Feb 27, 2006 at 03:42 o\clock

taxi beware


went to a birthday with (L) on saturday night. caught a taxi home because i had missed the last tram back into the city. driver decided to try and follow me into my appartment. cancelled my cab fare and asked to come up.....i bolted or walked very fast and slammed the door in his face to the lobby area. nothing happened i got away but jesus i got a fright. you expect a taxi to be safe. called the police but there was not  lot they could do. luckily i had my keys ready because i kinda panicked when he turned the meter off at the top of the street. guess i was easy prey. his last fare for the night and he wanted some fun. bastard. other than that though (L) is in love with a boy she met in Antarctica who is coming to visit. the band were great and it was an ok night. i had (j) on my mind because i happened to have a chat with (k) on messenger and he IS going back to work for them and (j) is moving to my transfer city. guess i shouldn't care if i am not there but it seems sick to me. anyways, better go. 

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