Feb 22, 2009 at 11:11 o\clock

Job Hunt

Well, I have applied for a few more jobs at work. I have also asked them to consider letting me go to Sydney with the job if it does end up there.  They still have not made their decision yet which is annoyng because they have had MONTHS and MONTHS. The head dude was meant to come down last Monday to discuss it all and he didn't.

I would love a better paying job. It would make things easier. I can get my own place so much quicker. I am just fed up with the whole "we don't want this role being part of IB" attitude. The TLs are meant to check our work and yet they have no idea what we actually do in the role and they don't WANT to know, which makes me feel like shit because I just get ignored because I am not a CSC on the phones with IB questions and I am not a high and mighty bloody TL. I doesn't help that it is always a mission to find someone to check closures etc. All I ever seem to get told is we don't want the role sitting with us" blah blah blah. For god sake, the role DOES sit with you and you have a responsibility to it, stop your whingeing and be a little pleasant. Take an interest so you can actually do performance reviews accurately.


I should here back this week hopefully if I have some interviews......so wish me luck..... 

Ok vent over. 


I caught up with a friend I hadn't seen in ages yesterday, which was REALLY good. Felt like old times. We saw the movie Changeling, which was great. Very sombre topic, but great movie. What a woman. I quite like Angelina as an actress too. 



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