Feb 24, 2007 at 13:05 o\clock


My annual leave request at work was approved with minimal fuss...YAY. Now I only have a to swap a couple of shifts and the it will be ok. The countdown is on til I go to Canada.....4 more weeks or so.

My apartment is NOT leaking which is nice to know, the pipes are in the opposite direction to where the gu downstairs has the water moisture on his roof....strange.

Bought myself some new PJs today and am just bludging at home and on the computer obviously and watching TV. 'The Mummy' is on and I am surprised at how gruesome bits are - beetles that crawl inside you......flesh eating bugs.....

Anyways, the expo is tomorrow, so I better go. Just realised I washed my Jeans and now I am wondering what I am going to wear....

Did more packing today while I was waiting for the handyman to come. Part of me will miss this little place. I have enjoyed being here and having everything close by. I will find somewhere else just a nice though and I am going to enjoy seeing Canada. I might head over to New Zealand for a while afterwards, cos I just don't see myself going to Melbourne with things the way they are there seems little point....and I don't need the stress. But my dad's friend is not going to want to keep all my crap forever.....so we will see what happens. 

Feb 21, 2007 at 11:00 o\clock

4pm to 12.30am

Thats the shift I have been rostered onto....am trying to get out of it, cos there will be no transport home at that time. Work is considering sliding the shift down to midnight....I will then have two trams left to catch (big of them.....). I have had some offers to swap a couple of shifts as well, so could be ok....Was really not happy having that dumped on us with no notice though and it is my last two weeks...sucks.

Went to the beach on the weekend with (T) which was kind of fun...enjoyed myself immensely. Was way hot though (38 degrees or close to and has been humid and hot all week even at night which has made it hard to sleep).

My apartment apparently has a leek somewhere cos the guy in the apartment is getting moisture on his roof from something.....I have handymen coming to look on the weekend. Not noticing any leeks myself, but it is probably the pipes underneath the tiles in the shower....bugger knows how they will fix that. 

TV is good all my fav shows are back on, which is cool. No more to write. More later.


Feb 17, 2007 at 12:59 o\clock

Still thinking about J....!

Not much finer way to say it. These last couple of nights have been thinking about what happened with T and J in Japan - it's now 2 years ago that that shit happened. I wonder over and over how and why I put up with it and let myself be picked on like it simply cos I thought they would eventually respect me if I put up with it for long enough and not wanting to make waves. And then it comes back to the fact that I was telling people the sort of shit they were doing and no one helped me. Maybe it is always going to stay with me....

On a different note, we had dinner for (K's) birthday and took her to a restaurant - ended up being a very interesting night cos one of the TLs came and things have kind of come to a head for (C - who is in the bad books very much so after sending a nasty email). We got to meet the man (K) has started seeing and he was a really nice guy. Seems to care about her a lot and treats her nicely which is great. I think maybe she is not used to it and he is probably making a few mistakes out of keenness, but he seems to mean well and be genuine. 

As for me, work is work. I am getting to the stage where I am glad to be moving on cos some of the pettyness is a bit much and my care factor is not high anymore.  I will miss the people, but it's time to move on. It's not going to be forever, and I hope to go to the UK as well, but once I am back in Aus it will be to settle and thats when I will also think of getting a car. 

Think I said this in my last message but I am thinking of setting up a scholarship for girls with Turners....just an idea which will be a while off (a year or 2)  

The Grammys are on - Mary J Blige just won a Grammy, love her work. More later.  

Feb 13, 2007 at 09:24 o\clock

46 Days To Go

Well, am starting to pack up before my trip....only about 5 weeks to go til I leave. Plan on booking the removalist tomorrow.......

Canada here we come.

Dad has been really great trying to help me with the moving day and all.  

Haven't heard from mum........

Have been lots of birthdays this month - a couple of my friends so have been planning some get togethers - Dinners etc....

Other than that not a lot else. I actually did ten hours of Overtime last week at work....yes i know. I need a life....The money will be helpful when I go Overseas though, I am going to need it.

I am thinking of setting up a Scholarship or grant for talented Turners girls  - to help towards study. Will be a couple of yeas off because I need to put some money away for it. Figure I want to give something back since I can't have my own kids.