Jan 31, 2008 at 10:23 o\clock

Darlington, Durham and York

Am having a lot of fun in the Uk. Am staying with L at the moment and they have been really good to me - too me out for a hike and we went to YOrk the other day and now off to Durham soon. SHe is looking for a job and has been for a while so is getting a bit stressed.

London was great - had a bit of a disagreement with K, but I guess thats partly because we are just sooo f....g different and she seems to have trouble accepting that. I found her a little rude.  Got to see a west end theatre production for 20 pounds and my seat was upgraded. I was really impressed and happy about that. I saw Les Miserables.

Miss Halifax, but kind of glad I am in new surroundings and it is great spending time with L. I am off to Manchester on Saturday which will be good. Am looking forward to that as well. Sorry not much of an update at this stage, but will write more later.

Jan 18, 2008 at 22:37 o\clock

Heading to the UK


Leaving Halifax in the morning and fly out to Heathrow via Ottawa, which will be cool. Am really looking forward to moving on. I have liked Halifax despite things, but it is time to move on and do something else. It will be good to settle back into life in Melbourne as well when I get there. I am meeting up with K first, and spending some time with her which will be nice. Am also seeing a few other friends which I have probably mentioned a few times, but anyways. Just an update. Am going to a gallery opening again tonight which should be quite good. It includes a CD launch which should be interesting. The weather outside is crappy, but hopefully improves a little for tomorrow. Ok, enough for now.  

Jan 16, 2008 at 21:10 o\clock

Locked Out

Couldn't let this go by without writing it. I was a bit irritated and amused all at the same time. The hostel I am ataying at closes the front desk at 6, and as such there are no staff. I happened to leave my key in the bedroom whilst I went to the washroom and upon return realised I could not get back in because the door was locked on the inside. I went and tried to ring the late night check in number, to no avail. Concerned and wanting to sleep I knocked on my friend Js door and we both wondered what to do. I looked out her window and luckily there is a landing that you can, if need be, walk across. Our rooms are next door to each other, so I climbed out her window in almost bare feet (thongs only) and snow and into my room through my window. To the cars passing by it must have looked slightly strange and I am probably lucky the police didn't get called, but we both had a good laugh about it afterwards and happily I managed to get some sleep in the end.

The book launch last night was quite good. I ended up buying the book. It is an autobiography on this guy who is a media philosopher. The author has spent years researching his work. I also bought a book on the Bluenose (the story behind the Halifax boat of the same name).  All in all an interesting day. 

Have a movie to go to tonight up at one of the universities here which should be quite interesting.  

Jan 15, 2008 at 17:53 o\clock


Just donated a few clothes and my ipod speakers to charity. They were quite pleased. I am pleased as well, because it will lighten my load a little which is great. Am going to a book launch tonight which should be interesting. Looking forward to it. About to meet up with C for coffee at Starbucks soon as she heads off today and then I go on Saturday. I am looking forward to seeing friends over in the UK, it will be good to see K and Y and L especially. Am getting excited.

I will miss Halifax though, it is a pretty cool little city that one could get very comfortable in. There is always something to do and the local bands are great. The waterfront is beautiful and it's just a lovely city and I am going to miss it. I have had some good times going to Art Gallery openings and arthouse films and catching ferries and lots of walks and even learnt a new skill....(knitting) which seems a very popular pasttime in Halifax judging by the amount of knitting stores.

Anyways enough for now.

Jan 14, 2008 at 16:24 o\clock

5 more days to go.

Not long til I head for the UK. Despite the work issue I have actually had a good time in Halifax and met some pretty nice people along the way. C leaves tomorrow afternoon to do research on squirrels. Have had a great time getting to know her. At the moment I think I am closer to her than I am to E, which is funny. Cos I have known E  little longer. I dunno. I have also enjoyed spending time with J the woman from Quebec city. She has been really lovely. Took me and C and E out for dinner (her treat) to celebrate signing the lease on her apartment. Have a bit of a cold, which I hope clears before I get on the plane.

Am excited about the next big adventure. Also a little nervous.... 

Jan 9, 2008 at 19:50 o\clock


Well it is Wednesday and I have not got long to go til I head to the UK. Went and visited E at work for lunch today which was quite nice. It is not a very nice day outside. I might wonder over and check out this vegetarian protest thing later.

My reviews for the coffee shops got posted today which is pretty cool. I am finally published in a magazine. How exciting. Going to go and check out another coffee shop in a moment and I need to borrow another book to read for the week so I don't get bored. We are going to some gallery openings tomorrow which should be nice. Don't think I am going out anywhere tonight. Which is probably not such a bad thing.

Looking forward to going to the Farmers Market on Saturday as well and I might go and check out this other cafe downtown as well. I haven't talked much about the hostel stuff with E, she has had other things on her mind since she has just moved apartments again and just got back from her vacation in New York and Boston.

I need to find something to fill up a couple of days with. I guess I do have a few things to look forward to. The Art Gallery openings tomorrow, the market on Saturday and I wouldn't mind going to the Museum again on Tuesday. C leaves on Tuesday and I will miss her. I had a great day on Sunday when we went hiking, that was a really nice thing to do. I am just getting bored in the daytimes, I shouldn't be. I am usually fairly self contained and should be used to it.

The split crow the other night was fun as well, it was good to listen to some live music. Anyways, not much else to write.


Jan 9, 2008 at 02:14 o\clock


We went to the museum tonight and then walked C back to the hostel where she is working and bloody E went and invited K to the art gallery openings. The bloody bitch went along with the whole ignoring me thing while I was working there. It is going to be awkward if she comes. I just don't understand why it was necessary for them all to ignore me while I work there, but I have talked and talked it over and I am not the only person they do it to or have done it to. They are not even talking much to C.

I guess E was just trying to be nice as she always is, but it was a little insensitive and I wish she hadn't asked her to come. I probably sound like a fucking 13 year old in high school. Sorry, but...need to vent.

I don't speak to them when I am up at the HI, becuase I just don't see the point. The longer the ignoring got, the more upset I got and it just wasn't worth staying.

The museum was fun though, saw some stuff on the Titanic at the museum. Sad at the same time.  


Jan 1, 2008 at 23:17 o\clock

New Years

Well, my new years in Halifax was actually pretty nice. Whilst I may be a little bored at the moment in the day time, I guess I may just have to grin and bear it. I only have 17 more days. When Emily gets back we will be doing things in the evenings again and I have seen (C) heaps since she got back from Cape Breton and met a nice lady from Quebec and the people at the hostel are pretty friendly, so it's not too bad. I am just going nuts cos it's the same shit every day and this particular hostel I am at is a dump. On the bright side I have taken heaps of pictures and stuff that I didn't think of before and it's been good spending time with (C), she has been lovely and I don't think I would have coped without her. C is doing my job for 2 weeks until she goes to research squirrels, and they barely even acknowledged her getting back - they may have by now though, she texted me pretty quickly to go for a walk, but anyways. Not worth worrying about. I need to try hard to enjoy myself while I am here and if that means spending a few bucks, then so be it. I can't spend my whole life being worried about money cos I will not enjoy anything.