Jun 29, 2007 at 06:09 o\clock


Lonley, but I hope things improve. I might pop down to the YWCA on Saturday and see if I can volunteer one day a week. It would be a good way to meet some people. I get the feeling the chicks from the hostel I went out with while I was in Calgary last time aren't really interested. I was supposed to meet them for dinner last night and they "forgot". Don't believe it because I sent a text in the morning and they could have replied and said not a good night instead of wasting my time.

I have rent due, and need to go dress shopping for K and K's wedding. I saw a nice dress today but it will have to wait until next pay day cos I am going to be cutting it fine when I pay rent on Monday....might try and get the money for rent tomorrow and then maybe next week I can get the dress if they still have my size....it's quite nice - plain naivy blue but a really nice cut and fitted. I am a size 3-4 in Canada which I have no idea how that compares to Aus I am usually a 10 and occassionaly an 8 depending on what I am buying, have lost some weight with all my walking though.....

I looked into joining a book club, will be working when they meet so no can do, no hiking events when I am off work either..... I hope my boss's interviews go well over the next few days - she has 4 people that have left resumes so fingers crossed......

I should head up to the gym and see if they have an aerobics class or swimming sqaud or something that would at least get me out of the house as well. There is one on 14th street which should only be a short bus ride away. Hopefully not too expensive.... I think Saturday is going to be a bit of research. Got my tickets to the Stampede today in the mail which is great. I am looking forward to that.

Jun 26, 2007 at 16:45 o\clock


It is funny how we do things to save face when we are feeling embarrassed or threatened. For example saying you have had three boyfriends when you have only had one or none etc....Maybe it's just me, but I feel tired of feeling as if i have to put up this front to be miss average like everyone else. I have trouble bonding with women because I don't talk about men. I don't really have anything to tell. A few dates where the guys wanted roots, (then t and j in japan) and some drunken pashes out clubbing.....

I have spent so MUCH time being shy and awkward and quiet and worrying about everyone elses feelings I am a little frustrated.

Sorry probably not the entry you were expecting.

Jun 23, 2007 at 19:51 o\clock

Weekend Off

have the weekend off and some time to myself finally which is great. It has been a full on week what with a new job and moving. I am supposed to be going out to dinner with a couple of girls i met at the hostel the first time i stayed in calgary soon, which will be good. i need to get out and meet some people my age...the wholeo thing in Lske louise has made me realise i don't want to be on the shelf forever. He may not have been interested or just out for a f&&*( whatever, it would be nice to have a boy want ME and to hang out with....probably think i sound lame. i am just too used to being by myself i think....anyways,  enough for now.

Jun 20, 2007 at 02:59 o\clock

Moving Day

Move into my basement floor tonight, the lady is coming to pick me up tonight. Saw Pirates of the Caribean last night - #3. It is pretty good, but goes for ages....

Work is ok, boss is a bit of a bitch and so is her sister, but I will be working alone most days which should be ok once I get the till procedures down pat. She is showing me how to close and do returns and it is a lot to take in all at once, same as any new job I guess, but I am also having added stresses of moving....so I am a little tired cos it's been a busy and eventful couple of days....I think I am going to have fun in Calgary though and I already have a place to stay if I want to go to Montreal for a while before heading home. YAY. 


Jun 18, 2007 at 00:31 o\clock

Found a place to stay already...........

Did some house hunting on the web today and found a mum advertising for someone to stay in the basement area of her apartment. She has a son. I have a living area and my own bathroom and bedroom. Just share the kitchen and laundry, which is pretty cool. I am pretty quiet so I think it will be fine for whilst I am in Calgary and at least I will not be in a suitcase anymore and will have the stampede taken care of.

Happy about that one......... 

Jun 17, 2007 at 15:29 o\clock

Out of Lake Louise

Had my last shift yesterday.....got a $5.00 tip, thank god we had a $20.00 tip the other day as well.....Yay also. People are complaining about the rooms and yet despite being told they are not ready magmt still insists on using them with leaks and all....So it's not all our fault.  

I am glad to be going, got a lift downtown today to catch the bus from one of the maintenance guys....Thankgod. Still uselessley pining for O, when he is coming down to visit M in about a month. (notice he gets free buses and hasn't bothered to yet......but anyways). I am never going to see him again so i should get over it.....He was a bit arrogant.

Looking forward to being in Calgary....yay.


Jun 16, 2007 at 09:17 o\clock


Tomorrow is my last day of work, lots of little things irritating me at the moment.  O has gone. I still keep thinking about the fact he tried to kiss me. He really DID try to. I didn't just imagine that. I am inexperienced, so you will have to forgive me, but it is playing on my mind.. I can't comprehend how a guy can be sleeping with someone else and try to kiss another girl....I know it happens, but I would feel so decietful and mean and guilty. I miss him though, more than I should. I wish he would visit me in Calgary, but I have my doubts that is going to happen, when he is already planning to come back and visit M on the 9th. He called her tonight.....I hate being jealous and I hate being shy.

Management is pissed off with M and me a little for problems with the rooms, a fair bit of it has been M, but.....still. On a good note, we got a $20 tip today (well I did).

Jun 6, 2007 at 20:44 o\clock

Two Weeks...........

Got a job at a Hockey store in Calgary, and have given notice. I feel bad leaving everyone, but I just cannot handle feeling trapped and unable to get anywhere. That being said, went on an amazing hike yesterday to a lookout. Forgot my camera the last time, so wanted to get some pictures this time and actually take it slow going up there. It is very beautiful and breathtaking. Am kind of glad O has left because it means he and M wont be up fucking all night and she will actually start pulling her weight. I am tired of doing all the work while she talks to front desk all day and so is everyone else. Glad she has had to work the last 2 days on her own because it means she will have to do some work for once. Sorry, need to vent and this is an outlet.