Apr 23, 2010 at 12:39 o\clock

An Update

Well I have a new job.....finish my three months probation next week. The time has gone really fast. It is going ok for the most part. The department is quite understaffed though and they are in the midst of doing all this process analysis to try and make changes for the better. It is great they want to improve things and they really want to keep staff happy, but it is quite tiring when everyone is so busy and now there is extra work created by the analysis to improve things. Anyways, the people are for the most part friendly and approachable which is great. I don't feel as isolated as I did where I was because other people have my systems and it isn't like I am talking another language trying to explain something if something goes wrong. I have one on ones with the TL regularly which is good - not used to that. Only down side is I am back on a phone and whilst it is not as high call volume as IB, it can still get hard and being tied to a phone for the day makes it restrictive. I am hoping it will lead somewhere though....guess we will see. They are getting extra staff in which will be great.

I have joined Toastmasters as well which seems to be going ok. It gets me out of the house and the people seem nice. Be good for my confidence to actually get better at public speaking.