Mar 27, 2007 at 01:29 o\clock

4 Days to Go.

I leave on Saturday...............yikes, it is creeping up on me at a rate of knotts. Had my 'interview' today it was pretty much just a meet and greet rather than an interview because she offered me the job and didn't really ask me any standard interviews like give me an example of a time when, blah blah.

Nevertheless I am excited and looking forward to going. Canada here I come..... 


Had my farewell drinks last night, which was fun. Sad to say goodbye to everyone and a little bit of a shame it was on a Monday, but it was still good. Everyone kept buying me wine, and the bartender took a couple away that I hadn't got around to drinking cos I was in another spot....Will miss (B and T a lot).  

Mar 5, 2007 at 10:37 o\clock


I have decided I will have a goodbye BBQ on the Sunday. Hopefully people will come. Apparently (L) is coming back for a visit so I will get to see her before I go to Canada which is great. Am looking forward to that a lot.

I think I have managed to get out of that horrible shift pretty much, so all is good.

Saw my brother over the weekend and apparently he has met a young lady which is great for him.

Had (Ds)  BBQ for 20 years at the bank and it was a really great day. I spent the night with (T) at her place and just had a really good weekend. I think it was just nice not being really lonely.  Both of us bought new dresses which was great as well. I wore mine to work today. Felt overdressed, and girly, but hey. I like it - wouldn't have bought it otherwise.

Mar 1, 2007 at 09:52 o\clock

30 Days to Go


Time is going very quickly. I am getting nervous.........excited too....

We have two other people leaving at the same time as me....

I have no other news really. I think I like a guy at work....he is taken, but I guess thats why I can be myself, there is no agenda and I like talking to him. Wish I could meet someone nice like him.....maybe one day.

I have a couple of parties to go to this weekend which I am looking forward to. Should be fun. Everyone is going to wanna see (T) though. All the attention will be on her...Still, she is a popular chick. I miss having her around myself.

Not doing much tonight except watch TV. I am sorry my entries have been a little dry/boring lately, but I guess it's cos theres just not a lot going on and not a lot stressing me out.