Nov 26, 2007 at 23:52 o\clock

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas.

Have been heaps of christmassy activities in Halifax which has been really nice and made me feel happy and somehow just made being Overseas more comforting. That and it has been nice having people around to talk to and do things with. Went to the Citadel and a Hockey match with a few of the people here which was great fun. Work is work, it is letting me do what I want to do. I want to go to Point Pleasant Gardens next weekend. Maybe the Maritime Museum during the week when it is free. Looking forward to my first pay cheque as well, but other than that, am really cosy and happy here in Halifax. Feeling content. It is such a pretty little city.

Nov 24, 2007 at 01:54 o\clock


Work is exhausting.....but I am meeting some nice people....

Not  a lot of news really cos I haven't done much. Went out for drinks on Tuesday which was fun. Have been hearing about a couple of the girls I shared a room with' trip they just got back from. SOunds like they had a great time. Hopefully I get a chance to get away for a weekend sometime.

Nov 19, 2007 at 18:07 o\clock


Am in Halifax. Have found myself a job which will be awesome. I have accommodation with it and everything. Happy about that and it will be good to get money again once I actually get the first pay cheque....  Anyways, I am less stressed out which is the main thing. Have met some pretty nice people where I am staying as well. So I think I am going to enjoy being here for the 2 months I am here. It is getting quite cold so I am glad I have a really warm jacket. Haven't done a lot of sightseeing yet besides the waterfront. Will probably go to pier 21 this afternoon on my last day of freedom before work. The museum was closed and I will have plenty of time to see that. I went to the Farmers Market on Saturday which was cool, so busy but it had some great stuff.

The shops are not that great, as there isn't a great selection downtown itself and the main shopping centre is a 20 minute bus ride away. Which I suppose isn't too bad.


I have been feeling really old lately and a little lonely. At times I wish I had a partner to share this with.. Yes I have done some amazing things, but no one to share that with or to come home to and tell the story to gets a little lonely. I feel like I have wasted a lot of my 20s being single - never really having a boyfriend....but I guess when I am ready I will know. I don't really put myself out there much though. I am tired of being picked on when I do. So I am sticking to things I enjoy doing - volunteering and just focusing on enjoying what I am seeing and the places I am visiting.

Nov 16, 2007 at 17:49 o\clock


Have arrived in Halifax. It's a pretty little town, but little is the operative word. The downtown area doesn't have very many shops compared to Toronto and Montreal. The seaside is very pretty. It has been raining and windy so, I guess I am in for a cold winter. Just as well I have the down jacket. This internet stuff is costing me a fortune....  Got myself a job yesterday and I start next week. I am glad it didn't take long. Was a little stressed about that. Will be good to get some money coming in again....  Am uploading pictures at the moment which is taking forever.... Anyways enough for now.

Nov 9, 2007 at 17:50 o\clock


Montreal is a pretty cool city. Havent done a lot of exploring yet, just on Rue Saint Catherine at the moment, which has some amazing shops. I want to see the Musee de Beaux Arts before I go. Other than that am about to bite the bullet and buy a down jacket cos I am tired of being freezing all the time when i go out. It will get me through Halifax and the UK when I go, so worth it in the end. 

Niagara Falls and Toronto were pretty cool, I can say I am glad to be off the bus after yesterday though. It took three buses to get to Montreal which was a little annoying. I had to change in Toronto, Ottowa and then finally the last leg to Montreal.  
Having lunch with a family member of a friend of mums tomorrow, which should be nice to do something different and meet some people anyways. The hostel is clean and neat and really good, happy with that. Just not happy at the exchange rates my credit card is showing. Anyways, gotta go, dont want to be on a computer all day. More exploring to do. 

Nov 7, 2007 at 02:24 o\clock

Niagara Falls.

The falls themselves are amazing and very beautiful. Probably the most forceful waterfall/ water sight I have seen. I went across to the American side to have a better look at the rapids as well. You have to go through customs which was a bit freaky. They take fingerprints and everything....oh well.

Went to the IMAX theatre today and also the glass blowing display and the theatre has a museum display as well which was kind of cool. It gets a bit much being out doors allday because it is SOOOO cold at the moment. The autumn leaves are still out which makes it really pretty though and I got some great photos of here and Toronto. Other than walking along the falls, IMAX I have also been to a Bird/ Reptile park here and that was surprisingly good value. Spent about three hours in there. Held a snake and a couple of other reptiles. The birds were so colourful and it was great to see them freer than normal (not in tight cages like most zoos). Also went on the skywheel to look at the falls from high up.

Not sure what I am going to do tomorrow. The rest of the main falls area is bit touristy and has wax museums and all this other stuff that is really expensive and I am trying to avoid spending much more money til I get to Montreal.... I might just go out to lunch tomorrow and make that the last treat. They have a great little rainforest cafe which looks amazing.

Toronto had a great cafe as well - the Richtree Market Restaurants.

Am looking forward to heading on to Montreal....the next part of the adventure. I think I have about 6 nights there, which gives me plenty of time to get a feel of the city. Then it's on to Halifax....Yay.

Nov 2, 2007 at 21:57 o\clock


Am in Toronto, my first major stop off on my way to Halifax. It's a pretty cool city. A lot bigger than Calgary. Winnipeg was a little disappointing, it really doesn't have much to do. I have been panicking about money but just checked my accounts and I think I will be ok, i have budgeted for my months rent in Halifax and I have my tax return I can dip into.  Head to Niagara Falls on the 4th, which I am looking forward to. Just hope I find a job ok in Halifax, should be ok.....I am hoping to do another coffee shop or perhaps a restaurant where I will get tips, we will see. Will probably write a longer entry once I get to Halifax and am working.