Jul 31, 2010 at 13:11 o\clock



So I have come back to Melbourne for a week. Not really told many people this time since the disaster that was me trying to organise birthday drinks. I did catch up with one of my guy friends last night. We had a few drinks. It was a fun night. He ended up trying to kiss me which I shyed away from though. I put it down to it just being the alcohol and boys being boys..... I never before thought he was interested, maybe I am being too harsh. He is a lovely guy and has been a great mate to me, so part of me is screaming "what is wrong with you, go for it" but the other part of me was not wanting the awkwardness if he decided it was a mistake and he didn't really mean it. I am only here for the week and I live interstate now. And we had gone 8 months without seeing each other. He was overseas when I came down for my birthday so I didn't get to see him. I remember when I first left Melbourne though, I was genuinely going to miss him and I almost started crying saying goodbye to him. He doesn't normally initiate the catch up's though it's me. I don't know I am confused. It has changed things a little. He caught the tram home with me and walked me to the door and had his arm around my shoulder the whole tram ride home. I don't think he would have hit on me without the alcohol though. I think I upset him a little not kissing him. I just never thought he felt that way before. I hope it hasn't killed the frienship because he is one of my best friends here.

In other news I am studying my diploma of financial servies (financial planning) through work. Am going to try one subject at a time.....Hopefully it opens up some doors for me.  The team will be back to 3 full timers and a back up in a couple of weeks and the older lady in the team is still making waves about the current Team Leader. I admit his approach can be a little abrupt at times but she just gets so agro and spiteful it makes things very tiring. He doesn't listen to her because she just gets on her high horse about EVERY little thing. Whilst she may have some valid points she is also very aggresive in her approach. Arghhhh. I think I really need to look at moving departments. I am also sick of being on the phones. The planners can be sooo arrogant and rude and smart arses and just plain awful at times.

I did my second speech at toastmasters and it went quite well. I think it helped that I felt passionate about the topic - I talked about music and the impact it has had on my life.

I am also starting up singing lessons again - I am looking to join a choir but I need to prepare for an audition if I do wish to pursue that. I think a choir would be good. I enjoy singing and it owuld get me out of the house and to meet people with a similar interest. I need other outlets in my life besides work. I have been all work work work for too long.

Ok enough for me.