Sep 6, 2012 at 14:18 o\clock

Back Home

So I have moved back home. Am now unemployed again and job hunting for something I am really going to like. Hopefully I stick at it. Been a while since I wrote an entry and I just read my last one and it is pretty disgusting. I have been thinking about those two guys still. Probably because I have so much free time at the moment. Not as bad as it was before I moved or a couple of weeks ago. I am not crying at random times anymore which is good. The crying had started up again a little while ago which was strange - it's been a couple of years since I cried about it I think. Don't really remember crying as much except for when it was actually happening.

I also found some old uni friends on facebook not long ago. Been 12 years since I saw them last. Didn't add them. I feel like a total social failure at times.

But in other news. I had a holiday in the US for 2 weeks which was awesome. Went to New York and Boston and Philadelphia. I had a blast. Saw the Yankees play baseball at Yankee Stadium, went to the theatre and a comedy show. Shpping, Central Park, Empire State Building etc. All great fun. Really glad I went. Was quite depressed before I left.

Have helped babysit my stepdads grand kids a few times as well which has been fun. They are great kids. One of them has just starte dschool this year and is loving it.

Ok enought from me. Wish me luck job hunting.

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