Dec 30, 2007 at 19:14 o\clock

Job Hunting again and concerned.

New Years is really bad timing to be looking for a job....but I have applied for a couple, and hopefully someting comes up. I am feeling a little lonely at the moment cos everyone is away for the holidays and not back in Halifax for another week or so. One friend got back from Cape Breton yesterday but I haven't met up with her yet, hoping things are ok and I am not being ignored for the hostel business. She is taking over my job for a couple of weeks, I think....

Have been for lots of walks. Went today with a lady from Quenec at the place I am staying now, which was nice and there are some nice aussies in my room that have been quite chatty so it's not too bad. Just a really run down hostel and I wish I wasn't stuck there for 3 more weeks. I need to go and pick up my pay check after new years sometime, and I am trying to be VERY careful with money until then. I haven't done a lot of grocery shopping. I have bought my UK rail ticket so I can budget the rest of what I have in the bank. I should scrape by and whilst I would prefer not to use it, I do have my credit card which has nothing owing on it so I should be alright asuming I get work in Aus right away. Sorry just a little panicked and having no one to talk to about it at the moment is making it worse. 

Dec 28, 2007 at 03:17 o\clock

No More Buses

Well, have just got a back a little while ago from MOntreal. Christmas was lovely, they were so nice to me and really seemed to enjoy having me stay and just nice, friendly people. I go pyjamas and a hoody as a present from them which was nice as well. They seemed to like having someone to fuss over now that most of their own kids have left home being in their 20s. 

I had a bit of a cry about the job at the hostel, but it really isn't worth it. If I hadn't have quit I would be more miserable and they would not have bothered asking me how the trip was, it would be back to ignoring me and leaving me to clean and shut up and not be part of anything else. So for the best. Just scared about my finances. I need to go back and get my pay cheque sometime this week....

I don't like where I am staying now as much as the rooms of the hostel, but what am I gunna do. It wont be for long. Me resigning really did throw a spanner in the works. But I just don't think it was worth it when it was making me unhappy. They had NO reason or provocation to be nasty to me from the get go so it seems to just be something they do for shits and giggles.  


Dec 26, 2007 at 17:42 o\clock


Merry Christmas to all. I am in MOntreal and have had a lovely christmas with some family members of a friend of mums. They invited me down a little while ago. It's been good to get away from the work situation in Halifax. I actually resigned before I left which they weren't too happy about. I was going to work the last few days of my time sheet as originally promised, but they didn't want me to. So I have finished up. I can pick up my pay cheque sometime when I get back hopefully. Sucks that it ended on bad terms, but didn't feel like I had much option I tried to be nice about it. I gave them notice and time to replace me. They have done nothing but be rude to me and it's deliberate. I don't need it when it is spoiling everything else. Looking forward to the New Year. I head back to Halifax tonight. Hopefully I can stay at the other hostel. My booking was from the 1st....I am a little concerned about money, so am probably going to need to look for work when I get back for a couple of weeks.....Although as long as I get my last pay from the hostel I may just be alright and it would be nice to just be a tourist for a bit and enjoy Halifax without nastyness.

Dec 20, 2007 at 22:50 o\clock



People at work are weird. Who works on their birthday and doesn't ask the most obvious person who could to swap a shift and do a sneaky group breakfast for said persons birthday, not telling you. They even lied to the girl volunteering/housekeeping with me who has been here 3-4 months.... I find it rude and nasty.

I could go on. I stayed at a friends place last night just to get away from it for a bit. I am glad to be going to Montreal for christmas.....not really going to want to come back....I am thinking one more pay check (the one I will get not long after new years time I think) and cut my losses. I find them rude and when they do sneaky shit like that I just don't trust them.



Dec 7, 2007 at 23:04 o\clock



Work is really sucking. They have not been very welcoming, and are also excluding one of the other girls who is now a volunteer here and has been here working for 3 months and leaving soon. I am really too tired for this stuff, they are not interested fine. Blatantly being rude and having lunch together and not including us. Planning birthdays and not inviting us. I think it's maybe a canadian workplace thing that happens when you tell management you are leaving. You get isolated cos you are simply not worth getting to know so why bother. From the minute I started they have not once bothered to sit down and talk to me and yet they are very clicky with the other staff member who has worked here 7 months. Fair enough, they are sending a message they are not interested. Perfectly their choice, but it makes it lonely. I am the only other staff at the moment which makes it all the more noticeable.

Trying not to let it get to me, and I am not going to spend ages going into it all, because it's really not worth it or letting it upset me, but of course it does.

On a brighter note have met some nice friends. We have been going to Art Gallery openings and stuff which have been really fun. Going out for dinner tonight.