Apr 5, 2009 at 10:51 o\clock


Well,  I have just begun 2 weeks off holidays. Not really going anywhere as yet. Might head down to Portsea or Bright or maybe the bus to Wollongong so I can see the 12 apostles finally. That is actually sounding more appealing.

Portsea would be good cos I can go horseriding though.  

I have been told at work that I have been accepted into the role in Sydney when it goes - they still haven't sorted out when though. All I know at this stage is they want it in Sydney ASAP....they were looking into systems access last week...that could take a month in itself.....I just wish I knew something official.  They are also sorting out a contract for me. I do not get relocation benefits which is pretty tight of them. I am trying to get a payrise, but not liking my chances too much. 

Anyways, I guess I will hopefully find out something more official when I get back from my holidays. I have some running around to do this week and a friend to catch up with and then the footy on the weekend, so it will probably be me going away just for a couple of days and that is it. Maybe even just a day trip somewhere.....