Sep 25, 2007 at 06:30 o\clock

Canadian Hockey is Awesome

Went to my first ever Canadian hockey game the other night. The atmosphere was amazing. The music, the speed of the play. There were even fisticuffs and LOTS of cross checking which I was never able to do when I played. Made me miss being on the ice myself and think of the training drills we ued to do and stuff. Man I had the best time. Really glad I went and worth every penny I spent on the ticket. Would have been nice to share that with someone, but I guess..... Was going to meet up with a guy from work afterwards, but missed his call cos I didn't hear my phone through all the noise. Saw another girl from work at one of the stalls at the Saddledome, so talked to her for a bit.  Generally I was just blown away, and I got to see some of the big name players too which was GREAT.

Went to the Word Fest Orientation tonight which was a bit of a non event. Lots of people, but seems a little disorganised. I don't think many people in Calgary actually go to the festival/event.

Anyways, enough for now, as I have to be up early and was planning to be in bed by now already.

Sep 15, 2007 at 20:55 o\clock

Grand Opening

We had a Grand Opening at work yesterday which was kind of cool. A couple of Hockey players came to sign autographs and stuff. The only thing I am not happy with is the late finishes, but it helps me fit other stuff in during the mornings. Have started volunteering again which is kind of fun. Miss the teacher from last terms class though....bad.  My second job is ok, but crazy busy in the mornings when I am there which I find difficult because I am still learning what I am doing and it gets hard to find time to breathe and for them to do any proper training except just sit me down with a book and say read this. I am wondering if the getting up at 5.45 is worth it when I am only working 20 hours extra a week. My first pay was crap cos it was only for 22 hours (a weeks worth). At least a proper fortnight will be 40 hours pay and double what I got.... I just need to keep my road trip in perspective. It is for a good reason in the long term. I am also going to the hockey next week to see the Oilers play the Flames in a pre season match which should be really good. I am really excited about that. I guess things are starting to get more enjoyable now I have things to do and keep me busy. Too much time to myself makes me think too much and over analyse which is unnecessary.

I have to do a 2 to 5 minute talk on Aussie in the class, and have no idea what I am going to say...f***.

The other thing I am looking forward to is the Word Fest in Calgary in October. I am volunteering there for a weekend and super excited about that. Will hopefully get to meet some writers and possibly make some contacts.......you never know.

Sep 9, 2007 at 02:58 o\clock

Day Off Tomorrow.

Thank bloody god. I am thinking the 2nd job was not a good idea. I am exhausted, but my bank account is going to love getting extra pay next week. Think of it that way and it is only for a little while. Other than that not really a lot of news to tell. Am just playing around on the computer. Need to start booking things for my trip in November.

Sep 3, 2007 at 02:46 o\clock

What to Do.

Figured out what the chick at work's problem is. She is jealous and being competitive. The boss must have mentioned she offered me a promotion and it's got her knockers in a knott. I am not sure wheather to talk to the boss about what has happened because she has been downright rude and unbearable. The silent treatment...fair enough be jealous but at least be civil and she is not even doing that. She is just trying to push my buttons. I don't want to make the situation nastier if I actually do say something, but I should feel good that I have done nothng wrong. I must be doing ok to be offered a promotion, I shouldn't let her being jealous make me feel bad about myself. I should be proud of my efforts. I tend to let clashes get to me though.