Jul 18, 2008 at 13:53 o\clock


Am going to see Wicked this weekend, which I am looking forward to. YAY. Is going to be interesting to see how they transform the book to the stage. Really excited. Sounds like quite a lot of effects are involved too - characters walking into the audience and stuff....

Work is OK. We started training a new step up today because the other lady apparently didn't work out.  The new guy is doing good, especially after only 4 days. I am doing most of his bloody training though which I find interesting since the other person I work with has been doing the job longer - he is very elderly though. I guess they have confidence in my knowledge and ability to pass it on.

I haven't heard from K since she got back. Ended up deleting her from facebook - she had a welcome back drinks session for everyone and didn't invite me. I texted her and she was not terribly responsive. So I guess she is not wanting to have anything to do with me. I am a little sad, because I have known her for like 6 or 7 years. But I think we are just so opposite, and she is still holding a grudge from me being sick and not able to go out and I am sick of explaining it to her. I simply don't have the stamina to have a 12 or 14 hour session OR to finish off a bottle of wine in an hour. Sorry if that makes me a freak. 

I probably shouldn't be surprised considering all she did was be negative and make snide comments about stuff while I was visiting her in London. It was like she was turning her nose up at everything Eeew Leicester Square.  Eeeew Camden Markets food. For fuck sake, I am not that hard to please. I enjoyed my sightseeing and stuff I did there. But no - according to her all I did was look at buildings. 

She even got pissed off I didnt want to stuff around at the airport to buy a mobile phone. "what's wrong with...?" A real friend wouldn't say things to put you down and wouldn't say shitty things like

" I used to think you were a freak....your whole family is fucked.....as any travel agent would tell you, you need (x) amount of money to travel....."

By the end of the trip I wanted nothing to do with her and I guess she felt the same way. But this isn't the only time she has been like it. Maybe I just haven't noticed as much or maybe I have been tolerant. But I was simply offended this time. I was trying to have a good time and anything I suggested, she would turn her nose up at. "Oh, you've started knitting have you".

 Like I said, we are just so opposite. I like tennis, she hates it. She gets pissed off I didn't ask her to see Boy From Oz and that I just went by myself and yet when I want to go to a West End with her, she cancels telling me she wants to save her money to go with her cousin. If she is not turning her nose up at things, she is complaining about not meeting someone and the fact other friends are getting married - but she knows its going to end in divorce because they are highschool sweethearts. Then it's whingeing about the fact it's never going to happen so I want a career - you need to do something about yours....




Jul 5, 2008 at 02:50 o\clock


went to the movies last night and bought a new pair of boots. they have a slight heel, and i think they are awesome. very comfortable, considering i never usually wear heels that is a plus.

Had a dinner last Sunday with a heap of people from work, which was good. other than that, haven't really been up to much. Oh actually, I have had my hair cut. It was so kong before, that I am still adjusting to the length.

Not much else is going on at the moment, am about to get ready to go and buy a vacuum cleaner. I had the best sleep in this morning, and am just enjoying relaxing after the week. I did closures again this week, which was a lot easier now that I have the hang of things. 

My blog must be getting quite boring lately. I was having a discussion about diaries with a friend (a woman I met in Halifax) the other day and we came to the conclusion that it is generally a venting tool. It is not normally interesting if you only have good things to say.  At least I find that is when I tend to write more - when I have something I need to work out or to try and gain an understanding of. Sometimes I simply have something I want to get out of my system.