Oct 27, 2007 at 02:17 o\clock


Heading to Halifax on Sunday. Am really looking forward to moving on and seeing some different parts of Canada. Am getting a little bored in Calgary although I have done some really different things - I don't suppose many people would volunteer when they are travelling.... Went to visit one of the girls at work today to say goodbye and stuff. She doesn't like the new girl. I don't have much else to add. Finished up at Starbucks today as well which I am glad about. It is a difficult job, so when I am earning good money I will try and tip - it is exhausting and busy and usually understaffed. The work ethic in Canada is certainly quite different and to me seems disorganised and blase. Things like having to renovate and things not being what you were expecting, seems not to surprise Canadians. Shit like that wouldn't happen back home at any of the places I have worked so far anyways. Being a manager here does not take much so it isn't really special. I don't understand the huge problems they have with my accent either. I've never had so much trouble with other westerners accent wise before. It's weird.

Oct 21, 2007 at 00:37 o\clock

Getting Excited about going to the UK

Getting excited about going to the UK....It is going to cost me about $1200 when I include the rail pass....but it is still cheaper than if I was flying from home and I have a fair bit of the accom sorted out which is nice. Will prob stick to England and Scotland for now....Have been tossing up the working holiday thing, but you know. Europe is a great holiday destination and when I am settled back in Aus After some time of saving I can take two months off and travel a bit more in Europe without having to worry about job hunting setting up a rental and doing all that stuff AGAIN. The visa process is expensive as well. Might mean seeing Paris and Italy are a few years away...who knows. Part of me is just freaked out about going back to Aus and having nowhere to stay. Time is an issue as well. If I go in Jan I will only have five weeks, unless I extend my flight back to Aus and stay longer. Don't really want the hassle. I have had enough of Calgary though and am really looking forward to the road trip. Perhaps I should hold off on my decision until I am over the restlessness of wanting to get out of here. I can always go home to Aus, save and book the working holiday from there when I get home if I really like it. I have another year before I am too old. I need to sleep on it I think. Cos I have my quotes for flights and the rail pass, just need to decide perhaps if I should extend that flight out of Vancouver and then that way I may get to fit in Paris as well. I think I will be happy with just England and Scotland and if my train ticket will let me, some of Wales....Cardiff..... Decision sounds like it is made.

Oct 16, 2007 at 23:17 o\clock


Nice to have some free time although, a shame I am not doing much with it. I have seen most of the decent site seeing stuff. Might go up to the Tower for dinner one night before I leave to see the night time lights from up high. Could be cool. Am really just counting down til I go. And am also now worrying how I am going to afford going to the UK. Should manage though with my Tax Return. JUST. Which then leaves the question of what I will do when I go home. Where I am going to stay etc. I will need to VERY quickly find a job and then look for somewhere to stay. MIght have to go back to Melbourne and hope I can stay with (T) for a little bit......If I have a job lined up and she lets me stay while I find my own place then that would be OK. If I need to find a job first then I will prob want to do the hostel thing which I am going to hate. Might mean going back to ANZ...could do worse. Don't necessarily want to go back to IB though.....

I am young and should do these things while I can. It may hurt a little financially for a bit, but perhaps it is worth it.  ANother thing. I keep thinking about (I) from the language centre where I am volunteering. Miss him. Perhaps I just miss the attention...I need to stop doing that and then maybe I will stop drawing the players if I stone wall the flirting if it is blatant that they are players instead of simply ignoring it. I dunno.



Oct 14, 2007 at 22:31 o\clock


Well, just finished writing up my short piece on the interview I had with the three authors,  I could probably spend a lot more time on it and make it a piece on literacy or something.  I would  really love a paper to pick it up. Thing is the rejection makes it hard to be motivated to want to put so much effort in...bit of a double edged sword. no good if i don't. At the moment it's just a piece on hidden fun things to do in Calgary and a light write up of the interviews and what the Word FEst had to offer. It was exciting to actually meet them and feel important and like a somebody. I don't mean to sound arrogant, it was just exciting cos this sort of break doesn't happen much for me anyways. The icing on the cake would be to get it published. I could always try again when I have fine tuned it into something bigger.

Other than that, I am getting ready to leave Calgary. Only like 17 days or so left which is going to fly by. Think I will just hostel and hotel it when in Halifax cos I plan to go to the UK and a few people have offered to let me stay which is nice and will save me costs in that sense. Seems silly not to take up the opportunity while I am so  close.



Oct 3, 2007 at 02:58 o\clock


October is going to go by slowly I think. I hav resigned from one of my jobs and let the 2nd know today that I am moving, and asked if it would be possible to transfer...hopefully it should be OK. They seemed to think so anyways. At least I would have something to go to and one less stress besides accommodation to worry about orgainising.

Have had a cold the last few days which finally seems to be getting better.... drinking lots of herbal tea and lemon tea and stuff. Probably just the cold weather and adjusting to working so much that did it. And lackof sleep.



Oct 1, 2007 at 02:37 o\clock


My Gran on my dad's side died on the 17th. I have only just managed to get in touch with home. Dad has been in the city and apartently they had the wrong phone number for me.... Sad news, but good she is not in pain. The poor thing went into Kidney failure. She had bad legs for years and they were playing up but she didn't want to say anything......my uncle took her to hopsital when he visited and noticed her legs. So dad has been interstate for the funeral as well. Only just got to talk to him last night, which was great to actually talk to him.

I am glad I visited her on my trip to Sydney last August. I think I am the last one of me my dad and brother to have seen her which is a shame.... You really do want to make every moment count....because you never know when it will be the last chance to tell the person you love them. Come to think of it Grandma was overly lovey dovey when I visited perhaps she sensed things. I don't know. But I am glad I made more of an effort with her lately before it was too late. Sorry if that is awful to say.

She will be missed terribly by her great grandchildren as well and her older grandaughter (my Aunty's daughter).  Grandma I love you and hope you are at peace.