Oct 30, 2011 at 08:54 o\clock


Finally.  Have tried posting a couple of times and wasn't working.

Well I am in my new team at work which is a lot better. Makes the place SO different. Nice not having people yelling at you in your ear all day. 

Had lunch with my old boss that got made redundant a couple of months ago. I think I like him which is doing my head in at the moment. I couldn't stop thinking about him so I asked him to lunch. I have felt a couple of times as if we like each other and felt like he did at lunch. I am shy so find letting a guy know I like him hard at times. He said we should catch up more often at the beginning of the lunch which I agreed to and then at the end of the lunch I kissed him on the cheek goodbye and held the eye contact.

I didn't say anything because I thought well I really like you but I don't want to make you uncomfortable and figured if he doesn't ask or say he wants to see me again then he isn't interested and started to leave after saying goodbye. He then kind of called out as I was heading inside "we'll catch up again soon". I haven't heard from him yet and it's been a little over a week. I would really love to see him again. I was so happy he came to lunch. 

On the one hand I kind think well he knows I like him (because considering I am shy I think my signals were quite strong) he would ask if he was interested and the other part of me is like well maybe he is not quite sure I do like him since I am shy my signals might not be as strong as I think.....so maybe I deflated his ego by not being interested enough or maybe he found me boring. The lunch was meant to be three of us but ended up being us two at the last minute so I didn't quite ask him on a proper date but we both seemed happy to be alone and didn't mind at all. 

Guys in the past have pretended they like me so I have trouble telling if they find my conversation lame and I was pretty nervous and when I don't know someone well it isn't always easy flowing. 

But this one is really nice. He is kind of shy too.I guess I can over think and over think. What it boils down to is I really like him. Hate being so shy cos it makes things so difficult.