!! lol.. you are one sexy thing! lol.. you really are! lol..we have some memories having to do with wrighting notes to our sexy llamas! lol. that was good! last night at the alley was ok not really fun just ok! i hope that you play volleyball and you get you overhand serve down pat! lol..lylas my fav. pastor with a nice butt! lol..

sara s.-hey you sexy mo fro! had some good times at your house like when i fell in the bushes trying to save wilson! lol.. that was good good luck in volleyball lylas

aaron s.- you are a great friend who always makes me laugh! lol. and you are my neighbor! lol.. i hope that everything with you and ej works out! lol.. you always make fun of me when it is cold in the gym! making fun of friction! lol..i am glad that dakota gets beat up everyday by you! lol. i hate that lil bitch! lol..love ya aaron!

cody- we have some memories in mrs.blanton's room! lol.. like friday you were sooo hyper you were like fuck fuck fuck fuck what movie is that when they say fuck alot! lol... you are such a slow copier! lol..you really are!haha it is the biggest MILLS! lol.. that was great! lol.. and no i am not from columbus! lol.. gosh cody youre one sexy beast!lylab

dalton-we havent talked in forever! lol.. you are never on the net anymore! i cant believe that you missed all of the questions but 4 on that math test! lol. you are lucky that you had me to copy off of! lol..i still dont know what you were doing up stairs at ashley's cabin! lol.. i am just playin! haha lylab

neil-anti-hippie for life! gosh i dont like that women one bit! lol.. she is soo hippieish! lol. we had some great times together--member jeff's speach at the halloween party! lol.. "oh my ashley is a good lil girl she would never be up stairs in the dark with a guy and and long glow in the dark pointy object" BANG!!"ashley! who's up there!!!???" that was the funniest thing ever!i still cant belive that you got in trouble for praying in blantons class that one time! lol.. lylab

ethan m.- sup? lol.. it was great when out team won the volleyball thing!heck yes it was! lol.. in gym we are always on the same team! then that one time we were on the loaded team and ofcorse me and you got put on the sucky team! lol.. we still tied anyways! lol.. good luck with amber lylab

thomas aka drew- hey hey hey! i love your hair! lol.. when you were running in gym it went back and forth it was soo funny! lol.. the only time that we really talk is in enrichment when stupid collins isnt telling us to shut up! lol.. almost everydya you and chaz listen to my ipod lol.. i think that you should give me some cds and i will put them on there! lol.. see ya around thomas!! lylab

chaz-hey you sexy beast! lol..thomas(drew) can be sooo mean to you some times! lol.. i member when he slapped you across the face and enrichment! that was really mean of him! lol.. i hope that we have atleast one class together so that you can listen to my ipod cus it will be weird without a 5th period! lol.. lylab

shane m.-hey hey sup? lol.. me and you just have our memories of gym! lol.. i think that caroll(cant spell) doesnt like you too much! lol..dont worry i dont think that he likes me too much either! lol..you are always fun to talk to lylab


ryan bear- hey you can be cool at times and also annoying at times! lol.. j/k youre always pretty cool around me


chelsea phelps-hey hey sis! ALWAYS remember those times that we had at the iga during basetball! haha there were some pretty good ones! lol.. you're pretty cool-see you around! lylas


koter-omg i cannot belive that i forgot ya! lol.. i am sooo glad that we have gym together even though i dont really talk to you too much it is just good to know that you are there.. thanks for everything with you-know-who lol.. hrhrhrhr lol.. i forgot about that hrhrhr and jajaja that was good! lol.. well i keep on forgetting to write you back! gosh i am turning into you! lol.. good luck with everything lylas


jd-omg i cannot belive that i forgot you either! lol.. i hope that we have all of our classes together and also with my girlie casey! lol.. i still dont know why you are friends with a sertant nasty skank that i pretended to be friends with last year! ewwwwy! lol.. you sure are one funny character! lol.. you know how to make people laugh and i am glad that we had math and language arts together it wouldnt be the same without you! lol.. expecially(sp) language arts were i used to throw you my pen everyday during dol! lol.. that was pretty funny sometimes! lol... good luck with high school! lol.. lylab


May 15, 2005 at 04:18 o\clock


Mood: bored
Listening to: the tv-law and order

hey hey everyone!

today was sooo boring! lol.. i spent the night at ashley's last night then after i left her house this morning i went to mickie ds! yummie! when i got home i watched real world/road rules challenge it was the one where abe beats brad in the inferno! lol.. go good guys beat the bad asses! lol.. after that i watched ray but i feel asleep towards the end. then i watched something else but i forget what it washmmmm? well then i ate dinner-pasta! yum i love pasta sooo much probably cuz i am italian. then i watched more tv but this time my sis(christina) had the remote so we watched heavyweights then cinderella story. after that i took a shower and i have been on the net ever since! lol..  see i told you thatmy day was boring! well my mom told me that i have to get off now so i'll see ya later! lol..