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The official art of Teikou middle school team!


Before give a short review for rakusan - shoteku match , i want to tell you something interesting and also for me this is a bit disappointing . this season will be the last season for KNB anime ,the theme for OP and END for teiko ark and final arc are confirmed and  are announced
The official art of Teikou middle school team!

" "
" Nijimura’s seiyuu: Okiayu Ryoutarou
Ogiwara’s seiyuu: Hayashi Yuu

Teikou arc opening song: Ono Kensho - ZERO
Teikou arc ending song: SCREEN mode - アンビバレンス (Ambivalence)

And the final  arc opening will be sung by GRANRODEO and the ending will be sung by OLDCODEX


teiko arc in the manga was about 35 chapters and i think in anime they will show it in 6 episodes and i am really really sad bcoz there are lots of flash back in this are and the final arc events depends on it , the final arc which was about 40 chapters in manga also includes lots of flash back and i think it will have 8 episodes in anime but why????? the last arc of manga was very long but why in anime they will show it shortly?
Im very excited that i can see teiko arc and all generation of miracles in teiko and i
Impatiently lookforward to see it , but i prefer a long time show for example 37 38 episodes for last season , this is the last season so why P I G do it in this way?as i see except rakusan shoteku , they use the same track and music for matches and this is really disappointing . KNb is famous for its great music. first and second season , they used an incredible music , So why they dont  it again in this season? why they use the their previous songs?
Im confused i am a big fan of kuroko no baske and i expected lots from PIG :D

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Kuroko no basket , 3th season

kuroko no basket , this is on of my favorite animes , and this season Production I G premier the 3th and last season of it

if you are a fan of kuroko no baske , you are familiar with it , its about the generation of miracle and 2 main character kuroko tetsuya and kagami taiga who fight against them  and try to be the number one in japan

as you remember , the generation of miracle consist of 5 player s( akashi seijuro- aomine daiki- kise ryota - murasakibara atsushi- midorima shintaro) with incredible talent in basketball who attend teiko middle school , they won 3  national championship but after that they went to different high school .

but there was another player  who attend teiko basketball club at the same time with no talent in basketball with no record in matches, who was called phantom six member : kuroko Tetsuya . despite that kuroko was respected by all of the generation of miracles

kuroko tetsuya joined seirin high school , mean wile  kagami tagia came back from USa and he joined seirin high too.Kagami is powerful and strong player And when he heard about generation of miracle he swear to beat all of them and become number one in Japan. when kuroko heard that , he become excited and told kagami he was going to help him as a shodow so that  kagami , The Light , will shine more.

And there the story begins . Seirin High fought in Interhigh against generation of miracle s and now they are aiming for winter high championship

I am not going to tell you what happened during interhigh matches since some of you didnt yet watched it . but i am going to express my idea for 3 th season of kuroko no baske which is include the rakusan - shoutoko arc, kaijo arc , teiko arc and the final arc .....( ooooops this is spoiler and iam not going to tell you now :D)

I hope you will enjoy my reviews and discuss the entire season with me

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by: shining   Keywords: book, movie, anime, film, introduction

hello :D

this is weird but i wonder how i should  begin :D


So i think its better to introduce myself a little

well i am a  student and my filed of study is electronic

i enjoy studying , reading books , watching movies films and also animes . Are you familiar with anime? anime is the animation which is produced in Japan   , the characters have large eyes and  strange and colorful hair .  i know this is so strange that  a person in my age watch animes and cartoons but i enjoy watching them , why? because  i can analysis the story the characters and this is one of my favorites in world  ,  of course i do it in the real world too :D

you know human beings are strange and their behavior i s  very complicated and diverse , there are many characters in anime , movie films books who are very similar to us and we can learn from the stories behind them ,

it has been said that " fool learn from experience and wise learns from history" So why cant i learn from books? movies? and animes?

if you havent yet watched any anime till now , just give a shot

i guarantee u will enjoy it but be careful to chose a good one based on your characteristic . you can go the site myanimelist.com or anidb.net and read the reviews and then choose a proper one

if you ask me which books do you prefer , i can say that i tried lots of books from different anthers, romantic since fiction historical   ,Mysteries ,Thrillers ,Horror  , Fantasy ,adventure , classic ,poetry,Philosophy Politics,Religion ,Society comic , police and crime , and so on.. and i enjoyed all of them , but for films and movies i watch only sic fic , thriller , mystery and comedy :D

look! how much i wrote !:D i think this is enough for today and for introduction :D  by reading my posts you will find more although all of my friend say i am very complicated but human being is really complicated not only me :D