Dec 28, 2008 at 10:23 o\clock


Am in Wellington at the moment visiting a friend from Canada. Have had a pretty relaxing time so far. We went Berry picking today which was cool and to a wildlife sanctuary yesterday. Tomorrow we catch a ferry out of town. Wedding we are both going to is on the 1st, which should be interesting.

The work Christmas Party has been and gone. I had a pretty good night. On the plus side, I got to talk to the guy I like heaps. On the down side, it was mainly about other girls.....so I really don't think he is interested. He did ask me how old I was and tell one of the other women there that I was a fox, at which point I walked off to talk to other people. So I at least know he thinks I am attractive, but I don't think there is anymore to it than that. I can't stop thinking about him though, and this doesn't really happen much with me.

Anyways, other than that we had the usual family christmas lunches. Dad visited me in the morning by himself bc he and his wife were having lunch alone and he didn't want to do anything Christmas Eve.

Can't wait til I have enough money to nove myself up to Sydney either to rent or buy a house.



Dec 5, 2008 at 23:17 o\clock

Thank God It's the Weekend

Work is really sucking at the moment. People are being let go and our department had a few shocks with the re structure...

Still don't know what's happening with mine yet...I hope it works out ok...but who knows. If I go back on the phones at least I will still have a job to go to. I cannot afford to be out of work. 

One of my friends, wife just back from maternity leave lost her job out of it which is awful.