Feb 21, 2006 at 02:20 o\clock


well, party on Saturday was ok.  Met some ok people and it was good for a luagh. Never been to anything like it before. we had locks and the guys had keys. free shot to everyone that found there match. (k) had 8 matches.....weird.

Wasn't an overly late night. Was a little annoyed with (k) though who seems to have a habbit of drinking herself stupid - she was throwing up in a bucket the next morning. fair enough she did it in a bucket but for fuck sake. We didn't get a lot of sleep and had  to work late shift which i personally was wrecked for.

Not the end of the world i didn't pick up but i hate being patronised with the whole "did you have fun ANYWAY". If having fun is meant to be measured on if i picked up or not then.....i quite honestly couldn't have cared less.

sorry. i must sound like an absolute cranky cow. There are just little things about (k) that get a bit frustrating. fair enough she gets frustrated when i am too tired to go out. but i also get sick of hearing her obsess over her weight. She is not fat and it's all she can talk about "oh i need to loose.....more kilos....".

She is starting a new job today which is great for her.

I was a little nervous saturday night. But it really was an ok night. I got to meet some ok people. Not sure it was worth 45 bucks though.

Other than that, work as usual, pretty boring actually. Been hectic still getting over the hoax, but seems to be calming down. Really don't think i will be staying longer than the year, but for the moment the stability is great while i am getting myself back on track.

Found out that (j) is being transferred to the city that i actually was moved to (which was basically to get away from the constant 'do you wanna go home and fuck). Why the hell would they move him to a city where they transferred me - especially since i was bascially bullied into leaving because of that transfer by the 2nd office for blabbing when i didn't. Fucking (m and n and s) took care of that. I cannot imagine him wanting to go there by choice so it is a little weird. He hates the boss and not only that but fucked some married chick in the bosses house when he was in Sendai as a guest of the boss. I suppose it doesn't matter if i am not around anymore, but it seems a little tasteless to me. Then again.....the 2nd office making a joke of what (t and j) did was bloody sick so they deserve it and i hope they see him for what he is.   It just seems unfair that he is allowed to get on with things and all i wanted was peace and support to be able to do my job.