May 16, 2011 at 12:28 o\clock

Back to the same old routine


the performance was this weekend just gone. Went quite well. The first night in particular was very exciting as it was all new. The atmosphere was amazing and inside the concert hall was just beautiful. I was very happy to be able to be part of it. Will definitely be hoping to do it again next year. 

Work is work. The lady is still being really rude and ignoring us. Wont talk about anything personal. Didn't say welcome back or ask how my time off was or say happy birthday or anything. Just work related. F>*&^ she can hold a grudge and seriously I get she was offended, but it wasn't my comment and it was not the way it was meant and she started it by telling us what her work friends were bitching about. I just cannot be bothered with someone so nasty, petty and immature. Makes me angry. I am not asking her personal stuff either and treating her the same way - just work related. Grrr.  Really how closed off and cliquey this city is just ruins being here. I am still finding it hard to make new friends. Perhaps I really should consider moving back home. I will be just as lonely and to be honest I am too tired to move again. I am sick of the packing up and moving process. Need to stay put for a bit. 



May 8, 2011 at 02:48 o\clock

My Birthday

Well  yesterday was my birthday.  I had choir rehearsal for the morning and then treated myself to lunch in the city and had dinner in Newtown later which was nice. Wasn't really up for planning anything big. I went to Port Douglas last year which was nice. Also organised drinks last year and that fell on it's ear so I didn't do anything this year. Dinner with the family next weekend when they are back from OS.

I have the whole week off which is good. Need to work on my assignment again since I failed one of the questions. 

We have rehearsals nearly every night of the week so it is getting close. I am looking forward to the performance. Should be good.