Jun 2, 2011 at 12:00 o\clock


Well 2 more jobs I interviewed for......and didn't get.   One I just had a bad 2nd interview. The other they said they were looking for someone who would not require training and be able to just "run with it" but my interview was good and I was a strong candidate. So frustrating because I just don't know what is wrong with my answers and at the moment any time I go to answer I just think back to other interviews and go what the hell was wrong wit the answer then or then or then. It is not doing much for my confidence in trying to sell myself. The other unknown is I don't know who else I am competing with. Need a break from interviews for a bit I guess. Cos I am just not getting anywhere. 

Work is crazy busy and I am crazy tired and fed up with feeling like I am always picking up the slack and sick of rude impatient arrogant obnoxious people on the floor and on the phones. Had one today whoc just wouldn'ttake me saying a system issue caused a delay....wanted more info which was difficult.

Other than that not much other news. My cousin is engaged. Mum and her partner came to see me perform at the concert - I may have mentioned that already.

Ok enough from me tonight.