Dec 29, 2006 at 08:08 o\clock


Only 2 more days to go to the New Year. 

Not a lot of goss to update. Christmas has been and gone. Spent Christmas Eve with dad (f did not show up or was 'discreetly' absent) which was nice but quiet. Christmas Day with mum was fast (i am liking the fact my brother doesnt like christmas and leaves early at these sort of things, i got to leave with him). It was good to see them again, kinda weird since it's been ages and  the last time was a funeral.

Boxing Day was fun until i made an idiot of myself trying to do the funnel trick of sculling a glass of wine. Nevertheless a fun day. And now I am looking forward to New Years.  have some people coming over and i am hoping to use the pool if it's sunny which it should be....


Dec 24, 2006 at 08:30 o\clock

Merry Christmas..........


Dec 19, 2006 at 08:01 o\clock

Party Party Party

I have just realised that this week is actually going to be quite busy party wise. A birthday dinner tomorrow, drinks on Thursday. BBQ on Saturday. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the family and Boxing Day BBQ......thats a lot of get togethers. Not that I am not looking forward to them. It's just been interesting with people trying to co ordinate and sort out times etc.

Anyways, I need to get a Birthday card ready for a friend at work, so will write more later. 


Dec 18, 2006 at 11:32 o\clock


Well, 7 more sleeps until Christmas. We had our work Christmas party and it was pretty fun. I got to help with the raffle and even won a candy cane. We also had a team dinner on Sunday night which was good. The food was unreal.

Saturday was a bit of a lost day, was recovering from the hang over and did some OT for extra cash.

Anyways, feeling a little out of sorts. Maybe its just my shyness and I should ignore it. Part of me felt upset at being the only single person at the team dinner, it was all couples. Talk about 5th wheel. Not that they arent all nice people but it kinda rubs your face in it.

I am getting excited about Canada, just need to send final accommodation payment across to get the booking made. 

Have a birthday dinner on Wednesday for a friend at work which will be nice.

yes, i know, i talk about work a lot, thats because i am there so much and its one of the only things i have going on in my life at the moment.  

Haven't been up to much else, the movie Happy Feet is out soon. Looking forward to that and looking forward to the Boxing Day BBQ coming up as well.

Not a lot of other news to tell. We have level 3 water restrictions now which is not going to be good news for the Botanical Gardens. Very much a shame to lose something like that.  

Dec 14, 2006 at 10:18 o\clock


Well, a friend at work got some action on the weekend and is a little concerned she is preggas. (This will be the third time for her..........) She was also worried she had a Urinary Tract infection or something...we told her to go to the DR. She was very upset and stressed.

More bushfires and it doesnt seem to be getting any closer to stopping. Very Very terrible. Much worse than Ash Wednesday or Black Friday. So much is destroyed. All states have had a fire. Near the Gippsland area is the worst.  Just awful. Weare getting smoke clouds in the city. Just imagine how much worse it is to actually be there. Let alone if it was your house and things beung ruined forever. 

My entries are not often light hearted hey. Sorry about that. I guess it's just my nature.

Christmas party tomorrow night so should be fun. Looking forward to it and to (Bs)  Barbequeue.

Enough for now. Gnight.  

Dec 10, 2006 at 07:42 o\clock

New Swimmers

Went shopping today bought myself a bikini for the first time ever. I quite like it. I feel good in it, not self conscious. I have some board shorts to go with it as well if i want to swap and mix and match. Got my Kris Kringle present for work as well. Stationary and a funky pencil. Probably not what the person is wanting but....i had no idea what to get.

Went out with the girls last night to a comedy show. It opened with a stripper. He had a very nice body. Thats i suppose why he IS a stripper.....Was a good night. The comedians were great. Three women talking about life/sex/wieght usual stuff I guess.

Gave notice to work. They seemed to take it pretty well. I will bring it up again in February/late January. I have just moved teams again due to staffing changes at work.

There are horrible bushfires in Victoria countryside. Really horrible when you add the drought we are in. People have lost their homes.

Just before christmas as well.



Enough from me for now.  

Dec 3, 2006 at 01:50 o\clock


Went to a birthday party last night for the fiance of a friend at work. It was actually a pretty great night. I had a good time with people from work. Unfortunately one of the women is becoming rather unpopular and i can see signs of it being similar to mistakes I have made socially in the past.

I don't know the whole situation but, people are sick of being her agony aunt CONSTANTLY and the fact she doesn't return the support.

Other than that, i have the weekend off. Went to the Funeral on Monday which was nice. Sad of course because (JM) was a great guy/character and the family will miss him dearly. Strange seeing mum and (t) after so long and the rest of his family, but it was not the time to let pride get in the way.

Anyways, more later. 22 days to Christmas.....