Oct 27, 2006 at 12:56 o\clock

Good Movies

You know, there are some movies you can watch over and over and still love them no matter how many times you have already seen it. Sometimes just for the sheer light heartedness of it, sometimes for the actor or whatever it may be. Just a thought.

Am watching How To Loose a Guy in Ten Days.   yes it may seem a little cheesy, but it is light funny and I like Kate Hudson. It is a very funny movie change that last sentence.

Anyways, didn't do a lot today just the groceries and cleaned. Not a lot else to add. Funny how I didnt like someone being cruel to me about sex and stuff yet here it is funny. No No it's a little different and not as spiteful or relentless. 



Oct 26, 2006 at 13:00 o\clock

Getting Fixed.

Shock of all Shocks, I have a handyman being sent out to check out the windows in the appartment. Glad they are getting around to it. The gap looks like it is getting bigger, maybe I am just being paranoid though. No rain got in over winter luckily. Anyways, at least something will hopefully done to patch the situation temporarily and buy me a few more months there without worrying constantly.

Busy Busy as usual.



Looking forward to my weekend.  

Oct 22, 2006 at 09:50 o\clock

Teddy Pom Pom

Do you like the heading? It is the name of the pomeranian dog on the tv show "it's me or the dogs" where this trainer comes to helo with naughty dogs and Teddy Pom Pom was last weeks naughty pet of the day. Hillarious to me just because of the name and how spoilt he was.



Had lunch today down at St Kilda beach with a couple of friends (T and of course, C who has just got out of hospital).

I am finding it hard to keep my trip to Canada to myself, I am too excited, but I guess after being ousted in Japan with the whole 'She's leaving she's not worth knowing attitude' I don't want to go throught that again so I am holding off telling people. the only one who really knows anything is (B) and probably his wife....

Anyways, more later. 

Oct 21, 2006 at 04:13 o\clock

And Still More Goodbyes

Had a farewell for Cookie last night. He is going to be missed. I managed to get lost trying to find the bar in crown. No one was telling me the right way when I asked.

Our performance reviews are being written.....so hopefully I went ok and get the pay rise. Be good for a few months at least.

Getting excited about heading to Canada. It is going to come quickly. I am feeling daunted by the thought of having to pack everything up before I go though.

Still need to arrange travel insurance as well, need to ask Dr to help with pre existing medical condition part though.  

All should be good.

Have a weekend to myself which is nice. No major plans so can recharge myself. I get soo tired from work and the up and down, that and I am probably unfit.

Not a lot of other news. Dad sold or traded my fridge, i got 80 bucks for it. nothing compared to the 300 i paid for it, i should never have bought it.Not surprised thoug, it was 6 or 7 years old. 


no more news.


more later.  


Oct 11, 2006 at 12:37 o\clock


May have to change my flights apparently the february interviews are crap its not til march and I wont be here when the rep from canada comes to interview. bugger it. The lady is going to get back to me with a date or week....hopefully I don't have to change the flight. Really don't want to have to fork out heaps for that. 

Not worth panicking about. I have a ticket it WILL be changeable for a fee....if needs be.

I did tell the lady I wanted to backpack before I started the job and that was the whole point. Would have been nice if she had answered my fucking email in the first place initially because I asked her this because I didnt want to miss the Interviews and the website said Feb so I thought it would be OK.


We have had some promotions and a heap of people leave at work....

I have no other news. saving money. Had dinner with my brother on Monday night and told him about Canada. Still need to tell the parents but that can wait til next week I suppose.


Oct 8, 2006 at 11:28 o\clock




I have booked my flight


Applied for the Visa


Applied for the job placement with Overseas Working Holidays


and had a great night out to celebrate.


This was decided after a couple of conversations with some friends and I figured, well nothing is keeping me here. And the good advice 'the only one who can make you happy is you' from (B) at work and my friend (K) who encouraged me as well. K is going to the UK on a similar program but she is going to doa couple of contikis first for about 2 months. We both head off in March.


I will miss (K and B and T) from work a lot, but this is something I have wanted since I was 16 years old.  

Other than that not much news. Dad is getting rid of my fridge. Not sure if I will get some money for the trade in or nt, hopefully so because it is MY fridge after all. If not he can bring it to me and I will frigging sell it myself for 50 or 100 bucks.

Work busy and tiring as usual. More people leaving and farwells to plan or go to coming up. (Mine in a few months as well HAH).

More later.  


Oct 1, 2006 at 03:08 o\clock

Same Mistakes.


Had drinks with (T and K) after/saw some of the Grand Final. We went out for dinner aferwards and somehow the conversation came to having kids and stuff and abortion and infertility and I told them both I can't have kids. Wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. They are the only two people other than doctors and (P) that I have told. Kinda felt good to tell them, but (T) was like are you sure and I was like yeah no ovaries will kinda do it. (No I didnt say that verbatim but....you get the drift).

Had a farewell drinks with (M) as well and some of the people I trained with when I first got this job a year and a bit ago and they mentioned I wasn't my usual happy genki self. I told (B) this at work yesterday and he was really sweet. He is so cool to talk to. I realised yesterday that there are four people at work that make the day ok and make it tolerable to actually turn up. He is one of them (T and K are also and C, although she is in hospital). I get up in the morning and its like YAY, so and so is going to be at work. 

I have applied for a job in the Marketing department of work and fingers crossed something comes of that. It is admin stuff, but sounds pretty cool and at least would get me off the phones more.

I reported the crack in the windowsill to the Real Estate agency and the general movement but haven't heard anything back yet. Agent said owner was overseas and would deal with it on Monday, but I think that was a lie....It probably isn't urgent, but still a little concerning. Maybe I am being silly but I don't want to be worrying about stuff cracking or falling over or the roof collapsing. Probably not going to but I suppose I am just anxious and out of sorts at the moment....


I am writing a book as well, you know I have so many projects on the go and I keep talking about them and they just aren't getting underway very fast. I haven't finished making my cards yet. The T Shirts are cool though....and now I have my book....it is about (J and T while I was teaching). I guess I am still getting over that.  

Enough now more later.