Aug 9, 2008 at 02:49 o\clock


I am very glad it's the weekend. Work is ok. The other account controller gets back from holidays on Tuesday which will be good. I wont have to be showing someone the ropes AND trying to get my work done as well.

What else is news - saw the new batman film "Dark Knight" it was pretty good. Heath Ledger is awesome in it. Still, a pretty violent film.

The Olympics started last night, so I watched the opening ceremony. I missed the Sydney and Athens I think because I was travelling. 

Am going to see the comedian Bill Bailey when he comes out which will be good. I got the idea from a night out a few weeks ago. A group of us from work went to the comics lounge and it was fantastic. A meal and a few drinks, whilst listening to stand up comedy.  

I have been looking at the memorial site to J on facebook and thinking about what he and T did. Crying a little when I remember it and wishing I had done things differently. I just don't get how people have written such beautiful things about this person who was, from my perspective, so awful. I think at the time I did put up with certain things to cope with what they were doing. I feel cheated of giving Japan a sincere shot though, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Being shy didn't help matters either. I just wish it didn't make me such an easy target to pick on.


Not much on this weekend. Probably going hiking next weekend with K, which will be fun. We are also voluteering together at a writers festival. I am looking forward to it.