Mental restlessness

Feb 2, 2006 at 12:39 o\clock

Tree self defense classes.

  Some acacias in africa demonstrate some intriguing peculiarities. When a gazelle or a goat wants to eat them, they modifie their sap's chemical componants as to make it toxic. When the animal realises that the tree doesn't have the same taste, it goes to eat another one. Interestingly, the acacias are capable of emitting a perfume that is received by neighbouring acacias and that warns them immidiately of the predator's presence. In a matter of minutes, all the trees will become inedible. The herbivores will therefore walk away to an acacia that hasnt received the message yet. Back in the days, there used to be goat breeding that was kept in the same field as acacias. Consequence: Once the first acacia was touched it alerted all the others on the field, the animals didnt have any other choice but to eat the toxic leaves. This is how many herds died, poisoned, for reasons that men took a very long time to understand.


 Dont mess with these bad boys!

Feb 1, 2006 at 15:37 o\clock

Where do you belong?

According to a philosopher called Peissel, women belong to 4 different character groups:

1. The mothers,

2. The lovers,

3. The warriors,

4. The initiators.

The mothers by predilection accord importance to raising a family, to have children and to raise them. The lovers like to seduce and to live passionate stories. The warriors want to conquer fields that have power, to commit to political causes or ideals. The initiators are women that are interested in the arts, spirituality or healing. They will be excellent muses, teachers, doctors.

For each person, each of these tendencies are developed accordingly. The problem is when a women doesn't find its place in the role that society imposed onto her. If you force lovers to be mothers, or initiators to be warriors, the constraints sometimes generates violent clashes.

For the men there also exists 4 preferential positions:

1. The agriculturalist,

2. The nomads,

3. The founders,

4. The warriors.

In the bible, there is Abel the nomad who is in charge of the herd and Cain the agriculturist in charge of the crops. Cain kills Abel and as punishment God tells him: "You will wonder the earth." Cain is forced to become a nomad even though he is fundamentally agriculturist. He now has to do what he's not made to do. This is what causes him such pain...

The only combination that are likely to generate a stable marriage is "mother/agriculturist". Both of the people wishing to be "immobilized" for a long period of time. All the other combinations can give birth to great passions, but are prone to conflicts after some time. The goal of an accomplished woman is to be a mother, a lover, a warrior, and a initiator. Once this happens one can say that the princess has become a queen. The goal of an accomplished man is to be nomad, founder, warrior and agriculturalist. Once this happens one could say that the prince has become king.

Once an accomplished King meets an accomplished Queen, something magical happens. There is a long-term passion. This is of course extremely rare.

Feb 1, 2006 at 14:52 o\clock

Ying and Yang

 Everything is just as ying as it is yang. In good you have evil and in evil you have good. In masculinity you have femininity and in femininity you have masculinity. In the strength you have weakness and in weakness you have strength. Because the chinese understood this around 3000 years ago, they could be considered like precursors of relativity. Black and white complete themselves for better or for worse.



Jan 25, 2006 at 01:21 o\clock

Top 10 things that you DONT like.

Out of 1000 people in france these were the top 10 of frights:

1. Snakes.
2. Vertigo.
3. Spiders.
4. Rats.
5. Wasps.
6. Underground parkings.
7. Fire.
8. Blood.
9. Obscurity.
10. Crowds

Jan 24, 2006 at 01:36 o\clock

Humour us.

 The only case of animal humour that was recorded by scientific journals was a strange case brought in by Jim Anderson, primatologist at Strasbourg university. This scientist was assigned to Koko, a gorrilla that had been innitiated to sign language. One day, a person asked Koko what colour a white towel was, he replied by doing the "red" gesture. The person repeated the question waving the towel infront of the Koko, but the latter kept on telling him that the towel was red. The human didn't understand why the gorrilla was making this mistake and started to lose his patience. Koko reached for the towel and showed the human a little red border on its edge, then proceeded into what the primatologists would call the "game mimic", this means that it lifted its lips, showed its teeth, widened its eyes... could this have been a sign of humour?


im not sure but it makes me laugh thinking about it! silly human!