Apr 23, 2008 at 12:57 o\clock

one year

realised today that it is a year or so since J died rock climbing. (13th of April or something like that). That time has flown quickly. I was making my way down to Calgary the evening I found out.... Cried myself to sleep" will never know why. He was horrible to me. I never would have wanted him to die like that though, it is quite tragic despite the problems I had with him and the stuff that happened. Am attempting to watch TV tonight. Get channel 10 on the big TV, the picture is not great but it will pass. I was getting tired of my DVD collection. The TV in the bedroom is better so at least when my bed comes this weekend I will be able to go and sit on the bed and watch some if they dont bloody get the aerial fixed. I will need to keep on at them I guess which is annoying. Not like I have anything better to do. Was good at work today, one of the TL's actually said they were happy to have me back, so things can't be all bad. I probably just got ambitious too soon under the circumstances and there may be something more suitable come up....

Apr 22, 2008 at 16:44 o\clock

Back online

well have my internet access back. been having fun reinstalling all my virus protection and anti spyware and updating everything.....finally able to do fun stuff instead of running scans and crap. Cooked my first meal in the apartment (i know...) Have my fridge, it came on Sunday which is awesome. Work is same old same old. lots and lots of people leaving.... not really a good sign of happiness and high morale... but anyway. It is paying my bills. I can eventually look for something else once I get on my feet. Have my bed being delivered this weekend hopefully - need to ring about that tomorrow. Sorry rambling about random menial thngs so this can't be that exciting to read I suppose.  I am also getting a little lonely. I need to join a walking group or something to meet some people outsideof work....Things just aren't like they were before I left, and I guess I shouldnt have expected them to be, but friends have changed and moved on and stuff too and it is not as easy keeping in touch etc, disappointing, but not much I can do.  Anyways have not got much else to add here. Just excited to have my computer back and up and running again. A little tired of doing scans....it found an old problem from when I had norton on the computer which it had quarantined....so have just run malware removal tools etc.....boring. You would think my computer is pretty tight I have anti virus, anti spyware and windows defender running....bloody hell, at least they are doing a thorough scan and stuff though.

Apr 20, 2008 at 05:29 o\clock

A week later

Well I moved into my new place a week ago. Am still in the midst of unpacking and getting things for the apartment. SUch as a towel rack for the bath room and a shelving unit for my toiletires. I miss the bathroom in my studio. It had great cupboard and bench space. This one whilst the water pressure is great, is tiny.  I somehow have less cupboard space in the kitchen as well.  Need to get the TV reception fixed, so am just watching DVDs at the moment. Waiting for my internet service to activate as well, so have headed to a cafe to do some computer time.

My fridge is getting delivered today and my new bed and tall boy shelves come next week and then I should finally be able to finish putting my clothes and linen away and it will look nice.

I didn't end up getting an interview for the job at work. Guess I shouldn't be surprised when I have just got back in the door pretty much. But at least they know I want to be able to do more things eventually.... Just hope I haven't made things difficukt to progress by actually applying so soon.

Anyways, that's about all I have to report for now.  

Apr 10, 2008 at 12:11 o\clock

Found a Place

Well, have found my own place. It is further out of the city than last time, but near a tran station and on the ground floor which will make moving awesome and easier.

Am moving in on the weekend which will be good. Kind of going to miss the nice house I am in at the moment though. mum and T really have a great place. I know I have my differences with mum and we haven't really had a close conversation while I have been here but the place itself is really great. Looking forward to having my own place though. Dad is dropping my things off on Thursday which will be good.

So, we head out to Waverly first to pick up my things and then unload it all in Carnegie. I want to try and go fridge shopping as well. We will see.

Anyways just wanted to update and let you know I finally found a place. Am going to visit B and M and the new baby on the weekend as well which will be good. A chance to catch up with people outside of work. I have applied for the TSO job - not sure I will get it but.....I figured it wsa worth putting out there that I am interested in moving up/doing more things in the department.

Apr 5, 2008 at 10:50 o\clock


Well, had a look at some more apartments today. I now have three applications in the pipeline, so hopefully one of them goes in my favour. The one we looked at in Thornbury today was really nice. Another one in Carnegie which was pretty good too. Near the train station which was great. Mum drove me around to them which was really good. It has been difficult catching transport and getting around to see them all in time when i have done it alone so I appreciated that.

Work is ok. A few people in management/step up roles leaving which is I suppose good if thats what they want. Makes morale for the department look really bad though, it is like a mass exodus at the moment. I wonder if it would be taking the piss to apply for one of the Technical supervisory roles seeing that I have just started back....I want to move UP one day....Don't suppose it could hurt, but maybe I should sus things out a little quietly first. If that's possible. I don't want to make things difficult by making them think I want to leave. I simply want to develop / a promotion within the department thats not really leaving them....

Not much planned this weekend other than the apartment hunting and I really hope ai get one of the ones I have applied for because I am getting to the stage where I am over looking EVERY weekend. I have a student from Japan coming over in May and it would be nice to be able to have her stay. I want to get all my furniture and clothes and things back too. Probably said all that in previous posts. But wish me luck in getting one of these apartments.....