Sep 20, 2009 at 13:57 o\clock



Well it has been a while since I posted....sorry. I guess I should update by saying that I am in Sydney now. Have been since mid May.  Hasn't all been easy, especially work wise. I had hardly any systems when I got up there and just when I am explaining things it feels like I am talking under water because they just have no idea about how the bank runs - as bad as not even knowing cut off times and transaction processing timeframes such as how long a cheque takes to clear. It is very frustrating and if my systems play up then good luck explaining to management what the system actually is so it can get fixed......The department is short staffed and they are really tight with overtime and expenses which makes it harder. 

In terms of making friends...people are way clickier here. It is hard. I have maybe one good friend at work in different department. We went sailing yesterday which was brilliant. I have been to the Friday night drinks at the local a few times to try get to know people and that in the early days was fun, but it is getting to expensive. 

I am looking for a new job because I am over the one I am doing. I am meant to get trained in payments soon which will be good to do something different....if I stay. I got an interview with Flight Centre, but I got turned off by the fact the salary is highly commission based and the base is really low. I would be too panicked about money and I am struggling as it is. 

My apartment is ok. I have had plumbers out a few times....but it is old so I guess expected. I am comfortable for the most part though. 

I have been to the Blue Mountains for a day and the Zoo and out to Manly a few times. Back to Melbourne twice so far (once to get my stuff out of storage and again to catch up with people). 

I like the surroundings in Sydney, miss the work people in Melb heaps, these guys plus some people I have met traveling are my first real friends. Still feeling a little lonely in Sydney. I do have a couple of people visiting this month and next month from overseas which will be nice. 

Went to Yoga last week and have looked into going to Toastmasters so will try get to the next session, didn't have the energy today.

I tried speed dating a little while back which was ok but I didn't get any matches. Without wanting sounding pathetic, I am so tired of being single. It would be nice to meet someone for the first time in my life. I have never had a boyfriend. I never dated at uni, or in highschool because I was too shy and part of me feels left out and regrets having been so shy and wasting that time when I could have been fund doing normal things. I really was lonely at school. What can I say, I have always had trouble making friends. I wish I could have that time back and not be so shy because I don't have any summer fling or boyfriends or even many memories of simple things like going to the movies or shops with friends back then. 

Boys are confusing though, because I am inexperienced I don't always know how to act and yet I am old so people wouldn't expect me to be a virgin. I get sad sometimes because I just feel ugly and uninteresting, why do no guys pay any attention to me as anything more than a friend.

Anyways, enough for tonight.