Nov 10, 2011 at 08:46 o\clock



What is wrong with me. 

I told you in my last post I am interested in a guy. We had lunch and I got the impression he was interested in me. I also thought he was a genuinely nic, sincere person. Emailed him on Saturday to let him know I climbed the bridge asked him how he was going and that I hoped his business venture was going well. I also said to let me know how it goes and if he wanted lunch again or a drink. 

Totally Ignored my messasge. My last couple prior to that he has replied to within a day.  So now I am just so upset. Can't believe it happened again. Why is it when I do try and show interest they do this? For me to do that considering I am shy takes a lot more than it probably would for others so it hurts a lot. Why act interested if you are not. At the very least I wanted to make a new friend outside of work in this city. Why do I find people so hard. I really thought he was a nice one. Just feel stupid now.