Feb 23, 2006 at 07:23 o\clock


had lunch with my brother today. he is looking for places in ringwood.  My devious mother seems to have been running around telling everyone i was angry at her for selling the house and that that was what the blood test fight was about. He is reacting as if i already knew she was selling the house and yet not ONE of them has actually told me directly. All this shit going n behind my back but oh no i DO know about it, that's what i was pissed off about and they should get married blah. HOW DARE SHE put that crap on me. I HAVE NEVER SAID ANYTHING OF THE SORT. It's like she is creating this person and image of me that is just complete opposite of who i am. Never mind what actually comes out of my mouth what mum says i have said goes. don't bother to confirm it with me simpy get pissed off because she is saying nasty shit which i haven't done.

I really don't understand. Why did she feel the need to keep it a secret, not only that but make up some horrible horrible nonsense about my reaction to something which i have not actually been told. What does she think i am going to do for fuck sake. It is her house she is free to do whatever she fucking wants. WHY does there have to be some drama about it. I hate this. She is a bitch.



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